MKW Chapter 238

Chapter 238 – [Your little lover]


“That is so cool. Master, you are really the best!”

Liu Yi is very excited, a treasure sword from the strongest in the Demonic realm will disappear not be any ordinary goods!

Perhaps it might be the legendary god weapons and the like!

This time around I definitely profited ah, absolutely profit big!

“It is still okay. Let me search a while more. I have not taken it out for so long.”

Old man Ma flips around for half a day before finally pulling out the treasure sword covered by a canvas bag.

Liu Yi is full of expectation as he cautiously and solemnly receives the canvas bag from Old man Ma.

“Be careful! It is very expensive!”

Old man Ma says: “Let’s use this for practice.”

“Yes, yes…”

Liu Yi slowly opens the canvas bag to prepare to appreciate the legendary sword.

But he was shocked when he finally opened the canvas bag.

“The hell…isn’t this a Taiji sword that the gramps and grannies play with?”

“Correct. Take a good look. I bought it at Taobao.”

Old man Ma is quite fashionable…

But isn’t this a Taiji sword? Where is my legendary sword?

Liu Yi shouts: “Why is it this kind of sword? Isn’t it supposed to be a precious sword?”

“Expensive ah, it is very expensive ah!”

Old man Ma keeps nodding his head, “One of them costs 150+yuan! It comes with free shipping, otherwise, I would not bear to buy it. It cost a few days wine money ah!”


Liu Yi wishes to cry…the legendary sword that he is expecting is the Taiji sword the grannies use!

“Just use it. Having a sword to use is already quite good!”

Old Man Ma can see Liu Yi’s depressed appearance and sneers, “Furthermore that you are learning is the Emotion sword technique. It is using the emotions from a lass as a sword! The legendary sword that you want…how can it compare to the emotion of a woman! This sword is only for you to practice.”


Liu Yi can only nod his head and picks up the so-called legendary greatsword.

Oh, a 150 yuan legendary sword.

Liu Yi feels that this Taiji sword is cool. If I buys ten to twenty of them wouldn’t I become a sword saint?

“Enough, master is going to start to teach you a sword cultivation technique. You must learn properly. This month you just need to follow my instruction.”

“Understood master.”

Liu Yi nods his head and rolls up his sleeves.

I must cultivate seriously now!

Next time I must use my own ability to defeat that Long San!


In a Great God sect secret hideout, Ma Yixuan is sitting crossed-leg in front of a pair of skeletal remains.

These skeletal remains are releasing a bright green mist which is inhaled by Ma Yixuan.

Slowly, Ma Yixuan’s face turns slightly black and she starts twitching.


She suddenly spits out a mouthful of black blood collapsing onto the floor.

“Master…I, I cannot take it anymore…”

Ma Yixuan’s mouth is smeared with blood and her complexion is very ugly.

On the contrary, the green mist is not absorbed through her nose.

Jiang Qini who is by the side narrows her eyes as she holds her waist and scolds: “Rubbish!”

Her dazzling white and round bosom stretches out from her qipao, but the one in front of her is not a man but Ma Yixuan who is a female thus the attraction power is very low.

Especially with the current Ma Yixuan who is in pain.

“Master…it is really very hard ah…”

Ma Yixuan is bleeding from her mouth. Her originally beautiful face currently has a black mark on the right of her face.

This marks seems to form the image of the skeletal remains.

“Rubbish. With your current manner, how will you be able to take revenge?!”

“But… master…I am really in pain… and my face…”

Ma Yixuan seems to know of her face changes as she covers her face in worry.

“Didn’t master tell you so?”

Jiang Qini says impatiently: “This is only a temporary mark. After you have finished absorbing this ghost qi then your face will be fine. If you are unable to press on then the mark will forever be on your face! Furthermore you will never be able to get your revenge. Your enemy’s potential is very high as well.”

“I understand master…”

Ma Yixuan gives a bitter expression before climbing up and sits in a lotus position and continues absorbing the green ghost qi.

Jiang Qini crosses her arms as she frowns in thought.

That fellow called… whatever Blood Emperor, what is his origin?

He is obviously not a ghost cultivator so why on earth is his improvement so fast?!

It must be known that among all of the cultivation methods, ghost cultivation improvement is the fastest but it is easy for the foundation to be unstable during the later stages.

Especially for Ma Yixuan as she has a spiritual body!

Those who have a spiritual body cultivate very easily and speedily.

Thus within less than a month of effort, Ma Yixuan is almost reaching the 4-eyed ghost infant stage.

Although her body has a few injuries, it is all worth it!

Jiang Qini cares a lot about Ma Yixuan and is willing to put in more effort to nurture her.

There is another reason why a female spiritual body is very precious…because they are also a type of top-grade furnace!

As long as they are nurtured until very strong, then it is possible to use a special method to absorb their essence and convert it to my a strength!

At that time, I will also obtain the spiritual body!

