MKW Chapter 249

Chapter 249 – [Help Lele to settle everything]


Although it is not snowing tonight, it is still rather cold.

Murong Die and Wang Lele both wear thick cotton clothes, one black and one white, the two completely different styles of beauty is quite pleasing to the eyes.

There are a lot of people at the temple fair, in the surrounding are all kinds of stores making the place very lively.

Because there are a lot of people, Murong Die and Wang Lele are holding Liu Yi’s arm, one on each side.

Naturally, Liu Yi becomes the target that all of the males in the temple fair want to kill with their eyes.

Where did this fellow pop out from! He is way too fortunate!

Two beautiful girls as companions! What the heck! This kind of beauty just one will be enough for me to be satisfied to the point of bursting! He actually is taking both on his own!

Every male in the area are mad in their hearts.

While Liu Yi’s happiness is on the low side…

Being sandwiched between the two beauties, but he is anxious in his heart.

What should I do…Wang Yuzheng will definitely be worried from waiting!

Liu Yi takes a look at the time, it is already pass 8pm and Wang Yuzheng still has not called me. Perhaps she is in concentration waiting for me…

It is so cold currently, would Wang Yuzheng get a cold while waiting for me?

I hope that the lass wears a bit more.

Liu Yi is slightly apprehensive as he tries to think of a method to slip away.

“Today is very cold.”

Wang Lele breaths out cold air as she is walking.

When she breathes out, the air turns into white fog.

Winter in northeast is much colder. There is a person who once joked that during winter in northeast when you pee out of the window it might instantly freeze into icicle and the like.

Although it is exaggerated, but it just prove how cold it is during the winter.

Murong Die is wearing a pair of furry snow boots as she leans against Liu Yi and says: “Its still okay Lele. If you lean against Liu Yi, don’t you feel like he is like a heater?”

“Ah? Really?”

Wang Lele seeing that there are so many people around thus she is a bit shy to cuddle against Liu Yi.

But when hearing what Murong Die says, she instantly grabs hold of Liu Yi and is almost completely sticking against Liu Yi.

Although they are separated by the thick garments, Liu Yi is still able to feel the softness of Wang Lele’s chest.

Ai, big chest cannot be harm ah…

“Eh it is real!”

When she sticks against Liu Yi she immediately cries out in joy: “Sister Die is so amazing. To think you are also able to discover this! Brother Yi’s body is very warm ah…wu so warm and fuzzy…”

“En, leaning against this during the winter is so comfortable.”

Murong Die lets out a comfortable sigh, “Liu Yi why is your body so warm? Having a fever? Or is it your blood warm?”

Liu Yi gives a random excuse: “Nothing it is just that my constitution is special.”

The reason why he is warm during winter and cool during summer is because of his Immortal qi.

Immortal qi is a really convenient thing ah…

Murong Die lets out a sigh: “So good… so envious of you ah!”

Afterwards she remembers something and says casually: “Talking about blood…do you remember Blood Emperor from back then? Lele who do you think that Blood Emperor is?”

“I also do not know ah…”

Wang Lele remembers the situation back then and is still slightly afraid. She leans closer to Liu Yi as her body trembles slightly.

“But…if not for Blood Emperor we would definitely suffer a calamity…but Sister Die don’t you feel that that Blood Emperor is somewhat familiar?”

Liu Yi instantly becomes nervous.

“Just slightly familiar like I have seen him somewhere before.”

Liu Yi becomes even more nervous.

“Hehe, he is as heroic as our Brother Yi!”

Wang Lele’s sentence causes Liu Yi to becomes tense.


Murong Die sneers, “There is just a large difference okay! Comparing Liu Yi to Blood Emperor, he is nothing but dregs!”

What the hell! Why can’t this lord compare to Blood Emperor?

Ah wait wrong…this lord is the Blood Emperor alright!

“Furthermore that Blood Emperor is rather special. He seems to have a few super powers…”

As Murong Die speaks she yearns slightly, “If only I had super powers…heng then no one would dare to bully this lady! Those who dare to anger me then I slash, slash, slash and cut off their heads!”

What the hell…are you playing Plants vs Zombies???

When Liu Yi hears what Murong Die says he faintly feels a slight itch around his neck.

“Aiyah if only I can see Blood Emperor again!”

Wang Lele says with a slight worshipping look, “I really wish to see how does Blood Emperor look like! He is always wearing a mask, so mysterious!”

“Yeah, who on earth is Blood Emperor.”

The two lass guess.

Liu Yi says in his heart, two idiots, isn’t Blood Emperor standing beside you?

Oh want a signature? I can sign on your chests ah!

En, Murong Die’s chest I can at most sign one, but Lele’s can sign seven to eight.

“Sister Die look there is ring toss over there! I want to play that!”

Wang Lele suddenly spots a ring toss game at the side and jumps in happiness.

This lass is so interested in ring toss?

“Nice lets us play! After all tonight’s goal is to play!”

