MKW Chapter 239

Chapter 239 – [Returning to Red Scarf Army]


Almost all of the Xin Dong district gang leaders have all received an invitation.

Black Dragon Gang’s Xin Dong district hall leader Ling Yan is discharged. To celebrate his discharge he especially invited all of the gang leaders to Xin Dong district Black Dragon gang’s Luo Er Si restaurant to have a gathering.

When the gang leaders received the invitation, their hearts start to thump.

Go or don’t go?

Don’t go? Then how am I supposed to mix around in Xin Dong district!

“Army chief what do we do?”

At Rat’s office, all of the higher-ups of the Red Scarf Army are gathered there.

Chen Ye looks at Chen Dahai and asks in worries: “Military counselor what do you think?”

Chen Dahai rubs his hands together and turns to look at Hu Rui.

“Still unable to contact commanding officer?”

“ I am unable to contact him… but I have already sent him a message.”

Chen Dahai takes a deep breath.

Their earlier plans are all based on the situation where Liu Yi is around.

But now Liu Yi mysteriously disappeared and did not appear for two months.

While Ling Yan is discharging a few days earlier than their plan.

“If it is really impossible then I shall go.”

Chen Dahai stands up and says: “It is just a Black Dragon gang. That idiot Ling Yan is nothing to be afraid of! We will just go along with our plan.”

“There is only this way.”

The higher-ups in the Red Scarf Army looks at each other.

Without Liu Yi around, they feel like they do not have a center.

Especially this time around it is a large movement.

“What is the matter that you are not bringing to me?”

At this moment, the office door suddenly open.

A young man wearing a school uniform slowly walks into the room.

“Boss you have finally appeared!”

Seeing the young man, Chen Dahai instantly smiles brightly and rush up and hugs the young man’s leg.

“I really missed you!”

“Go and die! I am not a homo!”

The one who has returned is none other than Liu Yi.

He sends Chen Dahai flying with a kick.

“Commanding officer!”

The unfamiliar Red Scarf Army members stand up one by one and salute Liu Yi.

“Boss these few high ranking members are my assistance!”

Chen Dahai immediately introduces them happily, “They are all brothers whom I can trust.”

“En. In future Red Scarf Army will depend on these brothers.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pets the shoulders of a few people.

One of them sneers and doesn’t seem to place Liu Yi in his eye.

Unruly soldiers ah.

Liu Yi understands slightly, after all, he did not appear for two months and those who have not come in contact with him will not be happy with him.

“This person is?”

Liu Yi looks at the unruly Red Scarf Army member and asks.

“Haha, this one is very amazing!”

Chen Dahai laughs and replies: “Boss, this is a brother who grew up with me. He is called Guan Yihua.”

As he speaks he drapes his hand over Guan Yihua’s shoulder and introduces, “This fellow grew up with me in the same village and we entered the army at the same time. But different from me, this fellow is hard working and has entered the special forces battalion.”

A special forces soldier?

Liu Yi glances at Guan Yihua again.

“This fellow originally had boundless prospect but after he had bashed up his officer he got discharged.”

What the! He bashed up his officer?

Liu Yi faintly feels a bit of deja vu.

“He is weaker than me but he keeps asking me for 5 and 6 during gambling which I hate,” says Guan Yihua unyieldingly.

“Furthermore, Dahai. I thought that you said that the Commanding officer is very powerful but I did not expect that you are actually assisting a kid.”

The words he said instantly shocked all of the Red Scarf Army members in the room.

“Xiao Hua how can you say such things about boss!”

Chen Dahai’s face instantly turns red. On one side is his boss while on the other side is his childhood friend, making this situation very awkward.

“It is okay Dahai. Let him say what he wants to say.”

Liu Yi restrains Chen Dahai as he smiles at Guan Yihua to hint to him to continue speaking.

“I do not have much to say but one sentence. I am not convinced to be under you.”

Guan Yihua crosses his arms behind him as he raises his chin like a proud peacock.

“Xiao Hua you are crazy!”

Chen Dahai immediately glares at Guan Yihua.

“So that is the case ah.”

But Liu Yi only nods and says: “To be honest I am also suspicious if you are able to join the Red Scarf Army. For example what our Red Scarf Army needs are real warriors, not scaredy cats.”

“I am actually looked down on.”

Guan Yihua sneers and hooks his finger at Liu Yi, “Commanding officer right? Let me see how powerful you are then!”

“Xiao Hua do not mess around!”

Chen Dahai immediately blocks him and say: “You do not believe me? How will my boss be bad?”

“Dahai are you worried that your boss will get injured?”

Guan Yihua smiles, “If he is worried about getting injured why come and mix around in gangs.”

“You idiot! I am afraid of you getting injured!”

Chen Dahai is so angry that he is almost jumping.

“Dahai? Are you having a high fever and becoming stupid?”

Guan Yihua laughs, “He can injure me? You think that the special forces are a joke?”

