MKW Chapter 241

Chapter 241 – [Feast of Hongmen]


Liu Yi leads his group of people to walk in.

“Wait wait!”, cries out Wang Peng as he hurries to block them.

“What is it now? We cannot enter again? Let’s go back, let’s go back!”

Liu Yi raises his hand and prepares to leave.

Wang Peng wishes to vomit blood.

“No no Commanding Officer, you are mistaken!”

Wang Peng hurries and explains, “The number of people you have brought is too many. Only two people can enter!”

“What the hell! Just based on you saying two people then only two of us can enter?!”

Sun Haoyuan keeps stuffing guoba into his mouth as he sprays out bits when speaking.

“This grandpa wants to go in to have a meal can’t I?”

“Bosses please bosses please!”, Wang Peng starts waving his hand, “Rules are rules so please give this one some face and don’t trouble this one. Please take it as this one begging, all of you bosses.”

“Fine… I shall give you this face since you are so sincere.”

Liu Yi nods his head and waves his hand, “Who shall go in with me?”

“I will follow Commanding Officer in.”

Guan Yihua automatically requested.

“Will you be fine? How about I go?”

Chen Dahai is slightly worried.

“No worries , you don’t believe in me?”

Guan Yihua pats Chen Dahai arms, “Don’t forget about my nickname in the army.”

“Ah that’s right…”

Chen Dahai nods his head and whispers into Liu Yi’s ear.

“Boss let Xiao Hua go with you. He will not give you problems.”

“En. I believe in your judgement.”

Liu Yi nods his head and brings Guan Yihua along as he walks into the restaurant.

But Wang Peng still did not let them pass and smiles apologetically, “That… the two bosses… please wait for a while…”

“Why is it so troublesome?”

Chen Dahai is no longer happy, “Boss let’s go, let’s not join this gathering. Smashing properties is much more!”

“Please don’t ah! Bosses ah after all this is a gathering for all of the bosses. Being the guards we first need to check whether the two bosses are carrying any weapons…”


Chen Dahai sneers, “Are you joking with me? You guys want to search our boss’s body?”

“Not me! It will not be me!”

Wang Peng claps his hand and says: “Let the inspection people come.”

Done speaking, immediately two exquisite and beautiful women walk over.

“The two of them will be the ones searching. How is it? Are the two bosses satisfied?”

Wah…Black Dragon gang are really capable. Knowing that a gang boss will be hard to handle so they find beauties to search the body.

Having beauties to search their body then there will not be anyone opposing.

“Fine then. Come.”

As for Liu Yi he completely does not need any weapons.

Guan Yihua also did not bring along any weapons. The real weapons are all ready at other places.

The two women immediately step up and starts to touch Liu Yi’s body.

“Pervert!” scolds Tang Guo.

Liu Yi immediately cries out in grievance: “Oi oi I am the one who is being touched, do not wrongly accuse me ah, sigh… hey hey that place cannot ** ah!”

The beautiful woman neads Liu Yi’s important part twice before smiling and standing up.

“No problem.”

Liu Yi lets go of his breath. If she had continued touching then there might be an accident.

He turns around and looks at Guan Yihua and almost laughs.

The proud and arrogant Guan Yihua is currently spotting a red face.

The beautiful woman intentionally or unintentionally touches a lot of places where she should not touch.

Guan Yihua looks much more handsome and has a healthy skin color. His physique is very good from the special forces training he had went through.

A dashing and handsome guy is very easily taken liberties by a woman.

In comparison, Liu Yi looks somewhat young and inexperienced. After all he is only recently a second year student.

But he possesses a favourable aura, thus when the two women look at him, they will find him pleasing.


After touching for half a day the other woman finally has touched enough.

“Two sirs please.”

Wang Peng finally allows them to enter.

“Let’s go and take a look at how delicious the food that Ling has prepared.”

Sun Haoyuan immediately shouts, “Boss remember to pack some for me if it is very delicious!”

Wang Peng watches the two of them walk up as his back starts to sweat.

I keep having the feeling…that something will go wrong with tonight’s plan…

Liu Yi and Guan Yihua walk up the staircase to the second floor and look at bosses who are sitting around the tables.

All of the bosses in Xin Dong district are all here.

Sitting at the head is Ling Yan.

Behind Ling Yan stands a man wearing a green coat. Liu Yi glances at that man a few times because he feels that the man gives off a sharp feeling like a drawn sword.

When Guan Yihua sees that green coated man, he freezes before calling out softly: “Instructor…”

Taking advantage that they are still at the stairs, Liu Yi asks: “What?”

“The guy behind Ling Yan was my instructor back then…”

Guan Yihua becomes serious and says: “Commanding Officer…we need to be careful.”

“Understood. Just follow my instructions later on.”

Liu Yi nods his head and continues walking up the stairs.

At this moment, the instructor has seen Guan Yihua. A gleam flashes across his eyes before he turns and looks at other places.

“Ai yeah, It is indeed the Commanding Officer from Red Scarf Army. You are really the most important one.”

When Ling Yan sees Liu Yi, he immediately says in a peculiar manner: “Making all of us wait for you, hehe…”

“Hall Master Ling is really giving me too much face.”

