MKW Chapter 260

Chapter 260- [Breaking all ties]


Forget it?

At those words,Liu Yi cannot comprehend them, why did Wenren Qian say this suddenly?

Wenren Qian writes, -Why did you not kill me earlier?-

“I owe you a favour. So just now that move is repaying back your favour.”

“Now I am me, Liu Yi, who does not have any relation to you Wenren Qian. If you want to fight then I shall fight with you to the death.”

-Forget it…-

Something seems to be flowing out of Wenren Qian’s eyes.

Loneliness? Looks like I Wenren Qian am destined to be alone forever.

In this world, looks like there will no longer be someone who is able to be my companion. Looks like what God-father said is right. I am a person who has the blood of god flowing in me, I am the most unique one…but am also the most lonely one.

-I will not kill you. Our ties are broken and so I’ll let it be.-

After writing this, Wenren Qian brushes her long hair with a hand and suddenly her long and beautiful hair got cut at shoulder length.

Her originally long hair which reached her hip was cut into half in an instant!

The most precious thing for a woman is her long hair, especially such long hair which is cut into half, it will definitely cause her heartache.

Wenren Qian’s actions shocked Liu Yi but at the same time he understands her intention.

What Wenren Qian’s meaning is, is to break off their ties…she has saved him once and now she has also killed him once.

All of this is still acceptable to Liu Yi as the most important point is Wenren Qian is from the Great God Sect.

As for evil groups like the Great God Sect, Liu Yi only wishes to eradicate them. As long as Wenren Qian doesn’t  leave Great God Sect, the two of them will forever be enemies.

After Wenren Qian cuts her own hair, she points at Murong Die and writes, -She will wake up in an hour.-

-From now on, if we meet again we will be enemies.- after writing thus, Wenren Qian eyes turn red.

Liu Yi activates his good impression eye to take a look at Wenren Qian’s impression of him.

50! It is actually such so high!

No wonder I was able to successfully pull out the emotion sword.

Liu Yi already planned to use his amorous hand if he did not succeed in pulling out the emotion sword on the first try.

The two techniques when combined together become a heaven defying technique!

Furthermore when Liu Yi broke through to four stars, he felt that he had awakened another ability.

As for what ability, he did not have a chance to try it yet so he can only find an opportunity to test it.

-Next time I will not show you mercy…-

“Neither will I…”

Liu Yi looks at the pale Wenren Qian while sighing in his heart.

Our paths are destined to diverge…perhap we should never have met each other.

Just now the seven lotus attack, what I should have return to her, I have already returned back to her…

As for me, I have already reached my limit ah…

As I lose my strength, it becomes harder to control the sword..

Liu Yi lets go of the sword and the emotion sword suddenly shoots into the sky and turns into a shooting star drifting care-freely.

The bone armour finally scatters and Liu Yi feels like sleeping, taking a good rest.

Wenren Qian clenches her fist and bites her lips.

She withdraws the pressure she is emitting as the flames surrounding her slowly retreats.

Although that sword move from Liu Yi earlier did not touch her, but the sword qi entered her body.

She used a large amount of devil qi to resolve the sword qi.

At this moment she is also very tired and needs to find a quiet place to nurse her health.

Goodbye Liu Yi…

Wenren Qian takes a deep breath before preparing to leave.

At this moment, Liu Yi who is tottering suddenly widens his eyes as he sees something.

He doesn’t know why but he uses the last of his strength to use shadow steps.

When Wenren Qian sees Liu Yi suddenly appearing in front of her she got a shock.

Don’t tell me that Liu Yi is only pretending to be injured to take away my life later? He really wantsto kill me so much?

Forget it…afterall I am so lonely, living in this world has no meaning…at least I can die in his hands.

Wenren Qian keeps away the flame lotus that she had formed.

Instead she opens her arms to hug Liu Yi with her eyes closed.

A warm body hugs her tightly and the youthful scent burrows into her heart.

That moment of warmth, that second of warmth is remembered forever by Wenren Qian.

At least before death I can also feel this kind of hug…

The pain that she imagined did not appear and she opened her eyes in shock.

Liu Yi hugs her tightly before turning a circle in the air.

A black unknown object suddenly exploded on Liu Yi’s back.

Following which Wenren Qian feels a unblockable force pushing their bodies onto the ground.

The two of them smash onto the ground and continue to slide across the ground before finally sliding down a mountain peak.

