MKW Chapter 245

Chapter 245 – [Murong Die! Just you wait!!!]


Instantly the white bionic substance start to have change.

The shape and colour changes unceasingly.

Very quickly a clothing like the one in the design appears on Liu Yi’s body.

“What the hell?! Is this real or fake?!”

Liu Yi is slightly shocked, this is not replicable by any magic!

Science is indeed a very mysterious thing ah…

{Master this is Little Jade’s clothing changing ability!}

Little Jade says in pride, {In the future no matter what kind of cloth master wants to change into, you can just change it as and when you like! Little Jade only needs biological energy and master has a lot of biological energy thus Little Jade has a lot of abilities which can be activated!}

In the past, those who tried to wear Little Jade, every single one of them died from their head exploding.

They are unable to accept the large information quantity nor are they able to withstand Little Jade absorbing their biological energy.

“Too damn cool. Let me try again…”

Liu Yi is starting to get interested as he keeps picking through the designs and changes the clothes that he is wearing.

After changing around a hundred times, Liu Yi is finally starting to feel a bit exhausted.

{Master…changing clothes also needs to use up biological energy ah…}

Little Jade’s voice is filled with shock, {Every single time you change your clothes you will use up around a normal person one full day of energy…but master is able to change over a hundred times and is still so energetic… gods…}

Liu Yi isn’t that surprised after all the biological energy that Little Jade is talking about should be his immortal qi and the likes.

A normal person’s energy is recovered through eating nourishment.

But Liu Yi’s immortal qi is through cultivation thus its a lot more times than a normal person’s energy!

After all it is just changing clothes. How much energy it needs?

In the end Liu Yi finally decided of a rather leisure and neat black jacket with white shirt and black jeans which looks quite good.

But why does it seems to have a bit of the other me flavour…

{Master, it is already 3:50pm. There are ten more minutes before the appointed time to meet Murong Die.}

Little Jade reminds Liu Yi.


Liu Yi instantly got a shock.

What the hell its already 3:50pm?! Are you for real?!

Just changing a few clothes and it actually wasted so much time?!!!!

[TL: ermmm i think 100+ clothes is not a few…]

Liu Yi suddenly understands why a girl is always late for a date…today I have finally understood the reason..

“It should be okay… I hope that I am in time.”

To avoid Murong Die’s lion roar, Liu Yi opens the window and jumps out.

Although it is only near 4pm, during the December period it is already starting to get dark.

Borrowing the darkness, Liu Yi wearing black hides among the curtain of darkness.

“Oh esteemed taoist be quick as I command!”

In mid-air, Liu Yi chant a string of words. “Come sword!”

Instantly a white ray of light flies out from the window behind him and slides below his feet.

It is the taiji sword that Old Man Ma has given him, it floats in the middle of the air supporting him.

“Treasure ah, I shall rely on you…let us go!”

Liu Yi changes his chant and points with his finger.

Instantly his body jerked and he is being carried by the taiji sword in the direction where he points.

Liu Yi turns into a black beam and soars through the sky.

The speed is very very fast and within moments, he has flown across half of the Northern Dragon city.

Liu Yi is able to see the large bridge already.

The night wind beats against his face causing him slight pain.

The night wind is like blades.

If it is a normal person who is moving at such high speed without any protection, he would already be crying and sniveling.

He still remembers that this was where he first met Yuan Zhenyue…

In a blink of an eye that violent police woman joined the Dragon Group and became his enemy…

Sigh, when thinking about that my head start to hurts ah!

Liu Yi shakes his head to stop thinking so much.

At this moment, it is starting to snow again and the snowflakes land on Liu Yi.

He increased his flying speed as he compacted his body, speeding towards the Mountain and Rivers Manor.

At this moment, there are a number of cars travelling speedily across the bridge.

Liu Yi is suddenly happy as he changes his clothings.

Black suit with red tie as well as a white mask.

After which he flies down towards the bridge.

Liu Yi speed is very quick like a gust of wind.

On both sides are cars drive speedily while Liu Yi stepping on his taiji sword weaves among them.

“I’ll be damned! Flying on a sword ah!”

“Could it be a new high-tech floating skateboard?”

“Are they shooting a movie?”

A lot of drivers are stunned and take out their handphones to take a picture.

“Ah! I remember now! That person is Blood Emperor!”

One of the drivers has a rather good memory and immediately shouted: “He was on TV before!”

“It is Blood Emperor ah! Quick take a picture of him! Take a picture of Blood Emperor!”

“Put it up on my blog ah! Tonight’s blog will definitely be a hot topic!”

“Blood Emperor ah I love you! Please turn around Blood Emperor!”

A few girls even went to the extent of stretching out their head out of the cars and waving their arms and screaming.

After the incident that happened La Scala, the name of Blood Emperor has completely become famous.

A lot of people have become Blood Emperor fans and there are even shops that are starting to sell Blood Emperor  cosplay costumes!

Currently it is not uncommon to see those who love to cosplay, cosplaying as Blood Emperor as they go around to take pictures.

But being able to stand on a flying sword and fly in the sky…is definitely the real one!

[KG:So….does this world just know magic exists or what?]

[TL: errr yes just that normal people should not know about it???… well at least I think so]

At this moment a boorish man screams out from within a truck: “Blood Emperor, I’m begging for ***, grant me a one night stand!!!”

