MKW Chapter 250

Chapter 250 – [Strolling around the temple fair]


Wang Lele’s and Murong Die’s sight follows the hoop.

The hoop flies out in a straight line before hitting the last rod and bouncing off.

“Oi oi can you do it or not ah!”

Murong Die instantly says in delight: “For this kind of ring toss you need to ask this lady for guidance! You need to throw it out in a parabola not a straight line okay!”

“Ha, ha…” Liu Yi only smiles faintly.

Strictly speaking, an arc is the best toss trajectory.

But for this kind of ring hoop with high bouncing attributes, tossing in an arc will cause it to bounce higher.

Thus throwing in a straight line is the only option.

“Haha your sister!”

Murong Die glares at Liu Yi.

“How dare you laugh at this lady! If you cannot hook it in then do not over do it!”

“Watch me.”

Beside Liu Yi’s ear Little Jade’s voice rings out, {Based on the wind direction, friction, earth’s gravity, atmosphere humidity, bouncing force and even more data, amendment of auxiliary aiming system begin.}

Around two minutes pass and finally a new front sight appears in Liu Yi’s vision.

{Master it is done!}


Following Liu Yi’s hand movement, the front sight changes its position.

Finally it targets the last rod and Liu Yi tosses out the hoop.


The hoop directly hits the last rod before hooking on. It spins around the rod a few rounds before finally falling.


Wang Lele immediately cries out in shock: “Brother Yi is very good ah! He really hooked it in!”

Murong Die is also shocked, how is it possible for it to go in by throwing it straight?

Luck! It is definitely this Liu Yi has gotten lucky!

The stall owner also starts to sweat, this little fellow is so lucky…but perhaps there is no second time.


Liu Yi tosses out another hoop and the hoop hooked onto the last rod again.

The stall owner almost could not sit still.

“Brother Yi is way too good! If he hooks in another two times then the big prize is ours!”

“You…do you best…”

Even Murong Die also starts to cheer for Liu Yi.

Although I am not convinced but if he manages to hook in the last two hoops…it is praiseworthy!

“En, watch me.”

Liu Yi smiles faintly before tossing out the last two hoops at the same time, one with each hand.

The two hoops fly out at the same time before hitting each other and flipping over before landing on top of the last rod.

“Yah!” “We won!”

Wang Lele and Murong Die hug Liu Yi at the same time cheering.

The stall owner’s face becomes bitter.

He didn’t think that there was really a person who would able to win the big prize!

This cloth doll is a really expensive imported product which is specially used to attract people and is no different from the price of a good quality handphone.

This guy is also way too good already…he actually managed to win it!

But since the situation has already progressed to this point, he cannot renege on the deal thus the stall owner bitterly gives the cloth doll to Liu Yi.

The stall owner spits as he says: “Little brother…good throwing skills…”

“Still okay, still okay. Thanks.”

Liu Yi smiles as he receives the big doll before passing it to Wang Lele.

“Hehe, thanks Brother Yi!”

Wang Lele holds the doll in one hand while pulling Liu Yi’s arm with the other hand before tiptoeing and kissing Liu Yi’s cheek.

Instantly envy shoots through the minds of several passing men.

Even the stall owner is slightly smitten.

Murong Die by the side says sourly: “Heng, using a doll to cheat a kiss from our Lele, you earned big!”

Wang Lele hugging the big doll says merrily to Murong Die: “Hehe, Brother Yi’s face is very soft. Sister Die do you want to kiss it also?”

“Scram to the side you idiot! I will not kiss this fellow as it will definitely stink!”

Murong Die snorts, “Let’s us go and eat takoyaki, there seems to be some inside!”

Wang Lele being a foodie immediately claps her hands and says: “Let’s go, let’s go, I’ve been waiting to eat them!”

Liu Yi takes a look at the time, 8.20pm already!!!

Furthermore Little Jade is also starting to remind him that Wang Yuzheng is calling him currently!

I can’t let Wang Yuzheng wait any longer!

Liu Yi thinks before saying: “The two of you wait for me at the takoyaki stall first. I need to go to the restroom.”

“Ah, go then.”

The temple fair seems to have an outdoors toilet, as Murong Die and Wang Lele’s heart is on the good food, they let Liu Yi go.

Liu Yi instantly burrows into the crowd and walks towards the tall big clock.

Liu Yi’s speed is very fast as he scuttles through the crowd, within moments he reaches below the large clock.

From afar he is able to see Wang Yuzheng waiting for him.

The beautiful class flower is wearing a white down-filled garment, jeans and a pair of white cotton boots.

She is also wearing cute bunny ear muffs but because today is very cold, her face is rosy making her look very cute.

As Wang Yuzheng waits there she rubs her hands together as her leg trembles.

Looks like this lass is indeed freezing…

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and uses his changing clothes technique to removes the red scarf before operating his Immortal qi.

The red neck scarf instantly turns into a large red scarf

[TL: red neck scarf is similar to the neck scarf that a boy’s scout wears.]

At the same time, the clothes he is wearing secretly change.

Instantly a blue cloak appears replacing his earlier clothing.

Liu Yi holding the scarf pulls up the hood of his cloak covering his head as he walks over.

