MKW Chapter 264

Chapter 264- [Kṣitigarbha]


Wasn’t that fellow being led here obediently?

Why is it in a blink of an eye he suddenly erupted and sent Ox-head flying!?

This is the first time that King Yama feels that his brain cells is not enough!

King Yama sees that Liu Yi is about walk out with Lin Tong and immediately shouted: “Block him! Block him now!”

The group of ghost messengers, I look at you, you look at me but who dares to go up!

Isn’t it equivalent to walking towards death!

Although the ghost messengers are able to be reborn countless of times in hell…but, the experience of dying…is really unbearable ah!

“Let us go.”

Seeing that no one dares to step up and block them, Lin Tong immediately pulls Liu Yi and runs out.

“No one is able to escape from hell! Definitely no one!”

King Yama roars and slaps the desk, “The rest of the people go and close the city gate! Then rally all of the ghost messengers in the city to block them! Go and stall them! Whoever fears death will not receive their pay for the next two hundred years!”

When they heard King Yama’s words, all of the ghost messengers got a shock as they screamed in fear as they rush to do as he asked!

When Liu Yi sensed the commotion behind him, his mouth twitches.

“The hell…this is like the saying, money can make the ghosts turn the millstones ah!”

“Horse-face, go and invite Kṣitigarbha! No matter what, today we must make the two of them stay!”

King Yama rage resounds throughout the whole city.

The city gate that connects to the Yellow Springs Road slowly closes.

While thousands, millions of ghost messengers, like flood water appear in all four directions of the city running towards them.


Lin Tong controls her Spirit Charm Saber to clear the path in front of them.

A lot of ghost messengers were instantly killed but the ghost messengers are like on drugs as they rush forwards without fearing death.

Tens of ghost messengers surround them as they toss the soul capturing hooks at them while a soul hook car drives towards them, on it are barbs which can stop their movement.

[KG: apparently hell has cars now.]

[TL: well they know how to papapa I think car is still fine?]

Although Liu Yi and Lin Tong only have spiritual bodies, but their bones and the likes exist and are as tough as their spiritual body.


Lin Tong waves her saber as she unceasingly blocks the surrounding soul capturing hooks.

But her abilities are limited and very soon she is almost unable to withstand anymore.

As the surrounding ghost messengers are increasing by the second.

“Breaking Armies!”

Liu Yi takes action again as he smashes a palm against the floor.

Instantly a circular ice qi spreads out in all directions, turning all of the ghost messengers within ten miles into ice sculptures.

There are also a number of ghost messengers who were pierced by the ice spikes that followed after the icy qi wave turning them into beehives.

With this move their surrounding becomes emptier but there is still a sea of ghost messengers blocking their path forward.

“There are too many of them! It is impossible to kill all of them!”

Lin Tong is so angry that she is hopping, “If this goes on, we will not be able to return!”

Liu Yi eyes flickers and says to Lin Tong: “Immortal Fox sister do not be angry with me.”

“Ah? What is the matter?”

Lin Tong did not understand at the beginning but she immediately understands Liu Yi’s intention and her face changes expression.

“Big idiot if you dare……”

Before she can finish speaking, Liu Yi’s right hand is already in front of her chest.

Following which, Lin Tong feels that her whole body is submerged in pleasure as she instantly collapses into his arms.

While Liu Yi has pulled out a golden sword from within her.

This emotion sword is 1.3 meters long and at end of the hilt of the sword is a one meter long furry fox tail.

“Damn it…this…this lady will not let you off….”

Lin Tong lies in Liu Yi’s embrace as she trembles.

So what if you will not let me off…escaping is more important!!

“Liu Yi! Fox demon! The two of you will not escape!”

Ox-head stands on the city wall haggardly as he roars, “Everywhere has ghost messengers and they have surrounded you! Even if you kill them, your hands will turn soft killing them! After a while when Kṣitigarbha arrives it will be your death date!”

When he stops speaking the ghost messengers on the streets cheer, the volume is loud enough to scare people.

A lot of the small ghosts who live in the city nearly had their soul scattered from fright when they hear the cheers.

“What is happening…why is it so noisy…”

“I have heard that some cultivators have intruded…”

“What the heck, cultivators?”

These small ghosts seems to be fearful of cultivators.

Liu Yi does not bother about them as he wields the emotion sword.


They actually invited such a high ranking leader over? They are really thinking too highly of me…

“Big idiot…let us quickly escape…”

Lin Tong controls herself and says: “Otherwise…when Kṣitigarbha comes….we will really be finished!”


Liu Yi nods his head and closes his eyes to sense the qi of emotion sword.

The red fox tail starts to sways gently as it surrounds Liu Yi.

This emotion sword is called Charming Fox Sword!

