MKW Chapter 255

Chapter 255- [Shall not stop till death]



Seeing the haggard Wang Lele and hearing what she said, Liu Yi who was drinking milk tea nearly choked.

Murong Die got kidnapped!

Furthermore it is by a beautiful woman who used flames to kidnap her?

“How can there be a woman who is able to use flames…”

Wang Yuzheng does not understand, “If only Sister Yuan was here then it would be fine…”

Earlier Yuan Zhenyue received a phone call and it seems like there was an urgent task thus she had to leave in a hurry.

And the moment she is gone such a matter occurs!

“Really…I really did not lie!”

Wang Lele points at her yellowed winter coat, “Take a look! My clothes were scorched! Brother Yi what to do, what to do…do we need to call the police?! Sister Die is definitely in danger! We need to save her quickly ah!”

“Lele I believe you, so do not be anxious.”

Liu Yi immediately comforts Wang Lele and says: “We must be calm now…I think that since she wants me to go to her, she will not harm Little Die.”

Wang Lele says worriedly: “But…that woman is very powerful…what’ll happen if she uses her flames again…would Sister Die get injured by accident…”

“Uses flames…”

Liu Yi frowns and asks: “That woman…did not speak, instead she used flames to write in the air?”

“Right, right, right! Brother Yi how did you know! Did you know her?”

Liu Yi instantly rages. Wenren Qian!

Why did that woman kidnap Murong Die for! What does she plan to do! From the beginning she mysteriously appeared and mysteriously left! But she seems to be helping me! Everytime there is trouble she will lend a helping hand, allowing me to escape. But this time around she took action against my people!

Liu Yi feels that his brain is unable to think clearly!

“Liu Yi, I think it is better to not go!”

Lin Tong who is sitting on his shoulder says: “That woman is way too strong. She is a ten star low grade expert ah which is not someone you are able to handle! Why don’t we go and look for your teacher to discuss with him and think of a method? Or look for your sister Li Biyue for help!”


Liu Yi shakes his head. I cannot tell anyone about this matter. Wenren Qian’s existence is too strange. I cannot let my elder sister worry nor do I wish to tell Ma Hu,that unreliable old man.

“She is only low grade that’s all…if I really risk my life I am not afraid of her!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he clenches his fist.

“You…don’t tell me that you are going to use that ultimate killing move that Ma Hua taught you!”

Lin Tong cries out in shock, “Big idiot! Don’t you be crazy! Didn’t Ma Hua say that the technique is too scary and too hard to control! It is not something that you are able to control at your current power! If you did not use it properly what’ll happen if you lose control of it!”

“Irregardless if I succeed or fail I still need to try!”

Liu Yi comforts Lin Tong, “Immortal Fox sister, be more confident in me. Do not forget, I am Blood Emperor and am also a cultivator that you have taught. Those experts who are at the peak always think that I, Liu Yi, am easy to bully…but now it is time to wake them up!”

Everytime Liu Yi thinks of Gu Yu and Wenren Qian, he starts to have a headache.

Gu Yu will not stop chasing me till she kills me, while Wenren Qian keeps randomly helping me but she did not tell me her objective.

Gu Yu wants to kill me be because of the Demonic Qi in my body while Wenren Qian…why does she wants to help me?

I am only an ordinary high school student and shouldn’t be able to get in contact with experts like Wenren Qian, so why is she interested in me?

After deciding, Liu Yi says to the two girls: “The two of you wait here for me. Lele you call your family to bring the two of you home.”

Wang Lele immediately grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm and says: “No way! We must go together!”

Wang Yuzheng also pulls on Liu Yi’s sleeve and says: “That’s right…I think it is better if we call the police…”

“The two of you are not allowed to follow me!”

Liu Yi glares at them, “The other person asked only for me by my name to look for her, thus I must go on my own! Furthermore this matter cannot be solved by the police, this should belong to… personal grievance…”

“But, but…”

“There is no but. Be good and listen to me otherwise next year I will not bring you girls out to the temple fair!”

Liu Yi’s threat is actually strangely effective as Wang Yuzheng instantly keeps quiet and stands there obediently.

“But Brother Yi…”

Wang Lele is still somewhat indifferent and seems to want to say something.

Liu Yi immediately threatens: “Then I shall cancel the monthly massage?”

Wang Lele immediately changes her tone, “Do your best Brother Yi…”

“That’s a good girl. Wait here obediently I’ll be going first.”

After speaking, Liu Yi disappear into the crowd like a wind.

Wang Yuzheng and Wang Lele looks at his back in worry.

After Liu Yi is gone, Wang Yuzheng suddenly asks Wang Lele: “That…Lele?”


“What kind of massage does Liu Yi gives you every month?”

