MKW Chapter 261

Chapter 261- [Seducing the Gu King]


“My god daughter Wenren Qian. You are the reincarnation of the Great God and you carry the bloodline of the Great God. Remember, your destiny has already been written out and when you have awakened you will lead us to create a new world.”

“My daughter you do not need friends as they are all lowly bugs. You are a god high up in the sky so you do not need friendship you only need worship! They will not hold your hand, they will only crawl in front of you!”

“Now I am me, Liu Yi, who doesn’t have any relation with you, Wenren Qian. If you want to fight I will fight with you till the end!”

I am really…lonely…

Godfather, I do not wish to be any god’s reincarnation ah…

Liu Yi…can you not leave me?

Wenren Qian suddenly opens her eyes as cold sweat forms all over her body.

In her embrace is a man. Wenren Qian takes a look in a hurry and when she realised that it is Liu Yi, she finally calmed down.

At this moment Liu Yi’s eyes are closed with only one breath of life as he lies on the snow.

The snow at the bottom of the mountain is very thick and is surrounding the two of them.

Liu Yi’s lifeforce is very weak,like he is going to die any moment.

Wenren Qian immediately becomes  anxious.

To save me he got hit by some unknown technique!

His current lifeforce is so weak that if he does not get treatment in time he will die!

Wenren Qian does not dare to hesitate as she climbs up and presses her right hand on Liu Yi’s cold forehead.

She feels that Liu Yi’s qi is in chaos, while a sinister qi is continuously destroying his heart meridians.

This…this is the Heart Breaking Gu!

Wenren Qian’s eyes turn red.

The person who wanted to kill me is Jiang Qini!

Only she is able to cultivate this kind of sinister gu technique.

This gu comes from a mysterious Miao border and there is almost no cure!

After the gu king enters Liu Yi’s body, it will unceasingly eat his heart meridians until his death!

Damn it…how can this gu be cured!

Wenren Qian you must calm down, you must calm down…

The first thing is to give Liu Yi warmth, that’s right, warmth!

Wenren Qian immediately waves her hand and instantly flames from a circle around them.

The temperature instantly rises and melts the surrounding snow and forms a dry space.

Liu Yi is embraced by Wenren Qian as his head rests on her thighs while lying on the ground.

But Liu Yi’s temperature did not increase instead it became even colder.

Wenren Qian sensed Liu Yi’s situation for a while before she becomes even more anxious.

One of Liu Yi’s three souls has already left! The other two souls are still locked up in his body.

It is unknown when his seven spirits will disappear but if the gu king is not dealt with, Liu Yi’s souls will fly away and scatter!

She does not wish to let Liu Yi die.

But if she tries to uses external force to forcefully kill the gu king, it will immediately explode and blow up Liu Yi’s heart meridians!

I must think of a method to lure the gu king out…

Right…let’s hope that the gu in Liu Yi’s body is a male gu, because if it is a male gu it will be more interested in a female body!

I can use myself as bait to lure the gu king out…

Praying to the gods above that the gu is a male…

[KG:Males are inherently yang and females are yin. Yin and Yang search for each other so the gu wants her more then Liu Yi]

Wenren Qian prays in her heart as she lowers her head with a red face to kiss Liu Yi’s lip.

Although I have never kissed a person before…but this time is to save a person…

No matter what Liu Yi became like this is to save me…so I must save him! I must!

Wenren Qian calms her heart and lightly kisses Liu Yi’s lips.

The two person’s four lips touch and instantly Wenren Qian feels that her body starts to heats up.

First kiss ah…and it disappeared just like this…but to save Liu Yi, all of this is worth it. After all my first kiss is given to him instead of other people…

Being kissed by Wenren Qian, the gu king in Liu Yi’s body seems to have received some form of stimulation as it starts to move.

Liu Yi’s body starts to tremble faintly causing Wenren Qian to become happy. This is great! it is really a male gu! Liu Yi can be saved!

But at this moment Liu Yi starts to move but Wenren Qian knows that it is not because Liu Yi is awake but rather it is because his body moved under the control of the gu king.

A hand suddenly slips into Wenren Qian’s shirt and moves up her body.

Wenren Qian trembles slightly.

Bear with it…I must bear with it…otherwise I will not be able to lure out the gu king…

Liu Yi’s hand swims around Wenren Qian’s body and finally grabs hold of a soft dumpling.

Wenren Qian has always been wearing ancient clothing which is very relaxed.

Furthermore she did not wear a bra inside and there is only a slightly thick shirt.

Liu Yi pushes aside the shirt and grabs Wenren Qian’s chest.

Instantly Wenren Qian’s rationality nearly collapsed.

Especially when Liu Yi’s hand gently rubs against her protruding tip, nearly making her crazy.

Wuwu..why is this such a torture ah…

That evil gu king…why are you not coming out!

