MKW Chapter 24

Chapter 24  [Title below]


“Liu Yi!”

Liu Yi is concentrating on his cultivation. As he cultivates the red qi more, he feels very comfortable and relaxes.

There is actually an addictive feeling.

But as he is getting comfortable cultivating, he suddenly hears a delicate voice waking him up.

He is unable to hear a guy calling him but when this girl calls him he is able to hear it clearly.

It seems like….it is slightly related to his cultivation arts!

Solely alert towards girls.

Perhaps…this is the rumored power of falling in love?

Liu Yi raises his head and opens his eyes to look at the girl in front of him.

Seeing Liu Yi’s thin appearance, Murong Die’s heart softens.

She looks at the hamburger that she had just bitten and placed it on Liu Yi’s table.

Liu Yi looks blankly at the hamburger and asks, “Eh…what is this…”

Murong Die’s eyes are fixed out of the window as she says, “This hamburger does not taste good at all. Throwing away is a waste you can have it.”

Unexpectedly Liu Yi only stares at the hamburger but did not move.

Murong Die feels that it is strange.

“Why are you not eating?”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva. He has cultivated for half a day but cultivation cannot replace food.

Seeing that it is already afternoon, adding to the fact that Liu Yi did not eat yesterday night and this morning, his stomach lets out a loud growl.

The growl is so loud that both Liu Yi himself and Murong Die is able to hear it clearly.

Instantly Liu Yi’s face turns red.

Alas, this disappointing stomach!

Liu Yi wants to hit himself.

Too shameful already!

“You are hungry so why are you not eating?”

Murong Die asks curiously, “Actually it is quite tasty…but it is not to my taste.”


Liu Yi looks at the hamburger but still did not eat it.

This is something that Murong Die has bitten once ah…

If I eat it would it be considered as an indirect kiss with her?

If it is an indirect kiss…would my red qi grow as well…

But…I will not eat this hamburger.

“Oh, what oh. Are you going to eat it or not?!”

Murong Die’s patience is not that good.

Liu Yi licks his lips but he shakes his head and says, “Not eating…”

“Why do you not eat? Do you despise me?”

Murong Die starts frowning.

This Liu Yi… I am being nice and give it to him to eat. How dare he climb over my head!

Indeed cannot be nice to guys.

“Thank you for giving me food…but my grandfather said before that, starving to death is better than eating dishonorable food!”

Murong Die is instantly mad.

Growing up there are countless group of people who are trying to please her.

Unexpectedly Liu Yi did not do the same!

This causes Murong Die to be a bit amused for a moment as well as unable to accept it.

What does Liu Yi think he is, I appreciate him thus i gave him my hamburger to eat and he actually says, he’d rather starve to death than eat dishonorable food!!

“Forget it if you wish for death! Serves you right if you starve to death!”

Murong Die is very unhappy as she takes the hamburger and throws it away.


At this moment Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and grabs the hamburger that Murong Die tossed away.

His actions are very quick and are like a blur in Murong Die’s eyes.

“You…what are you doing!”

She looks at Liu Yi grabbing the hamburger and got a shock.

This fellow catches it very quickly…

Murong Die watches Liu Yi move the hamburger to his mouth and ask curiously, “Didn’t you say that you are not going to eat….”

“Miss Murong, you do not know that food is very precious! My grandpa said starving to death than eat dishonorable food, but he also said that wasting is disgraceful.”

Done speaking he bites into the hamburger.

Don’t know if he is doing it intentionally or unintentionally, Liu Yi bit into the place where Murong Die had bitten earlier.

This causes Murong Die to be shocked.

Instantly her face seems to be feverish.


I actually forgotten…I, I had eaten a mouthful of the hamburger…

And he bit in the place where I had just bitten….

This…is this considered as an indirect kiss?

Not counted, definitely not counted…

It is only a cheap hamburger, it is not enough to take away this miss’s first kiss!

While Liu Yi realizes that the red qi in his body seems to grow slightly.

At the same time, Lin Tong’s voice rings out cheerfully by Liu Yi’s ear.

{Murong Die, favorable impression raise by 1.}


Liu Yi got a shock, what is the meaning of this.

“You, you…you be careful yourself. Lan He found Kai Wen to break your leg tonight. I have already told you so deal with it yourself!”

Murong Die escaped in a flash.

Liu Yi is stunned.

What is going on?!

Lan He actually found Kai Wen to break my leg?!

Damn it!

Lan He this fellow is really a trash!

He actually wants to harm me!

Didn’t we arrange to have a basketball match?!

Why in the end does he still want to break my leg!

Too much!

Liu Yi instantly starts to be angry, so angry that he is trembling.

{Do you understand now?}

Lin Tong’s figure appears in front of Liu Yi as she says merrily, {This is what I mean by there is no knowing a man’s heart. You see, you see. How other people truly is you are completely unable to see through it at all!}

Lin Tong does not know if she is saying it to Liu Yi or herself.

“Tonight I just need to find a way to run away…”

Liu Yi does not like to fight.

