MKW Chapter 243

Chapter 243 – [Occupying Xin Dong Island]


He suddenly raises his leg and kicks harshly at the table.

Instantly that cumbersome 8-men square table slides across and slams onto Ling Yan’s chest. He is sent flying and crashes onto the window behind him.

-crashing sounds-

The glass completely shatters and half of Ling Yan’s body is out of the window. His waist is pressed against the window edge but his legs are trap by the 8-men square table and thus he did not fall out.

But his upper body is injured by the glass cuts as he lies there dying.

“Those who dare to threaten me, I will never be lenient with!” says Liu Yi as he stands up and walks towards Ling Yan.

-swish, swish, swish-

At this moment Military Knife makes his move again and throws out three daggers aiming at three vital points of Liu Yi.

Both his eyes and his throat!

The three daggers are both fast and accurate but Liu Yi only makes a grab and grabs all of the daggers in his hand.

At the same time, Liu Yi throws the three daggers back in the same path.

Military Knife seems to know that Liu Yi will retaliate and raises his leg and kicks the 8-men square table.

Instantly the whole 8-men square table lifts up vertically and blocks Liu Yi’s sight.

While the three daggers hits the table top.

Military Knife grabs Ling Yan who has almost fell off and prepares to escape through the window.

But at this time the shield like 8-men square table suddenly had a disintegrating sound and a large hole appears.

A fist went through the 5 cm thick 8-men square table and grabs the throat of Ling Yan.

Military Knife got a huge shock but seeing that there is no time to lose, he can only abandon Ling Yan and jump out of the window. He nimbly steps on the water pipe wall of the second floor and escapes.

Liu Yi throws Ling Yan back onto the ground of the room before extracting his arm from the 8-men square table.

The group of underlings are dumbstruck.

Gods, Commanding officer actually pierced such a thick table with a fist!

Commanding officer is indeed very strong ah!

“You…you, what do you want…”

Ling Yan’s face is full if injuries as he lies on the ground in horror as he looks at the slowly approaching Liu Yi.

“Come this is a property transfer document.”

Liu Yi places a few transfer agreement documents in front of Ling Yan.

Although this Ling Yan is only a hall master, he is a sworn brother of the gang leader of the Black Dragon gang.

Thus a lot of the properties in Xin Dong island are under the name of Ling Yan.

Liu Yi does not want anything else but these properties.

If he manages to swallow these properties then within Xin Dong island the Red Scarf Army will basically be the largest.

The other bosses are trembling with fear as they watch Liu Yi flaunting his might, not daring to step up and stop him.

No one expected that the always mighty Ling Yan is actually defeated by the Red Scarf Army leader.

Red Scarf Army is really ruthless… to actually get their hands on so many firearms!

Furthermore they are different from most of the gangsters as each of the Red Scarf Army members seem to be trained and are obviously not any good rabble.

“You are dreaming!”

Ling Yan scolds: “To proclaim hegemony over Xin Dong island? Keep on dreaming! The Black Dragon gang will not let you guys be arrogant for long. Very quickly all of you will be eliminated by the Black Dragon gang!”


Liu Yi stomps on Ling Yan’s mouth and knocks off a number of Ling Yan’s teeth.

“wuu wuuu…”

Ling Yan starts crying from the pain as he lies on the ground twitching.

Liu Yi takes a handgun from one of the Red Scarf Army member and points the muzzle at Ling Yan’s crotch.

Ling Yan instantly froze.

“I will not kill you but I will cripple your fortune and livelihood.”

Ling Yan is very afraid.

No man would wish to become an eunuch!

No matter how unafraid a man is, he will still be afraid of not having certain capabilities.

It does not only affect the lower body activity, it also relates to a man’s honor!

“I will give you ten seconds to make your decision.”

Liu Yi presses the muzzle against Ling Yan’s lower body as he looks at his watch, “…”

What the f***!

If his mouth is not leaking air, Ling Yan will really scold people!

Bastard… isn’t it ten seconds! Why did you say two after ten!

What difference is there from three seconds!

[TL: like old man Ma says, three turns into infinity thus ten can also be three ^^]

But Ling Yan does not dare to tarry anymore because Liu Yi’s finger is slowly tightening on the trigger.

As long as Liu Yi trembles slightly, then my lower half’s happiness will be ruined!

Ling Yan completely forgets about how painful his body is as he hurries as pick up the pen at the side and starts to sign his signature.

Ling Yan cries as he writes.

For so many years I Ling Yan have fight for Black Dragon gang boss, since when have I Ling Yan suffered such sins before.

Now I am actually being forced by other people to write such things…

Really wish to die ah…

One day I Ling Yan will make sure you pay back multiple times for this vengeance.

“Now what a good boy.”

Liu Yi picks up the signed documents before petting Ling Yan’s face and standing up.

Chen Dahai points at Ling Yan and ask: “Boss how do we deal with him?”

“He is already no different from a waste. Let’s just give him a path to live. I hate violence the most.”

Liu Yi passes the transfer documents to Chen Dahai to keep properly before saying: “Confiscate the weapons from the Black Dragon gang. Those who wish to join us can stay while those that do not want to can leave.”

Done speaking he turns around and looks at the other bosses.