Murong Die is indifferent as she say: “Back then this lady is nicknamed the ring toss princess! Later I help you guys to win that big doll!”

As she speaks, she points at the biggest doll.

The ring toss in temple fair is no longer like in the past where there is only small toys.

Now it is rods, each one is further than the other and the further it is the more points it is worth.

Ten yuan for 5 hoops and to win the big prize you need to score 4 hoops into the last rod.

If you are lucky at most you can win a keychain or the likes.

As for that most attractive big doll, it will sit there safely.

“Yah yah, Sister Die help me win one! I play quite badly!”

Wang Lele looks at the doll in excitement.

Liu Yi rubs his forehead. If these two lasses wishe to buy such dolls they are not lacking the money ah. But they just want to win it from this ring toss.

“Come ah Brother Yi!”

Wang Lele pulls Liu Yi and the three of them come to the ring toss stall.

The stall owner is a middle-aged uncle who look harmless and affable.

But this stall owner who set up this kind of stall has a black heart!

“These few handsome man and pretty women come and play ring toss ah? Come and play a few rounds. This ring toss stall of mine has a very good feeling. Those with luck are able to bring the big prize home!”

Heck…already starting to con people.

“Come I’ll go first!”

Wang Lele buys 5 hoop and hold it in her hand as she stands behind the set line.

I must say that this line…is so far away from those rods!

Even the closest rod is at least a meter away.

To a girl it will be harder to toss it in.

Especially for Wang Lele as she stands behind the line with her waist bent and completely without any balance.

Large chested girls are not suitable to play this kind of game…as it is hard to maintain their balance.!

“Watch me!”

Wang Lele swings out her hand and tosses a hoop but it went sideways completely not touching a single rod.

“Wuwu, damn it!”

Wang Lele throws out another in anger and this time around she almost touched the nearest rod but it bounces away.

“Ahhh! Watch my killing move!”

Wang Lele finally tosses out all three hoops at the same time.

The three hoops fly randomly before landing at the nearest rod.

But only one hoop hooks on so there is no prize.

“Wuwu…failed.” wails Wang Lele.

“No problem, watch how this lady help you win!”

Murong Die also buys 5 hoops as she takes over Wang Lele’s spot standing behind the set line.

“Watch how this lady will win the big prize for you!”

Saying this she bends down slightly and narrows an eye. Aiming carefully she tosses out a hoop.

Although that hoop hooked onto the closest rod but it bounces out.


Murong Die instantly fumes, “This lady is only warming out and will start to showcase my real abilities now!”

As she says, she starts to continuously toss out the hoops in her hands.

But Murong Die does have some abilities.

Although she did not hook onto the last rod but two of the hoops hook on to other rods.

“Beauty is amazing ah, you have won a beautiful keychain!”

The stall owner smiles as he passes over a keychain and says: “Beautiful girl you have some ability. Do you want to try again? Perhaps you might be able to bring the big prize back home.”

Liu Yi looks at the keychain. This kind of common keychain does not even cost 2 yuan.

But they can only open their stand for a few days a year thus they can only try to earn as much money as possible in these days.

Everyone comes out to play and their goal is to have fun thus they do not bother so much.

“Not playing anymore…annoying. Perhaps it is because I did not play for a long time and lost my touch.”

“Wuwu, my doll….”

Wang Lele pouts.

Liu Yi suggested, “How about you buy one?”

Wang Lele shakes her head, “Don’t want…I want to win one.”

Buying one means nothing to her.

“Do you really want it?”


“Fine then. Watch me.”

Liu Yi takes out 10 yuan and buys 5 hoops from the boss.

“Are you able to?”

Murong Die raises her eyebrows at Liu Yi, “Didn’t you say that you did not come to temple fair before?”

Liu Yi smiles childishly and glances at Murong Die, “ I did not eat pork before but at least I have seen a pig.”

Murong Die fumes as she rolls her eyes, “Go to hell! You are the pig! You scumbag!”

“Anyways just watch me.”

As Liu Yi speaks he stands behind the line as he lightly rubs the hoops in his hands.

This kind of hoop is very bouncy if it lands on the ground it will definitely bounce away.

The further away when tossing it out, the higher it will bounce.

Thus if you want to hook onto the furthest rod as well as hooking on 4 it is completely nonsense.

But to Liu Yi it does not seems like a very difficult matter.

He weighs the hoop in his hand and activates his good impression eye.

Instantly a fuzzy arc appears in front of him.

But this arc does not seems to be able to determine if it will bounce.

Liu Yi deactivates his good impression eye and instructed Little Jade, “Little Jade, activate auxiliary system.”

“Understood master!”

In front of Liu Yi instantly appears a cross-shaped front sight, “Master needs to throw out one hoop to allow Little Jade to amend the front sight with real data.”


Liu Yi estimates the rough location before following the front sight and toss out a hoop.


Chapter 249- [Help Lele to settle everything]

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