MKW Chapter 254

Chapter 254- [Miss quickly run away!!!]


Liu Yi already has ample experience of Yuan Zhenyue’s swiftness and fierceness.

Liu Yi immediately begs for mercy, “Don’t dont’t don’t!!!! I am only joking around! Only joking around!!!”

Towards Yuan Zhenyue it is better if I do not take liberties from her…

“Heng, your becoming more and more daring already eh.”

Yuan Zhenyue rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “To even dare to joke around with a police officer!”

Yuan Zhenyue can still remember the first time when she met Liu Yi, how cowardy he was.

At that time, he was like a real high school student.

But now, I am unable to see through him anymore…

Yuan Zhenyue turns around and sees a shooting game stall, “Come, accompany me to play at the rifle game stall.”

On the prize list of the stall writes, ‘Highest score prize is five thousand cash money!’

Yuan Zhenyue eyes immediately brighten up as she pulls Liu Yi and Wang Yuzheng over.

What the hell… comparing to me…this sister is the real money grubber!

Liu Yi shakes his head and smiles bitterly at Wang Yuzheng before obediently accompany Yuan Zhenyue to play the shooting game.


At this time, Murong Die pulls Wang Lele to a secluded area as they secretly discusses something together.

Murong Die ask Wang Lele mysteriously: “Lele, why has the person who I asked you to look for not arrived yet?”

“I’ve been looking ah…but I really can’t find anyone else, thus I can only ask my family’s old butler for help…”

Wang Lele asks nervously: “Sister Die…can it work…would it be found out by Brother Yi ah…”


Murong Die waves her hand in confidence, “Liu Yi, that big idiot will definitely not sense it! This time I shall take a look if Liu Yi truly cares about this lady!”

Wang Lele looks at Murong Die and asks: “That…what if Brother Yi does not care?”

Instantly killing intent exploded from Murong Die as she makes a throat slitting gesture and says: “Then this lady shall kill him!!”

Wang Lele instantly turns cold.

Sister Die is really scary ah…

“But…what about Sister Yuan?”

Wang Lele asks in worry: “She is a police officer ah…if she is around, Brother Yi does not need to be so worried.”

“Heng heng. This lady has already thought of a plan to deal with her!”

Murong Die smiles happily as she takes out her handphone and makes a call. After the call she says: “Very quickly, that beautiful police woman must leave. Lele, the rest will depend of you.”

“Okay then…Sister Die come with me.”

Wang Lele can only nod her head despite being slightly nervous.

Although she has come up with this fake kidnapping plan with Murong Die to test Brother Yi’s attitude…Wang Lele who loves excitement for some unknown reason has a bad feeling.

Like something is going to go wrong somehow.

Wang Lele do not know why she worries so much unless this is the rumoured woman’s intuition?

Wang Lele shakes her head and stops thinking so much.

At most Brother Yi will realise what is going on, after all he will not be angry at us!

En, en!

When Wang Lele thinks of this, she smiles again as she happily holds Murong Die’s hand as they leave the temple fair to a nearby alley outside.

In the alley, there is a black Mercedes parked there, it is Wang Lele’s family car.

Murong Die tightens her grip on her winter clothes as she asks: “Why is it so quiet.”

“Wuu…perhaps Uncle Zhang is asleep…”

Wang Lele thinks for a bit and says: “After all he is quite old ah…it seems like after this year he will return to his old home and retire.”

“At that time I asked Uncle Wang to introduce a few butlers to you then.”

Murong Die says: “Find a powerful man that is able to protect you. After all your chest is so big and all the bad guys are very interested in you.”

Wang Lele says merrily: “Hehe…I have Brother Yi here why would I be scared of any bad guys.”

“Your sister! Why don’t you just devote yourself to Liu Yi that idiot!”

“Hehe if not for Sister Die liking Brother Yi, I would have taken action already!”

“Get lost…who likes that fellow! I am only taking my revenge on him do you understand! A woman’s revenge is very scary!” emphasizes Murong Die.

“Yes, yes, yes. This is a very severe revenge operation!”

Wang Lele blinks at Murong Die, “But being able to make Sister Die yearn day and night…if I am a man, I am willing to be the target of Sister Die’s revenge!”

Murong Die instantly becomes flushed with anger as she grabs Wang Lele’s face, “You stupid lass! Is your mouth itchy to be ripped apart by me!”

“Sister Die I am wrong…do not rip apart my mouth ah…I will turn ugly…”

“Heng, you big chested lass! If you speak nonsense again I will cripple you!”

Only then does Murong Die let go of Wang Lele, “Still not hurrying to bring me to the car? The outside is freezing cold!”


Wang Lele walks to the Mercedes and knocks on the window.

In the driver seat sits an old man who is reclined on the seat like he is sleeping.

