MKW Chapter 258

Chapter 258- [Merging with Little Black]


“Mountain Mist!”

Liu Yi gathers his Icy Qi to the maximum before spitting it out.

His hands pressing against each other and he blocks upwards.

Instantly a pair of large ice palms rise from above Liu Yi rushing towards the falling meteorite.

Liu Yi sinks down into the ground as he uses his strength to block the falling meteorite.

Wenren Qian is faintly surprised as she did not expect that Liu Yi is able to block her force with the strength of a four star.

Does Liu Yi only have the strength of a four star?

A four star cultivator should be easily insta-killed by me!

Although I am still holding back slightly, but it’s been so long and I am still unable to deal with him,this is really shocking!

Indeed he is a person who I care about…he is indeed not a common person.

Only, it is a pity that he chose to be my enemy.

Within the fire cage, Liu Yi suddenly shouted: “Little Black, why are you still not helping me! Your master is about to die ah!”

Little Black? His soul pet? Wasn’t it killed by my magic powers? Don’t tell me it is fine?

But how is that possible?! I am a ten star earth grade expert!

But why is it that in front of Liu Yi I do not feel like I am an earth grade expert?

The fallen bones once again pick themselves up.

A black fire dog raises its head and roars towards the moon.

At the same time piles of black bones rise from the ground while the flame spirits standing around them suddenly start to move.

The flame spirits turn into glows of fire and enter the black bones and bestow the bones with power.

Instantly in front of Wenren Qian are countless black fire dogs.

As far as her eyes can see, appearing in all directions, like a sea of dogs.

The tightly packed fire dogs causes Wenren Qian’s skin to crawl.

The fire dog in charge of commanding them barks and follows the rest of the dogs and rushes at Wenren Qian.

Wenren Qian knits her eyebrows before forming a seal with both hands.

Lin Tong who is on Liu Yi’s arm senses something and starts trembling.

{What a strong fire technique…this woman, is really perverted…could she be the fire spiritual body?}

{Who cares what she is!}

Liu Yi clenches his teeth, {Motherf***er ah,this meteorite is really heavy…}

If not for Liu Yi already being used to thirty times gravity, the meteorite would already killed him.

At this moment a pair of large ice palms are supporting the meteorite preventing it from crushing Liu Yi but sweat is already dripping down Liu Yi’s forehead.

Wenren Qian finally finishes her seal as she chants.

At the same time she points forward at the sea of dogs rushing towards her.

Instantly the wind and clouds in the sky change.

A black cloud starts to form and gives off a very huge pressure.

Following which within the black cloud, a huge black figure could be seen faintly swimming within the black cloud.

Liu Yi can faintly hear the roars of a dragon.

What the hell…what is this technique?

{Earth grade experts are able to use high grade technique, gods…}

Lin Tong lets out a **sound, {Looks like Wenren Qian is going to use her full power.}

The black clouds in the sky suddenly open and half of a huge red dragon appears.

The dragon opens its mouth and a stream of sky fire flows out of the dragon’s mouth.

The sky fire instantly falls and ignite above the ground.

The sea of dogs are instantly consumed and the snowy plains instantly turn into steam, while the forest turns into a sea of fire.

The place instantly become a hell with flames raging all around.

Although the fire dogs are fire natured but under the bombardment of the sky fire they turn into ashes.

{So scary…}

Lin Tong is trembling badly, it looks like the little fox is really badly frightened.

Being a four star cultivator, facing the godly might from a ten star…it is really frightening.

Liu Yi’s expression is firm like everything is normal as he shouts: “Little Black!”

Pieces of black bone suddenly fly back to him and land on his body.

The ice armour that Liu Yi is wearing scatters as a battle armour made of bones appear on his body.

The bone armour is even more exquisite with its pure black colour, it makes Liu Yi give off a demonic feeling.

This is the spiritual pet-body combination that is only known by spiritual cultivators.

Liu Yi abilities have improved, other than breaking through to four stars, his powers also improved by a lot, thus allowing him to be able to use this spiritual pet-body combination ability.

When Liu Yi opens his eyes and is about to speak he almost made a ‘clack clack’ noise.

He immediately stopped his mouth.

What the hell…this body combination also has this kind of side effect?

But my strength has increase by quite a bit…really heartfelt ah…

Liu Yi feels for a bit, after combining his body with his soul pet, his strength increased by at least thirty times…

[KG:OP protagonist moment]

Liu Yi does not know if Cat Maiden is as perverted as him when she used the spirit pet body combination…but her powers increased from two star to three stars…it does not seems to be very powerful…

Looks like when I combine with my soul pet, the strength that I gain from gravity training is completely release!


