MKW Chapter 242

Chapter 242 – [Counterattack]


“How could that be?”

Ling Yan laughs as he lights up a cigar and says faintly: “Everyone here are all bosses and have worked hard and bitter to establish their own foundation. I, Ling Yan am a very open-minded person and will not do such shameless things as annexing your foundation. What I mean is to combine our powers and establish our own alliance.”

“Oh? Alliance?”

Sister Peach blinks her eyes, “This is indeed a very new idea.”

Ling Yan blows out a puff of smoke and says laughingly: “Haha that’s right an alliance. If all of us are in an alliance and develop together, then we would not have anymore conflicts or contradicting views isn’t that right?”

“I’m afraid that it is not so simple.” At this moment a fierce looking boss speaks up, “So for this alliance talk, who will be the alliance leader?”

Ling Yan gaze turns cold as he say: “Does this even need mentioning? Other than me Ling Yan who else has the qualification to sit on top?”

After hearing his sentence everyone else’s expression instantly change.

“Are you joking around?!” The fierce looking man immediately slaps the table and roars out: “Letting you, Ling Yan be the alliance head, isn’t it the same as being annexed by the Black Dragon gang?! Damn this! As expected! This dinner is indeed not delicious at all! Let’s go!”

That boss is about to call his little brother and leave when the instructor behind Ling Yan takes action.

His right hand suddenly flicks and a white ray flashes.


Instantly on the forehead of the fierce looking boss is an extra half a dagger.

The other half in pierced into his forehead.

The little brother by the boss’s side was shocked but at this moment all of the Black Dragon gang members pulls out a handgun from their bosoms and point at him.

He is so frightened that he does not dare to move.

Ling Yan sits there and puffs his cigar as he asks with a smile: “Is there anyone who still wants to reject?”

Everyone in the room clenches their teeth.

This Ling Yan is finally revealing his fangs.

He is actually being so ruthless and not allowing anyone to even say half a no!

“Commanding officer don’t just care about eating. What do you think about me Ling Yan being the alliance head?”


Liu Yi is concentrating on filling his stomach and raises his head when he hears Ling Yan question. He wipes his mouth and replies: “What is the meaning of an alliance head ah?”

Ling Yan mouth twitches, this little shit is actually pretending that he does not understand.

“It means what when we are in an alliance I will be the leader of the alliance.”

“Ah ah, so it means that you wish to be my boss ah?” ask Liu Yi.

“You can also say it in this way.”

Ling Yan smiles and waits for Liu Yi to reject.

Based on the past actions of Red Scarf Army, they definitely will not be under someone else.

I shall take this opportunity to get rid of them when they reject me.

“Xiao Hua ah, he says that he wants to be my boss. Do you think he can?”

Who could have expected that Liu Yi did not directly reply, instead he turns around and asked Guan Yihua by his side.

“He he…”

Guan Yihua only says two words.

Liu Yi turns back and says to Ling Yan: “Did you hear it? My little brother is laughing at you.”

Ling Yan does not understand, “What does he he even mean…”

“You do not know?” Liu Yi sneers, “Hall Master Ling. You are really too uncouth. You must not have used the net very often right? This he he meaning is FYMF ah!”

The veins on Ling Yan’s forehead start to twitch.

When the instructor hears Liu Yi curses he immediately takes action.

A flying dagger flies out from the instructor hand’s fast and ferocious like a white ray flies towards Liu Yi’s head.

The instructors nickname is call Military Knife. He always believes in his knife throwing technique!

Back then in his section, he is nickname flying dagger instant kill handgun.

This time he must take the life of that Red Scarf Army leader.

But very quickly his belief turns into shock.

He sees Liu Yi suddenly pick up a pig leg from his plate and block his face.


The dagger instantly pierces into the pig leg.

“Ai yeah, Hall Master Ling really has good eyesight!”

Liu Yi uses a paper towel to wipe off the oil on his hands and says: “Knowing that I would have a hard time gnawing on the pig leg you especially sent me a small knife.”

As he speaks, he removes the dagger from the pig leg and twirls it in his hand.

Sweats start to form on Ling Yan‘s forehead.

Military Knife actually failed!

Did that Liu Yi manage to block it on purpose or is it accidental?

“Commanding officer, you better give face!”

As Ling Yan looks at the surrounding little brothers who are holding handguns, he instantly regains his confidence.

F** this. With so many handguns what am I afraid of!

I am the Hall Master of the Black Dragon gang!

Thus Ling Yan’s gaze turns cold and says fiercely: “ The Underground is not for fun. The law here is the strong eating the weak. As you can see the people in the surroundings are all of my Black Dragon gang members thus my words have the most power. Thus tonight even if you are not willing you must still be good and call me Ling Yan, boss. Otherwise you can forget about walking out of the door alive.”

“Really? If I do not call you boss I will die?” ask Liu Yi with narrowed eyes.

Ling Yan takes a puff and says proudly: “Of course. This is my rule. In my territory my rule is equivalent to an imperial edict.”

“How about I choose to help Hall Master Ling to lick your shoes.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he kneads his hands and prepare to stand up.

“Don’t you dare move!”

Ling Yan nearly fell of his seat from fear.

The hell, the previous shoe licking experience is still very vivid in my mind!

Damn it even now thinking about it is making my legs tremble!

“You just stay there and agree to submit to my Black Dragon gang will be enough! From now on your Red Scarf Army’s business will be my Black Dragon gang’s business. This way I will give you a path to live!”

