MKW Chapter 267

Chapter 267- [Nightmare]


Wenren Qian shakes her head to indicate that she does not agree to Liu Yi’s request.

“Do not shake your head so quickly! You see what our relationship is ah!”

Liu Yi immediately says: “You see, you have heard me speaking before so I also need to hear you speak then that would be fair right?”

Wenren Qian looks at Liu Yi as she seems to be considering something and is somewhat wavering.

“You did not lose out on anything! After all, you have heard my voice before!”

Liu Yi continues to patiently guide, “If you do not speak then in the future, I will also not speak to you.”

Done speaking he uses his ice qi and writes in the air.

-In the future, I will talk to you in this manner.-

Wenren Qian is speechless. At that moment, she feels that Liu Yi is a rogue.

-You…you…why are you like this…-

As Wenren Qian writes, it is obvious that she is slightly angry.

-I am always like this.- replies Liu Yi with ice words.

-How you are, I will also be the same. The times have changed and males and females are now equal!-

-There is no such theory!-

Wenren Qian writes gloomily while Liu Yi smiles cheerfully at her waiting for her to speak.

Wenren Qian takes a deep breath as she pouts and glares at Liu Yi.

At this moment, she really wished that she was a mute.

-Come on and speak, I am waiting for you.-

Liu Yi learns from Wenren Qian as he keeps writing.

Wenren Qian is very depressed, how did he catch ahold of me…

But she doesn’t know how to reject him. If I do not speak to him, then he will not speak to me from now on…

She doesn’t wish for that to happen…it can be said that to her, Liu Yi is the only person who can talk to her without restraint.

-Come on, say something. There is nothing that we cannot say between us.-

Liu Yi writes on and shows Wenren Qian, -You see, chatting with you in this way, don’t you feel uncomfortable?-


Wenren Qian’s throat moves lightly making Liu Yi nervous.

Mother ah…I’m as nervous as my first time…fine…although I didn’t have my first time yet it should be the same kind of excitement and expectation.


After a long time, Wenren Qian finally squeezed out a word from her throat.

But after saying the word her face turns red as she turns around and looks into the distance.

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “Come on and speak ah! Continue speaking ah! Call my name! I am given this name so you can call me!”

[TL: shameless…]

“Liu…Liu Yi…”

Wenren Qian finally managed to call out Liu Yi’s name and her expression is like she has made a very big decision.

What makes Liu Yi surprise is Wenren Qian voice is not unpleasant to hear, instead it is very sweet sounding like a black-naped oriole.

Such a lovely voice and she says it is unpleasant to hear??

“Wenren Qian, your voice is very pleasant to hear!”

Liu Yi immediately gives her a thumbs up, “It makes my bone drunk hearing you…in the future talk to me in this manner okay?”

“You…you don’t hate my voice?”

Wenren Qian gathers her courage and continues to talk to Liu Yi.

It is like an oriole singing beside Liu Yi’s ear, sweet-sounding and agile.

Liu Yi is very happy, “How can it be! Your voice is very nice to listen to! If you go and joined any singing competition, you will instantly kill all of the male and female singers!”

“What?” asks Wenren Qian in confusion as she does not understand.

“No matter what it means that your voice is very nice to hear! You can even use it to sing!”

“I…I don’t know how to sing…” says Wenren Qian as she looks away.

Tsk, tsk…that lass really likes to act shy. She is completely different from the strong woman from before…

Wenren Qian ask: “That…you are still angry with me?..”

Liu Yi ask curiously: “Angry? Angry for what?”

“I kidnapped your friend…”

“Ah! Right!”

Liu Yi taps his head, “Damn it, I completely forgot about Murong Die! Gods!”

He immediately opened Little Jade’s communication app and realized that there are a lot of missed calls and most of them are from Wang Lele.

Liu Yi immediately asks Little Jade to call Wang Lele. Very quickly he is able to hear her voice.

“Brother Yi, I finally contacted you!”

Wang Lele voice carries her sobs, “I was worried to death!”

“Don’t cry, don’t cry. How is Little Die? Did you find her?”

“Sister Die has already been found…but Brother Yi where did you go….”

Liu Yi lets go of his breath, it is good that Murong Die is fine.

“Something happened on my side so I had to go earlier. It’s good that Little Die is fine.”

Liu Yi immediately finds an excuse to escape.

“Then Brother Yi when will you come back?”

“In a while I guess, no need to worry about me. I’m fine. Take care of Little Die.”

“Understood Brother Yi…then you come back soon okay…”

“Yes, yes, help me tell Wang Yuzheng that I am fine as well. I’ll be hanging up then!”

Done speaking, Liu Yi hangs up.

Since Murong Die is fine, he can be relieved.

“She is fine. Looks like your fire barrier is very powerful.”

After Liu Yi hangs up the phone, he thanks Wenren Qian.

“That is good then…”

Wenren Qian breaths a sigh of relief as she knows that if something happened to the girl that she kidnapped, Liu Yi would never forgive her.

Liu Yi comforts her, “Don’t worry anymore. In the future don’t do such silly things again.”

