MKW Chapter 263

One of the most mind numbing chapter I had to translate >.< so forgive me for any mistakes if there are any ^///^

Chapter 263- [Sent flying with a slap]


These ghost messengers glare at Liu Yi like he is a sinner.

“Move quickly!”

Ox-head pushes Liu Yi again from the back, “There are something more important waiting for you afterwards.”

“The service of your hell is really bad!”

Liu Yi mumbles: “I want to complain.”

“Complain your sister!”

Ox-head says in dissatisfaction: “I have not received rewards for the past two hundred years already! Hurry and move! If you delay anymore I will slap you to death!”

Liu Yi sneers, I must keep calm for a while more, in a short while later I will show that old ox some manners.

Human realm wait for me! I,Liu Yi will definitely return!

“Who is that little fellow? He actually needs Horse-face and Ox-head to personally escort him over?”

“No idea…perhaps he is a cultivator…”

“Cultivators will also enter here? How is that possible?”

The group of ghost messengers whisper to each other.

While Liu Yi is escorted all the way to Yama Palace hall.

This Yama Palace hall’s responsibility is to judge the crimes committed by the souls from the human realm.

Some people may think that during their lifespan they must live until they break even. They conceal their conscience, do not believe in a religion, commit all kinds of crimes and dare to do anything!

But what they do not know is that whatever they do the heavens are watching.

Every crime they commited will be recorded in the life and death book. When they die and enter hell, the judge will open the life and death book and find each and every single one of the crimes they have commited and give them the corresponding punishment.

For example a person who likes to lie, the punishment is pulling out their tongue which is still okay. But if they steal that is slightly complex because there are ten types of punishment methods for stealing. For example the sinner’s head will become as large as a hill as well as being as large as thousands of heads. Afterwards the sinner is thrown into a meat mountain hell where there are thousands of demon dogs there, who will eat their heads and spit out iron nails piercing their whole body. This punishment will last for 84 thousand years.

Ten types of stealing punishment and each of them are very painful, thus all of the crimes that a person has committed in the  human realm, he/she will have to pay back each and every single one of them.

In the human realm they enjoy those tens of years of happiness and when they go to hell, they might need to suffer tens of thousands of years of suffering. This is the heaven’s laws clear retribution.

Liu Yi is escorted by Ox-head to the middle of the hall.

In the Yama Palace hall there are lots of ghost messengers around while there is a black faced man wearing a crown and black dragon robes sitting in front of a table. He should be the King of Hell Yama.

Beside him there is a short judge who is holding his life and death book.

“Why are you still not kneeling when you seen King Yama!”

Ox-head presses down on Liu Yi’s arms but he is like an iron pillar, even when Ox-head face turns red, he is still unable to force Liu Yi to kneel.

Ghost messengers by the side chide him as they points the soul capturing hooks in their hands at him: “Kneel down!”

“Sorry, I only kneel down to my parents.”

Liu Yi stands there with his arms crossed in front of his chest not fearing the prestige of the hell.

“How dare you Liu Yi!”

King Yama becomes angry, “In the human realm you have committed countless crimes and when you are in my territory you still dare to be impudent?!”

“Crime? What sins have I Liu Yi committed?”

Liu Yi smiles coldly at King Yama.

He secretly continues to restore his strength, at the same time he glances around the surroundings to search for the best direction to escape in.

The glow from the soul beckoning lamp is still lit and as long as I follow it I should be able to escape.

This doesn’t seem to be very difficult.

“Judge! Tell this sinner his crimes!” shouts King Yama.

The judge by his side immediately opens the life and death book before saying, “The crime of murder!”

“Did you hear it?”

King Yama smiles coldly, “It is the crime of murder which is the worst crime! You have committed such an enormous crime and you still dare to be arrogant here? Are you looking down on my hell?”

“Those that I have killed are those who should be killed.”

[TL: ….are you sure? I kinda recall that you had blasted apart the gathering point of  the Great God Sect when they are gathering money from their believers… and I think given that they are mostly mind-controlled…there should be a few who are innocent…]

Liu Yi argues back, “If you do not believe me why don’t you flip open  their life and death books and see which of them are innocent!”

[TL: lols just charge Liu Yi with the crime of lying, hypocrites, do not respect others (being rude), robing? should be considered I guess cause he stole Little Jade from the japanese ^^. Well all in all no one is innocent cause even a white lie is still a crime of lying. Here is the links to a list of punishable crimes]

King Yama instantly becomes angry, “The human realm has their own laws and everyone has their own duty! Since those sinners have committed a sin, the human realm laws will deal with them! And when they enter hell we will send them to the 18 layers of hell! You without permission exceeded your own boundaries to rashly kill them and you still dare to quibble back! I,this honorable official will not let you off!!”

“Between the two of us who is quibbling?”

Liu Yi is not hoodwinked by King Yama, “What I have done is good deeds that get rid of the scum of the society! If you are really a honorable official why did you not break their lifespan earlier when they were still alive harming those innocent people?”

“I …this…”

King Yama is somewhat speechless, “That, that…life and death are ruled by fate as decreed by heavens. Even if I am the King Yama of the ten courts I am still unable to change the fate that the heavens decreed as I wish.”

“Rubbish! What life and death are ruled by fate as decreed by heaven!”

