MKW Chapter 251

Chapter 251 – [The guy who keeps going to toilet]


Wang Yuzheng is begging sadly and her tears flow out landing on Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is also not a stone-hearted person thus seeing Wang Yuzheng acting in this manner, his heart instantly breaks.

Since Wang Yuzheng really wishes to play then I can only risk my life and accompany her…

Being pulled by Wang Yuzheng, Liu Yi once again walk to the ring toss game stall.

“This beauty come and play ring toss ah? Come and play a few rounds. This ring toss stall of mine has a very good feeling. Those with luck are able to bring the big prize home!”

Liu Yi who is standing behind Wang Yuzheng thinks depressingly, why is it the same method…

If this ring toss stall is not hard then what is hard?

[TL: there are too many things that are hard…]

“Okay…then I’ll buy then!”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks she reaches into her pocket and seems like she is taking out money.

Liu Yi immediately steps forward and passes over 20 yuan.

“Haha, this fellow is rather spontaneous ah!”

The stall owner smiles as he stretches out his hand to receive the 20 yuan, but when he sees Liu Yi’s face he is instantly stunned.

“Why is it you again!”

Gods why is it this fellow again…and this time around he changed the lass who wants to play ah!

“You have come before?”

Wang Yuzheng instantly looks at Liu Yi curiously.

“No ah, this is the first time ah. It should be the stall owner who has seen wrongly.”

Liu Yi laughs but the stall owner’s face is bitter and is starting to have the heart to cry.

Don’t tell me this fellow is still able to throw out a big prize again!

“Come Yuzheng, you go first.”

Liu Yi passes Wang Yuzheng 5 hoops.


Wang Yuzheng takes the hoops and nods her head before walking to the line.

Her standard is almost the same as Wang Lele, perhaps it is because it is the first time playing, her throwing standard is very bad.

5 hoops and not a single one hooked on.


Wang Yuzheng looks at Liu Yi with a crying face as she pulls at Liu Yi’s hand and says, “I am not able to, you go and toss.”

Liu Yi asks Wang Yuzheng: “Which prize do you want?”

“Wu… I wish to have that doll…”

Wang Yuzheng looks at the big long-ear rabbit doll in the prize column with yearning.

Different from Murong Die and Wang Lele, Wang Yuzheng’s family is very poor thus she is definitely not able to buy this kind of furry toy.

But which girl doesn’t wish to have a large furry toy ah.

Liu Yi nods his head and says: “Okay, I will try my best to win for you.”

Done speaking, he stands behind the line with his five hoops.

The stall owner starts to becomes nervous as he clenches his fist and stares at the hoops in Liu Yi’s hand.

God bless me ah…he must not get it again ah…

Because it has been a while ago, Liu Yi has to recalibrate the front sight again by throwing out a hoop which bounces off.

The stall owner loosens his breath.

As long as he misses one more then I can keep my big prize…

{Auxiliary aiming system second calibration complete, master you can begin throwing.}

Hearing Little Jade’s voice, Liu Yi nods his head and throws out the remaining hoops in his hand.

-pa, pa, pa!-

In a row, three of the hoops successfully hook on to the furthest rod.

Wang Yuzheng is very excited and happy. Every time Liu Yi manages to hook on one of them she will laugh, the bell-like laughter rings continuously.

“Liu Yi do your best! Just one more left!”


Liu Yi nods his head and tossed out the last hoop.

Originally the hoop is about to accurately land on but suddenly a strong wind blows past changing the path of the hoop.

The stall owner becomes happy, that’s it,the gods are helping me ah!

At that instance, Wang Yuzheng becomes slightly dejected.

Liu Yi’s expression changes as he strikes out secretly with his left fist.

The wind from his punch flies out and sweeps against the hoop he had thrown out.

Instantly the hoop moves back to its original path and lands on the rod.

“Liu Yi very nice! We won!”

Wang Yuzheng instantly cries out in happiness.

The stall owner cries.

Are you for real? Didn’t it get blown off course by the wind? Why did it blow back again ah…

Gods, this is like trying to destroy my livelihood ah!

Liu Yi hugs the long-ear rabbit doll and passes it to Wang Yuzheng.

“Thanks Liu Yi.”

Wang Yuzheng is very happy as she hugs the doll and bounces around.

The stall owner secretly brushes away his tears.

“Liu Yi comes over…”

Wang Yuzheng hugs the doll with both hands before beckoning Liu Yi over.

“What’s the matter?”

Liu Yi lowers his head and moves closer to Wang Yuzheng’s face.


Wang Yuzheng suddenly kisses Liu Yi’s face before turning around and running away like a frightened rabbit.

Liu Yi is somewhat lost.

Today I was actually kissed twice…

I really did not win the two big dolls for nothing…it is completely worth it!

“Oi, Yuzheng, wait for me!”

Liu Yi is afraid that Wang Yuzheng run to far away and immediately chases after her.

“Are you hungry after waiting for me for so long?”

[TL:…didn’t he buy finger food and milk tea for her already???]

[KG: He is not referring to the food,hungry for “him”]

After catching up, Wang Yuzheng’s face is completely red as she do not dare to speak, her face is almost completely buried in the doll.


Seeing Wang Yuzheng lowering her head but not replying Liu Yi asks again: “If you do not speak then shall I sell you to other people ah?”

“You dare…”

Wang Yuzheng finally raises her head as she pouts and rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

“Then are you hungry?”

“Still, still okay…”

Coming out in the middle of the night and after freezing for half of the time, Wang Yuzheng is slightly hungry but she is embarrassed to tell Liu Yi.

“There is a food stall over there, let’s go and eat something!”

[KG:Now they are talking about food.]

Done speaking, Liu Yi proactively holds Wang Yuzheng’s hand and pulls her over to the food stall.

