MKW Chapter 244

Chapter 244 – [Clothes Changing ability]


After taking over the whole Xin Dong island, Liu Yi hurries home and uses the method that Old Man Ma passed to him to remove the magic technique that was casted on his mother.

When Liu Yi’s mom sees him and asked who are you, Liu Yi really almost vomited blood.

Old Man Ma’s magic technique is really too damn overbearing!

In a blink of an eye it is already winter break and is going to be January soon.

This year’s Chinese New Year is especially early, it will be around early February.

Liu Yi sits in front of the window and looks at the snowflakes outside. Northeast usually have heavy snowfall carpeting the outside with a layer of silvery snow.

[TL: the hell… are you sure the snow is not poisonous? why would it be silvery…mercury snow???]

It’ll be new year soon and my father should be home soon.

Just as Liu Yi is sighing with sorrow on how to spend this year’s new year, his handphone suddenly rings.

{Owner, it is Murong Die who is calling you.}

Little Jade’s voice rings out.

Murong Die?

What is this lass calling me for?

Shouldn’t she still be mad at me?

After Liu Yi returned, he glanced through most of the SMSs.

Mostly it is Murong Die scolding him in anger while Wang Yuzheng is worried about his sickness.

There is also Wang Lele’s SMS which makes Liu Yi have a nosebleed as what she asked is when will he return to help massage her chest…

What a naive lass ah…such a pity that I disappeared for two months in go thus I am unable to fulfill my previous promise.

We had agreed to massage her chest once a month… should I make up for it?

Yeah I should make up for it. A man words are his life and I must fulfill what I say…

Liu Yi recalls and thinks, I should pick up the phone.

{Little Jade, pick up the call.}

After Liu Yi finished speaking, a shocked cries come from the phone call.


Liu Yi’s ear is almost deafened. He immediately makes Little Jade lower the volume.

Only after the lioness from Hedong roars, did she lower her voice.

[TL: it means either hen-peck husband or shrewish wife.]

It is indeed Murong Die ah… it is completely in line with her character.

From the phone comes Wang Lele’s weak voice, “Sister Die…we have finally managed to get in contact with brother Yi. We should say the proper matter first…”

“Your sister! You are too easily soft hearted! I have told you so many time when you are talking to Liu Yi this kind of scumbag you must be fiercer to him! You see, when we are good to him he takes advantage of us and he disappears for such a long time!”


Liu Yi immediately explains, “ I was recovering in my village…There is no signal in the village!”

“Heng, less nonsense. Then why did you not call us after returning back?!”

Murong Die is still unhappy.

“That…it is my fault…but as I have just recently returned back, there are a number of matters to settle…which still aren’t complete…”

Liu Yi is very overbearing towards Ling Yan and the rest but towards Murong Die and the girls…

I must be gentle,words are the most important.

Violence is a no go towards girls.

“If you wish to obtain our forgiveness, 4pm be at my house on time to have dinner!”

Done speaking, Murong Die hangs up leaving behind a stun Liu Yi.

What is going on?

Isn’t she going to punish me? Why did it turn into eating lunch?

What is Murong Die playing? Haiz, I really cannot comprehend what that lass is thinking of.

He takes a look at this watch. It is currently 2pm.

Forget it. After not seeing her for such a long time, I do miss her.

But why did Murong Die suddenly call me out for a meal…it is so strange.

At this moment, Little Jade says, {Master you are an I-D-I-O-T!}

Huh what the heck?

“Master today is the 24th ah! 24th of december ah!”

Liu Yi suddenly understands, today is Christmas Eve!

If it was ten years ago, who would celebrate Christmas Eve or Christmas!

But with the development over time, China started to integrate with the world thus the situation changed.

Now Chinese also party during Christmas Eve.

Back then I usually looked for a few friends to have fun during Christmas Eve.

Looks like Murong Die is looking for him to celebrate Christmas Eve together?

I still do not understand whether this lass Murong Die hates me or likes me…

But her favourable impression of me seems to have increased ah!

But not meeting for so long, I wonder if her favourable impression has dropped.

As Liu Yi is thinking, Little Jade’s reminder rings out again

{Master, Wang Yuzheng is calling you.}

Wang Yuzheng is calling me?

Why did all of this happen today?!

Liu Yi hurries and pick up the call and hears a hesitating voice, “Liu…Liu Yi?”

“Yes yes, it’s me.”

“Gods…it, it is really you…I thought that you had vanished off the surface of Earth…”

Wang Yuzheng seems to have loosened her breath.

“How is it possible!”

Liu Yi smiles faintly, “Now that I am the deskmate to such a beautiful lady how could I bear to vanish off the surface of Earth?”

“…annoying…flattering again…”

Wang Yuzheng on the other side seems to have turned red.

Liu Yi loves to take liberties on this delicate but unbending lass.

Hehe, it is especially fulfilling…

Wang Yuzheng asks softly, “That…have you recovered from your sickness?”

