MKW Chapter 257

Chapter 257- [Becoming enemies]


“He started to develop believers here and all of those who did not become a believer will suffer his poisonous attacks.”

Liu Yi speaks slowly as the spirits listen to Liu Yi telling their story.

“Afterwards the Great God Sect opened an assembly building here and even more people suffer his poisonous attacks. This Great God Sect after hibernating for a hundred years and after he finished sharpening his claws and teeth, he finally reviewed his wild ambitions.”

-The Great God Sect is not like what you think!-

Wenren Qian’s finger moves very quickly as she writes out and explains.

-The reason for the existence of the Great God Sect is to wash away all of the sins of this world. Perhaps there are some shady methods but to save the all of the people in the world, there are always some unavoidable sacrifices!-

“Some sacrifice?”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “Only the death of your comrades will make you sad but you won’t be sad for the death of other people?”

Liu Yi becomes grim as he puffs out his chest and says loudly: “Wenren Qian earlier I thought that although you are from the Great God Sect, your nature is not bad. But seeing it now it is me who was wrong. Your heart is as selfish as the rest. You can only see the deaths of your own people but you do not bother about the death of other people!”

-I, I…-

Wenren Qian stands there suddenly not knowing what to write.

She originally prepared many sentences and wanted to vent them out at Liu Yi, but now she becomes ‘speechless’.

“Wenren Qian I am very grateful to you as you have pass down to me your most powerful cultivation law.”

Liu Yi looks at Wenren Qian who is standing there stonely before taking a deep breath and says faintly: “Although I do not know what is your goal but nevertheless I still remember this benevolence.”

As Liu Yi senses the scarlet flames qi surging through his body, he felt somewhat grateful to Wenren Qian.

But it is a pity that she is part of the Great God Sect and even kidnapped Murong Die.

-Liu Yi, I still have some expectations of you-

Wenren Qian writes in the air, -I do not wish to be your enemy…if I take action, you will definitely die. Now I’ll give you a chance, follow me and join the Great God Sect and be my companion. The matter of you killing my companions, I will help you ask the Sect Leader for forgiveness and let bygones be bygones.-

Wenren Qian really wished that Liu Yi will agree with her.

As within the Great God Sect she is very beautiful and is also the god-daughter of the Sect Leader, thus there are alot of men chasing after her hoping to get her attention.

But for those people, Wenren Qian has never bothered to pay attention to them.

Wenren Qian feels that she is very lonely and within this world she is like a unique existence.

Her Godfather has secretly told her that she is the reincarnation of the Great God, she is majestic and powerful thus there is no one similar to her.

After so long, Wenren Qian has finally found someone that she feels is different from the norm! And that person is none other that Liu Yi!

Every single one of us is a normal person but in the eyes of specific people, we will become different from the others.

No matter what methods Jiang Qini uses, Wenren Qian is sure that as long as Liu Yi is willing to follow her, she will open the door on one side and…maybe she can consider becoming immortal partners with Liu Yi and dual cultivate together.

Thinking to here, Wenren Qian’s face starts to turn red.

{Big idiot…}

On the other hand, Lin Tong is very worried about Liu Yi, facing Wenren Qian, such a powerful ten stars earth grade expert…will Liu Yi be able to make a decision?

Will he agree to join the Great God Sect for survival?

Perhaps…it seems like…it is not possible…

“Wenren Qian I know that you are very strong.”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “But you must not look down on me!”

-Do not reject me.-

Wenren Qian’s face turns white and writes, -Your cultivation law is bestowed by me so I am very clear of your abilities. Do not reject me otherwise you can only die.-

“The Great God Sect will forever be my enemy.

Liu Yi articulates word by word.

Wenren Qian trembles slightly.

-Liu Yi…-

Wenren Qian write these two words before clenching her fist and exploding the words.

“Then let’s fight!”

As he speaks, Liu Yi takes a deep breath of cold air.

His lungs slightly expand as he sucks in the spiritual energy in the air.

Liu Yi who cultivates Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra can be like a demon and absorb the moon essense for his own usage.

Now is the same as he absorbs the surrounding spiritual essence into his body.

The concentrated scarlet flames are absorbed back as mysterious ice qi appears on his body.

A sky blue ice armour encases his body making him look like a majestic general

At the same time Liu Yi forms a seal and summons out his soul pet Little Black!

Wenren Qian is a strong enemy! So Liu Yi does not dare to belittle her and has already release the thirty times gravity.

A black skeleton climbs out from the ground and happily clatter its jaws, appearing to be talking to Liu Yi.

Wenren Qian looks at the little skeleton curiously, not know what that little beansprout is able to do.

When the little skeleton felt the gaze of Wenren Qian, it instantly turns around and threw out two small fireballs at her.

Wenren Qian stands there not moving as she stretches out her hand and sweeps away the two fireball.

