MKW Chapter 247

Chapter 247 – [Murong family dinner party]


When they heard the voice outside the door, both Liu Yi and Wang Lele froze for a moment.

Why did Murong Die come and look for us so fast?

Liu Yi’s hand doesn’t dare to move as he holds onto Wang Lele’s chest. He withdraws his presence and doesn’t even dare to breath.

This situation does not seem to be very good ah…

The two of them do not dare to speak as they listen quietly to the sound outside.

Murong Die seems to have changed into high heels as there is a click, click sound outside the room.

“Eh, where did the two of them run off to? Could it be that they ran out to have a clandestine affair?”

Wang Lele and Liu Yi shook at the same time.

What the hell, this woman’s intuition is heaven defying!!

Although it is not considered as a clandestine affair…but it is nearly there…

Wang Lele whispers as she looks beggingly at Liu Yi, “Brother Yi…what should we do ah…”

This lass really can’t be help.

Liu Yi is also unable to think of anything on the spot as this situation is too sudden.

“Lele? Idiot Liu Yi? Where did you guys go?!?!”

Murong Die’s voice is getting closer and closer.

“These two fellows… I think calling them would be easier.”

Her sentence was heard by Liu Yi and Wang Lele.

The two of them got a shock, if their handphones really ring then how are they going to explain!

“Sister Die, I am in here, I am in here!”

Wang Lele has no choice but to reply her.

“Lele? You’re in the study room?”

Murong Die instantly walks over, the high-heels clicking sound gets closer and closer.

“My, my bra is slightly not comfortable, so I came in here to adjust it…”

Wang Lele says in a hurry.

“Oh oh… have you seen Liu Yi?”

As she speaks, Murong Die is starting to open the door but is unable to.

“Oi, why did you lock the door for?”

“I was afraid that Brother Yi will come in ah…is Brother Yi not outside?”

Wang Lele asks with a guilty conscious.

“Not at all ah…I have no idea where he disappeared to!”

Murong Die sneers and says: “Hurry and open the door ah, it is not like there is something that I haven’t seen before. Really…”

“Ah, wait a moment, wait a moment, coming!”

Wang Lele is frantic as she looks at Liu Yi nervously.

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and points at the door before retreating two steps, turns around, pulls open the window and jumps out.


Wang Lele got a huge shock, My Brother Yi, this is the third floor ah!!!

“Lele, open the door ah!”

Outside Murong Die starts to rush Wang Lele.

Wang Lele doesn’t have any choice, she can only do a simple tidy up before opening the door.

Standing outside is Murong Die who is wearing a grandeur evening dress.

A black long dress and white high-heels, Murong Die looks like a rich missy.

“Wah…Sister Die dressed up so pretty tonight…”

Wang Lele looks at Murong Die and cries out in shock, “Did you especially dress up to show Brother Yi?”

“Go and die…who dressed up to show that bastard!”

Murong Die has put on some make up and her natural beauty is enhanced quite a bit.

If a guy sees her, they will definitely swallow their saliva before thinking on how to handle this beauty in front of them.

“It is because tonight’s dinner is more formal, that is why I dressed up this way!”

Murong Die’s two heels under her dress fidget slightly almost like she is guilty.

“Oh oh…then should I go back home and change my clothings?”

As Wang Lele speaks, she walks back two steps and takes a glance outside of the window.

But she did not see any sign of Liu Yi…

Hopefully Brother Yi will be alright…jumping from the third floor…

“How annoying, where did that Liu Yi fellow run off to? Didn’t he agree to wait for us to have dinner together?!”

Done speaking she turns around and walks downstairs.

Wang Lele hurries behind her while secretly clasping her bra back properly.

When the two of them reach the ground floor, they notice that Liu Yi is sitting on the sofa in the hall enjoying himself as he stuffs grapes into his mouth.

“Stupid Liu Yi where did you run off to!”

Seeing Liu Yi there, Wang Lele instantly becomes relieved, while Murong Die walks up angrily.

“Oh? Just seeing that both of you are not around and the room is slightly stuffy so I went to take a walk around the garden.”

Liu Yi pretends to be innocent as he says: “Talking about your garden, it is really too big ah. I got lost inside the garden and it took some time to find my way out!”

Hearing that Liu Yi went to the garden, Murong Die sneers and says fiercely towards Liu Yi, “Heng, who asked you to run around on your own!”

Murong Die crosses her arms and says, “This lady is very kind, consider yourself lucky that you did not disappear! In the future if you want to walk around I will release fierce dogs to bring you back! If you get bitten to death it is your own faut!”

Liu Yi looks at Murong Die and asks: “Next time I go walking around I’ll bring you along that way you can show me around and I would not get lost okay?”

“Who, who wants to go with you!”

Murong Die’s face instantly turns red as she says frantically: “I am not asking you a question, heng you think too much! It should be you accompanying this lady to the garden! Heng heng, you servant why are you not listening to this lady’s instruction.”

What the hell…this lass is becoming more and more cocky!

Just as Liu Yi is thinking of how to let Murong Die know who is the boss, the door suddenly opens.

