MKW Chapter 237

Chapter 237 – [The treasure sword from the legends]


Liu Yi almost kneels down.

I’ll be damned…come on… why is there such reaction when I pull out the emotion sword?!

This Old Man Ma does not seems to know as well…

Looking at Old Man Ma’s shocked face, it seems like that is the case!

What theory is perfect!  Obviously, there are a lot of things that he does not know!

Liu Yi has thoughts of crying.

Looking at Leng Mo’s shuddering appearance as she kneels on the ground, Liu Yi starts to have all kinds of evil thoughts.

“Succeeded…it really succeeded…”

Old Man Ma is even more emotional than Liu Yi as he started crying as he watches Liu Yi slowly pulling out a sword.

The sword has a glass pattern and is around 3 fingers wide and over a meter long.

This is a glass sword?

So the Emotion sword is really pulled out from a woman’s body!

Based on Old Man Ma’s theory, within every woman’s heart has a trace of emotion.

Based on the difference of their body’s natural attribute, this trace of emotion attribute will be different.

As for the Emotion sword technique, it pulls out the trace of emotion and turns it into a sword.

Liu Yi looks at the glass sword that is floating between him and Leng Mo when he suddenly trembles.

This image…seems to be very familiar?

The two dreams that I had seem to be the same as this!

The first time is drawing out a black long sword from sister Li Biyue’s body while the other time is pulling out a metal dragon sword from Yuan Zhenyue’s body!


Don’t tell me that that dream is real?!

How is it possible!

How is a dream real?!

But why is it so coincidental!

I actually managed to learn this technique?

Unless in this mysterious and inexorable world, there are really things that are destined?!

Liu Yi is slightly disbelieving of it.

“Come! Let’s test it out its combat power!”

As Old Man Ma speaks, he has already run out of the gravity room and reaches the operating instrument.

Very quickly a large centipede spirit once again appears before Liu Yi.

The surrounding scenery turns into a desert.

Liu Yi says in his heart, What the…why can’t you change your tricks Old Man Ma…


The centipede spirit is fierce as usual and is slightly stronger with a 4-star strength.

Although Liu Yi’s current strength is halved, but in his hand is a very strong weapon.

“Go my good disciple! Let master take a look at the Emotion blade’s power!”

Seeing how emotional Old Man Ma is, Liu Yi does not have any choice but to use the Emotion sword that he obtained from Leng Mo.

As he wields the emotion sword, Leng Mo’s face turns red. Although she did not wake up, her face is very heated.


The large centipede spirit suddenly opens its mouth and spit out black poison at Liu Yi.

This centipede spirit spits out the poison like a fountain and sprays it towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi was shocked, the hell? Last time when I see this brother it didn’t seem to have this move?!

Unless it is the system improving?

Liu Yi decided to test it out and hacks down at the poison spit with the glass sword two-handedly.

A three-meter long sword light appears before Liu Yi and hacks in the direction he is facing.

Instantly the poison spit is split into two and lands at Liu Yi sides.

Liu Yi is shocked as he holds on to the Emotion sword.

This Emotion sword is actually able to use Leng Mo’s ability?!

It is indeed mysterious!

When the centipede spirit realized that its attack did not land, it suddenly twists and burrows underground and hides.

“Where are you running too!”

Liu Yi is very happy. After he obtained the Emotion sword, he feels like he is a tiger with wings!

He suddenly increases his falling speed and when he lands on the ground he immediately stabs down fiercely with the glass sword.

Instantly red blood sprays out and the ground starts to tremble.

The centipede spirit is stabbed by the glass sword and starts twisting as it emerges.

“Open for me!”

Liu Yi swings the glass sword in the direction of the centipede spirit.

Instantly a few sword rays flashes and the centipede spirit body is cut into many pieces as they twitch on the ground.

“Beautifully done!”

Old Man Ma clenches his fist emotionally, “If only you are a sword cultivator then would be even better!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says: “Nothing I can do about it…I am a body cultivator…”, as he recalls his Brilliant Sun palm.

“No worries, you little fellow has so much strength thus you can double cultivate.”

Old Man Ma smiles and say: “This master is also a sword cultivator. Let’s not say about the rest but I can teach you some imperial sword techniques. After you have mastered them, killing people with a flying sword is not a problem.”

“I can double cultivate? Isn’t it very difficult?”

Liu Yi is a bit excited.

After all, it will be very cool if his sword can fly!

Everyday using ice blade to run about in the sky is too slow…

“Luckily you are a body cultivator.”

Old Man Ma pats Liu Yi’s shoulder and says: “Body cultivator and sword cultivator are both considered as martial techniques, although cultivating both is very tough and there are only minor problems. No matter what you have a master here. While you are recovering, master will properly train you.”

Liu Yi thinks about it before replying: “Cultivating is okay…but can I make a phone call first?”

Liu Yi needs to know the news regarding Ling Yan before he can consider if he is able to cultivate here for few days.

“It is okay, go ahead and call.”

Old Man Ma nods his head.

Liu Yi turns around and walks to the side while pressing his ear.

{Little Jade help me connect to the phone.}

{Understood owner.}

After getting the AI, it has become easier.

