MKW Chapter 240

Chapter 240 – [Special means of transportation]


Liu Yi brings a few Red Scarf Army members and walks out aggressively.

“Dahai look for two larger vehicles and let’s go to Luo Er Si.”


Chen Dahai nods his head and gives some orders.

In a short moment, a little brother drives a Xiali over and stops near them.

“What the heck… this is a larger car?”

Liu Yi glares at Chen Dahai.

Chen Dahai cannot even hide his face as he berates the little brother.

“What the hell are you for real? This car is only so big! Do you understand the meaning of big car? Can’t you see how many people we have?!”

“Sorry Commanding officer and Army chief I shall go and look for a new car!”

The little brother got so frightened that he disappeared like smoke with the car.

“This time should be okay. Our Red Scarf Army’s current influence is larger now.”

Chen Dahai pats his chest and says: “The surrounding stores were all bought by us. The whole of the northeast of Xin Dong island is our territory!”

“Oh, not bad. Sooner or later Xin Dong island will be ours.”

Liu Yi nods his head.

Very quickly a pickup truck comes stops in front of Liu Yi and them.

“Commanding officer is this big enough?”

Liu Yi starts to sweat.

“You idiot!”

Chen Dahai flys over with a leg and kicks the car door, “Are you for real?! What is our rank! And you expect us to sit on this kind of car?! Do you think we are going to transport cement?!”

“…Then Army chief, which kind of car do you want?”

The little brother is starting to become fatigued as he stares at the high ranking officers in the Red Scarf Army not knowing what to do.

“Idiot at least it need to be a slightly luxurious car! Go and get one now!”

“Ah! I understand Army chief!”

The little brother escape quick in the pickup truck.

“If that shit drives over a Dongfeng pickup I will kick him to death.” mumbles Chen Dahai.

If I become another joke in front of Commanding officer then my face will be completely thrown away.

A while later, a beautiful and luxurious coach screams over and with a twitch of its butt, it drifts to a stop in front of them.

Cold sweat starts to form on all of the Red Scarf Army members.

“Sirs, I have borrowed the next door associate’s commuting vehicle!”

“Your sister ah…”

The vein on Chen Dahai’s forehead starts twitching, “You actually got a large coach for me…”

Liu Yi hints, “A taxi minibus is also okay ah…”

Chen Dahai looks at Liu Yi awkwardly, “This… there are indeed a few taxi minibuses but tonight we are unable to use them…Boss you understand right.”

“Alright then… let’s just take the coach then.”

Liu Yi does not have any other choice. No choice but a coach then coaching is, at least it is better than walking over.

Chen Dahai shouts: “Commanding officer has given orders. Everyone get on the coach.”

Tang Guo says in anger: “There is like a feeling of taking the bus to school.”, but she still boards the coach.

After Liu Yi boarded the coach he asks: “Talking about this shouldn’t we buy a few SUVs?”

“Boss you do not understand ah!”

Chen Dahai immediately explains, “Last time we managed to get a million plus the two months earning everything is used to buy the surrounding properties! A good SUV needs at least 200 thousand. If we get a few then we’ll be broke. Thus we currently do not have any plans to buy cars…but after we have become larger and swallow up a few more Xin Dong district territories then buying cars wouldn’t be a problem.”

“Okay. ”, Liu Yi nods his head.

“This time our objective is to beat the Black Dragon gang until they feel pain and while they are shivering, we shall take the opportunity and swallow a few territories.”

“No worries boss, this time around we will definitely give that Black Dragon gang a huge surprise!”

Thinking about tonight’s operation, Chen Dahai becomes happy.

“Sirs, we are setting off now!”

The little brother driving suddenly steps the accelerator and the coach leaps forward.

Liu Yi starts to worry and ask: “Dahai is that person’s driving technique okay?”

“No worries boss, that fellow is a tank driver in my section. Driving a coach will be okay!”

As he is speaking, the little brother who is driving suddenly speaks up.

“Army chief this vehicle does not have a periscope. I am a bit not used to it ah!”

“Go and die!”

Chen Dahai nearly jumps in anger, “Only tanks have periscopes! Just drive!”


“Are you sure he can?” Liu Yi is becoming even more uncertain.

“That…boss let’s talk about tonight’s operation instead…”

At this time, in the Luo Er Si restaurant, the Black Dragon gang members are defending the surroundings of the restaurant.

Peng Wang is a small chief in the Black Dragon gang, his task tonight is to guard the restaurant door.

“Report to the hall leader that almost everyone is here. Only the Red Scarf Army’s people have not arrive.”

Peng Wang checks the registrar before reporting into the walkie talkie.

“What the hell! That Red Scarf Army really thinks that they are the boss!”

Ling Yan sits in private room above and scolds: “They actually make me wait!”

“Don’t be angry Hall leader, tonight is the death date of the Red Scarf Army. So what if you wait for a while more.”

An aid who looks like a adviser quickly steps forward and persuades Ling Yan.

“Damnit! I really cannot take this!”

“The king has said before to let a person die then first let him be overbearing. The Red Scarf Army are crazy people so let them be arrogant for a while. It will not be a problem after all they are destined to die miserably.”

The advisor says.

“You are right. For tonight’s plan I will bear with it.”

Ling Yan touches his chest.

