MKW Chapter 266

From now on Red Blood Sutra Code will be changed to Scarlet Blood Sutra Code

Chapter 266- [Open your mouth and speak]


Liu Yi opens his eyes.

He has once again returned back to the cold mountain ravine and surrounding him is snow.

But his body is somewhat warm as a red fire circle surrounds him giving him warmth.

Liu Yi feels that underneath his head is something soft and he is smelling something fragrant.

At this moment he is lying on Wenren Qian’s tights while she has already fallen asleep from tiredness as she leans against him as her body moves up and down as she breathes.

This lass is always cleaning up after me…

Liu Yi recalls that in hell, a fire lotus suddenly erupted from Lin Tong’s body and saved his life just in time.

“It is her who help you lure the gu king in your body out.”

Lin Tong lies on the ground with an exhausted expression.

“If not for her….you would already be dead….this miss cannot take it anymore…just now I wasted too much spirit energy….need to sleep.” Done speaking she turns into a red glow and disappeared inside of Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi narrows his eyes as he looks at the sleeping Wenren Qian.

This lass ah…is too cute when she is sleeping…

Red lips, white teeth and black eyebrows that tremble faintly.

How good would it be if she wasn’t someone from the Great God Sect….

But it is a pity that she is my enemy…haiz…

Looks like god also likes to toy with people…he is always toying around with people’s fate for his own joy…

Looking at the deeply asleep Wenren Qian, Liu Yi’s heart softens.

He secretly stretches out his hand and gently brushes her checks.

Wenren Qian did not wake up! Looks like she is really tired…

Different from Liu Yi, Wenren Qian doesn’t have such a perverted recovery ability, thus she is very tired after nearly using up all of her power.

Liu Yi feels that Wenren Qian’s skin is very smooth, she is indeed a cultivator…everything is better than a normal person even her skin.

Taking advantage that Wenren Qian is sleeping, Liu Yi takes a good look at her.

As he looks at her lips, he swallows his saliva.

He doesn’t know why but Liu Yi suddenly feels that her lips are definitely very tasty.

Now that she is sleeping very deeply…should I give it a taste?

Eh. Taking a taste…should be alright?

No matter what she has helped me so I need to repay her! Since I am poor and have nothing to take out to repay her…I can only give her my first kiss!

Right, right…I am only repaying her…

[KG: Cough Cough Bullshit Cough Cough]

[KG: Poison Jasmine then Murong Die]

Liu Yi licks his dry lips before raising his body slowly as he moves towards her lips.

He is very anxious like a guy kissing for the first time. His action is very careful as he is also afraid of waking Wenren Qian up causing the dish in front of him to disappear.

Close…very close now…

Liu Yi’s mouth finally touches complete softness.

Very fragrant and very tasty…

Liu Yi is very excited, indeed a beauty’s lips are very tasty.

He is unable to bear it and sucks on her lips.

At this moment, Wenren Qian suddenly opens her eyes as her black pupils fix on him.

Both their gazes as well as lips are in contact with each other.

Instantly Liu Yi feels that the air around him seems to have turn rigid.

He does not know what to do!

But Wenren Qian only narrows her eyes as she looks at Liu Yi curiously not blaming him.

Could it be that the gu king poison is not completely resolved?

Wenren Qian stretches out her hand and gently touches Liu Yi’s forehead.

There isn’t anything peculiar in his body…that is good.

Suddenly she recalls that their lips are still kissing each other and she quickly raises her head in anxiousness. Her face is completely red as she stares at her hands not daring to look at Liu Yi.

“That…the scenery here is quite good. haha…”

Liu Yi is also embarrassed as he got up reluctantly from Wenren Qian’s tights as he laughs.

-You, you are fine already right…?-

Wenren Qian writes in the air in front of Liu Yi.

“No problem already…no problem…”

Liu Yi immediately says: “But I had a big fight in hell…if not for your flame lotus…perhaps I might not have returned. So…thank you Wenren Qian…”

Liu Yi expresses his thanks from the bottom of his heart.

Wenren Qian lowers her head not speaking as usual and wrote, -This mountain peak is too high…my powers have not recovered enough to be able to fly all the way up.-

“Ah, ah….I am also the same…my powers are completely used up!”

Liu Yi powers recover extremely quickly and have already recovered enough to fly up the mountain peak but he says that his powers have not recovered.

Oi, oi…when did I learn to lie…

Is it when dealing with women, my nature unknowingly starts to change?

This change…seems to be rather good.

“En…then let us both recover our powers first…”

After she finished writing, Wenren Qian sat there with some discomfort.

Her appearance makes Liu Yi wants to laugh.