“Ah! That…”

Wang Lele instantly becomes nervous as she says with a red face, “My spine is not very good. Liu Yi has learned chinese massage from his mother…so every month I ask Brother Yi to help me with a massage.”

When lying, Wang Lele’s face will turn red and her heart beats very fast.

“Chinese massage? Is it effective?”

“Effective…after Brother Yi has finish massaging, I feel very relaxed…”

When Wang Lele recalls the feeling of ecstasy, her body starts to heat up.

“Since that is the case…then I should also ask Liu Yi to help me massage as well. My spine is also not that good.”

Wang Yuzheng sentence nearly scares Wang Lele to death.

“No way!”

“What is the matter?”

Wang Yuzheng is slightly shocked. Why is Wang Lele so nervous?

“That…Brother Yi’s strength is very large. I am afraid that you couldn’t withstand it…making the massage very painful!”

Wang Lele also does not know how to explain as she makes up something random to say.

“Not a problem. I can bear it a bit and the pain will pass.”

Wang Lele is really about to cry, this…how am I supposed to explain…

Furthermore, why is it that our conversation…seems to have a evil meaning ah…

“ I hope that Liu Yi will be fine and is able to save Murong Die…”

Wang Yuzheng do not know of Wang Lele worries as she looks in the direction that Liu Yi disappeared in and sighs.

It seems like Liu Yi will face lots of disasters and problems. But I…still wants to get close to this kind of man.

So many years already and this is the first time I tried to get close to a man…thinking about it it is very strange…

“En…Brother Yi will definitely bring Sister Die back! I believe him!”

Wang Lele expression is very firm.

In her heart, Liu Yi is able to do anything!

“I hope that is the case!”

The two girls do not have any other method and could only pray for Liu Yi in their heart.

At this moment, Liu Yi is standing on that 100+yuan Taiji sword as he flies through the sky.

Little Jade is tracking Murong Die’s phone signal and indicates the location on the map.

Liu Yi follows the marker as he keeps increasing his flying speed.

{Master, the signal has stop moving!}

Little Jade suddenly exclaim, {The strange thing is that we have been to that place before!}

{Where is it?}

{Spirits Ramport Club.}

[TL: Chapter 210]

The location that Little Jade mentioned indeed shocked Liu Yi.

{It is the gathering place for the Great God Sect that was destroyed by master and your sister}

The gathering place of the Great God Sect…why did Wenren Qian want me to go there? If it is not because of these two girls, my life would not have turned so strange!

My destiny will not be controlled by anyone!

No matter if it is Gu Yu or Wenren Qian neither of them are allowed to!

Those two act on their own and imbue me with two completely different cultivation laws! If they did not appear out of nowhere and cause trouble for me, my life would not have become so confusing!

Originally Immortal Fox sister washelping me alright! Allowing my cultivation to be smooth sailing!

But is Gu Yu who appears and imbued me with the Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra!

Afterwards Wenren Qian appears and imbued me with Red Blood Sutra!

Goddamnit! One good and one demonic! The three types of cultivation laws nearly started to fight within my body! Immortal Fox sister said before that it is because I am lucky and managed to allow the three qi’s to merge together and achieve the balance of one gives birth to two, two gives birth to three, three gives birth to infinity.

Other cultivators at most only cultivate two types of cultivation laws, furthermore two different cultivation laws most likely will restrain each other and make it impossible to cultivate!

Actually the reason why the two girls gave me the peak cultivation laws wasn’t to help me!

They are both headstrong and rash, following their own fondness, they randomly remodeled me!

Blood hell if I do not retaliate, I will really become their toy pet rabbit!

When a rabbit is cornered it will also bite people, and I am not a rabbit!

{Big idiot…what do you plan to do?}

Lin Tong is sitting on Liu Yi’s arm as her claws hold his shirt tightly to prevent herself from being blown off as Liu Yi’s flying speed is too fast like a shooting star in the night sky.

{I’ll use force.}

As Liu Yi speaks his voice turns cold.

It is unknown if it is because of the cold night or because of the killing intent leaking out of his body.

{Wenren Qian messin around with me is okay but since she took action on my friends…if I do not make a stand, in the future I would not even know what accidents might happen!}

{But…she is too strong. Big idiot, I think it is better if you do not use force!}

Lin Tong is very worried as she advises.

{I also don’t want to use force!}

Liu Yi clenches his teeth, {But I want to tell them that I, Liu Yi am not their pet! I have my own life and have my own thoughts! Whoever who dares to touch my friends, I, Liu Yi, will go against them, I won’t rest until I die!}


Chapter 255- [Shall not stop till death]

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  1. I hope he goes off on both of them for the terrible things they did! I hope they both begin to cry and collapse on the ground. I also hope that they get their hearts broken to show them that they shouldn’t play around with people’s emotions. Especially Liu Yi’s because he is very sensitive and his emotions are already unstable. Fuck these girls.


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