MKW Chapter 259

Chapter 259- [Final technique]


Liu Yi did not give the red dragon any chance as he points at the red dragon with his forefinger and middle finger.

The sky suddenly erupts and the flame sword in front of Liu Yi suddenly disappeared and turned into a ray of light piercing through five thousand miles and parting the clouds.

The red dragon that has just opened its mouth and is about to breath out sky fire when its head was chopped off.

That single sword of Liu Yi’s has beheaded the red dragon!

The flame sword was pulled out from a ten star expert…and it has the same strength as it’s owner!

Thus Liu Yi has managed to obtain a ten star expert’s strength, allowing him to insta-kill the red dragon.

The red dragon’s head dropped down as the fresh blood falls on Liu Yi’s body.

Due to the death of the red dragon, its body slowly starts to dissipate and turn into red star light. While Lin Tong who is on Liu Yi’s arm suddenly leaves him not knowing where she went to.

Beheading a fire dragon with a sword!

At this moment, Wenren Qian has woken up from the feeling of extreme pleasure as she watches the beheading in complete shock.

He actually managed to kill the red dragon that I summoned…

How is this possible…dragons are natural born combat elites! I had used the pure flame power to attract the nearby nine star fire dragon and tame him to attack Liu Yi.

But I did not imagine that this nine star dragon elite was actually instantly killed by Liu Yi!

“Whoever dares to block me will suffer this ending!”

Liu Yi forms a seal and the red sword returns back in front of him, dripping blood like it is agreeing to him.

At this moment, Liu Yi completely looks like a death god from hell with his black bone armour and fiery red sword.

“Wenren Qian if you want to fight then let’s fight! I am waiting for you here!”

Wenren Qian looks at Liu Yi with a somewhat sluggish expression.

Within her eyes, her expression changes and all she could see is the figure of Liu Yi.

“Wenren Qian do you want to fight or not just say it!”

Liu Yi clenches the red fire sword as he uses all of his strength to control the sword to prevent it from escaping his bind.

It is indeed the emotions from a ten star expert…it is indeed very powerful!

Not only did it insta-kill that dragon, it also allows me to feel like I am controlling a bomb!

I don’t know how long I can control it…

Thus Liu Yi decided to end the fight fast!

-Since that is the case…then I can only use my full strength…-

After Wenren Qian write the sentence, she closes her eyes.

Surges of fiery scarlet flame power erupts from her body.

The dark clouds in the sky disperse from the pressure of the flames!

Liu Yi also experience the pressure of the flames, if not for the protection of the bone armour, he would have been blown away.


Liu Yi forms a sword seal with both hands before letting go of the fire sword letting it float in front of him.

Instantly the deep scarlet flame power met the blade of the sword and was parted instantly.

Wenren Qian steps on a red cloud like substance like a fire wind hoop.

At this moment a large pressure spreads out in all direction extinguishing all of the surround raging flames. The fire plains and forest instantly turns into a plain of black scorched ground.

{Pressure of an earth grade.}

Lin Tong cowers behind Liu Yi’s back not daring to move.

She is only a 4 star little fox without an actual body…thus she is unable to withstand this ten star earth grade pressure.

To her the current Liu Yi is like a reliable mountain.

{Relax Immortal Fox sister, I will not let you suffer any injuries!}

Liu Yi also separates out a portion of his power to protect Lin Tong. As a soul Lin Tong is frail. A normal person is unable to see her but those that are able to see her will definitely have the ability to take her life!

Red flames spreads out in all directions with Wenren Qian at the center.

The current her looks like a spirit that is born within the flames.

At this moment she finally opens her eyes. Her eyes have turn scarlet, like rubies.

Surrounding her are floating flame lotuses. There are around 7 of them as they revolve around her.

“There is some pressure now…”

Liu Yi starts to sweat but he tightens his grip of the emotion sword as he prepares to risk it.

Suddenly Wenren Qian stretches out her hand.

Following which the seven flame lotuses chase after Liu Yi.

“Taoist Laozi! Rapid like laws command!”

Liu Yi immediately chants a sword art.

The scarlet fire sword suddenly becomes like it is alive as it dances and pierces towards the flame lotuses before piercing towards Wenren Qian’s forehead.

The flames lotuses agilely dodge the fire sword.

As the flame lotuses arrives in front of Liu Yi, the fire sword arrives in front of Wenren Qian as well.

But in comparison, Liu Yi’s flying sword is slightly faster.

