MKW Chapter 25

Chapter 25  [I want your sword]


The fat girl of the class walks in, she is also chewing on a leek.

That pair of small eyes of hers sweep through the class and landed on Liu Yi, after which she clucks.

That shiny piece of leek on her teeth nearly blinded Liu Yi’s eyes.

Oh my fucking god!!! Favorable impression is at 58!!!!

You have got to be kidding me!

And at this moment, the number floating above the fat chick’s head just jump up.

Favorable impression level increased by one!!!

Oh, my fucking shit! It’s fifty-nine now! It must have been when our eyes met earlier!!!

Holy shit this is too scary!!! I have got to stop looking at her to prevent it from going up again….

Despite the fact that her favorable impression has increased, the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra did not have any response at all…

What the heck man so Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra is also picky ah…it does not react at all if it is not a beauty.

Liu Yi despises the Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra slightly.

So love can be unequal…

Fine then, I am also picky as well.

Liu Yi also despises himself.

It is really the heart sutra follows the master.

What grandfather said is good, when the top is rotten, the bottom will get rotten as well. I must fix my own character first.

Liu Yi once against starts to secretly check other people, this favorable impression eye is pretty fun/

Liu Yi turns around and Ma Yixuan has walked in.

Ma Yixuan is wearing a white T-shirt and blue school pants. However, they were unable to block her extraordinary figure.

Her school jacket was wrapped around her waist like a small skirt around her waist, looking very cute and adorable.

Liu Yi cannot help himself and glances over a couple of times.

However, upon seeing the favorable impression amount above her head, Liu Yi’s heart froze.

{Negative 38}

What the hell…..

So I, Liu Yi, in Ma Yuxuan eyes is a bitch?!

[TL: 3 and 8 in chinese, is also a slang for bitch in chinese.]

If it is positive then it is fine but it is also negative!

This is impossible….

Am I really that disappointing in Ma Yixuan’s eyes?

But Liu Yi is unable to think of anything bad that he had done towards Ma Yixuan.

In the past, before she got to know that Wang Dasan guy, when Ma Yixuan says she is thirsty, Liu Yi will quickly go and buy water for her.

If she says she is hungry, Liu Yi will buy fruits and crepes for her to eat.

In the end, he spent his own lunch money and had to go hungry.

But this is nothing, because as long as Liu Yi is able to see her smile, he feels satisfied.

But it is a pity and everything he had done have no result.

Not only did his actions not earn him any favorable impression from Ma Yixuan, instead it earns him a negative 38….

Liu Yi really wishes to laugh at himself, but he also feels that he is unable to laugh.

As he really feels like crying. It is really unbearable.

For the first time ever, Lin Tong is concerned about Liu Yi, {What is the matter, are you not feeling well?}

“Nothing, it is nothing much. My grandfather had said before that a guy must be strong.”

Your grandfather…your grandfather…..

Lin Tong rolls her eyes unhappily.

This shithead only has his grandfather in his mind!

I am also considered as his master!

How come he had never been respectful towards me!

Lin Tong is uncomfortable and is about to criticize Liu Yi when his deskmate and best friend, Chen Cai enter the classroom.

In his hand is a Chinese crepe and in his mouth is holding one as well, as he walks in.

As he walks, he also scans the girls in the classroom.

This pervert ah..

“Liu Yi you woke up ah. I have bought an extra crepe you can have it to pad your stomach and don’t die of hunger by my side, otherwise, that will be too scary.”

It is still bros who are the best….

Liu Yi is touched by Chen Cai when he suddenly sees the number above his head.

What in the nine hells! Favourable impression of 88!!!!

What is this bullshit! Are you for real!

Seeing Chen Cai’s wretched appearance, Liu Yi with numbs as he feels like kicking Chen Cai flying away.

This fellow….is, not gay right…..

Not possible, I have known him for some time…he is obviously straight and only has girls in his eyes.

There is also once when he pretends to tie shoelaces during P.E to peek underneath the skirts of the girls and ended up being surrounded and beaten up by them afterward….

This kind of pervert…should is not gay.

Chen Cai noticed the half-eaten hamburger on Liu Yi’s table and shouts in shock, “What? You don’t want it…omg! When did you buy a hamburger!”

Chen Cai lets out a weird shriek, “Wrong ah, you clearly did not go out at all! Don’t tell me a girl gifted you with this hamburger!”

At this moment Murong Die and Wang Lele returned. When Wang Lele hears Chen Cai’s cry and seeing the hamburger on Liu Yi’s table, she covers her mouth in shock and looks at her Sister Xiao Die and says, “I knew it….how could Sister Xiao Die eat so fast…so you actually gave it to Liu Yi to eat!”

Murong Die looks out of the window and says slightly unnaturally, “I didn’t like it…he only picked up what I had thrown away that’s all, don’t think too much!”

Wang Lele is unable to close her mouth, “Oh my gosh….”

Since young till now, she has basically grown up together with Murong Die.

When has Murong Die ever gave the food that she had eaten to a guy…

This….is basically not possible…

Could it be that the sun has risen from the west?