When they are looking at Liu Yi the bosses start to tremble.

Bullshit…how is this hating violence ah! This is completely no different from a fiend star!

“Come let’s us continue discussing about the earlier topic. But I personally do not really like alliances and the likes as it is simply looking down on you guys.”

Liu Yi sneers and says: “After all you guys are officer level talent!”

Officer? What officer?

The crowd are starting to get nervous the more they listen.

“From now on Xin Dong island will no longer have other gangs. There will only be my Red Scarf Army.”

Liu Yi’s sentence immediately causes the bosses to jump to their feet.

“Are you joking? You wish to swallow the whole Xin Dong island by yourself?!”

A boss instantly jumps up and start scolding: “F*** this. As long as I, Wang Big Mouth am still alive you can just dream on!

“Then you can die.” says Liu Yi as he directly blows that Wang Big Mouth’s head off with a shot.

Regarding these gangsters, Liu Yi will never be soft-hearted.

Just now the person whom he killed, Little Jade had already passed him his data.

That person is call Wang Na and has done a few evils.

Moreover his data displays that he raped a young girl before and after committing the crime escaped from Guangzhou all the way to Northeast before slipping into Xin Dong island.

After reaching Xin Dong island he changed his name to Wang Big Mouth and started a fresh.

Thus Liu Yi feels that killing him is getting rid of a evil for the society.

Even if this kind of person died it is not a pity.

Seeing Liu Yi’s harsh methods, all of the bosses zip their mouth.

“Is there still anyone who has an opinion? I am a very democratic and fair person so anyone who has opinion can step out ah!”

Liu Yi smiles at the crowd.

Everyone kept silent.

Bullshit this is called democratic?

If they step out and says that they have opinion…

Isn’t it just waiting to be killed?!

“Commanding officer is so dashing. In the future I, Sister Peach will be under you.”

Sister Peach is the first to display her loyalty, “Commanding officer can do anything you want to this one ah!”

Liu Yi instantly starts to leak cold sweat.

What the hell….I will never have any thoughts about you…

“Right in future we are all Red Scarf Army people.”

“Right, right, Everyone develop together in Xin Dong island!”

With a person stepping out, naturally there will be a group of people following the trend.

Very quickly, all of the bosses become Liu Yi’s underlings.

Not giving in is out of question…

“Looks like everyone is being smart. Very well.”

Liu Yi nods his head in satisfaction before saying to Chen Dahai: “ The Red Scarf Army will start large scale expansion, everyone who merges in will be a Red Scarf Army member. If they do their things properly they will be our brothers. But whoever who dares to betray us, hehe…kill them.”

Liu Yi’s sentence is filled with killing intent making all of the bosses scared.

Where did this youth pop out from…

“Dahai. All of the original members will be promoted to elite team. Let’s call them Scarlet Cloth Guards.”

Liu Yi turns around and says to Chen Dahai and the original members: “Guan Yihua will be promoted to the Scarlet Cloth Guard’s team leader, at the same time his task is to conduct their daily training.”

“Yes sir!”

Chen Dahai and Guan Yihua saluted at the same time.

But afterwards Guan Yihua says slight ashamed: “I’m ashamed to say this but if it is instructor who is training out Scarlet Cloth Guards…then our combat power will be improve by a lot.”

“That instructor is a talent.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Let me think of a method and see if we are able to make him submit.”

“Instructor is a very inflexible person.”

Guan Yihua says: “As long as Ling Yan is still in our hands, he will definitely come back and save him. How about we set a trap for him to fall into?”

“Eh? After all he is still your instructor ah. Why are you going to just sabotage him like this?”

Liu Yi looks at Guan Yihua in shock.

“Hehe, commanding officer. What I am doing is more like I am saving him from a wretch plight!”


Liu Yi immediately nods his head and starts thinking if there is any matter that he did not say before announcing, “Alright since everyone will be Red Scarf Army members let me tell all of you a few of the Red Scarf Army gang rules.”

Liu Yi pauses and looks at all of the bosses before saying: “First rule, no one is allowed to bully the common people. Those who bully common people, chop off a finger.”

All of the bosses look at each other in dismay, being gangster and not allowed to suppress common people …this is too hard…

But who let him to be our boss ah…

“Second rule, gang members are not allowed to kill each other. Those who kill their own people, chop off an arm.”

This time round is not chop off finger…

“Third rule, Red Scarf Army members are not allowed to sell drugs or traffic human being. Anyone who does so, chop of both arms and they will be kicked out of the gang.”

This rule shocks a lot of people.

This is too much!

“Commanding officer. This, aren’t you breaking away my fortune? ke ke…”

The skinny Duke Feng instantly glares and say: “I,Duke Feng specialise in dealing with drugs. If you prohibit drugs how am I supposed to live?”

“I do not care if you are selling stinking tofu, selling duck legs or selling pig’s intestines just no drugs.”

Liu Yi says without giving any face, “From now on in the territory of my Red Scarf Army, whoever who dares to deal with drugs then do not blame me, Liu Yi for being heartless. Scarlet Cloth Guards will be waiting for you!”


Chapter 243- [Occupying Xin Dong Island]


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  1. Sister Peach is the first to display her loyalty, “Commanding officer can do anything you want to this one ah!”
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