At this moment Liu Yi looks at Wenren Qian’s sorrowful expression when his body suddenly trembles.

This…isn’t it like the dream that I had?

After gaining power I start to kill the important people around me…

Although Wenren Qian is somewhat headstrong, but she is after all kind-hearted.

Even if she did kidnap Murong Die, she did not harm her.

Despite the fact that the two of us have fought to this extent, Murong Die is still safe and sound sleeping in the fire barrier.

Should I kill Wenren Qian?

At that moment, time seems to have stoped as Liu Yi ponders over the question.

“Kill!” roars out deep within Liu Yi’s body.

“Kill! Kill all of those who do not acknowledge you! Kill all of those who block your advancement! Meet god kill god! Meet Buddha kill Buddha!”

A stream of demonic qi gushes out of Liu Yi’s body forming a black smoke.

One of his eyes completely turn blood red.


At this moment, in front of Liu Yi’s eyes appears a different image.

Wenren Qian lying in a pool of blood dying in content.

Beside her lies Yuan Zhenyue, Li Biyue as well as the corpse of Lin Tong!


Liu Yi suddenly erupts in sweat. I AM LIU YI! I AM NOT A KILLING DEMON!

Liu Yi immediately opens his eyes and releases a ray of golden light.

He forcefully retrieves his flying sword, while Wenren Qian flame lotuses smash into his body.

A total of seven explosions happen as Liu Yi is sent flying higher and higher as he loses his balance. Only after the last explosion was Liu Yi blasted towards the ground.

He smashes into the ground under the stunned looks of Wenren Qian as she stares in his direction not knowing what to do.

Just now it should’ve been Liu Yi having the upper hand…his flying sword was obviously about to stab through my throat…

But he actually stayed his hand at the last moment!

But no one ever survives after taking my Seven Steps Lotus!

Liu Yi…did he die just like that…

Such a pity…wu wu wu…

Wenren Qian’s expression becomes somewhat dejected as she bites her lips and her eyes slightly redden.

Liu Yi you should not have to die…but who asked you to be the enemy of the Great God Sect…

I will properly bury you.

Wenren Qian takes a deep breath and just as she was about to take action the flying sword suspended in front of her starts to move.

The red fire sword suddenly stabs in front of Liu Yi as he slowly climbs back up to his feet while the black bone armour that he is wearing starts to shatter.

He grabs the sword and uses it to slowly support himself up to his feet.


Wenren Qian is very shock, why is he still alive?!

Even if he is alive he should be deeply injured!

Why is he still able to stand up?!

Where does he get the strength from?!

Liu Yi takes two deep breaths before using his breathing technique to block the pain from his body. At the same time he absorbs the heaven and earth essense to replenish his strength.

-Let’s stop fighting. You have already been defeated!-

Wenren Qian write a few words and shows Liu Yi.

-If we fight on, you will really die.-

“So what if I die?”

Liu Yi holds on to the sword as he stands there smiling widely.

[TL: reminds me of Valhalla saga, those smiling warriors seeking death]

“As long as I am not dead there is a chance of me hitting you!”

-I am a ten star expert!-

Wenren Qian emphasizes her strength, -Even if you are very strong currently…but your real strength is only four stars…you forcefully raising your strength will definitely result in a very scary backlash! I advised you to surrender earlier! What is bad about joining my Great God Sect? Do you really not wish to be my…friend?-

“I have always treated you, Wenren Qian as my friend”

[KG:……Since f**king when!!?]

Liu Yi says faintly: “But you kidnapped my friend. I am sorry but that is not something a friend should do. Wenren Qian I believe that you are a good person but you should not have stood on the side of Great God Sect.”

-The Great God Sect is my home.-

Wenren Qian continues to write, -It is my God-father who raised me, I will never betray my God-father.-

“Then we can only be enemies!”

Liu Yi says firmly: “Let us continue to fight! I have already tossed aside life or death!”

As he speaks, he pulls out the emotion sword.

He is prepared to let loose a large move!

This is the ultimate technique that Old Man Ma had taught him!

Because there is a bad backlash thus Old Man Ma instructed him to never use it unless there is no other choice!

But this time around to save Murong Die Liu Yi is prepared to risk it all!

What is there to be afraid of! At most it is death! I’ll just need to tour around heaven then come back down!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and prepares to use the technique.

But at this moment, Wenren Qian sighs and writes, -Forget it…-


Chapter 259- [Final technique]

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