Liu Yi nearly fell off the taiji sword from fright.

What the hell…are you for real??? You are a damn man!!! Why would I want to have a one night stand with you for?!?!

Liu Yi immediately increases his speed and overtakes that trucker.

At this moment a police car that had stopped by the roadside notices Liu Yi.

The policeman is very flustered as he picks up his intercom and reports to the command center, “Reporting from…river bridge, Blood Emperor is sighted at river bridge!”

“Chase after him! Keep reporting back your location!”

The commanding officer instantly gives the order.

The police car immediately opens it’s siren and follows behind Liu Yi.

Liu Yi instantly starts to have cold sweat, I am just fooling around…how the heck on earth did I mess with the police…

The police car keeps chasing after him at a very high speed.

Driving at such a high speed…would they get into an accident?

Liu Yi thinks for a moment before stepping on the handle of the sword with his right leg causing the sword to point upwards and starts flying higher into the sky.

Now I should have gotten rid of that police car right?

Liu Yi turns around to take a look and his jaw almost dropped down.

Because behind him is a police helicopter chasing behind him not letting him escape.

“What the hell…there is no need to go so far right??? Are you all really treating me as the number one wanted criminal???”

Liu Yi pouts, “I also did not even do anything thing to offend the Heavens ….”

He shakes his head as he grabs his right wrist with his left hand and draws a few magic seals with his right hand.


Instantly the taiji sword below his feet lets out a dragon’s roar and his speed increases, drawing away from the police helicopter.

Liu Yi tries his best to fly between the tall buildings to give the helicopter problems trying to follow him.

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly hears a girl’s startled cry.

“I, I really do not have money…”

Liu Yi looks down. In the car park behind a tall building there is a man holding a dagger pointing it towards a trembling girl and says fiercely: “Less nonsense. If you do not wish to die then give me the handbag!”

At the same time he snatches the girl’s handbag over and screams, “Take off your necklace as well!”

The girl is trembling in fright as she covers her necklace and says: “This…this is a fake one…”

“Goddamnit! I think you are asking to be stabbed!”

As he speaks, he raises the dagger.

At this moment a figure suddenly descends on the roof of a car beside them.


The car rocks slightly.

The purse snatcher got a shock as he looks at the man wearing a white mask, the dagger in his hand trembles slightly.

“You..You who are you!”

“Blood Emperor.”

When Liu Yi speaks, the man starts to laugh loudly.

“Blood Emperor? Just you? Damn it. Just wearing a mask and you dare to come out and pretend to be a hero? If you do not wish to die then SCRAM!”

Liu Yi shakes his head. Looks like there are too many people pretending to be me.

“Haiz…why are you being so fierce towards a girl. In the future how would you find a wife?”

The purse snatcher scolds, “Scram who needs you to care!”

“I do indeed need to care. I am Blood Emperor. I am here to judge your sins.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he jumps off the car and stands in front of the purse snatcher.

“Seeking death!”

A fierce gleam flashes across the purse snatcher eyes as he stabs at Liu Yi’s abdomen.

The girl at the back cries out in fright and collapses on the ground without anymore strength.

But Liu Yi only stands there not moving as ice armour emerges and cover his body.


When the dagger stabs Liu Yi’s ice armour, it instantly breaks into two.

“What the hell!”

The purse snatcher was shocked as he finally realised that the man in front of him is not a fake.

“Vein Sealing.”

Liu Yi stretches out his right index finger and taps the arm of the purse robber.

Instantly the purse robber’s blood stop moving causing him to be paralyzed and unable to move.

“For an hour, you will not be able to move.”

Liu Yi kicks the broken dagger away.

“Thank, thank you…”

The girl behind him finally calms down and thanks Liu Yi.

“You are welcome.”

Liu Yi smiles and steps back up his flying sword and flies up into the sky.

The light beam from the helicopter lands in the place where he was previously standing.

The girl instantly waves at the helicopter and shouts for help.

Liu Yi turns around and take a look as he says in his heart, this city has its light side as well as it’s dark side.

Sooner or later I will make all of the bad people be terror stricken when they hear Blood Emperor’s name.

In the future everyone will fear me hehe!

Just as Liu Yi is thinking gleefully, Murong Die calls him again.

When he picks up, instantly he hears Murong Die roar, “LIU YI! YOU SCUMBAG ARE YOU STILL COMING OR NOT??? IT IS ALREADY 4:10PM! YOU ARE LATE!!!!!”

This lion roar almost causes Liu Yi to fall off from fright.

The heck… no matter how powerful I am there are those few people who are still able to bully me…

But Murong Die do not be too rampant!!

Sooner or later I will get my revenge! Just you wait!


Chapter 245- [Murong Die! Just you wait!!!]

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  1. Damn he’s changing every chapter.

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  2. When he said : “What the hell…there is no need to go so far right??? Are you all really treating me as the number one wanted criminal???”

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  3. Thanks for the chapter.

    [KG:So….does this world just know magic exists or what?]

    [TL: errr yes just that normal people should not know about it???… well at least I think so]

    [Me: I do remember you that Wang Yuzhen (or however the girl who dropped from Honors to Rabble class is called) was very specific that the only medicine that could heal her sick mother was of mystic origin.]


  4. “Sooner or later I will get my revenge! Just you wait!”
    – Liu Hi, you sound like a small fry running away after a beating. You know your helpless before Murong Die! Lol

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