“How is Liu Yi a servant, he is my Murong Hong’s son-in-law.”

Murong Hong is wearing a suit as well as a gold framed spectacles, looking completely like a cultured person.

But only Liu Yi knows that this fellow is an old fox.

Those that do not know will die without knowing the reason when they cross him…

That old fox even hired a heaven list assassin to deal with me…but then again that heaven list killer has a spiritual body and also acknowledges me as a teacher…

Thinking about it, it is indeed all kind of weird things.

One moment, only one can survive, the next moment…I became Murong Hong’s number one son-in-law.

“Dad…what are you saying…”

Murong Die’s face instantly turns red, “Who wants to marry him! If you want to marry someone you marry him! I am not going to marry him!”

“Oh? So Little Die does not like Liu Yi ah.”

Murong Hong suddenly sees the light and then shouts: “Wang An, kick this Liu Yi out, throw him out to feed the dogs!”

Liu Yi immediately becomes alert, what the hell, what does this oldie want to do?

“You dare!”

Murong Die immediately becomes like a hen protecting her chick and blocks in front of Liu Yi and shouts: “No one is allowed to touch Liu Yi! If you dare to touch him, I will not recognize you as my father anymore!”


Murong Hong can only smile bitterly, “For that brat you don’t want this father…and you still say that you do not like him…Ai, looks like this old man is unable to follow the minds of the young…”

Murong Die’s face instantly turns red, “I, Ill go to the kitchen to check on the dinner preparations…”

Done speaking she drags Lele and escapes.

Murong Hong sits on the sofa opposite of Liu Yi and lights up the cigar in his hand and says bitterly: “Ai, when a girl grows up her heart goes to others ah…”

“That…I think that Uncle Murong has misunderstood…”

Liu Yi hurries and explain, “Murong Die and I are only very close friends…it is not like what uncle is thinking of.”

Instead of bothering with what Liu Yi says, he changes the topic and asks: “En en, I have heard that you had gotten sick a while ago, how is your recovery?”

“I am almost recovered. Thank you Uncle for your concern.”

Liu Yi does not know why Murong Hong is suddenly concerned about his well-being.

“Little Yi ah, you have no idea ah. While you were comfortably recovering, how much hardship I was in ah…”

“Ah? Uncle why do you say such things?”

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend the old fox’s meaning.

What is this fox trying to say ah?

“You have no idea since the day you disappeared without a word to recuperate, Little Die that lass keeps harping about you. Everyday she keeps annoying me asking me to make inquiries on where did you go to recuperate. You also know that I only have power within North Dragon city, thus other than North Dragon city where else could I go and look for you ah.”

“This…” Liu Yi is still unable to understand what Murong Hong is trying to hint.

“Thus in future if there are any matters just tell Uncle Murong. These recuperating matters, I know of a even better place to recommend to you. Please do not disappear without notice again ah…I am nothing but old bones now and am unable to endure that lass’s torment ahh…”

Liu Yi finally understands what Murong Hong is trying to say.

Heck…can this oldie stop talking in such a roundabout manner…

“Understood Uncle Murong, the illness back then is an accident. In future I will take more notice.”

Liu Yi also cannot say that he is cultivating ah, so he can only suck it up.

“En, that is good then. Looks like I can keep my old bones.”

Murong Hong smiles while Liu Yi is about to lose his mind.

Talking to this oldie is really harmful to my brain cells…it is better to chat less with him…

At this moment, Murong Die and Wang Lele return while holding hands.

“Dad, Liu Yi, what are you guys chatting about?”

Murong Die is very interested in the content of their chat.

Liu Yi immediately says: “Nothing much. Uncle is only concerned about my health.”

“Ah right! How is your illness?”

What the heck…only now did you remember to ask ah…

“ I’m recovered…”

“I think so as well. Come our dinner is ready. Liu Yi, let you know our Murong family’s Christmas Eve dinner!”

“Let’s go Little Yi, I hope that our Murong family’s dinner is able to satisfy you.”

Liu Yi follows the family and walks to the dining hall and got a huge shock.

Indeed is a rich family house…even the dining hall is so big…there is almost no difference when compared to a Western dining hall!

Perhaps only the decorations are slightly more gorgeous.

Rows and rows of tables that are covered with white table cloths displaying all kinds of sumptuous Western food.

After all it is Christmas Eve, so they arrange the dinner in a western style.

On both sides of the table are three male servants wearing black trousers and white shirts with a bow tie looking very refined, it is obvious that they have went through training.

The housekeeper is standing on the right of Murong Hong wearing a swallow-tailed coat.

Murong Hong instructs him, “Go and take a bottle of my 82 Bordeaux from my collection. Today Liu Yi is here so I want to drink a few cups.”

The housekeeper instantly walks out and returns pushing a trolley with a bottle of red wine.

Murong Die who is sitting on Liu Yi’s right secretly whispers into his ear, “This is the first time I’ve seen Dad opening an 82 ah…  looks like my father really likes you!”


Chapter 247- [Murong family dinner party]

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