When Lin Tong sees Liu Yi’s transformation, her jaw dropped, “You..your strength is…almost an eight star expert! If you are able to form a demon tail…then you would be near a nine star expert!”

Every three star is a small realm and every three small realms is a large realm…

Liu Yi’s power is almost close to an earth grade already…

No it should be in reality there are some differences…

When he truly enters the earth grade, his abilities will improve by leaps and bounds.

Thus although Liu Yi’s abilities are already defying nature and are able to fight against Long San.

But if compared to Wenren Qian…he is still very far off…

Condensing a demon tail has some side effects thus Liu Yi did not use this technique.

He plans to use his eight star strength to fight against Wenren Qian!

While Wenren Qian stands afar as she watches the aura of Liu Yi increase.

He is indeed that man that I’m eyeing…he can indeed make me use all of my powers.

Liu Yi claps his hands together, the ice palm sin the sky also clap together crushing the meteorite into pieces.

“Wenren Qian!”

Liu Yi roars out, the pressure like thunder shaking the ground, “Lets fight!!!!”

He flashes and appears in front of Wenren Qian.

Wenren Qian is an dao cultivator thus fighting at long range against her is like a warrior trying to kill a mage from a distance.

If he is not exploded to death then he would be kited to death!

[KG: For those not familiar with gaming terms, kiting refers to a long range attacker keeping distance away from the close range fighter so they can kill them. It’s a tactic used to defeat someone stronger than you in many games.]

Liu Yi is a body cultivator thus close combat is his strongest suit!

He uses shadow step as he flits around in the shadows and appears in front of Wenren Qian. As he gets closer, he seems to be able to feel Wenren Qian’s breathing as well as her shock.

“Desolate Flames!”

Although the opponent is a beautiful girl, Liu Yi does not dare to be careless.

He sends out a palm aiming at Wenren Qian’s chest.

Although attacking the chest is somewhat suspicious, but for victory there is no other choice.

But Liu Yi seems to be looking down on dao cultivators.

In front of Wenren Qian a fire barrier appears and blocks Liu Yi’s palm.

Liu Yi’s palm hits the fire barrier causing it to distort but it stops in front of Wenren Qian’s chest.

-You really wish to be my enemy?-

Wenren Qian looks at Liu Yi sadly as she writes.

“I am the enemy of the Great God Sect.”

Liu Yi says firmly: “Those who block me shall be my enemy.”

Saying this his eyes turn cold as killing intent spread out from his body.

When Wenren Qian sensed the killing intent she was shocked.

This kind of killing intent…can also frighten me…

Is he still the young fellow that I knew back then? Or did the other him within his body appear?

-Since that is the case then do not blame me for being impolite..-

Wenren Qian loosens her breath before forming a seal with both hands.

Liu Yi feels that the power called out by the seal is very familiar.

Indeed in the sky appears a lump of black clouds.

Within the clouds appears a blurry long body.

When Lin Tong senses the pressure in the sky she starts trembling again.

{Liu Yi…this, this is not something that we are able to deal with now…}

After she have finish forming the seal, Wenren Qian writes out.

-Liu Yi just admit defeat!-

-Do not resist anymore otherwise you can only die.-

“Then let me see if I will die or live!”

As Liu Yi speaks his eyes shoots out a golden glow again.

At the same time his right hand releases the Desolate Flames power and presses on the fire barrier and activates another technique.

“Emotion Sword Technique!”

Wenren Qian freezes as she feels a strong excitement rushing throughout her body like lighting flowing from Liu Yi’s hand.


A moan leaks out of her mouth.

Her fire barrier is completely ineffective in block the technique.

A scarlet flame sword is slowly pulled out from Wenren Qian’s chest by Liu Yi.

The flame sword is very violent like a volcano that is about to erupt! Liu Yi uses all of his strength before he is able to barely control it.

After the flame sword is completely pulled out from Wenren Qian’s chest, it is around 1.5meters long with flame words decorating its length looking very pretty.

After losing control from Wenren Qian, the red dragon in the sky instantly rages.

It tears apart the clouds in front of it and shows its head, opening its mouth it aims at Liu Yi and burning sky fire descends.


Chapter 258- [Merging with Little Black]

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  1. Liu Yi, the bane of all female cultivators! If his eyes or touch aren’t enough he simply needs to use the Emotion Sword Technique to capture them!


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