For these two months, he can never forget how the chief of Red Scarf Army had bashed him up with a wooden stool.

Everytime he recalls it, his body will start to hurt all over.

Tonight I shall get my revenge for that shame!

“Peng Wang make sure to look out properly. Tonight we are just waiting for Red Scarf Army!”

“Understood Hall leader.”

Although there are already a number of bosses waiting outside, Ling Yan does not care about them.

In this Xin Dong district I am the real dragon, the real boss!

Wang Peng is also slightly anxious. The Red Scarf Army can really delay ah!

If hall leader is angry he might just take it out on me.

“Big Wang go to Cape Bar and take a look at why the Red Scarf Army are still not here yet.”

Wang Peng instructed a little brother beside him.

“Understand brother Peng!”

Just as the little brother is about to set off, suddenly a red coach screams to the front of the restaurant.

At this moment there are already a lot of cars in front of the restaurant and there is almost no more parking slots.

The crowd got a shock, where did this coach come from and why did it come?

While the crowd still does not understand, the coach suddenly makes a tight drift and the coach leans on its side as it sides in to an empty space among the cars.

Instantly all of the Black Dragon gang members are stunned silly.

Very quickly the coach door opens and a group of men wearing red scarves around their arm walks out aggressively.

“Hall, hall leader…. th..the Red Scarf Army are here…”

Wang Peng thought that his eyes were having problems.

Are the Red Scarf Army members for real? They actually drive a coach to take part in a gathering?

Liu Yi gets off the coach and shakes his head as he says: “Good fellow…this brother of yours is very swift and fierce with his driving… Some other day let’s get a tank for him to drive…”

The little brother immediately looks at Liu Yi with expectation and ask: “Really? Really Commanding Officer?”

“Can you get your F***ing mind straight?!”

Chen Dahai is completely helpless…this little brother is too honest and is not quick-witted enough.

“When there is an opportunity…”

Liu Yi starts to sweat, Why the hell would I get a tank? Are we going fighting a war?

After placating the little brother, Liu Yi brings the Red Scarf Army members and walks to the entrance of Luo Er Si restaurant.

“Wait a minute who are you guys?”

Wang Peng suddenly stretches out his hand and blocks Liu Yi.

Although he obviously knows that they are from Red Scarf Army but Hall leader has given word that they need to show the Red Scarf Army their strength.

Chen Dahai points at the red scarf on his arm and ask: “Are you blind? Can’t you see this mark?”

“Ahh so you are people from Red Scarf Army.”

Wang Peng suddenly has an enlightenment, “Why did you come here for? We did not seem to have invited you guys for tonight’s gathering.”

Chen Dahai raises his eyebrow, “Obviously you guys give us the invitation card alright? Is that Ling Yan’s mouth his ass? He actually treats his words as farts.”

Wang Peng’s face instantly turns green, “You! Be polite when you are speaking!”

This Chen Dahai is way too rude when speaking!

“Did not invite us right?”

Liu Yi has already understand the intention of Black Dragon gang, want to show off your strength in front of the Red Scarf Army ah, hur hur…

“That’s right, you are not on the list.”

Wang Peng is just waiting for this group of people to beg him.

It must be known that all the gangsters want face.

This kind of Xin Dong district gang leaders gathering if they did not come it is equivalent to slapping their face.

If you do not have face how are you able to mix around in the underground.

But Liu Yi does not seems to be bothered as he turns around and says to Chen Dahai: “See Dahai I had said earlier why should we come for nothing. Let’s go and go back.”

Done speaking he prepares to leave with Chen Dahai and the rest.

“Hey hey? You guys are leaving?”

Wang Peng is struck dumb.

This is a Feast of Hongmen that we have specially arranged for Red Scarf Army!

They are the main character ah! If the do not come would what we prepare becomes nonsense?

“What are we going to do if we don’t go? Chat with you?”

Liu Yi sneers, “ It’s nice they are all in a gathering, let’s go and smash some properties. I have been eyeing the gambling den in the East district for some time, let’s smash it tonight.”


Chen Dahai grins with joy,.

“Hey hey you, you all wait a bit.”

Wang Peng wishes to slap himself.

What the hell isn’t the gambling den in East district one of our Black Dragon gang’s businesses?

If these guys go there and look for trouble then it will be bad!

Currently almost all of Black Dragon gangs manpower are hidden within the Luo Er Si restaurant!

He immediately changes his tune, “Sirs, sirs, I have made a mistake. You are indeed in the list!”

Liu Yi turns around and smiles, “Do not make a mistake okay, our Red Scarf Army’s time is very precious. We do not have time to play games with you.”

Wang Peng wipes off his cold sweat and says in a fawning tone: “Did not make a mistake, did not make a mistake… you must be Commanding Officer of Red Scarf Army right? Your name is indeed on the name list.”

If they really go then wouldn’t hall leader kill me…

Still acting for nothing… just hurry and go in…

“Ah looks like after the last time we meet, Ling Hall leader must have missed me very much. Very well I shall go and take a look to give him face.”

Wang Peng almost vomited blood.

Ling Hall leader is almost beaten until he nearly peed blood…how could he not think about you…

He misses you so much that he thinks about killing you ah!


Chapter 240- [Special means of transportation]


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