Wenren Qian forcefully resisted her body’s pleasure especially Liu Yi’s hand which is touching all over her body.

The Gu king is a male, thus under this kind of stimulation it will finally be unable to bear it and jump out.

I am Wenren Qian so I will definitely be able to endure better than the gu king!

While Liu Yi’s other hand also starts to move and moves under Wenren Qian’s skirt and starts to touch her tights moving up slowly.

Wenren Qian eyes start to tear up as she shouts to herself, bear with it…

While Liu Yi’s hand continues to move upwards until it reaches the top of her tights.

As long as Liu Yi’s hand moves up slightly then he will be able to touch Wenren Qian’s butt and if his hand moves to the other side then he will be able to touch Wenren Qian’s deep valley.

Wenren Qian keeps trembling as her face turns completely red. When has she, Wenren Qian ever had to suffer such treatment! In her nearly twenty years of living she has never even touched a man’s hand before!

But now she have almost done all of the things that she has not done before in the past!

But Wenren Qian did not give up as she must to continue to resist onwards.

Her body seems to have awakened as she unconsciously bites on Liu Yi’s lip lightly.

Instantly the gu king in Liu Yi’s body is unable to resist anymore and turns into warm water and flows out of Liu Yi’s mouth towards Wenren Qian’s mouth.

But Wenren Qian’s actions are even faster and she immediately moves back, stretches out and grabs the gu king with two fingers.

A 10cm long poison bug struggles between Wenren Qian’s finger but she uses flames to burn the gu king into ashes.

The paleness on Liu Yi’s face start to recede and turns slightly red, but he still did not wake up.

Damn it…

Wenren Qian suddenly recalls, although she has killed the gu king and saved Liu Yi’s 2 souls and 7 spirits but she have no idea where is the the most important third soul!

Wenren Qian is very frightened and the only thing is she is able to do is to guard Liu Yi’s body and wait for his soul to return on its own.

The gu king is killed! So Liu Yi’s soul should be able to return!

But I have never learned any kind of soul calling technique…damn it…

Just when Wenren Qian is at her most nervous, a red glow suddenly emerges from Liu Yi’s body.

The red glow lands on the ground and within moments it turns into a beautiful lady.

Wenren Qian immediately treats her as an enemy and attacks the spiritual lady with flames.

“We are not enemies!” cries out the lady in a flurry.

“I am a fox immortal that lives in Liu Yi’s body…I am call Lin Tong.”

As Lin Tong speaks, her expression is not really good.

Wenren Qian frowns, giving the impression that she does not believe the words that Lin Tong has said.

“Believe me. If not for being out of time,I would not have revealed myself to you.”

Worry flashes across Lin Tong’s eyes, “Liu Yi has lost his earth soul thus we must help him find it back!”

-How do we find it back?-

Wenren Qian feels that the fox spirit lady does not seem to want to harm Liu Yi….furthermore there is completely no need to harm him as he is no different from a dead person currently.

“Liu Yi’s earth soul has already entered hell.”

Lin Tong is quite familiar with the situation, “If his earth soul does not return within 48 hours…then it is the end and it means that Liu Yi has really died…the person in front of you will become a real walking corpse.”

A person has three souls, heaven soul, earth soul and the human soul, and not a single soul can be missing.

When a person dies, the heaven soul will return to the heaven while the earth soul will go to hell to be judged before reincarnating while the human soul will remain in the grave.

If the earth soul has reincarnated then the person has really died.

-That…what should we do…-

Wenren Qian becomes very worried as she does not know what to do.

“I will form a magic and create a soul calling lamp!”

Lin Tong says: “After creating the soul calling lamp, Liu Yi will know the route back home. Furthermore I must personally go to hell and bring him back. Otherwise Liu Yi, that idiot will be tricked into reincarnating!”

-I will go with you!- writes Wenren Qian.

“It is not possible as you are not a spirit thus you are unable to go.”

Lin Tong shakes her head, “Hell is not a place where living people are able to go. You must help Liu Yi guard his body and make sure that no other soul leaves his body within these 48 hours otherwise even if Buddha comes down he will also not be able to save him!”

-You…do you have confidence?-

Wenren Qian is still worried because she can see that the spirit fox lady in front of her only has the power of a four star…and most importantly she is a spirit so even if she has the abilities of a four star she is unable to use her power effectively.

“I only have 50% guarantee.”

Lin Tong clenches her fist, “But for this 50% chance I will put in 200% effort! Liu Yi, this big idiot…I will definitely bring him back!”

-Good. I believe you.-

Wenren Qian writes and taps Lin Tong’s palm.

-During extreme danger my power will emerge and help you. Do you best and bring him back…-

“You…you do not hate him anymore?” ask Lin Tong curiously.

-Perhaps I hate him…-

Wenren Qian’s gaze turns faint, -But I owe him a life.-


Chapter 261- [Seducing the Gu king]

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