MKW Chapter 265

Chapter 265- [Title bellow]


Kṣitigarbha has given his word!

Liu Yi and Lin Tong let out a sigh of relief.

After all, Kṣitigarbha is the real boss of hell, an expert from Buddhism.

Even Lin Tong who has opened the star jade eyes is unable to see his cultivation.

Being able to be recognized as a Buddha by others, how could he be weak.

From Lin Tong’s view, Kṣitigarbha abilities should be above earth grade at heaven grade.

His Buddha prestige is not something Liu Yi and Lin Tong who are both at four stars are able to fight against.

“Fine then. Since Kṣitigarbha has given his word that means that this little fellow is really not destined to die yet…”

King Yama sighs with a face full of regrets.

Looks like he is not happy that he is unable to take Liu Yi’s life.

“Thank you Kṣitigarbha!”

Liu Yi instantly bows towards Kṣitigarbha before hugging Lin Tong and preparing to leave.

“Let us go Immortal Fox sister!”

“Benefactor please hold your steps!”

But at this moment, Kṣitigarbha suddenly stretches out his hands and blocks Liu Yi’s path.

“What is the matter Kṣitigarbha?” asks Liu Yi as he looks at Kṣitigarbha

“Amitabha…young friend you can indeed leave as you wish and go back to the living world but this evil creature that harms human must stay!”

Done speaking, Kṣitigarbha points at Lin Tong in Liu Yi’s embrace.

Lin Tong trembles while Liu Yi is in shock.

Kṣitigarbha wants Lin Tong to stay here? How is this possible!

“This evil creature is harmful to the human realm. Since she has come here then she shall stay here obediently and receive hell’s punishment that she deserves. After cleansing her sins she can reincarnate.”

Kṣitigarbha is not in a rush as he speaks slowly.

Liu Yi frowns as he looks at Kṣitigarbha.

Lin Tong who was afraid the whole time suddenly speaks up: “Liu Yi…”

“What is the matter Immortal Fox sister?”

“You quickly go back. I shall stay here.” Lin Tong’s sentence stuns Liu Yi.

“Immortal Fox sister what…what are you saying?!?!”

“I said, I shall stay here and you should leave….”

Lin Tong bites her lips and says: “Otherwise…you will also not be able to leave…”


A light flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “You come here to save me and I have to lose you to be able to leave? If we’re leaving then the both of us shall leave together!”

“Young friend have you thought it through?”

Hearing Liu Yi’s words, Kṣitigarbha who had both of his eyes closed suddenly faintly opened one of them as he glances at Liu Yi.

“This kind of demon is not worthy for you to risk your life to save her. You should leave her behind and go back quietly.”

“Big idiot! You should leave! You don’t  need to care about me!”

Lin Tong is so worried that she is almost crying, “I was originally not a good person and also I’m not your Immortal Fox sister! You do not need to care about me okay!”

Liu Yi hugs Lin Tong tightly, “You are my Immortal Fox sister!”

“You, you…if you do not let go of me then I will bite you to death!”

Lin Tong opens her mouth and bites down on Liu Yi’s throat.

As both of them are spiritual bodies, they can harm each other.

This bite from Lin Tong pains Liu Yi deeply but he only frowns as he clenches his teeth not letting go.

“I did not imagine that this little friend is actually so obstinately persistent in going about things the wrong way.”

Kṣitigarbha shakes his head, “Your perception is weaker than that evil creature.”

“No matter what you say I will never throw away my Immortal Fox sister and stop caring about her!”

Liu Yi glares at Kṣitigarbha coldly, “Isn’t your Buddhism about how all lifeforms in the world are equal? So what if it is a human, so what if it is a Buddha, so what if it is a demon? No matter what, my Immortal Fox sister has helped me before, do I need to bite the hand that feeds me? If that is the case why don’t I just jump into hell now and punish myself?”

“Since that is the case then the two of you can only stay here.”


Lin Tong finally lets go of Liu Yi’s throat as she cries and shouts: “I am always making use of you and lying to you okay! I am not an immortal fox! I am only a fox demon! A fox demon that had killed you before!”

To make Liu Yi leave, Lin Tong can only say the truth of that day.

“I already know, Immortal Fox sister.”

Liu Yi is not surprised as he smiles and says: “Does Immortal Fox sister really thinks that I, Liu Yi am such an idiot?”


Lin Tong is astonished as she thought that Liu Yi was still kept in the dark, so he knows everything?

“Gu Yu should be the actual person who saved me right? It can be seen from the Immortal Qi and Demon Qi in my body.”

“Since you already know…why are you always so trusting towards me!”

“Because you are my Immortal Fox sister ah.”

Liu Yi replies: “If there isn’t you, there would not be the current me. I don’t care if you harmed me that day. I only know that the current Immortal Fox sister always treated me very good.”

As he speaks he holds the Charming Fox sword tightly as he faces Kṣitigarbha, “Thus for my Immortal Fox sister I will not hesitate if I have to offer my life to the heavens. Whoever dares to block me I shall kill. If you dare to block me then I shall dare to kill you!!!”

“You big dummy…” tears pool at the edges of Lin Tong’s eyes.

Master, you have said that humans are deceitful and I must never fall in love with them because they are selfish and only care about themselves, at the most crucial moments, they will sacrifice others.

But Liu Yi is different…he is really different…

Master…it seems like…I have fallen in love with this human…

“Foolish sentiments.”

