MKW Chapter 26

Chapter 26   [Kneel down and call me grandpa]


“Finally school is over!”

Chen Cai stands up and stretches.

As a year two student, it is great that they do not need to go through the hardship of year three students who have to go through night self-study class.

“Come let’s go Liu Yi. Tonight let us fight two rounds of CF. Recently a guy gifted me with a golden AK, damn cool ah!”

[TL: CF is Crossfire]

Chen Cai tugs Liu Yi as he smiles.

“Get lost you demon, you still got guts to talk !”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes at Chen Cai.

This shit uses a female avatar in the game. During the game he keeps calling big brother here, big brother there, scamming some of the guys with more money than sense.

He definitely must have cheated a guy and gotten a golden AK from him then come and boast to Liu Yi.

“You hurry and scram first! I still have matters to do and need to go back myself!”

Recalling that tonight he will be surrounded and he might need to run as quickly as possible, butterflies start to form in his stomach.

Mother ah, what will come will come!

Grandfather said before that man just face it head on!

Escape is not a method.

That’s right, Liu Yi you can do it!

You must believe in yourself!

You….definitely will be able to escape!

Liu Yi cheers for himself in his heart.

“Tsk, if I did not know that you were simple loser, I would have thought that recently you were dating.”


Liu Yi curses in his heart, do I Liu Yi have so little market?!

But recalling the -30 above Ma Yixuan’s head, Liu Yi can only sigh in sorrow.

At this moment Murong Die suddenly says to Liu Yi, “Liu Yi sit in my car to go home.”

Instantly the gaze of the people in the classroom instantly lands on the two of them.

Murong Die actually wants someone to sit in her car?

Murong Die’s family is rather rich and every day, she commutes to school by a Mercedes-Benz.

Sometime she might take a public bus along with Wang Lele im the morning to experience life.

No matter which method, no one has seen Murong Die bring along another guy!

But this time around she actually invited Liu Yi to sit in her car!

This is a story for eternity ah!

Seeing Liu Yi staring blankly at her, Murong Die’s face turns red. She turns her head to the side and pretends to look out of the window as she explains, “My driver Uncle Wang is a retired special force soldier. With him around, you will be fine.”

Wang Lele by the side wants to be excited but also does not dare to.

If she gets excited, Murong Die will definitely pinch her breasts…

Bear with it, definitely must bear with it!

“I reject!”

Unexpectedly Liu Yi directly rejects Murong Die’s invitation.

This causes all of the classmates to lose their eyeballs.

Liu Yi…isn’t he a bit too impressive today?!

He went against Lan He and even set up a date to battle against him!

Now he even rejected Murong Die’s invitation!

Is he possessed by Mr Perfect?!

Or is there something wrong with his brain!


Murong Die is even more shock as she stares sternly at Liu Yi.

The first time I invited a guy to ride with me and I was actually rejected!!


Murong Die’s prideful self is unable to accept it!

Wang Lele by the side also blinks and says in her heart, this Liu Yi is too evil why can’t he just give way to Sister Xiao Die…

“My grandfather said before that man who hides behind a woman is not a man but a soft egg.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist and says loudly, “Even if I am beaten till I vomit blood, I am not willing to hide in a woman’s car and escape!”

He turns around and walks out of the classroom.

“This bastard!”

Murong Die is hopping mad, “How dare he throw my kindness out of the window! Serve him right if his legs get broken!”

“Calm down, calm down. Too much anger will make you age!”

Wang Lele immediately pacifies her Sister Xiao Die.

Growing up…this is the first time she has seen Sister Xiao Die so mad because of a guy…

This guy…is a classmate that Sister Xiao Die is not familiar with in the morning…

Liu Yi ah, Liu Yi, where did you get this charm from ah!

“Hmph let us go!”

Murong Die is unable to vent the anger. Grabbing her bag, she immediately leaves the classroom while Wang Lele hurries and follow behind her.

At this moment, Liu Yi has already walked out of the classroom and is starting to regret.

Indeed….women are sources of calamity…

Originally I was planning to find a chance to escape, but unexpectedly with Murong Die’s interference, blood rushed up to my head and I end up saying such things.

By the side, Lin Tong is laughing.

{Hahaha, who asked you to keep follow your grandfather your grandfather! How is it, this time around you got screwed over by your grandfather!}

“Who, who say so!”

Liu Yi instantly tires to look more imposing and says, “What my grandfather said definitely have reason to it! Risk it! No matter what I cannot be looked down by other people!”

He raises his leg and walks out of the school building.

This school building is not very far away from the school gate. Especially with Liu Yi’s current eye power which has increased by quite a bit.

Looking over, he instantly sees Kai Wen standing by the school gate.

A few hooligans are also standing there sloppily, from their appearance, it is obvious that they are waiting for Liu Yi.

Liu Yi’s stomach and legs are starting to turn numb.

Although he says very mightily, when he sees Kai Wen and the rest, his heart starts to get nervous.

Growing up until now when had he ever gotten into a fight….

It is more like he got beaten up instead!