Liu Yi finds a place and sits down, “Actually I am here to take a look. You all actually do not need to wait for me and can just start eating and drinking. Hall Master Ling specially waited for me, is it to dig a hole under me?”

Ling Yan’s mouth twitches.

“Hehe… why would I. This time around I invited everyone. The first reason is to invite all of you for dinner and to announce that I am discharged from hospital.”

“Ai yeah Hall Master Ling why would you need to stay in hospital for no reason?”

Liu Yi acts innocent and asks curiously: “Is Hall Master Ling feeling uncomfortable anywhere? I know a famous army doctor who can help Hall Master Ling to check up.”

Ling Yan almost cursed out loud.

Bloody hell! This fellow is definitely doing it on purpose!

Who doesn’t know who put him in hospital!

And what famous army doctor checking up for him!

Bloody hell!

What kind of illness can an old army doctor solve?

They are sicknesses like STDs, premature ejaculation and the like.

This damn Commanding Officer is definitely saying this on purpose!

Instantly all of the bosses start to give Ling Yan a weird look. Fuck this! They are definitely thinking of weird things!

“Commanding Officer is too caring.”

Although Ling Yan knows Liu Yi’s real name, but the Red Scarf Army announced to other people that their boss’s name is Commanding Officer thus he can only call him thus for now.

Damn this…calling him that way makes me feel like I’ve been taken advantage.

But after tonight, this name not exist anymore!

Ling Yan just bear with it a while more!

“Is it? Then what are we waiting for? Let’s eat!”

Liu Yi picks up his chopsticks and says: “This fellow after working for a day, is making me hungry. Boss Ling among the dishes you prepared do you have pig’s liver? Give me a piece first please.”

Done speaking, without hesitation, Liu Yi starts to eat the dishes on the table.

All of the bosses are stunned as they watch on.

The f***, the host has not even started eating and this fellow started to eat already…

Why does the Red Scarf Army members not follow the normal pattern…

Liu Yi calls out: “Why are none of you eating? Come on eat. Come, come, come there is no need to be polite.”

Ling Yan’s eyelids starts to twitch as he is unable to stand it anymore.

What the hell! Who is the host here!

“This Red Scarf Army boss is indeed not normal.” says a skinny man in a corner as he coughs.

Liu Yi sees that he is coughing very badly and is worried that that guy might just die.

It looks really scary.

“Furthermore it is a handsome man as well.” says a woman on the right. She is wearing very alluring clothes as she sends Liu Yi coquettish glances.

Liu Yi instantly starts to trembles because that woman seems to look very old…

But her makeup is smoky and fiery making Liu Yi tremble.

That woman looks to be around 40+ but still speaks so coyly.

Guan Yihua has already done his research and says softly to Liu Yi: “Boss… those two are the two largest powers in Xin Dong island currently other than the Black Dragon gang.”

“The skinny guy on the left is call Duke Feng and is the largest drug lord here and controls all the drug business in this area, The woman on the right is around 50 years old and is the largest entertainment town boss. No one knows her real name but everyone call her Sister Peach. Oh…in other words she is the brothel head.”

What the hell…that woman is actually over 50+…!

I thought that she is 40+ eh…

“Actually, everyone, the reason why I called everyone here is not only to celebrate my, Ling Yan, discharge from hospital but because of a big matter that I need to discuss with everyone.”

“Oh? I thought it is just having a meal?”

As Liu Yi tears off a portion of a duck leg he says: “This duck leg is not bad. Hall Master Ling since you have just been discharges come and have some to enrich yourself.”

What the hell! What does eating duck leg even enrich?!

Ling Yan is very unhappy that his sentence was cut off by Liu Yi.

The green coated instructor behind him gazes at Liu Yi coldly.

In that instant he releases his killing intent making Liu Yi feel that a dagger is against his throat.

What dense killing intent…

Liu Yi narrows his eyes and says: “This big brother is looking at me with so much expectation, unless you also wish to try this duck leg as well?”

The instructor’s body shakes slightly as he looks at Liu Yi in shock.

My killing intent is not effective?

Who on earth is this student?

Why is it that this disobeying and fearless Guan Yihua is willing to be his underling?

“If you like you can have more.”

Ling Yan looks at Liu Yi unhappily and says in his heart, it will be the best if you eat yourself to death!

“Since Hall Master Ling says so then I will not be polite anymore”

Liu Yi is really blunt as he immediately moves the whole duck on to his plate.

F**ing foodie!

Ling Yan curses in his heart before speaking up again, “Actually this time I am looking for everyone because I have a very important matter to discuss with everyone. Everyone knows that the number of powers in Xin Dong island is too much and there are times where we fight with each other making it very messy and is detrimental to our development.”

“Ke, ke…”

The skinny Duke Feng coughs twice and says: “What is the meaning of Hall Master Ling’s word… ke, ke…it has been this case since the beginning of Xin Dong island… ke, ke….unless Hall Master Ling wishes to make all of us join the Black Dragon gang?”

Liu Yi’s expression tightens, looks like the actual show is starting soon.


Chapter 241- [Feast of Hongmen]


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