Wang Lele says with her face pasted to the window, “Uncle Zhang, Uncle Zhang. Wake up…we are here!”

The elegant curves under the moonlight will definitely deeply attract any man who is around.

Although Wang Lele’s face is not as beautiful as Murong Die, but her body figure is definitely topnotch .

Even covered with winter clothes, it is not possible to conceal her elegant stance.

Murong Die also knows of this point and is jealous of it!

No wonder whenever Liu Yi sees Lele his expression turns perverted…heng, although this lady is not so curvy…but at least I have some curves!

“Uncle Zhang! Wake up ah…”

Wang Lele knocks on the car window again.

Based on the plan, Sister Die needs to sits in Uncle Zhang’s car who will drive to an abandoned warehouse and then pretend that she was thrown there after being kidnapped.

Afterwards, Wang Lele will pretend that she managed to escape out and look for Liu Yi telling him that Sister Die was kidnapped and the kidnapper is extorting money and wants Liu Yi go on his own with money to save Sister Die.

But now…the situation seems to be somewhat strange.

Uncle Zhang is still lying there not replying me…

“Uncle Zhang!”

Wang Lele slaps the car window and massages her hand which is turning red.

I have hit the window so hard…that I am in pain…wu wu wu…

The old butler in the car finally wakes up as he faintly turns his head over, his eyes are somewhat bewildered.

But very quickly, that old butler seems to remember something as he hurriedly turns and look over.

“Miss! Quick! Quickly run!”

The old man suddenly shouts at Wang Lele.

The car’s soundproofing is quite good, thus the old butler’s voice becomes somewhat vague after passing through the car window.

Wang Lele pulls on the door handle but is unable to open the door and says hurriedly: “Uncle Zhang, what are you saying? Quickly open the door ah!”

“Miss! Quickly run ah…”

The old butler is almost about to cry. My arms and legs are completely tied up with rope and Miss does not seems to be able to hear my voice properly…this time…it might really be very terrible!!

“What is the matter?”

Murong Die also faintly discovered that something is wrong as she walks closer to the car.

At this moment, a red light flashes across the sky.

Following which a red fireball suddenly lands in front of the two girls.

A fire wave spreads out in four directions and it even pushes the car back by a few meters!

Wang Lele and Murong Die let out a startled cry as they flew up and smashed into the cold ground.

“Wuuu wuu wuu…what is this….”

Wang Lele cries in pain and she slowly climbs to her feet at she looks at the distorted scene in front of her.

Following which she feels like she is submerged in ice.

A never seen before absolute beauty is standing among the flames.

She is as beautiful as a painting, her long black hair flutters within the flames.

Her beautiful eyes can mesmerise people, even a girl like Wang Lele is also slightly mesmerised.

She is slender and tall, her feet bare as she steps on top of two flames.

On her left arm stands a crow formed by flames.

On her right arm hugs a very familiar figure.

Sister Die!!!

Currently Murong Die has already fainted as she is embraced by the girl in her arm.

Wang Lele is shocked as the woman is able to carry Murong Die with a single arm when she obviously looks weak and slim!

Furthermore…these flames…what is going on!!!

The beautiful woman did not speak, only raised her hand and writes a few words in the air with the flames.

-If you want to get back this girl, ask Liu Yi to look for me-

Done writing,she steps on the flames and like a stepping on a Wind-fire wheels, she ascends to the sky and in a blink of an eye, she disappeared.

Wang Lele is stunned frozen.

My god ah…what is this ah…

How is she able to fly up ah!

Ah! Right! Sister Die!

“Where did you bring Sister Die to ah!”

Wang Lele is so worried that she started crying.

But no one answers her, in the dark alley, only the flames continue to burn.

Wang Lele is so worried that she feels like dying!

To her Sister Die is too important thus nothing must happen to her ah…

What to do…what to do…

Wang Lele do not panic! You must calm down!

Wang Lele bites her lips until blood flows out.

Right! Right!

Her eyes suddenly brighten as she recalls the sentence that the woman wrote.

Liu Yi…Liu Yi…

She is looking for Brother Yi!

But if she is looking for Brother Yi then go and look for him ah! Why does she need to bring Sister Die away!

Furthermore that woman is very scary…if Brother Yi goes and looks for her, will he be in danger ah….

Wu wu wu, I don’t care anymore, I must hurry and tell Brother Yi…if I delay, Sister Die might be in danger!

Buddhas, I beg all of you to protect Sister Die and do not let the bad guys do anything to her…her virginity must be saved for Brother Yi ah!

[TL: lols indeed Lele is so funny]

Gods…at this moment what am I thinking of!

“Brother Yi….”

As Wang Lele cries, she runs back as fast as possible.


Chapter 254- [Miss quickly run away!!!]

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