When the fireballs landed in the forest by the side, a red fire cloud appears.

At the same time Wenren Qian lightly forms a seal and a large column of fire exploded out from under the little skeleton’s feet.

The little skeleton is blasted into scattered bones which land all over the place.

Wenren Qian shakes her head seeming to be rueful that Liu Yi’s resistance is pointless.

But Liu Yi only smiles seeming to be unbothered by the destruction of his soul pet.

At this moment, the scatter bones have recombined together and a 3 meter tall ice skeleton bear stands up roaring.

Wenren Qian is slightly surprised as she did not think that the scattered bones are able to recombine back together.

The ice skeleton bear opens it mouth widely and roars after aiming at Wenren Qian.

Instantly a sky blue smoke surges towards Wenren Qian, the ground that the smoke passes by is immediately frozen into rows of ice crystals.

Wenren Qian stretches out her right hand and blocked in front of her.

A flame barrier appears and blocked the sky blue smoke.

At the same time, Wenren Qian waves her other hand and a fireball descends from the sky like a meteor and smashes onto the ice skeleton bear’s body.

A black fire cloud appears and in a blink of an eye, the ice skeleton bear turns into bone slags.

{Dao cultivator…this is the power of a five elements dao cultivation law…}

Lin Tong groans quietly, {Big Idiot, how about we escape?!}

{Immortal Fox sister please believe me!}

Liu Yi continuously passes power to his soul pet, {I will definitely be able to defeat Wenren Qian!}

Lin Tong is depressed, this stubborn fellow!!

The other person is a ten star earth grade expert ah!

While he is only a beginner cultivator that just break through to four stars!

How will he be able to block the godly might of an earth grade!

Lin Tong is able to sense clearly that Wenren Qian is not using her full strength and is like a cat playing with a mouse!

Wenren Qian writes -You won’t able to win. Just give up.-

“I already told myself earlier.”

As he speaks, a golden light flashes out of his eyes.

The glow causes Wenren Qian’s heart to tremble as her good impression towards Liu Yi increases.

Golden Pupil, Good Impression eyes are the nemesis of women.

At that moment, Liu Yi enters the combined body state, the ice armour encasing his hand moves and turns into a longbow.

Liu Yi pulls open the longbow and on the bowstring appears a fire arrow.

“In my dictionary there is no longer the word lose. Wenren Qian be careful, I,am a hunter!”

Done speaking, the originally slag like bones suddenly start to jump around and one fire dog after another jumps out.

The fire dogs are around one meter long and there are around seven to eight of them who rush towards Wenren Qian.

One of then which is the leader is 2 meters long, standing there as it stares at Wenren Qian like a commanding officer.

-Small matter.-

Wenren Qian writes and forms another seal.

Following that a few spears falls from the sky and pierce through the fire dogs bodies nailing them to the ground.

At this moment Wenren Qian suddenly frowns as her right hand reaches out and grabs hold of a fire arrow flying towards her.

Taking advantage of her distraction, the leader of the fire dogs bite onto her leg.

As a ten star expert, I am actually at a disadvantage against a four star cultivator?

[TL: honestly speaking, the attack should not even had damaged her…given that she is a fire cultivator of a higher star and they are cultivating the same laws, she would be like a sky grade fire while Liu Yi’s attack is like an earth grade fire which is impossible to harm her…]

[KG:Underestimating the protagonist is never a good idea]

Wenren Qian is very shocked and instantly becomes angry.

She suddenly erupts out a strong flame covering her body and blasting the fire dog away.

Her leg is bleeding slightly but it is no major injury.

[KG:My theory is that unless she uses some type of armour her physical body is still weak. It’s possible that only body cultivators can make their body’s stronger.]

[TL: but the doggy is made of fire element which is not physical??]

Liu Yi stands there as he twirls the bow in his hands.

“A warm up exercise is rather good right?”

-It is time to end your little show!-

Wenren Qian writes out the words before gathering them and throwing them at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi immediately uses shadow steps and flash steps away.

When the fire words hit the ground, instantly a large explosion occurs.

The fire words power is countless times stronger than Little Black’s fireball!

Liu Yi keeps using shadow steps to evade as he keeps shooting arrows.

While Wenren Qian is even better, when the arrows arrive in front of her, she slaps them aside with her palm.

[KG:This fight reminds me of Uryu vs Ulquiorra from bleach]

[TL: good old times]

-You will not be able to escape!-

Wenren Qian writes before making a seal in the rough direction where Liu Yi is.

Instantly a red firewall explodes out in front of Liu Yi blocking his path.

Liu Yi is about to change directions when he noticed that all around him are fire walls, like a prison cell sealing him within.

At this moment a humongous fire meteorite appears in the sky and falls from above Liu Yi.


Chapter 257- [Becoming enemies]

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