“Then what if I do not agree?”

Liu Yi continues to play with the dagger.

Ling Yan gives a cold laugh, “Then you shall die! Do you want to give it a try?”

Liu Yi laughs, “Very good I love a challenge. Let’s give it a try.”

“Kill him!”

Ling Yan instantly gives the order.

The Black Dragon gang members instantly aim their guns at Liu Yi.

At that moment, Guan Yihua suddenly retreats two steps and punches a Black Dragon gang member in the face.

That member cries out and faints instantly.

At the same time Guan Yihua grabs the guys body in one hand while taking the gun with his other hand.

His actions attracts the gaze of many people and some of the Black Dragon gang members shift their target to Guna Yihua instantly.

Facing so many handguns, Guan Yihua did not panic nor become confused as he fires the handgun three times with his right hand. Every shot is aimed at the middle of the eyebrow of a Black Dragon gang member putting them down.

Guan Yihua marksmanship is very godly and makes the Black Dragon gang members panic as they keep firing their gun at the corpse of their own people.

Guan Yihua open fires again and after finish all of his bullets, he have put down all of the Black Dragon gang gunmen.

Liu Yi claps his hand and cheers for Guan Yihua, “Indeed it is my family”s Xiao Hua. One man is enough to deal with a small squad ah!”

At this moment, there seems to be movement downstairs and it seems like there are a lot more Black Dragon gang members preparing to rush up.

After Guan Yihua has settled all of the Black Dragon gang members on the current floor, he immediately points the handgun at Ling Yan.


The last bullet is fired at Ling Yan.

The instructor takes action again and shoots out two flying daggers, one forward and one behind.

The first flying dagger actually hit Guan Yihua’s bullet and changes its direction!

When Liu Yi sees that he got a shock.

There is actually a person who is able to use flying dagger to hit down bullets!

This instructor is indeed very powerful!

The second flying dagger is aimed at the middle of the eyebrows of Guan Yihua.

This man is actually willing to kill his own student! How ruthless!

As Liu Yi mutters, he raises his right and and stops the flying dagger in mid-air with two fingers.

Military Knife got a huge shock, he did not believe that there is actually someone who is able to catch his flying dagger with bare hands!

“Commanding officer you are already surrounded by Black Dragon gang members!”

Seeing that even more Black Dragon gang’s gunmen are upstairs, Ling Yan starts to chide Liu Yi.

“If you still do not surrender I will turn you into a sieve!”

“Are you sure?”

Liu Yi looks at the ten plus gunmen around him as he plays with the dagger and smiles.

“Are you blind? You can’t see? If either of the two of you dare to move you will be turned into a beehive!”

Ling Yan’s heart is bleeding.

Damn it!  I didn’t think that so many brothers will die! I definitely need to pay another large sum of compensation money!

[TL: … well looks like brotherhood is worth little in Black Dragon gang, it looks like they are just numbers…]

I must get back this debt from the Red Scarf Army!

“I think the one who is blind is you.”

Liu Yi points at the window and says: “Why don’t you take a look outside the window.”

Ling Yan frowns as he suspiciously glances outside of the window.

With this glance he almost collapsed onto the ground.

Downstairs there are a lot of people wearing red scarfs on their arm standing there majestically.

Everyone of them are holding onto a weapon, most are AK’s which are pointing at the second floor window.

There are a lot of Black Dragon gang members kneeling on the floor with their hands behind their head not daring to move.

The gunmen who came up suddenly pull out a red scarf from their bosom’s and tie it around their right arm.

Ling Yan is completely stunned silly.

Dumbfound ah…what is this situation ah?!

Chen Dahai walks up the stairs carrying an AK and saluted Liu Yi and says: “Reporting to boss, we have settled all of the Black Dragon gang members downstair!”

“Very good. You must have gone through a bit of trouble..”

Liu Yi raises the teacup and drinks the slightly cold tea before looking at the pale Ling Yan and says: “Hall Master Ling. Currently it looks like the one who is out of luck it you ah. How about this, you just need to obediently call me boss and give me all of the business that Black Dragon gang control on Xin Dong island to me then I’ll give you a path to live. How about it?”

Earlier the words that Ling Yan had said to Liu Yi, is currently being said to him by Liu Yi.

Ling Yan is finally unable to stand it anymore and collapse onto the floor.

He is finally afraid.

“You are crazy…you dare to go against my Black Dragon gang. You will definitely die very badly!”

“Like I have said. I love challenges.”

Liu Yi sits in front of the table and places both legs on the table. He use the dagger to trim his fingernails and says slowly: “Black Dragon gang will no longer be able to cover the skies of East Dragon district anymore and furthermore, Red Scarf Army would like to invite you guys to leave Xin Dong district.”


Ling Yan scolds fiercely: “Black Dragon gang’s influence spans over the northeast three provinces. What do you think that this small Red Scarf Army counts as. Let me tell you that if you dare to provoke the Black Dragon gang, not only you, even your family sooner or later will die in the hands of the Black Dragon gang!”

[TL: well lovely way of digging one’s grave. Got to give Ling Yan much ‘respect’.]

Liu Yi expression instantly turns cold.


Chapter 242- [Counterattack]


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  1. Hall Master should learn to read the mood. Like the guy at the door. Otherwise you do unhealthy things like threatening Liu It’s family (Who we still haven’t actually seen in person in this series yet, have we?)
    Thanks for the chapter


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