“But…I am the Law King of Great God Sect.”

Wenren Qian face is filled with sorrow, “No matter what…as long as you are Blood Emperor…there will come a day when we are enemies.”

Mother ah…if there is only one ‘day’ how good would it be!

Why are the rest of the matters so troublesome!

Liu Yi suddenly says: “Wenren Qian. Leave the Great God Sect!” as he stretches out his hand to her.


Wenren Qian breathing becomes rushed as she looks at Liu Yi expectant eyes as she suddenly doesn’t know what to do.

“Leave with me…”

At that moment, Wenren Qian really wished to let go of everything and rush into Liu Yi’s embrace.

But at that moment, Jiang Qini’s face appeared in front of her.

“As long as Blood Emperor exists, the Great God Sect will never let go of him!”

“No…I cannot…”

Wenren Qian trembles before saying to Liu Yi: “I…I cannot leave the Great God Sect…that is my home…”

“Wenren Qian…,” says Liu Yi sadly.

Is Wenren Qian destined to by my enemy? Tsk…Liu Yi would rather be enemies with Dragon Group than being enemies against Wenren Qian.

“Let’s not discuss this okay…”

As Wenren Qian speaks, she suddenly sneezes.

“I…am slightly cold…”

Her powers have almost been completely used up thus she is slightly cold as she hugs her arm.

The surrounding fire circle had already extinguished earlier and the cold winter wind blows onto their bodies.

“Ah! Give me a moment to make a campfire!”

Liu Yi immediately becomes flustered as he prepares to use the Scarlet Blood Sutra to create a fire.

{Master…is there a hole in your brain?}

Even Little Jade is completely speechless, {Even I also know….at this time the girl doesn’t want a campfire…rather she want hugs of love ah…}

Eh? Hugs of love?

Liu Yi looks at Wenren Qian. Indeed when she heard that he is going make a campfire, her face is slightly gloomy.

“Ai yah…looks like my powers did not recover enough…”

Liu Yi immediately changes the topic and ask: “How about I…hug you?”


Wenren Qian nods her head, after all, we have already kissed and touched each other…why can’t we hug each other…

After all…this is only for tonight…

Tomorrow our powers should have somewhat recovered and it’ll be time to part. Even though I am somewhat reluctant it is for our own good. When we meet again…we will fight to the death.

If that is the case…it’ll be better if we don’t meet.

Liu Yi walks up and automatically moves Wenren Qian into his embrace.

Wenren Qian feels that Liu Yi’s embrace is very comfortable…making her calm down and have a feeling of going to sleep.

“I wish…to sleep a bit…”

Wenren Qian voice is very soft scratches beside Liu Yi’s ear softly.

“Sleep then. I’ll guard you,” says Liu Yi as he pets her back.


Wenren Qian nods her head before closing both eyes as she slowly falls asleep.

Liu Yi doesn’t know what Wenren Qian will dream of but he is unable to sleep.

His heart feels a lot of pressure.

I could never imagine that I and her will walk to this step. But neither did I expect that she was a Law King of the Great God Sect.

That damn Great God Sect…to actually brainwash her, making her willing to die for the Great God Sect.

Liu Yi really wishes to see the sect leader of the Great God Sect and take a look at what kind of person he is!

Liu Yi hugs Wenren Qian as he thinks of random things and pets Wenren Qian’s back.

Very quickly he to feel more and more tired as sleepiness seeps into his heart.

Hazily, Liu Yi also falls asleep.


The sky and earth are yellow.

Wenren Qian ’s black clothes flutter in the wind as she stands beside him.

Wenren Qian’s hair is intertwined with flames as she stands on a cloud of fire and floats in the air.

She says faintly to Liu Yi: “You have finally come.”

Liu Yi is standing there wearing black armor with a fierce glint in his eyes.

“I have been looking for you.”

“Why are you looking for me. We have always been enemies. In the past we were enemies, now we are enemies…in the future, we will still be enemies.”

Wenren Qian’s tone carries indifference.

“Yes…that is why I am here to kill you.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist as he trembles slightly.

“Return…otherwise you will die.”

Wenren Qian’s eyes also carry indifference like she has never known Liu Yi before.

“So what if I die.”

Liu Yi laughs coldly. “I have already thrown aside the thoughts of life and death! If I do not kill you, wouldn’t they die for nothing?”

“It goes without saying that they died for nothing.”

Wenren Qian snorts coldly, “You mortals were originally a group of silly creatures. Clinging to the word emotion, for this emotion you do so many silly things.”

“Since that is the case why are you not killing me yet?”

Liu Yi counter asks muting Wenren Qian.

“I am standing here. Why don’t you come and kill me?”

“Don’t think that I do not dare! I am only too lazy to take action!”

“Then come and take action! I am waiting for you!”


Chapter 267- [Nightmare]

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  1. All of this future possiblities makes me remember Tsuki Ga Michibiku.
    I really don’t want a sh*tty future like that. By future I mean Liu Yi killing everyone for unknown reasons to us.


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