Very quickly, Little Jade pulls out the phone’s system menu.

When Liu Yi takes a look, he sees that there are so many unanswered calls…

Especially Murong Die who holds the majority!

There are also a lot of messages…Liu Yi does not dare to look at them as most of them will be Murong Die scolding him.

He has disappeared for so long without letting Murong Die that missy, know for so long, she will definitely be mad!

But currently increasing his strength is more important as the Emotion sword is indeed a very strong technique.

Let’s wait until I have made a small accomplishment then I’ll go and beg for mercy from Murong Die and the rest…

Liu Yi searches for Chen Dahai’s contact and calls him.

After it rings twice, it is picked up by the other party.

“Goddamnit, my boss. You have finally decided to appear!”

From the phone call comes Chen Dahai excited voice, “I thought that you had thrown away the Red Scarf Army and no longer cared about us!”

“How is that possible…recently I have some problems on my side so I was busy with them.”

Liu Yi immediately gives the simplest explanation.

“Ahhhh, so that is the case.”

Chan Dahai also did not ask for more detail allowing Liu Yi to loosen his breath.

He says in his heart, this is Chen Dahai…if it is Murong Die she will definitely break the pot and ask to the end.

Like, where did you go, who did you go with, when are you coming back, and why did you not let this lady know!

“So Dahai, how is the training for the Red Scarf Army elites?”

“No worries boss. The matters that I Chen Dahai am in charge of, have you ever worried about them?”

Chen Dahai pets his own chest and says: “I have trained the members based on the army methods. I guarantee that when you return they will be a group of tigers and wolf! At that time even if you want to overthrow the city government it will not be a problem!”

“Get lost! What do we overthrow the city government for? We are not ***.”

Liu Yi scolds laughingly: “We just need to chase out that Black Dragon group. We need to firstly dominate the Xin Dong district before slowly spreading out to the whole North Dragon city.”

“No worries boss. Our brothers are just waiting for you to return then we shall go and flip over the Black Dragon gang’s nest!”

“Yeah, that’s probable. So when is that Ling Yan discharging?”

Liu Yi has arranged for people to secretly observe Ling Yan.

“Hahaha, boss that guy’s injuries aren’t light.”

Chen Dahai laughs joyfully, “Boss you really show face with your breaking. It is just like suffering serious injuries need a hundred days to recovers, that guy still needs to stay in the hospital for more than a month! Boss, you just take your time and settle your stuff. We still have time.”

“Alright. Then I leave the rest to you.”

After speaking finish, Liu Yi hangs up.

Chen Dahai is an old fox in the society, thus letting him handle Red Scarf Army will be alright.

But Red Scarf Army cannot just rely on the underground money to make money. If we want to expand, we must turn white and open a company and the like.

But what can this group of retired army soldiers do?

Liu Yi thinks for a bit, how about opening a bodyguard company?

It can also exhibit their strong points as well as lawfully gather my own power.

That’s it. After chasing out that Black Dragon gang from the Xin Dong district, I shall propose the matter of setting up a company.

Afterwards, we also need to expand our supply chain…such as making a movie ah, entering the entertainment circles and the likes.

But this is all in the future and we need to slowly consider.

“Look like this fellow has established a gang?”

Hearing Xin Dong district and the likes, Old Man Ma have a general understanding.

“We are not a gang.”

Liu Yi turns around and points at the red scarf in front of him and says: “We are called the Red Scarf Army! Wildfire illuminates the source, Red Scarf Shall Stand! The reason why Red Scarf Army is established is to clean out all the darkness within the North Dragon city!”

“Little fellow your objective is rather ambitious.”

Old Man Ma nods his head and says: “But currently it is not time to consider such things. It should be to return the Emotion sword back to Leng Mo and continues our cultivation.”

Emotion sword technique has already succeeded and there are no major problems.

Perhaps Old Man Ma wants to teach me sword cultivation techniques.

Liu Yi nods his head and lets go of the sword. The glass sword instantly turns into a ray of light and returns back within Leng Mo’s body.

Old Man Ma raises his hand and Leng Mo trembles slightly as she stands and walks blankly outside.

“When she has returned back to her seat, she will forget everything that happened just now.”

Old Man Ma smiles faintly, “As well as…the joy that she felt when you pulled out the emotion sword.”

“En, orh…”

Liu Yi grunts twice, “Whatever. Let’s hurry and continue to practice.”

The Emotion sword technique is too overbearing already…thus Liu Yi can only be embarrassed.

“Oh a sword cultivator must have a treasure sword. You can first use this to practice.”, says Old Man Ma as he walks out of the gravity room and searches his cabinet for something.

“Master you still have a treasure sword?!”

“Of course. It is an unique huge sword!”

Old Man Ma searches as he replies.

Liu Yi is somewhat excited, looks like my master is an impressive person ah!

I wonder if he can pass down the treasure sword to me?

“Master can you pass down this treasure sword to disciple?” asked Liu Yi brimming with exception.

“Of course. I only have you, this single disciple, is there anything that is not possible.”


Chapter 237- [The treasure sword from legends]


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