MKW Chapter 262

Chapter 262- [Ox-head, Horse-head]


When Liu Yi opens his eyes he realized that he is lying on snow.

In his embrace is Wenren Qian, but Wenren Qian seems to be sleeping and is deeply asleep.

Seeing the sleeping Wenren Qian looking so adorable and cute like a sleeping beauty, Liu Yi sighs softly. If only Wenren Qian was like this forever how nice would it be. But it is such a pity that when she wakes up she will be the Law King of the Great God Sect and the two of them can only fight to the death.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand wishing to touch Wenren Qian’s face.

But his hand passes through Wenren Qian’s face shocking him.

What the hell!!! What is this bullshit!

When did I learn going through intangibility technique?

This is an essential skill for peeping at women’s bathroom!

But something is wrong ah…if I can pass through a woman’s body then how am I supposed to hook up with girls!

At that moment Liu Yi feels like his world has collapsed and everything has turned grey!

“Your time is up so it is best if you follow us quickly.”

At this moment two figures appear behind him.

One has a horse’s head while the other have a ox’s head, the both of them are around two meters tall and looks very fierce.

What the hell? Why do the two of them look so familiar?

“Whoever you are, be obedient and follow us!”

The Horse-head snorts and says: “Bloody hell. To capture an ordinary person why do the two of us need to personally come over? Can’t they send a ghost messenger?”

“That’s right! I Old Ox have finally hooked up with a lass after so long and was about to get into action. But the higher ups suddenly sent me out on a task!”

The Ox-head spits and throws out the soul capturing tool in his hand.

“Little fellow! Be obedient and let this grampa lock you up!”

Liu Yi stands there as he feels the power within his body slowly recovering.

Not knowing why but his power is recovering very quickly surpassing his peak recovery.

Did I really die?

Liu Yi starts guessing.

The reason why his powers are recovering so quickly should be because Liu Yi is currently a spirit. When a spirit leaves its body, it is able to directly absorb the heaven and earth essence and recover its previous strength.

And a humans star jades are not within the body but rather it is in the spirit.

The current Liu Yi is still somewhat weak after all he had used up a lot of his qi earlier.

Let’s just pretend to be good for now then decide what to do after I recovered.

“Hurry and move!”

Ox-head roars, “This one is still waiting to go back to pa pa pa!”

What the heck…this Ox-head and Horse-head are rather in trend…

But these two should be here to bring me to hell for reincarnation…right?

Since I have entered the ghost realm…then how should I return back to human realm?

This is a problem…

Liu Yi starts to becomes worried over it.

He turns around and takes a look at the still sleeping Wenren Qian and his body that is lying beside her.

Out of body experience ah…I never thought that I would be able to experience such an interesting thing.

“Still not hurrying up?!”

Ox-head becomes impatient as he whips Liu Yi with his lash.

Although he has become a spirit, it does not mean that he cannot be injured.

That whip causes Liu Yi to feel like his skin got ruptured and his flesh got ripped.

“You have already died and your spirit has left you body. It is time to let go of worldly matters.”

Although Horse-head’s actions of picking his nose is rather vulgar, his tone is very amiable, “Let’s go youngster, your life in the secular world has already ended and it is time to follow us to meet the King of Hell and accept your judgement for the crimes you have commited in the secular world. After that you can go and prepare for reincarnation.”

I still need to accept judgement?

But this seems like something that I always like to do for others ah!

Unless this is the rumoured karmic retribution of one’s lifetime?

“Come over here!”

Ox-head is already impatient from waiting, after all he is bullheaded. The Ox-head throws out a soul capturing hook which hooked onto Liu Yi’s collarbone.

“Let’s hurry and move!”

Ox-head pulls on the hook and instantly Liu Yi is forced to move forward.

Liu Yi bears with it, after I have recovered my strength then I’ll think of a way to return.

“After entering hell, there is no returning.”

Horse-head starts blabbering beside him, “Back then ah, I was a young master from a rich family ah…haiz it is such a pity that I died very early and after entering hell I turned into this not human nor ghost appearance…so hateful…who on earth have I provoked! Isn’t it just, that when I was in the secular world I was born with spots on my face! Why is it when I died my head turned into a horse head…”

“Enough, stop dawdling and hurry and move!”

The Ox-head’s temper is really bad and he even berated his companion as he pulls Liu Yi as they walk deep into the forest.

Very quickly, Liu Yi is able to see large black door appearing in front of him.

The large door appears in the middle of nowhere on top of the snow.

But behind the door seems to be another realm.

Liu Yi is pushed through the door.

Instantly the surrounding snow disappears as Liu Yi appears in a gloomy green and dark red place.

Liu Yi looks around and sees countless doors and each of them are connected to a stone path suspended in midair.

The stone paths seem to be leading to the same place at the end.