Liu Yi claps his hands and says: “Everyone else move aside.”

Instantly the surrounding people retreat back and gave them an empty space.

“I bet 200.”

Tang Guo takes out 200 yuan and place on the table.

“3 minutes!”

“I bet 250!”

Sun Haoyuan is holding a meat bun with one hand while taking out money with the other hand and places it on the table.

“I bet 2 minutes!”

“I also bet! I also bet!”

“I place 50!”

The group of Red Scarf Army members start to bet how long Liu Yi will take to settle Guan Yihua but it is a pity that he does not know.

In the end, after everyone has finished placing their bets, Sun Haoyuan looks at Hu Rui who is sitting at the side and reading his ‘think hacking book’ and asks: “Rat why are you not betting?”

Hu Rui smiles faintly and says: “Gambling is for bad kids.”

“F*** U!”

Everyone sends him their middle finger.

“This dog is as wretched as Liu Yi!”

Tang Guo instant defamation makes Liu Yi cry without tears.

Guan Yihua is preparing to give Liu Yi a lesson.

“Later when you get injured do not cry okay!?”

“Firstly let me tell you something.”

Liu Yi raises a finger and says: “We are not a gang.”

After done speaking, Liu Yi instantly disappears and appears in front of Guan Yihua.

Before Guan Yihua is able to react, Liu Yi grabs his head with his right hand and smashes him onto a table by the side.

Guan Yihua only feels that his surround have blurred when his head is smashed into the table.


The table is made of wood thus it is unable to withstand the force and instantly cracks into pieces.

Luckily Guan Yihua has learned hard qigong, even if he did not manage to use it in time but the base is still there.

Currently, Guan Yihua is lying on the floor with blank eyes and it seems like his head is jolted.

“Remember the objective for the existence of Red Scarf Army is to sweep away all of the gangs.”

Liu Yi bends down and says to Guan Yihua who is lying on the ground.

Guan Yihua shakes his head and suddenly roars. He stretches out his hands and grabs hold of Liu Yi arms and wants to try to capturing technique to take down Liu Yi.

Guan Yihua believes in his own strength as while he was in service, he did not have trouble throwing down his mates.

But Liu Yi is like a stone as no matter how he uses his strength Guan Yihua is unable to move him.

“Have you played enough?”

Liu Yi stretches out his right hand and grabs Guan Yihua’s throat and lifts him up before hitting him in the chest with his left hand.


Guan Yihua is instantly sent flying and crash into the wall breaking off a few inches of the wall.

The members of the Red Scarf Army start to whisper.

“Commanding officer seems to have become even fiercer…”

“No wonder he had disappeared for so long…he went to train…”

Chen Dahai is afraid that if this goes on, Guan Yihua might be broken thus he hurries forward, “This…boss…can you give me face and stop fighting?…”

He finally managed to invite this talent with great difficulty to train the members of the Red Scarf Army.

If he runs away because of being beaten up then what can he do!

“That will depend on what he thinks.”

Liu Yi straightens his school uniform and stares at Guan Yihua as ask: “So do you have any problems with me this Commanding officer?”

“No problem… I am convinced…”

Guan Yihua coughs twice and stands up slowly while rubbing his chest.

He originally thought that the little fellow only has a useful brain thus he became the boss of Red Scarf Army.

But looking at the current situation that doesn’t seems to be the case.

Army men also like to follow the strong, especially the arrogant Guan Yihua. He will not be convinced if the person is weaker than him.

“ We welcome you to join our Red Scarf Army.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pulls Guan Yihua up.

Liu Yi likes this unruly army man and he is much stronger than Chen Dahai.

The reason why he is able to settle this so easily is that currently, Liu Yi is very strong.

A month ah. That month at Old man Ma’s is basically a devil’s manner of training ah…

But luckily I managed to pull through…

Currently, the gravity that Liu Yi is experiencing is no longer twenty times but rather it is thirty times.

Luckily this gravity is rather mysterious and is only surrounding Liu Yi’s body and will not affect the surrounding people.

At the same time, Liu Yi needs to take note of the strength he exerts when he walks or sits just in case he breaks stuff.

Otherwise with such a heavy body…any kind of chair will be turned into splinters when he sits down.

When walking on weaker pavement, he might also break the pavement under his steps.

At this moment Liu Yi is like an elephant. Luckily he has immortal qi wrapping around his body which allows him to maintain his qigong technique.

“Boss we should head out already!”

Chen Dahai looks at the time and says: “That Ling Yan fellow is actually hurrying us to find trouble for him, hehehe…”

“Yeah, so how are the preparations?” ask Liu Yi.

“Relax boss, everything is properly prepared. All we are waiting for is to give Hall master Ling a surprise.”

“Very good.”

Liu Yi nods his head before taking out a red scarf and ties it around his right arm.

“Red Scarf Army. Let’s us move out”


Chapter 239- Returning to Red Scarf Army]


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