MKW Chapter 248

Chapter 248 – [Second Invitation]


Even if you are a rich person, an 82 Bordeaux is not something that can be casually drank.

After all there are only so many of that year wine in the market.

Most of them are in private collections and even within Murong Hong’s family, there are only two bottles.

On the market most of the 82s are fake.

Looking at the bottle of red wine, Liu Yi is slightly surprises.

82 ah…the 82 in the rumours ah!

Just being able to drink a mouthful,is worth it for the lifetime…

Heck…thinking in this manner isn’t it too unbecoming…

Murong Hong raises his cup and says: “Come Little Yi, come and try this 82. It is my collection.”


Liu Yi also raises his wine cup before draining the cup in a gulp.

After drinking, Liu Yi smacks his lips.

“Not bad, it’s quite sweet…”

Murong Hong’s is heart is starting to ache…

What the hell…who on earth drinks 82 in such a manner…

You need to slowly taste the red wine, slowly savour it alright! How you are doing it ,as if it was cola!!!

By his side, Murong Die pets his hand and says in feigned anger: “Stupid idiot…how is this drinking red wine ah. You need to slowly savour it okay!”

“Come let me teach you…”

Done speaking, she personally teaches Liu Yi how to hold the wine cup and how to drink red wine.

Liu Yi feels that these upper layer society etiquettes are quite interesting,he follows and learn.

While on his other side, Wang Lele’s head is lowered. Her face was red throughout the time and she did not speak up nor did she dare to speak.

As the earlier matter is to shameful…she still needs to get over it.

“Little Yi ah, talking about this which university do you wish to study in?”

“ I still have no idea. Kyoto university or Shanghai university. I plan to apply for either one of them.”

While learning how to cut steak from Murong Die, Liu Yi replies: “I will probably go to whichever my result is able to allow me to.”

Liu Yi is much more interested in Kyoto and Shanghai though.

As for which university, of course I must go to the big cities!

After all there are many beauties in the big cities…

One is the capital city of China where all of the Chinese culture is gathered, while the other is a blooming coastal metropolis, thus both are attractive to Liu Yi.

Hence Liu Yi decides to try his luck to and go to the one which he is able to get into.

As Murong Hong drinks his wine he asks casually: “How about studying industrial and commerce management?”

“After you finish studying you can help me with my company.”

Murong Die suddenly lowers her head and stop speakings, concentrating on cutting her plate of beef steak.

Liu Yi also feels that the atmosphere has suddenly becomes strange.

Company management? That seem like it needs math…

Liu Yi get headache regarding matters related to math.

While lowering her head to cut the beef steak, Murong Die secretly glances at Liu Yi with her peripheral vision.

After thinking for a while Liu Yi finally replies: “Thank you Uncle Murong for your kind intentions, but I still wish to major in humanities…en, for example Chinese language, History major and the likes.”

As for these memorising stuff, Liu Yi is much better at them.

After all Liu Yi has his breathing technique which he never forgets anything after glancing at them.

As for things that involves calculating…then he needs to rely on Little Jade the super AI to help him compute.

This gives Liu Yi an ability that does not belong to him which gives him a cheater feeling.

Murong Die pouts while Wang Lele sighs secretly.

Ai…Brother Yi is really too stupid already…

“Learning company management is very good, you see although Little Die is very smart but in the end she is still a girl. Thus in future she will marry and teach her child thus I am not really assured to pass the management of my company to her. But I rather appreciate you. You have the courage, ability and most importantly intelligence. Thus if I pass the company to you I can retire in peace.”

“Ah, Uncle Murong ah. It is definitely not possible. I do not have the brains for business ah!”

Liu Yi immediately waves his hand.

Everyday I already have so many matters that is already hurting my brain cells. If I also need to help Murong Hong’s company…it is definitely not possible!

Furthermore if Liu Yi wishes to run a company, he wishes to run a company that he started up himself.

“We can talk about this slowly, after all you can try anything.”

Murong Hong seems to be luring Liu Yi.

“Haha, let’s talk about this in the future. I still wish to enjoy my university life instead of pondering over business matters which will make me age faster!”

Liu Yi cannot push away Murong Hong’s good intention thus he can only laugh and wave it off.

On the side, Murong Die is pouting until it is almost reaching the sky.

She raises her left leg and stomps harshly on Liu Yi’s feet.

Murong Die is currently wearing 5 inch high heels and this stomp nearly makes Liu Yi scream out loud.

What in the…this Murong Die is trying to kill me ah!

This stomp is way too harsh…if I did not operate my hard qigong…she would have pierced my foot ah…

Wang Lele also mutters: “Brother Yi is a big idiot…”

“Its okay as well. Since Little Yi is not interested then uncle will not force you.”

Murong Hong is able to see that Liu Yi does not have any intention, thus he choices not to talk about it anymore otherwise his daughter will get even more upset.

Talking about this although this fellow is very powerful…but why is his EQ so low…

“Quickly eat. After eating we are going out.”

