MKW Chapter 246

Chapter 246 – [Immortal Qi treatment method]


“Stupid Liu Yi! Doesn’t even have any sense of time!”

Murong Die glares at Liu Yi as she stands in the middle of the hall fiercely with her hands on her waist.

This little lioness ah…

Liu Yi shakes his head, when will she calm down ah…

“Brother Yi…it’s been a long time, Lele missed you…”

While Liu Yi is drinking coffee, Wang Lele eye’s seems to be slightly red as she looks at Liu Yi and says: “Lele thought that Brother Yi had died from sickness…”

“Arg…”, When Liu Yi hears what Wang Lele says, he almost sprayed out his coffee.

What the hell…is this thinking of me or cursing me to die ah…

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend.

“Heng. How is it possible for this person to die from sickness!”

Murong Die sneers and says: “Lele haven’t you heard of this saying, ‘A good person will not live long while a bad person will live for a thousand years!’ This fellow is so bad thus he will definitely live for over a thousand years!”

What the hell…I am not a tortoise okay!

Liu Yi becomes slightly gloomy.

“In a while more my dad will be back.”

Murong Die looks at her watch and says: “Tonight’s dinner is slightly more formal. I will go and change my clothes!”

Currently she is wearing casual clothes, apparently she does not treat Liu Yi as an outsider.

Liu Yi cannot bear it and activates his good impression eye and takes a look.

Above Murong Die’s head is 80 while above Wang Lele is 79!

What a close pair of numbers!

It seems like the good impression value did not drop, instead it had increased…

Really strange…we have not met for such a long time, shouldn’t the good impression slowly disappear as time flows???

But why is it that both Murong Die and Wang Lele are the opposite?

Liu Yi is slightly puzzled.

Murong Die suddenly props herself up using her hands on the table in front of Liu Yi.

A fragrance assaults Liu Yi’s nose, burrowing deep in.

Murong Die smells really lovely… I dont know what kind of body wash…

But it is a pity that she does not have much chest…

The loose collar lowers down and Liu Yi is faintly able to see the purple bra inside.

Regrets ah, it is not the lace one…

Liu Yi takes a light breath.

“I’ll go and change my clothes. You are not allowed to secretly run away do you hear me?! If you dare to run away I will ask my dad to send people to catch you back!”

As Murong Die speaks, there is a slight twinkle in her eyes.

When will this lass change her temper ah, she is way too overbearing ah.

Liu Yi can only go along with her temper and says: “Fine…I understand.”

“That is right.”

Murong Die nods her head in satisfaction and claps her hands walking off.

After she is gone, there is only Wang Lele and Liu Yi left in the spacious hall.

Liu Yi turns his head and realized that Wang Lele is missing?

Did that lass went to change her clothes as well?

Shouldn’t be ah, isn’t she wearing a formal white dress?

At that moment, Liu Yi feels something moving behind him.

He instinctively went to punch at that thing but when he smells the familiar fragrance from behind him, he stops himself.

“Brother Yi…”

A soft body hugs Liu Yi from the back.

Wang Lele snuggles around his neck as her hands hug him tightly.

“Brother Yi…I really missed you so much…why did you disappear for 2 months at one go…….wuwuwu…Lele thought that you do not want me and Sister Die already…”

Liu Yi can feel that Wang Lele’s voice is trembling.

Is this lass really missing me so much?

“Brother Yi…what is your sickness?”

“This…nothing major. Nevermind it since I am well now.”

“Wuu….you are so vague.. ”

Wang Lele’s eyes roll around and suddenly she pouts and says: “Brother Yi, Lele is not stupid. You had disappeared for so long in a place like your village, is it because you know a girl there? Heng heng, Sister Die have said that you definitely have recovered earlier but because you are bothering a girl that’s why you are not willing to return!”


Liu Yi instantly starts to sweat cold sweat, Murong Die can really say so much nonsense!

“ I really do not have one ah!”

“Should I believe Brother Yi…Sister Die has said that only an idiot will believe the things that Brother Yi says…”

Liu Yi turns around and holds Wang Lele arms as he looks into her watery eyes and says seriously: “ Lele, I have never lied to you before right?”

“Wu…it seems to be the case…”

Wang Lele places her finger on her lips as she says: “It seems like Brother Yi hasn’t lied to Lele before…and is very good to Lele.”

Liu Yi sweats slightly.

Erm…it seems like I did lie once on an occasion…which is Lele’s chest swelling and pain matter…

“Right Brother Yi…you also did not help Lele massage for the past two months…”

Wang Lele ‘s face suddenly turns red as she speaks, “Recently my chest has swelled up and it is very painful and unbearable…Brother Yi you must help me ah… ”

She have swelling pain now?

{This girl is having her period now.}

Lin Tong sprawls on Liu Yi’s shoulder lazily as she tickles Liu Yi nose with her tail and says, {Plus with her originally large chest she will have very intense swelling pain. Circulate your immortal qi around your hands then help her massage clockwise to help her eliminate her swelling and pain problem.}

What the hell…

I really have a treatment method ah!