“This is the Yellow Spring Road!”

Horse face introduces the area to Liu Yi, “How is it, the scenery in hell is good right! You see how matching the green and red colour are! And the air as well! It is so much stronger than earth! Let me tell you after staying here for a while, you will start to like this place.”


When Liu Yi sees the dense ghost qi hell, he does not know what to say.

“That… can I ask if this is the ghost realm?”

Liu Yi secretly restores his strength as he tries to fish for information.

“Haiz, you are thinking too much….how can this place be considered the ghost realm ah!”

Horse-head shakes his head and says: “This place can be considered as a boundary place where the human realm and ghost realm meet!”

A boundary place? That means that I still have a chance of return back to human realm!

“Then where can it be considered as the ghost realm?”

“Asura realm.”

Horse-head raises his head and ponders over the question before trembling and says: “But that place is really a barren realm ah…everyone there is goddamn crazy!”

“What the hell, why did you mention that!”

Ox-head also seems to be afraid, “When this one hears about that place, my hairs start to stand! Everyone there are insane!!”

Horse-head swallows his saliva and says: “Other than combat they do not know anything else…anyway no matter what, even if I die I will not go to the ghost realm!”

“So that is the case…”

So the ghost realm is the asura realm eh…

Liu Yi has heard before of the devil’s in the asura realm used to be people who have committed great slaughters in the human realm. Thus they do not have any qualification to be reincarnated, thus they are thrown to the asura realm to continuously fight, die, be reborn and fight again….

“But the asura realm is a very mysterious place. One day in the human realm is ten years in the asura realm.”

Horse-head also added “Thus the asura realm is extremely unbearable,I hope that you will not go to that place.”

“Then do I really not have any chance to return back to the human realm?” asks Liu Yi suddenly.

“Rubbish! Of course there is no chance!”

Ox-head also says: “If the King of hell pronounces you to be dead at third watch[11pm to 1am] how will you still be alive to fifth watch[3am to 5am]! Young fellow your lifespan is up already so stop thinking about those matters! After this one have send you off I still have to hurry to enjoy myself!”

Done speaking, he pulls Liu Yi to continue walking along the Yellow Spring Road.

The Yellow Spring Road is very long and nearing the end Liu Yi is also starting to find it tedious.

At that moment, he suddenly feels a bright glow coming from behind him and he turns around to take a look.

A golden glow comes from somewhere behind him like a bright light guiding him along.

“There is actually someone who lights up a soul beckoning lamp!”

Horse-face is very shocked, “Looks like there is an expert guiding you ah.”

“What is a soul beckoning lamp?” ask Liu Yi curiously, as Lin Tong is no longer around, Liu Yi feels like he has lost his carry around encyclopedia.

“It is a type of soul beckoning technique.”

Horse-head explains indifferently: “With this light, you will be able to find your way back to the human realm. But your lifespan is up and we brothers will not let you go back. Even if that expert lights this lamp for you they will not be able to save you.”

Who could be the one who lit this lamp…

Liu Yi has a few guesses in his heart but his current power has not even recovered by half, thus he does not have enough strength to fight against Horse-face and Ox-head so he can only bear with it for now.

After my powers have recovered then it’ll be time to escape this hell.

“Little fellow you better be obedient!”

Ox-head says impolitely: “If you dare to have any thoughts I will slap you to death!”

Done speaking he raises his ox hoof and stomps on the ground.

Instantly a large pressure erupts and pushes against Liu Yi’s body causing his body to tremble.

Four star?

Liu Yi immediately finds out the Ox-head’s power, only four star?

Looks like the life and death panel only recorded me as four star otherwise they would not only send these two fellows to hook my soul.

Why is it that cultivators can live longer.

Because when a secular person cultivates, he can continuously increase his strength. When your strength has reached a certain limit, there will be no one in hell who is able to hook your soul.

Unless you are killed by an expert causing your soul to be scattered!

“It is just in front.”

Horse face points forward as the view in front of Liu Yi opens up.

A huge city appears in front of him and in front is a huge city gate and above the city gate is written ‘HELL’.

The word carries a very dense ghost qi giving people a despairing feeling.

Everyone who has died and come here would feel despair I guess…

At this moment Liu Yi feels that he has not lived enough.

“Little fellow go in!”

Horse-head pushes Liu Yi, “This is our hell! The place where you will be judged!”

Liu Yi is pushed in front of the large city gate.

On the two sides of the gate are ghost messengers standing in formation, every single one of them looking like fiend as they hold a soul capturing hook in their hands looking very terrifying.

When they see Liu Yi, their eyes open, especially the trials envoy.


Chapter 262- [Ox-head, Horse-head]

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  1. Im pretty sure he will end up in asura realm….get a massive boost and come back stronger than ever. What doesnt kill u makes u stronger amirite?


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