After Murong Die has stomped on Liu Yi, she rolls her eyes at him.

“Go out? Where are we going?”

Liu Yi instantly looks at Murong Die in shock as he starts to have a feeling that things are going to go wrong.

“We are going to the temple fair.”

Murong Die’s sentence almost makes Liu Yi spit out the wine that he is drinking.

What the hell…

Are you for real?

Murong Die also wants to go to the temple fair?

It’s this a collision?

How am I supposed to handle this…I have a date with Wang Yuzheng?

But…if I say it…I have a feeling that I will be killed ah…

How am I supposed to say it…how am I supposed to say it ah…

Reject Murong Die?

But it also seems like she will pester me to death ah!

ARGGGGG, I’m really getting crazy!!!

Gods are you playing around with me?!?!?!

At that moment, all kinds of thoughts flash through Liu Yi’s mind like a movie.

“What’s the matter, why are not looking well?”

Murong Die looks at Liu Yi as she faintly arches her eyebrows, “What is the matter, accompanying this lady to the temple fair is wasting you, Sir Liu’s time?”

“That…… is it possible….”

Liu Yi rubs away the cold sweat on his forehead, “Accompanying Miss Murong to the temple fair is my honour ah!”

If it is a few years ago, Liu Yi would definitely not reject any beautiful girl who invites him to the temple fair to play on Christmas Eve!

But this year…why is there a collision ah!

“It is only that the time now is rather late. At night there might be a lot more people. Anyway the temple fair will be around for three days. How about we go there tomorrow morning?”

“Peh, so what if there is a lot of people. More people means it will be more lively!”

Murong Die sneers, “Furthermore tomorrow is Christmas night and I still need to take part in a Christmas party. So do you want to go with me?”

“Not going…”

Liu Yi still wishing to make use of this weekend to properly cultivate.

With all kind of enemies in the dark and not knowing when they’ll appear, if I don’t increase my abilities it won’t stay okay.

Based on what Old Ma said, although I am still at the peak stage of three stars, if I completely remove the gravity on my body and fight with all my strength , I can go toe to toe with a 6 star enemy..

While the last time at La Scala, when fighting against Long San, his strength  was around 8 stars!

The other me had to ignite all of my potential to defeat Long San!

To an outsider…a three star newbie when meeting an eight star expert, he will be insta killed ah!

But Liu Yi is able to fight evenly! Which is completely defying the natural order!

“Since you are not going to tomorrow’s party then tonight’s temple fair you must accompany me!”

As Murong Die speaks she stands up, “I’ll go and change my clothes. Lele you also change to something thicker. Tonight will be cold.”

“Yes yes!”

Wang Lele seems to be very happy as she joyfully stands up and follows Murong Die upstairs.

Leaving behind Liu Yi who is still sitting completely stunned.

Why did all my plans become messed up within seconds…

Murong Die is way too overbearing…deciding everything on her own…

But seeing how happy the two girls are, Liu Yi does not have the heart to reject.

“Then I shall leave Little Die in your care.”

Murong Hong also did not see that Liu Yi is in difficulty as he sips his red wine as he says: “That lass from young is very wild,despite being very well-behaved she has a lot  of her own ideas. Her safety tonight I will leave it to you. Please do not let my baby daughter get into trouble..”

“Oh… okay Uncle Murong just leave it to me.”

Since the situation already become like this…it will not be nice if he says anything.

Ai…looks like I have to try my best to handle both dates…

Damn it…why did I not know body splitting arts.

I really wish to capture a ninja from that island to ask ah…

If only I knew body splitting arts then why would it be troublesome…just split into two and accompany both at the same time…

Am I now in an unhappy love affair?

Still remember back then the single me nearly walk hand in hand with Chen Cai into the temple fair…

Other people go in pairs ah…

Liu Yi still remembers that back then he also bought red roses during Christmas Eve to prepare to propose to Ma Yixuan and invite her to play in the temple fair.

At that time, Ma Yixuan purposefully toyed with him agreeing to go with him but in the end Liu Yi waited for her at the entrance of the temple fair trembling in the heavy snow.

The next day he had a fever from the cold and almost could not get off the bed.

Now thinking about it…it really was a miserable experience…

In a blink on eye, now I am being invited by three girls to the temple fair…

If it is fortune’s rise and fall, this fortune changes way too fast…

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi, afterwards you really need to go to the temple and pray for a great master to calculate your luck in romance…

En, for example who is my destined woman…could it be Wang Yuzheng? Or…the girls I hook up with in the future in university?

Liu Yi lowers his head and secretly looks at his watch.

It is already 6.50pm, in an hour or so it will be time to meet up with Wang Yuheng…

OMG ah…tonight’s temple fair…seems like it will not be so smooth ah!!!


Chapter 248- [Second invitation]

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

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    • Maybe he meant Beijing instead of Kyoto? Then it fits^^
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