“Hehe…I didn’t imagine that I could kill two major troubles with one stone”

After the two have them have fallen off the peak, a woman wearing a red qipao suddenly appears on the scorched plains.

Beside her is a beautiful girl. Within the girl’s pupil is a green glow and surround her is dense ghost qi.

The two women are none other than Jiang Qini and Ma Yixuan.

The black marks on Ma Yixuan’s face have receded and she looks completely pale but abnormally beautiful.

“Master? Are they dead?” ask Ma Yixuan as she looks in the direction of the mountain peak.

“After recieving my Heart Breaking Gu, even if they are gods they will still die.” smiles Jiang Qini in confidence.

Ma Yixuan asks in expectation: “Master…this Heart Breaking Gu, when will you teach this disciple?”

“It is still to early.”

Jiang Qini sways her hips and says while smiling: “Your power has just broken through to four stars and to practice the Heart Breaking Gu you need to be at least five stars. But, there is a nice virgin girl here. After you have refined her, you can greatly improve your ghost qi.”

“Yes master.”

Ma Yixuan is not disturbed nor did she hesitate when she hears that she is going to refine a living person. She walks over to the girl and got a clear view of her face.

“Eh? Why is it her?”

“Oh? You know her?” asked Jiang Qini immediately.

“Yeah. It can be considered that I know her but there is not much relation between us.”

Ma Yixuan laughs coldly, “We were only classmates but she has bullied me before so killing her will let me clear my resentment.”

[TL: …looks like she have really fallen all the way to hell]

“Then I shall leave it to you. Do not let master down.”

Jiang Qini says in her heart, the stronger this cauldron gets the better!

After she has cultivated to six stars then I can completely absorb her.

After absorbing her my power I can break through very quickly and enter nine star earth grade!

Since Wenren Qian has died and I have broke through to nine stars, Sect Leader will definitely put me in an important position!

My future beautiful dreams are beckoning at me ah…

“Break for me!”

Ma Yixuan summons out a blood sword and chops at the fire barrier protecting Murong Die.

The blood sword in Ma Yixuan’s hand scatters as a flame wisp charges at her.

Jiang Qini got shocked as she immediately points at Ma Yixuan and intones: “Five Ghosts Teleportation!”

Instantly Ma Yixuan disappears and appears on the other side.

The flame wisp hits the ground where Ma Yixuan was  originally standing and blasts a large hole.


Ma Yixuan pets her chest as she asks in shock: “Master…that, what is that ah…”

“I didn’t expect ah didn’t expect ah…”

Jiang Qini frowns, “Wenren Qian that lass actually wasted almost half of her power to create a defensive barrier for this girl.”

“Then master…will I still able to refine her?”

Ma Yixuan is somewhat not happy as she already wished to kill Murong Die from way earlier.

Why on earth is that lass a big missy when she was born! And even looking down on me everyday!

This time I must show her that I, Ma Yixuan am not someone who is easy to bully!

“It is not impossible. This kind of powerful barrier has a time limit. After around an hour it will automatically disappear.”

“Since that is the case then let’s us wait.”

Ma Yixuan smiles again, Murong Die ah in the end you are unable to escape my claws!

Just as the pair of master and disciple are preparing to wait, a roar comes from the sky.

“Who is causing destruction here! Still not waiting to be captured?!”


Jiang Qini got a shock, “It is people from the Dragon Group! Quick lets go!”

Done speaking she immediately holds Ma Yixuan’s hand as they turn into black smoke and disappear in the night sky.

A woman wearing dragon armour lands on the ground.

“So tragic…”

Yuan Zhenyue looks around in all directions and all she can see is scorched earth that once belonged to a forest, “Looks like this place just experience a very scary battle…eh! Murong Die is here!”

After she has completed the task that her higher ups had given her, she received Wang Lele’s message for help.

When she returned to the temple fair, she immediately sensed the battle over here and rushed over.

She did not notice anyone but the kidnapped Murong Die.

Yuan Zhenyue notices that Murong Die is fine and loosens her breath but when she recalls that Liu Yi was heading over, she starts to become worried.

“Liu Yi that idiot says that he will come here. Where did he go…”

That idiot…he should be fine right?


Chapter 260- [Breaking all ties]

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  1. Liu Yi and his contrasting actions confuse me. Is this what the author wanted? For us to struggle to understand his reasoning and logic behind his actions?

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