Liu Yi smiles coldly, “It should be you, King Yama not doing your job!”

“Impudent!” roars all of the ghost messengers.

Even Ox-head who is behind Liu Yi is also starting to get angry.

This fellow is too unbridled already! Where does he think this Yama Palace Hall is!

“In the human realm, perhap you can try to work around the laws!”

King Yama says angrily with a black face: “But in my hell everyone is the same! Even if the Son of Heaven committed a crime, he will face the same punishment as the common people! Liu Yi, today I sentence you to enter the asura realm and from now on be left in the ghost realm forever unable to reincarnate!”

Done speaking a group of ghost messengers walk forward preparing to drag Liu Yi down.

At this moment a woman’s voice rings out, “Who dares to touch him!”

Following which a saber flies into the hall encased in silverlight.

“It is a magic weapon! Quickly dodge!”

The expressions on the faces of the ghost messengers in the hall changes as they lose their head in fright to escape.

The saber revolves around Liu Yi like it is protecting him.

After which a woman enters the hall.

The woman is very beautiful and is wearing a red long dress but is wearing a fox mask hiding her facial features.

But Liu Yi remembers that saber as well as that voice.

“Immortal Fox sister??”

“Liu Yi you are fine! That is great!”

When Lin Tong sees Liu Yi, she nearly cries on the spot.

She had rushed from the human realm to here and defeated a number of ghost messengers along the way. She was very worried and anxious but when she finally sees that Liu Yi is fine and safe, her strong intentions turns into tender sentiments.

“I am fine. Why are you here Immortal Fox sister?”

Liu Yi suddenly looks at Lin Tong in shock, “Are you also dead?!?!”

“Wu, wu, wu, your idiotic crow mouth!”

Lin Tong instantly glares at Liu Yi, “Isn’t it because this miss needed to come here and bring you back!!!”

“Immortal…immortal fox sister…”

Liu Yi is very touched, so Lin Tong is actually so worried about me.

“Quickly follow this miss back! If you do not return you’ll run out of time!”

Liu Yi’s mortal body has a time constraint thus Lin Tong needs to hurry and bring Liu Yi out off hell! The faster the better!

“En, then let us go!”

Liu Yi nods his head and holds Lin Tong’s hand preparing to leave.

“Impudence! Where do you think my Yama Palace Hall is! A place where you can come and go as you please?!?!”

King Yama instantly becomes indignant, “Obstruct them! Throw both of them into the asura realm!”

Instantly tens of ghost messenger rush up as they toss their soul capturing hooks at Liu Yi.

“Spirit charm saber!”

Lin Tong immediately forms a seal and controls the spirit charm saber to revolve around them.

Two of the ghost messengers didn’t dodge in time and were immediately split in half.

The rest of the ghost messengers got a huge shock as this kind of immortal cultivators are the most thorny ones.

“Let me!”

At this moment Ox-head swats with his hands as he rushes towards Lin Tong.

Lin Tong controls the spirit charm saber to fly towards Ox-head

Suddenly in Ox-head hands appear a large soul capturing trident and with a swipe he sends Lin Tong’s spirit charm saber flying away.

The spirit charm saber shudders and lands on the side as it rocks around like it is knocked stupid.

“Just a four star spirit demon who has yet to recover your powers and you dare to fight against me!”

Ox-head is also only at four stars but against an actual four star opponent, Lin Tong does not have the ability to fight them head on.

These ghost messengers have too much of an advantage against spiritual bodies.

“Take a look at my abilities!”

Saying this, he suddenly stoops and stomps, rushing over like train with a pair of horns crashing towards Lin Tong and Liu Yi.

“Damn it…”

Lin Tong’s expression changes as the ghost messengers by the side cheers.

As long as Ox-head takes action they will be defeated!

“Immortal fox sister leave it to me!”

Liu Yi suddenly pushes aside Lin Tong and sends at palm at Ox-head.

“Desolate Flames!”

Liu Yi smashes his palm at Ox-head.

“Ha ha ha that person is crazy!”

“That’s right! He actually dares to fight against big brother Ox-head directly! He will definitely die!”

“Haiz such a pitiful person ah. He is about to get his soul scattered.”

A lot of ghost messengers cannot bear to look on.

King Yama also smiles coldly.

On the life and death book it’s recorded that this Liu Yi only has a 4 star cultivation! The two of them who only have the cultivation of four stars, how could they be the opponent of Ox-head with their spiritual body’s.

After all Ox-head is a ghost messenger who is about to break through to five stars!

How would it be difficult for him to kill that Liu Yi!


Ox-head finally crashes against Liu Yi’s palm.

“Get lost!” roars Liu Yi.

A frightening scene occurs as Ox-head suddenly turns into a rocket, it is like the saying, come fast and leave even faster!

After the sound of an explosion, Ox-head smashes through Yama Palace’s hall walls and flies out.

While Liu Yi stands there unscathed not even moving a half step as he keeps his palm.

Liu Yi’s strength has already went through high pressure compression so how is it possible for a normal four star cultivator to be his opponent.

Liu Yi has never lost when competing strength against strength!

If you want to fight then let’s fight!

“Are you for real…”

King Yama’s eyes nearly pop out from his skull as he does not dare to accept the truth.

My most powerful underling Ox-head….got sent flying?!?!?


Chapter 263- [Sent flying with a slap]

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