Liu Yi suddenly opens his eyes as golden rays shoot out of his eyes.

“Settle this for me!”

Liu Yi suddenly swings his sword at the ghost messenger army in front of him.

Instantly a golden red wave follows Liu Yi swing and spread out.

All of the ghost messengers in front of him got hit by the golden red wave.

Their roars, their cheers instantly stop as they stand there not moving.

“What are all of you doing! Move! Go up!”

Ox-head rages, “You, do not want your bonuses anymore?”

After raging for half a day, no one cares about him. At this moment he realises that the eyes of the ghost messengers are filled with bewitchment as they stand there stupidly and drool drips from their mouths.

“This is a charm technique?”

Lin Tong is still a genius, when she sees the situation she cries out in shock, “What a powerful charm technique…”

“This is the attribute of your emotion sword.”

Liu Yi is also shocked, “ I never imagined that it would be so powerful…to bewitch tens of thousands of ghost messengers in an instant…”

“Heng, heng this shows you that this lady is powerful!” says Lin Tong arrogantly.

If her body wasn’t trembling, she would definitely stand up and pretend to be a BOSS.

When Ox-head realises that all of the ghost messengers got defeated in a move he roars: “Damn it! Let me settle you!”

Ox-head suddenly jumps up before falling towards Liu Yi.

This old ox is anxious already!

But Liu Yi did not fear, he throws out the Charming Fox Sword and points at Ox-head.

Instantly the Charming Fox Sword turns into a golden glow and pierces through Ox-head’s throat.


Ox-head’s head drops onto the ground, but because he has a spiritual body he did not die.

His body still raises the soul capturing trident as it lands in front of Liu Yi.

The earth trembles when the Ox-head’s head lands on the ground.

Liu Yi sighs, this old ox does have some abilities but it is a pity that his opponent is me.

“Die for me!” roars the ox head on the ground while his body brandished the soul capturing trident at Liu Yi’s head.

Liu Yi did not bother to dodge as he stands there and uses his left palm to grab ahold of the soul capturing trident.

“Kneel down for me!”

Liu Yi exerts strength with his arm pushing the soul capturing trident downwards forcing Ox-head’s body to sink and kneel on the ground.

Liu Yi twirls the soul capturing trident around before stabbing it through Ox-head’s chest nailing it onto the ground.

Ox-head’s body struggles for a bit before it stops moving.

Liu Yi is a body cultivator thus when has never been afraid of close combat with anybody!

“Finished…this time around it is finished…”

Ox-head’s eyes turns red as he watches his own body being nailed onto the ground.

The rest of the ghost messengers are still bewitched and do not know when they will be released.

Will the two of them really escape from hell?

Damn it…after this hell would no longer have anymore face!

“Let us go!”

Liu Yi hugs Lin Tong as he prepares to leave this densely filled ghost qi place.


At this moment, someone says a buddha prayer.

Liu Yi feels his scalp tingling while Lin Tong cries out in pain and turns into a little fox within Liu Yi’s embrace.

This feeling is very unpleasant…like something is crawling in my heart and head …

The charm technique on the ghost messengers is instantly broken as they regain consciousness  not knowing what had happened.

Liu Yi and Lin Tong tremble as a dignified figure sitting cross-legged appears in front of them in mid air.

He is riding on a mystical animal, it has a lion head with a single horn, is three meters long and it’s eyes reveal its intelligence.

The man on its back gives off a golden glow as buddha qi revolves around him, when he is sitting there he gives Liu Yi a deep and unmeasurable feeling.

Liu Yi truly does not wish to be enemies with that man.

“Kṣitigarbha… as well as mystical animal Di Ting…”

Lin Tong hides in Liu Yi’s embrace as she says: “Damn it…looks like we are really finished this time around.”

“Relax Immortal fox sister, I will definitely save you!”

Liu Yi hugs the little fox in his hand as he wields the emotion sword with the other as he faces Kṣitigarbha.

“Amitabha…” chants Kṣitigarbha again.

Ox-head’s head on the ground speaks up, “Kṣitigarbha you have finally arrived…if you did not come, our hell would be wiped out!”

“This little friend’s life should not have ended.”

Surprisingly Kṣitigarbha helps Liu Yi and says: “It is better to let him back to the human realm to continue to enjoy his predestined lifespan.”


Ox-head got a shock but when he heard what King Yama said he becomes astonished.

“Kṣitigarbha that little fellows lifespan is already up and it is already written on the life and death book! Wouldn’t it be improper to let him go so rashly?”

“You do not see far enough. This child’s lifespan should not be up. Let him go back as it should be.”

Liu Yi becomes excited in his heart, this Kṣitigarbha is a reasonable person ah!

“Immortal Fox sister! We can go back!”



Chapter 264- [Ksitigarbha]

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