When Liu Yi hears what Lin Tong says, he got a huge shock.

“Now that Sister Die is not around…Brother Yi quickly help me please…”

Wang Lele covers her chest with her hands and seems like she is in a lot of pain.

“Okay then…”

Liu Yi stretches out both hands into Wang Lele’s dress.

“Ai, Brother Yi what are you doing?”

Wang Lele suddenly cries out in shock scaring Liu Yi.

At that moment, Liu Yi thought that it is a trap that Wang Lele and Murong Die had setup for him.

But Wang Lele’s following sentence allows him to relax.

“This is the main hall ah…what if Sister Die sees us by accident!”

“Then where do we go?”

Liu Yi is not familiar with this place.


Wang Lele thought for a while, “How about we go to Uncle Murong’s study room…there is nobody there!”

Give Wang Lele a chest massage in Murong Hong’s study room?

This seems like a very good idea!

Lele, you really have the potential ah!

At that instance, Liu Yi really wishes to say this to Wang Lele.

“Let’s go…we need to be quick…otherwise Sister Die will return!”

Wang Lele pulls Liu Yi up the stairs.

This Murong Hong is indeed a rich person. The study room decorations is very cozy and fitting.

The whole study room is decorated based on the ancient chinese study room designs.

There are a few ancient design wooden chairs as well as a sadelwood table.

There are also two wooden bookshelves on the left side of the room which are filled with books that Liu Yi is not interested in.

While on the right, there is a wooden frame, on it are a few Chinese porcelains and some potted plants. Perhaps they might be antiques but Liu Yi do not know thus he does not bother about then

He sized up the room before finally his gaze landed on Wang Lele.

It is still Wang Lele who is the most beautiful…en…

“Let’s…Let’s do it here…”

Wang Lele closes the door and locks it before saying to Liu Yi with a red face.

Liu Yi has a feeling that this is the prelude before pushing her down.

Amitabha…I cannot think of wrong things ah…

Furthermore Lele is having her period so things like pushing her down is not possible.

Liu Yi ponders over it and starts to be lost in thoughts.

“That… Brother Yi…let us start then…”

Wang Lele speaks, her hands knead against each other as her face turns bright red.

Last time at the swimming pool, my bra accidentally fell off.

This time…I am wearing my clothes properly…taking off my clothes in front of Brother Yi…I’m a bit too bashful…

“How about this… you turn around.”

Liu Yi points at the room.

He can see that Wang Lele is very embarrassed


Wang Lele nods her head and turns around, placing both hands on the door.

She is almost kneeling in front of the door, back facing Liu Yi.

This posture is really impressive ah…

Liu Yi gives Wang Lele’s plump butt a few more glance before trying his best to calm down before stretching out both hands into Wang Lele’s clothes.


Feeling Liu Yi’s slightly cold hands, Wang Lele gives a soft cry and trembles.

As Wang Lele’s bra is slightly tight, Liu Yi reaches out to Wang Lele’s back and unclasps her bra to reduce trouble.

Wang Lele’s face turns even redder and she presses her face into the door as she puffs and huffs tenderly.

The temptation is way too strong…

This Lele is completely an extraordinary woman who can claim lives…

Liu Yi takes two deep breaths and does his breathing technique to calm his thoughts down.

His hands have finally reached Lele’s chest and grabs the two soft and filling flesh.

Completely unable to cover with one hand ah…

Liu Yi did not just grab for his own enjoyment. He circulated his immortal qi on both his hands and massages in a clockwise direction.


Wang Lele instantly cries out softy as her body trembles faintly.

“Brother Yi… I, I…”

“What is the matter Lele?”

Liu Yi is slightly worried, using immortal qi to massage in this way could there be problems?

“No….no problem…”

Wang Lele clenches her teeth and forcefully swallows down the words ‘very comfortable’.

My Brother Yi hands feel like they’re covered with demonic powers. When it touches my chest, instantly the painful feeling instantly becomes better.

Furthermore it also carries a cooling sensation, very comfortable…

But I do not know why my body has this warm feeling…slightly itchy as well… I can’t really explain what is that feeling…

She only wished that Brother Yi will massage more.

How good would it be if he can massage forever…

Aiyah, Wang Lele…you are really bad…

You actually want Brother Yi to do such evil things for you…

Finished, completely finished…the insides are spoiled….

Wang Lele what are you going to do ah….wuwuwu…so comfortable, I really wish that it can go on forever…

Wang Lele feels like she is going to die soon.

Especially when Liu Yi’s fingers gently brush against the bump on her chest, that electrifying feeling is completely making her crazy.

Just as Wang Lele is emotionally distressed and out of control, from outside of the door comes Murong Die’s shout.

“Lele, where are you? Liu Yi? Lele? Where did the two of you go???”


Chapter 246- [Immortal Qi treatment method]

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