Lin Tong also noticed them and shouted into Liu Yi’s ear excitedly, {The group of guys are over there!}

{Quickly go up and teach them a lesson! Let this group of people learn a lesson!}

Liu Yi recalls the changes in his physical strength after opening the first star-jade and suggests, “I, let us go and jump over the wall instead…”

{Jump your sister! Why can’t you be more worthy!}

Lin Tong nearly exploded from anger, {What did you say in front of Murong Die earlier! Now why are you such a pussy now?}


{Are you really going to be a coward this entire life? Are you willing to be the soft egg that Kai Wen is saying you are?}

Lin Tong’s words pierce into Liu Yi’s ears and heart.

Are you a coward?

Do you want to be a coward?

Do you Liu Yi, want to be bullied by others forever?!

“Fuck it!”

In the end, Liu Yi clenches his fist and thicken his skin and walks towards Kai Wen and the gang.

When one of the students sees Liu Yi walking over, he instantly throws aside the cigarette that he is smoking and says, “Look! That fellow is coming!”

“Brother Kai our cash is coming!”

“Hahaha…he really dare to come out. Drag him into the alley!”

Kai Wen also throws away his cigarette.

After settling this fellow then we will have money to go LAN.

Hahaha, not only can I get back my face, I can also earn money. This is my favorite thing to do.

Two of them immediately walk up to Liu Yi and place their arms around Liu Yi and drag him into an alley nearby.

After all, this is the school gate. If they fight or the likes around here, it will be bad if they are noticed by the teachers.

“Brother Wei, our target got dragged away by Kai Wen and his people!”

By the side, Ma Wei brought a few hooligans over as well. One of the sharp-eyed gangsters noticed what had happened and immediately report to Ma Wei.

“No worries. Let them take action first.”

Ma Wei clucks and toys with the butterfly knife in his hands. Waving it around he says, “After they are done the fighting, we shall take care of them as well. If we do not teach this Kai Wen a lesson, he really will forget who is in charge of this territory!”


“Brother Wei is smart!”

The hooligans are holding steel pipe, leather belts, and the likes as they laugh sinisterly by the side.

Wang Lele and Murong Die are sitting at the backseats of a black Mercedes-Benz. Seeing Liu Yi being dragged into the alleyway by a few people, Wang Lele immediately exclaims, “Sister Xiao Die….Liu Yi got dragged away by Kai Wen and the rest…what do we do…”

Murong Die sneers, “What does his life and death have to do with me!”

“Sister Xiao Die….”

Wang Lele looks at Murong Die pitifully.

To be honest she does not wish for him to be beaten up in her heart.

A middle-aged man sitting on the driver seat asks indifferently, “Miss are we going home?”

The middle-aged man is wearing a black suit and white gloves. He is also wearing sunglasses, making him look very cool.

Murong Die sits in the car without saying anything like she is thinking about something.

The driver is also not in a hurry as he calmly waits for his Miss.

After seven to eight minutes Murong Die clenches her teeth.

She suddenly says, “Uncle Wang. I suddenly recalled that the fellow calls Kai Wen took liberties on me verbally a few days ago.”

“He also said that he wants to be the son-in-law of Murong family…anyways he said a lot of ugly words…”

“I understand miss.”

The western suit uncle nods his head and open the car door, and gets off the car. “Miss, I will be right back.”

“Sister Xiao Die, you really still care for that guy ah!”

Wang Lele who is sitting at the backseat laughs.

Murong Die’s face seems to be slightly feverish as she looks out of the window and says, “Tsk, who cares about his life or death!”

“It is Kai Wen who gets on my nerve! Didn’t he laugh at you and call you a dairy cow?”

Wang Lele waves her fist and says, “Right, right, right. Kai Wen that fellow is a scumbag! Let Uncle Wang teach him a lesson!”

“That’s right. It completely is not related to Liu Yi. Let us wait for Uncle Wang to return.”

Murong Die reclines on the seat lazily and closes her eyes.

Looks like she is very confident about her driver.

Wang Lele, on the other hand, is rather curious as she lies by the window and watches the alley.


Liu Yi was forcefully pulled into the alley by Kai Wen and his people.

His heart is pounding rapidly and only feel that his legs are very soft.

Liu Yi….Liu Yi you must buck up!


Liu Yi is pushed against the ice cold wall of the alley with his back having an intimate encounter with the wall.

This impact is not painful, instead, it wakes Liu Yi up.

Kai Wen and the rest smile sinisterly at each other and slowly become clear in his vision.

“Cowards Liu, weren’t you very fierce this morning? You also kicked me right?”

Kai Wen stands in front of Liu Yi arrogant while smoking a cigarette. Breathing out the smoke he says arrogantly, “Fucker why don’t you consider your own power! I see you must have eaten a leopard’s gut eh, to dare to mess with me Kai Wen!”

He pats Liu Yi on his right cheek twice.

“Come I give you a chance. As long as you kneel down and call me grandpa I will let you off how about that?”


Chapter 26     [Kneel down and call me grandpa]

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