The food stall has a few tables. After Liu Yi found a table, he lets Wang Yuzheng sits down as he went to buy some roasted duck and the like as well as a warm coke and places it on the table.

[KG:Who the hell likes a warm coke?]

[TL: not me…I would kill for some delicious gelato though during winter ^^]

“Yuzheng go ahead and eat first. I need to go to the toilet.”


Wang Yuzheng nods her head and sits there obediently as she places her rabbit doll by the side.

“Return back soon…”


Liu Yi nods his head before burrowing into the crowd again.

Making sure that no one is looking at him, he speedily changes his attire and wears the black coat before walking towards the takoyaki stall.

When he arrives, there is already a mountain of empty plates in front of Murong Die and Wang Lele.

Are their stomach’s black holes… didn’t they just had dinner earlier at home?!?!

“Stupid Liu Yi why did you return so late?!”

Murong Die wipes her mouth before glaring harshly at Liu Yi, “Don’t you know that it is very cold? This lady needs warmth!”

Done speaking, she pulls Liu Yi over and leans into his free and enjoyable warmth.

“That’s right, that’s right…without Brother Yi, Lele almost froze to death.”

Wang Lele also leans in as she pulls on the other hand.

These two are completely using me as a portable heater…

Liu Yi does not know whether to cry or laugh.

“Let’s go and stroll around more!”

Murong Die pulls Liu Yi towards another stall.

After playing another two games, Liu Yi suddenly grabs his stomach and says: “I am sorry, but I need to go to the toilet.”

Murong Die says in dissatisfaction: “What is the matter with you? Why are there so many problems!”

“That I think that I must have eaten something that is giving me stomach ache…”

“Hurry and go then, seriously! I and Lele will be stroll over there, when you return go and look for us over there!”

“Understand, understand!”

Liu Yi escape into the crowd like he is being released.

He turns around and changes his attire before looking for Wang Yuzheng.

He finds Wang Yuzheng obediently sitting at her original spot and the plates untouched.

Liu Yi ask in shock: “Why are you not eating ah? The food are almost frozen!”

Wang Yuzheng replies with a red face: “That…I am waiting for you to return to eat together…”

Liu Yi teases, “Aiyah, I am not really hungry and if I really starve you then I will be heart pain.”

He realise that he is more and more capable of saying sweet words…most likely is the influence from the other personality.

Indeed Wang Yuzheng’s face is completely red as she lowers her head and says: “I, I am also not very hungry…”

“Then I shall accompany you and eat.”

Liu Yi is afraid that Wang Yuzheng is really hungry thus he hurries and seat opposite her.

“You, you sit on this side…”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, she waves at the large empty space beside her.

Wang Yuzheng immediately gives an explanation: “Leaning against you is much more warm…”

Sweats…indeed I have become a portable heater…

Liu Yi laughs bitterly before obediently stands up and sits beside Wang Yuzheng.

As the two of them are especially close to each other, Liu Yi is able to feel the light movement of Wang Yuzheng’s body as she breathes.

“In future if I am able to lean on you during winter how nice would it be.”

Wang Yuzheng voice get lower and lower, as she lowers her head and say: “Then I will not become cold.”

“Talking about this, I will also not run away.”

Liu Yi smiles and says: “Instead how about you? Which university do you wish to go to? Perhaps you might be able to get into a very good university and I am unable to follow you.”

“Who says that you are unable to follow…”

Wang Yuzheng rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “During your midterms you have scored better than me okay! You are number 2 in our year group!”

“Ah??? I am number 2 in our year group??”

Liu Yi is also shocked .

I am still able to get number 2 in my year group?

This shouldn’t be ah…I remembered to purposefully write a few wrong answers for my math ah…

“You don’t know that the midterms exam are way harder?”

Wang Yuzheng pouts and says unhappily: “The content of the exam paper is different from what we know. There are a lot of questions that we have not studied before! Especially for the math paper, it is especially difficult! I only managed to score 85 while you scored 128! Gods just based on math you are the number one in our cohort!”

As she speaks, Wang Yuzheng observes Liu Yi expression which is speechless.

The normally number one from the bottom Liu Yi actually managed to score so good.

“Jiang Youcai even suspected that you had cheated. Originally the principal also gave word that he wants you to take the test again but afterwards you took leave to recover from illness so he let it be.”

The hell…that old principal does not have any good intentions!

He actually cooperated with Jiang Youcai and throw stones at people while they are down!

Luckily I am a genuine talent… ‘coughs’ luckily Little Jade is a genuine talent…

Wang Yuzheng did not suspect that Liu Yi is cheating, instead she says: “Thus it should not be a problem for you to get into Kyoto university!”

“Ah? You want to study in Kyoto university?”

“En…after all it is the best university in China…”

Wang Yuzheng’s eyes have a glimmer of expectation.

Liu Yi nods his head. Actually he plans to go to a school with more girls…

Liu Yi sees that Wang Yuzheng is indeed hungry and orders more food.

At this moment he receives a call from Murong Die and he immediately grabs his stomach and says: “Aiyah…Yuzheng ah you wait for me. My stomach is feeling very painful.I need to go and use the toilet…”


Chapter 251- [Guy who keeps going to the toilet]

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  1. “Ah? You want to study in Kyoto university?”
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    Please check again. Either the author is stupid and thinks Kyoto is in China or maybe it’s a TL error?
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    • Was about to mention that again. The issue may lie with the fact that “Kyoto” is written as “capital city”, so there may be a confusion when translating “Capital City University” that renders it as “Kyoto University”.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter.

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    ·principle.-1.a basic idea or rule that explains or controls how something happens or works; 2.a moral rule or standard of good behaviour.
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