Wang Lele looks at Liu Yi, checking him from top to bottom like he is a criminal.

“What are you looking at!”

Noticing Wang Lele’s gaze, Murong Die gives her a push.

“He is not handsome ah…just looks like an ordinary youngster….Sister Xiao Die where exactly do you find him attractive?”

“Why are you so gossipy! Who is into him! If you say nonsense again I will tear your mouth!”

“Could it be that Sister Xiao Die is in heat?”

Wang Lele holds her chest and says with a Sherlock Holmes pose, “Shouldn’t be ah….it is not spring yet…”

“You wench, I see that you are the one in heat!”

Murong Die pinches Wang Lele’s breast, “You see, you are about to lactate!”

Wang Lele bats away Murong Die hands and say, “Meanie….Sister Xiao Die is making fun of my breasts again…”

“Hmph, who asked you to show off! When you give birth they will be even larger!”

“What’s to be scared of! At that time, I can ask my husband to help me suck it out!”

“You…you win….”

Given that Wang Lele turns on her hacks, Murong Die can only admit defeat.

While on Liu Yi’s side, he also casually finds an excuse to send Chen Cai off.

He still needs to hurry and cultivate in preparation for tonight’s escape plan!

“Young Master Lan, why did you come out to play today?”

In an internet cafe nearby, a couple of hooligans are surrounding Lan He, watching him playing ‘Zheng Tu’. His ‘Zheng Tu’ character is equipped with the best equipment causing the hooligans to be very envious.

[TL: Zheng Tu is an ongoing Chinese MMO,

Lan He says, “Damn it, today I am feeling unhappy! A stinky dog made me unhappy!”

While Lan He easily kills off a few trash players, he breaks the mouse and says unhappily.

“Aiyah which idiot dares to provoke our young master Lan. I will help you settle him. Young master Lan just needs to gift me with the peak grade sword that’s all….that strengthening is powerful…”

After Lan He kills off two experts with decent gear, he says fiercely, “I have already gotten Kai Wen to settle it for me. This time around that bastard will be dead!”


Behind him, a hooligan with a scar sneer, and says, “What does Kai Wen count as. He is nothing but a senior high schooler who mingles around decently. How can he be compared to us gangsters.”

While speaking, that scared hooligan takes out a butterfly knife and twirls with around skillfully.

“When our Black Dragon Gang wants to take down a person, there had never been a person who is able to escape. Since that idiot has angered Young master Lan so much, I, Ma Wei help him lose some blood. What do you think?”


Lan He becomes interested upon hearing that.

“Brother Wei is really willing to help me take care of him personally?”

Ma Wei smiles evilly as he toys with his butterfly knife and asks, “Of course….how does Young Master Lan want to deal with him?”

“I just want one of his legs. If Kai Wen is unable to take care of it then I have to trouble Brother Wei.”

“A leg? To our Black Dragon Gang that is a small matter.”

Ma Wei clucks, “But as for Kai Wen that fellow who only knows how to bully high school students I am afraid he does not have that courage.”

Lan he says, “Fine then, I have to trouble Brother Wei. After this matter everyone gets a thousand, just treat it as me treating brothers .”

Ma Wei points at the game screen and says, “I don’t want a thousand. I just want that ten star +12 sword.”

“Aiyah…Brother Wei, I believe that you do know the value of this sword of mine…”

This sword is worth over a hundred thousand.

Although it is only pocket money for Lan He, but does not wish to give the sword which he had spent a long time to strength, away just like this.

“Young Master Lan, you are not giving away this sword for free.”

Ma Wei smiles and says, “A sword in exchange for a friendship with us Black Dragon Gang…I believe that there is no need for me Ma Wei to explain what I mean right! In the future, any problem of your’s Young Master Lan will be the problem of us Black Dragon Gang?”

“Fine then….”

Lan He clenches his teeth.

Black Dragon Gang is a huge gang in this area. Having a friendship with them is indeed helpful towards him.

In the future, if there is anymore retards like Liu Yi who provokes him, with just a sentence the Black Dragon Gang people will naturally help him settle it.

At that time, I will be able to rule this area, who would dare to provoke me!

Thinking to here, Lan He is not that ached.

“Then I shall unbind it and trade to you. In the future, I will need Brother Wei to take care of me!”

“Haha, well said, well said!”

Seeing that peak grade sword, Ma Wei’s eyes turn red.

He himself also spent quite a sum of money in this game. The game is like a scam and the success chance of strengthening is low as fuck!

The little bit of money he has earned from the gang were all tossed in but he is still nothing but a small fry.

In real life, he is like a boss and everyone has to respect him and a lot of hooligans have to call him Brother Wei.

But in the online world, he is a trash which can be instantly killed by other people!

This makes him very unhappy!

Ma Wei feels that he is a hero and also has the quality of a hero, how can he bullied like this!

Thus he does not want anything else nor money! He only wants that peak grade sword of Lan He’s!

With this peak grade sword, I will be unstoppable in the game hahaha!

“In the future those who provoke Lan He will be my Ma Wei’s enemy! Young Master Lan, just wait for my good news!”



Chapter 25    [I want your sword]

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