Although he has successfully opened the first star jade,  the qi inside is still very little.

Furthermore, usually he did not fight as well, thus he is not confident.

{Trash, run for what! You already started cultivating why the hell are you still afraid of a group of common folks!}

Lin Tong scolds angrily, {Trash! Big trash!}

Liu Yi’s mouth edge twitches, “It is not like I start cultivating to fight…”

{Idiot, other people have already bullied you to the top of your head. Your actions do not represent that you are kind-hearted. It only represents that you are good to bully! Do you understand?!}

Lin Tong points at Liu Yi’s nose as she scolds, {I do not know how your grandpa taught you but other people already want to break your leg! If it is I, Lin Tong, I would pay them back an eye for an eye!}

“You, you want me to break his legs?”

Liu Yi got a huge shock.

{That’s right. If you do not give them some pain, they will never learn their lesson.}

Lin Tong says it word by word, {In this world….not everyone is an idiot like you…there will be countless people who will harm you. If you keep acting foolishly then once of these days, you will die without knowing why or how you died!}

“I still believe that there are more good people in the world…”

Liu Yi is firm about his beliefs.

{Dumbass! OHHHH I am so mad!!! Why must I be chained to you this idiot!}

Lin Tong smashes her head into Liu Yi’s chest.

However, since she is a spiritual body currently, she passes through Liu Yi’s chest.

“Okay, okay. Let us talk about this matter tonight.”

Seeing that his classmates are starting to return, Liu Yi lowers his voice and sits down while eating the hamburger that Murong Die gave him.

He asked in a low voice, “Just now you said that Murong Die’s favorable impression increased by 1, what is going on….”

{Hmph, you don’t know about this right, you little idiot!}

Once they start discussing matters regarding cultivation, the little fox says proudly, {The cultivation methods that I, this genius fox immortal, passed to you to cultivate is the secret technique of my fox clan, Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra! Guys who cultivate this heart sutra can through pluc….can through winning of female’s favorable impression to increase his cultivation!}

Lin Tong nearly messed up and says plucking yin to supplement yang.

Luckily her brain turns fast enough and immediately changes her wording.

“I know about this ah….”

{This is only the prerequisite. Things like favorable impression are not something tangible and is hard to sense. Thus Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra has a special ability. When you open your star jades, there will be a high chance of obtaining an assisting ability! You are very lucky and the first star you had opened, you had obtained an ability. This ability is ‘Eyes of Favourable Impression’.}

Lin Tong says in her heart, the Heavenly Fox clan is already very weak. I am the sole inheritor of heavenly fox…I still have a duty of reviving the clan and I must escape from the seal as soon as possible!

Liu Yi is slightly surprised, “Eyes of Favorable Impression? What the heck is that?”

{That is the ability you have obtained from opening your star jade.}

Lin Tong says, {Every time you open a star jade, you will have a chance of obtaining a mystical ability. For example, the Amorous Hand which is this miss’s ability, but have now turned to yours.}

Liu Yi says, “You…hurry and take back this ability of yours….”

{Idiot, this is a very good ability! In the future you will realize that this ability has endless usage!}

Liu Yi looks at his own right hand and sighs, “I feel that it is going to make my life more troublesome soon….”

This is an ability that Lin Tong has pushed onto me. I am unable to control it nor turn it off… depressing….

But Eyes of Favourable Impression….what is the use of it?

{There is not enough qi in your star jade currently so you are unable to sense the ability. When you have filled up your star jade you will be able to use it when you like.}

Lin Tong says, {At that time, you will be able to see the favorable impression of girls towards you. The higher their favorable impression of you, the more you be able to obtain from their aura…the power of love and convert it into your own cultivation do you understand?}

Liu Yi asks, “Oh, oh….I more or less understand….then when would my first star jade completely fill up….”

{It is still early….}

Lin Tong rolls her eyes, you, still wish to cultivate against the heavens!

Being able to open a star jade within a day is already very unparallel already okay!

I am already very enviously okay!

Furthermore, you obtained an ability from your first star jade!

So hateful!! In total, I have opened 4 star jades and only obtained my Amorous Hand from the third star jade! And now I even lent it to this guy free of charge!

This fellow is still not satisfied!

“I wish to be able to see favorable impressions now ah….”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the guys and girls walking into the classroom.

What is their impression towards me?

{So troublesome…}

Lin Tong complains but still transforms into a white light and enters Liu Yi’s right hand.

Liu Yi’s cultivation is still not enough, thus she can only use her spiritual body to make up for it.

Instantly, Liu Yi suddenly realizes that the world is no longer the same.

Because above the head of every person, there is an additional number.

A girl sitting in front of him have a favorable impression of 0 towards him.

The girls buy that girl side, their favorable impression towards him is either 0 or 1.

Fine then, I am indeed a transparent person….

At this moment the toe-digging fat girl walks in.

Liu Yi glances at her and instantly is petrified.

‘Favorable Impression 58!!!’



Chapter 24    [Eyes of favorable impression]

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