Kṣitigarbha only utters these two words faintly, “Young friends you need to understand. Humans and demons are different paths that lead to the same end. If you insist on being together, you will only bring yourselves endless calamities. Perhaps you might also bring calamities to other people. Such selfish actions are not allowed.”

“You not allowing it is your own matter. Being away from Immortal Fox sister is my own problem.”

Liu Yi gaze is firm as he says faintly: “I will definitely not abandon Immortal Fox sister.”

“Since that is the case then I can only send the two of you to the 18 layers of hell together.”

Kṣitigarbha opens both his eyes more as a glow emits, “I hope that after entering the 18 layers of hell, it is able to wash away the foolish thoughts that the two of you are carrying.”

He raises his right palm and swings lightly at Liu Yi and Lin Tong.

Instantly an enormous Buddha palm falls from the sky at their heads.

This Buddha palm carries with it an unblockable force emitting an endless golden glow shocking Liu Yi.

But he does not show fear as he raises both his hands and pushes against the palm in the sky.

“Mountain mist!”

A pair of ice palms rise and smash against the falling buddha palm.

But the difference between Kṣitigarbha and Liu Yi’s abilities are too far apart.

When his palms touch the Buddha palm, instantly Liu Yi receives a strong counterforce as he vomits out spirit yuan.

A spiritual body does not have blood, instead, it has spirit yuan. When they run out of spirit yuan their soul will scatter.

Liu Yi instantly kneels on the ground as spirit yuan leaks out from all over his body like his soul is going to scatter any moment.

“Liu Yi!” cries out Lin Tong in complete fright!

If this goes on Liu Yi will really die!

“Amitabha..foolish sentiments ah foolish sentiments.”

Kṣitigarbha says slowly, “If you are unable to let go of the foolish sentiments in your heart then how will you be able to transcend this mortal life?”

“I’ll let go of your grandpa!”

Liu Yi roars as black bone armor forms on his body, at the same time a demon tail appears behind him.

At this moment, Liu Yi has taken out all of his abilities.

Kṣitigarbha is really too strong and when comparing myself to him, it is like an ant fighting against an elephant.

But so what! For Lin Tong, for my Immortal Fox sister, I am prepared to throw all caution to the wind!

“It is of no use.” says Kṣitigarbha, “In front of Buddhist laws, everything is fabricated.”

As he speaks the Buddha hand slowly presses down as Liu Yi is forced into the ground.

Within a few seconds, Liu Yi will definitely be overwhelmed.

At this moment a glittering flame exploded out of Lin Tong’s body.

This flame turns into a scarlet lotus as it flies up blocking the buddha palm.

The violent flames block the Buddha palms.

“Oh? There is such a thing!”

Seeing the scarlet lotus, Kṣitigarbha is somewhat shocked as his eyes widen.

Taking advantage of the pause in the Buddha palms movement, a radiance suddenly erupts from Liu Yi’s eyes.

“Open for meeeee!!!!”

His body suddenly erupts out circular white radiance, which spread out in all directions like a streamer covering the whole city in an instant.

“This is!”

At this moment both of Kṣitigarbha’s eyes have completely opened as he looks at Liu Yi on the ground.

“This is…vital energy!”

For a cultivator, if he is able to possess overwhelming vital energy, he is able to possess unlimited possibilities.

[KG: Think of vital energy as a way of measuring someone’s potential. More vital energy means you will be able to go farther in cultivation but it can also be used to enhance attacks]

Both his hand use the power of Mountain Mist to push against the Buddha Palm.

The Buddha palm is instantly pushed aside and lands on the side.

Instantly the ground of hell split open and a large hole appears.

In the center of the hole is an uncomfortable red glow and the hole emits anguished wailing sounds.

Below is the 18 layers of hell!

After the ground split open, the energy from inside erupts out causing Liu Yi’s heart to tremble.

But very quickly as the Buddha palm fades away, the hole in the ground starts to close up.

Stone fragments fly towards each other and within moments the hole is gone!

“Young friend indeed has great fate and great fortune.”

Since Kṣitigarbha attack did not succeed, he withdrew his hands and doesn’t seem to have any more intention to continue the fight.

“Both of you leave.”

That single sentence shocks everyone once again.

What is the matter with Kṣitigarbha, why does he keep changing his tune!

“One is bound for good fortunes after surviving a disaster. Young friend, I hope that you will calm yourself and consider more to prevent yourself from committing a mistake that you are unable to forgive yourself for.” Kṣitigarbha waves his hands and the Di Ting underneath him starts moving and slowly leaves.

“Respectfully sending off Bodhisattva….”

King Yama and the ghost messengers send Kṣitigarbha off respectfully.

“You have such huge fortunes ah…”

From out of nowhere Horse-face appears and gives Liu Yi a thumbs up, “To even dare to fight against K…very bullish! In the future, you are my big brother!”

“Heng!” snorts King Yama as he turns around and leaves with a dark face.

“Our boss is angry…I hope he does not cut our bonus again…”

Horse-face sighs and beckons, “The two of you let us go. I will bring you back to the world of the living.”


Chapter 265- [If I am leaving then both of us shall leave together]

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  1. Lin Tong is a Tsundere?!
    “Come, become an immortal and capture all the beauties!
    Liu Yi, I said to capture all the beauties, not to capture me! Hey! Stop!”


  2. man this Buddha has really fickle principles ah…… and where did this vital energy come from and why he never used it before?
    also it seems he knew all along that the fox killed him and Gu Yu saved him. funny that he never thought about thanking Gu Yu.


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