Lin Tong is sitting on Liu Yi’s arm as she says with a trace of jealousy, {Haiz, it is really a life that is full of blooming flowers ah. I couldn’t have imagined that there will be a day where our Sir Liu needs to deal with so many girls ah!}

Liu Yi smiles awkwardly, this is also not what he wishes to ah…

Seeing Liu Yi, Wang Yuzheng loosens her breath and grumbles: “Gods…you have finally arrived…”

Wang Yuzheng pouts and says: “What time is it already…you are so bad. When it is logical to make a girl wait for you!”

“Apologies…something happened at home and I immediately rushed over after settling it.”

As Liu Yi speaks he stretches out his hand and places the scarf around Wang Yuzheng’s neck.

“You must be very cold…your legs must be freezing…do you want me to piggyback you?”

“No…no need to piggyback…”

Wang Yuzheng looks at the very close Liu Yi and her face instantly turns slightly red.

“You really don’t need to?”

“Real, really do not need…”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks, she stretches out her right hand and says: “That…holding hands will be fine…”

Liu Yi blinks.

“You! You, don’t think wrongly!”

Wang Yuzheng immediately explains with a red face, “There are so many people around here…I am afraid that I’ll get separated from you!”

“En.” Liu Yi smiles faintly before gently holding Wang Yuzheng’s small hand.

Her hand is slightly cold and soft, the feeling of holding it in my palm is very comfortable.

Wang Yuzheng says softly: “Your hand is very warm…”

Liu Yi nods his head, “En…I have a special body constitution.”

I actually used this excuse again.

Wang Yuzheng’s face is red but she obediently stays by Liu Yi’s side as she uses her hand and points in a direction and says: “En…then we’ll go over there and stroll around…”


Liu Yi pulls Wang Yuzheng along as they walk into the crowd.

Currently there are even more people in the temple fair and in front of the game stalls are lines of people.

Liu Yi pulls Wang Yuzheng along as he buys some hot finger food as well as warm milk tea to warm up Wang Yuzheng’s body.

“So a temple fair is so fun ah…and very lively as well…”

Wang Yuzheng holds Liu Yi’s hand as she follows behind him.

“Oh? Have you never been to the temple fair as well?”

Liu Yi is very shocked.

Wang Yuzheng is such a beautiful class flower and there should be alot of guys who invited her to the temple fair yearly ah!

“Never…this is my first time…”

Wang Yuzheng shakes her head, “I have heard that coming to the temple fair will cause me to spend a lot of money…and I really don’t spend much money…”

Liu Yi feels slightly sad for her.

Haiz, this lass is not simple ah.

Studying so bitterly and she still needs to take care of her sick mother…

If it is other teenage girls, with Wang Yuzheng’s beauty they will definitely be enjoying their youth.

But Wang Yuzheng is unable to ah…

Thinking about this, Wang Yuzheng doesn’t seem to be angry by all this.

This lass is always using her own methods to do her best.

Very impressive ah.

I must definitely let her enjoy herself properly during this temple fair.

But I still need to hide from Murong Die and Wang Lele…if I get discovered by them…I will definitely die…

Liu Yi pulls up his hood and covers his face properly.

Seeing Liu Yi’s actions, Wang Yuzheng asks curiously: “This…Liu Yi are you feeling cold? How about I give you back the scarf?”

“I’m not cold. You just wear it Ill be fine!”

Liu Yi immediately waves his hand as he is indeed not cold at all.

While Wang Yuzheng thought that Liu Yi is caring for her and instantly becomes happy.

Wang Yuzheng suddenly blinks and ask: “Right, Liu Yi have you not come to a temple fair before?”


Liu Yi blurts out, “This year is my first time coming and I didn’t expect that there are so many people coming to the temple fair.”

“Oh, oh…”

Wang Yuzheng nods her head before suddenly smiling.

Liu Yi does not understand, what is Wang Yuzheng suddenly so happy for?

So strange.

Lin Tong at the side grins.

This big idiot also doesn’t understand this?

What she is asking you, is to secretly check if you had a girlfriend in the past!

Since there is none of course she is happy!

Haiz, your EQ is so unbearably low ah!!!

Lin Tong shakes her head as she pretends to sleep but her eyes curiously glance around as she looks at the surrounding crowd.

Wang Yuzheng suddenly raises her hand and points at a game stall and cries out happily: “Oh? That prize is very pretty! Let us go play that!”

“What prize?”

Liu Yi turns around to take a look an instantly starts to sweat.

What the hell!!! Isn’t this the ring hoop that I just played earlier…..

Go there again?!?!

“Let us go and play that okay?”

Wang Yuzheng pulls gently on Liu Yi’s arm with expectation, “Let us play once each and sees who is able to win the big doll back home!”

“This…will it be fine?”

“Aiyah, let us try…I really wish to play once…”

Wang Yuzheng shakes Liu Yi’s arm as she faintly bites her lips.

Seeing Wang Yuzheng acting in this manner, Liu Yi cannot not bear to reject her.

Mother ah…in such a large temple fair is there only this single game stall?!?!

Gods are you trying to mess around with me Liu Yi?!?!


Chapter 250- [Strolling around the temple fair]

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