The usually arrogant and overbearing Wenren Qian still has a girly side.

Being able to see this image is indeed worth it.

The two of them sit in the center of the fire circle with an awkward atmosphere.

It cannot continue on this way…

Liu Yi feels that he needs to find some topic to break this awkward atmosphere. This way it will feel like we are here for a blind date.

Liu Yi opens his mouth and says: “Wenren Qian, firstly we are not considered as enemies here.”

When Wenren Qian hears this, she finally raises her head as her beautiful eyes look at Liu Yi as she gives off an impression that she is waiting for him to continue speaking.

“Here you are Wenren Qian and I am Liu Yi, our background, cultivation, don’t exist here only our friendship, okay?”

Only good friends?

It seems like it is somewhat not enough…you have done a lot of things to me that a ‘good friend’ would never do…

Although Wenren Qian thinks this way she did not say anything nor write anything.

She only nods her head to indicate to Liu Yi to continue speaking.

“En, I only want to ask you why did you join the Great God Sect…”

Wenren Qian does not seem to want to hide anything from Liu Yi currently as she writes honestly, -I am an orphan, it is Godfather who adopted me.-


-He is the current Great God Sect sect leader…he is a good person. If it is not for him, I would already have died earlier on.-

Wenren Qian’s sentence shocks Liu Yi.

Such a beautiful girl is actually an orphan?

“How do you know that your Godfather is a good person?”

-Because I have lived together with him for almost twenty years…godfather has a very big dream which is to change this dark world. I believe him, thus I am willing to use my powers to help him.-

This Great God Sect sect leader…what kind of person is he…

“Then why do you never speak? Is it…you are unable to speak?”

Liu Yi did not say mute as he is afraid that it might be jarring for her to hear.

-I…I hate my voice.-

Liu Yi did not expect such a shocking reason… she hates her own voice..what does this mean???

-Anyways…I do not like to speak.- writes Wenren Qian, -But I like to hear you speak…your voice is very pleasant to hear…-

Her face turns slightly red.

“Is it?”

Liu Yi blinks, my voice is very nice to listen too?

-En…so…I hope that you can talk to me more…-

Wenren Qian starts to stare at her finger again not daring to look at Liu Yi.

This lass ah…why did she turn so shy…

But she must be very lonely..although she has such a powerful power but her loneliness is not something that her power is able to fill in.

“Why… why did you choose me?”

Liu Yi suddenly asks the question that he always wanted to ask.

There are so many people in this world, why did she choose me out of all of them and teach me Scarlet Blood Sutra Code?

-I also don’t know…but I feel that you are like me…your body has something that attracts me.-

Wenren Qian continues to write, -I also feel that…we are the same person in our past life. But our soul got split during this life and formed into two people…-

“Ah? Is it true?” Liu Yi is shocked, I was a girl in my past life???

What the hell!!!! Don’t be so scary okay….

-Not true, not true…of course it is not true and is me thinking too much…-

Wenren Qian smiles bitterly as she writes, “You are you, Liu Yi a normal high school student. You and I do not have any relationship.”

Am I only an ordinary no high school student?

But my life is already no longer ordinary anymore, from the moment I met Immortal Fox sister!

Wenren Qian seems to have thought of something as she writes in the air, -That…Liu Yi…-

“What is the matter?”

-That…you…you hate me right?-

Wenren Qian cautiously and solemnly writes the words, when she finished writing she really wants to erase it but it is too late.

“How is it possible! I don’t hate you,” replies Liu Yi immediately.

-Really?- writes Wenren Qian in shock.

She thought that after all of the things that she has done, Liu Yi would definitely hate her.

“Of course, you are so pretty and lovable, how would I hate you!”

Liu Yi’s sentence causes Wenren Qian face to turn red.

-But…after we leave here, we are enemies again right?-

Wenren Qian seems to be sorrowful.

“This…let us talk about it after we leave.”

Liu Yi also does not wish to talk about that headache causing matter, “I currently have a wish though… I don’t know if you can fulfill it.”

-What is it?-

Wenren Qian raises her head slightly as she blinks, that super cute expression nearly insta-killed Liu Yi!

“Ah…that …”

Liu Yi secretly pinches his hand to wake himself up before saying, “Can…can you let me hear you speak?”

Liu Yi’s sentence shocks Wenren Qian.

“I am very curious what do you sound like.”

Wenren Qian stares at Liu Yi expressionless, causing him to be nearly unable to sit still.

“Just say anything…you see we have known each other for some time and you are also not a mute…you need to at least let me hear you speak a bit right?”


Chapter 266- [Open your mouth and speak]

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  1. >half a sleep
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