The only side-effect is that I will become the target of other people. After all, a spiritual body is a double-edge blade.

But to become stronger, this little bit of side effect is alright!

Thus currently the reason why Jiang Qini is doing her best to nurture Ma Yixuan so that one day Ma Yixuan can become her food!

As long as I am able to become a spiritual body, the sect Leader will value me!

That’s right… this is the way!

Jiang Qini licks her lips.

Suddenly she frowns.

“Stay here and do not move!”

After saying this, Jiang Qini immediately turns around and walks out of the room.

She pushes away the tombstone of a grave before walking out slowly.

Outside of the grave, the sky is hazy.

Among the clouds, a fireball suddenly descends and smashes on the tombstone.

Instantly a large and deep hole appears on the grave.

Within the hole is fire and within the fire, a woman walks out.

Seeing the woman, Jiang Qini’s eyebrow twitches and roars: “Wenren Qian why did you come here for!”

Wenren Qian stretches out her hand and uses fire to write two words in the air.

– Looking for you-

“Look for me for what! You are not a handsome guy! This lady is not interested in you!”

Wenren Qian writes back a few words for Jiang Qini.

-I am also not interested in you.-

“Then why the hell are you looking for me!”


Wenren Qian writes a few more words.

-Stepfather asked me to come-

“Sect Leader?”

Jiang Qini instantly was shocked: “What is the matter that Lord Sect Leader asked you to find me for?”

-Twelve Zodiacs-

Seeing the words that Wenren Qian have written, Jiang Qini’s brows slightly crease.

“Isn’t there still a lot of time?”

-The plan has changed and there is a need to modify-

Wenren Qian writes slowly.

“Since Lord Sect Leader had instructed then I will do it. Help me reply to Sect Leader that I will increase the progress.”

Wenren Qian writes a few more words.

-Okay. Just to inform you, I am currently a Sakyamuni-

“WHAT!” Jiang Qini instantly went from peaceful to raging.

The qipao that she is wearing starts to float up and reveals her pair of white legs.

But this is nothing to Wenren Qian but if it is a guy, then their eyeballs might have dropped out.


Jiang Qini roars, “WENREN QIAN! It is obvious I entered the sect earlier than you and have contributed more! Why did the Sect Leader, on the contrary, allow you to rise in rank! First, he lets you be the same rank as me and now you are actually one rank higher than me! BASED ON WHAT!”

Wenren Qian only writes five words.

-I am stronger than you-

“That is because of the Blood Red Sutra Code that the Sect Leader taught you!”

Jiang Qini’s eyes have turned red and her voice carries anger, “If it me who had learned it my strength will have surpassed you a long time ago! It is not fair, everything is not fair!”

-You can go and look for stepfather and have a chat. I still have a matter to handle and will go first.-

Wenren Qian turns around and is about to walk off when Jiang Qini suddenly seems to have thought of something and says: “You have a matter? I think it is more like you are looking for your little lover!”


Wenren Qian instantly turns around and frowns as she looks at Jiang Qini not understanding what she means.

“Still pretending to not know?”

Jiang Qini’s face turns slightly strange, “Wenren Qian ah Wenren Qian you are really pretending that no one would know what you did? The Blood Red Devil Flame in Blood Emperor, this lady has seen it clearly! You actually dared to teach other people the sect’s non-transmitted secret! Wenren Qian ah Wenren Qian you really are daring and actually dare to take our sect rules as nothing!”

-So what, stepfather has said that this Blood Red Sutra Code is originally mine. So what if I teach it to other people?-

“No problem, of course there is no problem.”

Jiang Qini laughs, “But if I report to Lord Sect Leader that you have taught this cultivation law to an outsider…especially to an outsider that is an enemy of our Great God sect, hehehe….what do you think that our glorious Lord Sect Leader will do?”

Wenren Qian gaze instantly turns cold.

She suddenly appears in front of Jiang Qini as enormous fire wings burn behind her.

Wenren Qian seems to have turned into another person as her eyes are freezing cold, at the same time her right hand is writing -If you dare to tell Sect Leader I will kill you-

“Do not tell Lord Sect Leader?”

Jiang Qini does not seem to be bothered as she laughs and says: “Do you think that Lord Sect Leader will not notice the man that keeps killing our people? You think that you can forever conceal your little lover?”


Wenren Qian clenches her fists as the fire wings temperature increases.

“Kill me ah. If you have the abilities come and kill me!”

Jiang Qini laughs loudly: “Even if you kill me, your little lover will still go against the Great God sect. Sooner or later he will meet the Sect Leader and sooner or later he will die!”


Wenren Qian frowns deeply.

“What do you plan to do? Wenren Qian?”

-I will deal with him-

Wenren Qian finished writing and her body turns into a flow of fire and disappears in front of Jiang Qini.

“Heng…little lass, sooner or later I will play you to death!”

Jiang Qini looks at the place where she disappeared and laughs coldly in pride.


Chapter 238- [Your little lover]


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