“I’m better now and am currently very fit!”

Liu Yi is touched, it is still Wang Yuzheng who cares about my body ah!

When Murong Die managed to contact me, she did not even bother to ask about my sickness or how am I and immediately pulls out her queen side…

“That is good…”, after finishing, she did not speak for a while.

Liu Yi waited for half a day, is this lass not feeling heartache forher phone bills?

“That…Liu Yi…”

Wang Yuzheng’s voice is as soft as mosquito. Luckily Liu Yi’s hearing is rather good otherwise he would not be able to hear what she is saying.

“What is the matter? You can tell me.”

“Today…are you free tonight?”


Liu Yi’s eyes instantly open wide.

What does this Wang Yuzheng wants?

During the night as well!


“Ah ah! Don’t think about wrong things! It is not what you are thinking of!”

Wang Yuzheng hurriedly explains in a fluster.

Liu Yi ask naughtly, “Oh what am I thinking of?”

“You…annoying, you bad egg…anyways it is not what you are thinking of…”

Liu Yi can imagine the cute appearance of Wang Yuzheng with a red face as she pouts.

“Tonight there is a temple fair…that…can you go with me?”

“Oh you are talking about a temple fair ah!”

Liu Yi faintly recalls that a few years ago, there area few trader in the North Dragon city who united together and set up a temple fair during Christmas eve.

The temple fair will have a lot of fun as well a delicious things. From Christmas Eve to carnival night, frequently there are a few couples who go there to join in the fun.

Wang Yuzheng actually invited me along to play in the temple fair?

“En…it is temple fair..that.. I originally asked my girlfriend…but she has something at the last minute and is unable to make it. I really want to go to this years temple fair and heard that there are a few new things. But as it is so late into the night and I do not want to go alone…so I want to ask if you are free…”

As Wang Yuzheng speaks her voice becomes softer and softer.

“What time does the temple fair open?”


“Okay then it will not be a problem. Of course I will go!”

The meal with Murong Die and Wang Lele starts at 4pm so it should be done around 6/7pm.

At that time I shall go and find Wang Yuzheng and go to the temple fair…

My gosh, never would I  have imagined that there will be a day when my night life can be so rich, hehe…

“Then it is a deal…8pm we meet under the large clock at the temple fair entrance…”

Done speaking, Wang Yuzheng immediately hangs up.

What the…this lass just hangs up without giving me a chance to say anything…

But it is okay. Despite me being in North Dragon city for so many years, I never had a chance to go to the temple fair.

There is no girlfriend, parents are busy so there is no time to go on my own.

[KG: Chen Cai might like to go.]

{Master, do you need me to recommend how to dress up for your appointment?}

Little Jade asks, {Little Jade’s database has all kinds of complete fashionable clothes.}

{No need, no need…I’ll just wear something casual.}

Liu Yi also does not have so many kinds of clothes, so how could he dress up meticulously.

{Ah? Master but this is your date ah! How can it be casual!} cries out Little Jade in shock.

{Forget it. This fellow is a stupid wooden block, after a while you will know.}

Lin Tong lies on the window still by the side and sighs loudly before saying: “Hoping for him to be enlightened…you might as well hope for him to fly…”

{Immortal fox sister…how am I a wooden block ah!}

Liu Yi instantly protests, {Although I am not an emotional sage but my EQ is still okay alright!}

{You?} Lin Tong glances at Liu Yi from the corner of her eyes.

If this guy has EQ then I can just go and die…

{Master, you should still consider carefully on what you’ll be wearing.}

Little Jade says, {How can you treat a girl so casually?}

{Then what should I do…don’t tell me to go out and buy clothes now?}

{There is no need master, Little Jade is a Super AI ah!}

At this moment Little Jade starts smiling, {I have a lot of abilities. Master please activate Little Jade’s clothes changing ability.}

Done speaking, in front of Liu Yi appears a dialog box saying, ‘Do you want to activate the clothes changing abilities’.

Little Jade still has such mystical abilities?!

This is so useful ah!

Liu Yi immediately chooses ‘Yes’.

Instantly Liu Yi’s pajamas are torn into shreds by an external force.

“What the hell!”

Liu Yi instantly cries out in heartache, {Little Jade what is going on?}

{Master be at ease. Because we are going to start the creation of bionic materials, these clothes will only be an inconvenience!}

As they speak, from Liu Yi’s wrist watch suddenly sprouts out an unknown white fiber like thread which wraps around Liu Yi.

Very quickly, Liu Yi is completely wrapped up like a mummy except for his head.

{What the hell! What is this?}

Liu Yi looks that the strange fiber substance on his body.

{This is a type of bionic material. Master, you can choose your favourite clothing.}

Done speaking, rows after rows of clothings appears in front of Liu Yi’s eye causing him to have blurred vision for a moment.

{This one then.}

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pokes.


Chapter 244- [Changing Clothes ability]

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