MKW Chapter 236

Chapter 236 – [I can only wrong you]


“Noooo!” screams Liu Yi as he sits up.

Cold sweat is covering his forehead as he notices that his surrounding is a white room.

Old Man Ma is sitting beside him sitting with his eyes closed.

“You woke up again?”

Sensing that Liu Yi is getting up, Old Man Ma opens his eyes.


Liu Yi takes a deep breath.

What is wrong with me…why do I keep having that dream?

A few days ago I dreamed of killing elder sister Li Biyue and now I am killing police flower Yuan Zhenyue!

Am I really the bane of those women who have Yue in their name?

Really strange…

“Since you have woken up, then we should try and practice the Emotion sword technique that I have taught you.”

As Old Man Ma speaks, he stares at Liu Yi with expectation.

“How am I suppose to practice ah?” says Liu Yi bitterly, “The qi in my body is recovering very slowly…currently I can’t even produce the strength of a one star….”

“This is not a problem. I have a miraculous medicine.”

Saying this, Old Man Ma takes out a small porcelain bottle and opens it.

Instantly a very soothing fragrance floats out of the porcelain bottle and when Liu Yi smells it, he feels that his vitality is invigorated.

“Old man…er, master, what medicine is this? It smells very nice!” ask Liu Yi.

“This is called Big Return Pill.”

Old Man Ma says with pride, “This toy is a treasure ah. After eating it, dead can revive and flesh as well as bone can be regrown. Even if it is a normal cultivator, after consuming it can recover half of his qi.”

“So mystical?” Liu Yi ask in suspicion, “Then why didn’t master eat it?”

“The star jades in my body were already broken by the Cross-realm lord and majority of the star jades were damaged, thus even if I were to consume this pill, it is of no use.”

Old Man Ma signs, “Otherwise you really think that I would not consume this pill and get revenge myself? Are you beaten silly, you retard?”

“That… the…”

Liu Yi blinks, oh well…I didn’t know that star jades can be broken…

Looks like the Cross-realm lords are very scary…in the future, I need to consider properly before deciding if I want to go to other realm….

Liu Yi asks bitterly: “Since you have such a mystical pill why did you not take it out earlier for me to eat ah?!”

“Previously you fainted before I have time to give it to you to eat.”

Old Man Ma says helplessly, “This time around you can see it, after you have recovered some of your qi, we can start to practice.”


Liu Yi nods his head and stretches out his hand.

But Old Man Ma keeps the porcelain bottle and say: “Hehe…but I cannot just give you this pill for nothing. For such a good thing you need to buy it from me!”

“What the hell! Are you my master a not?!”

Liu Yi starts scolding, “Even does a disciple need to pay the master for stuff that the master is giving?!”

“This…well master does not have any money what…”

Old Man Ma rubs his nose embarrassed, “Having no money to drink wine is very painful…”

“Fine… how much money per pill…”

“200 yuan. Just 200 yuan which is enough for me to drink wine!”

Old Man Ma completely went crazy with his need for wine as he shouted his throat hoarse.

What the hell!

This old man…

Luckily Liu Yi still has some money with him. Especially after he has recently completed a grade-D task, thus his account has ten thousand yuan.

The rest of the money is basically all thrown into the Red Scarf Army for investment.

Thinking of Red Scarf Army…I have been unconscious for so long…that Ling Yan should be discharged soon!

I need to return back to Red Scarf Army before Ling Yan is discharged to weed out the Black Dragon gang from Xin Dong island.

Liu Yi pulls out his wallet and takes out 200 yuan and passes to his master.

Thinking properly, I can be considered as a rich person…

At least when eating Ma La Tang I do not need to consider if I should order some soft drinks!

Life is so beautiful ah.

“Good disciple, come this is your Big Return pill. Quickly eat it.”

“What the hell! Master, you think this is fried stinky-tofu?!”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes and pours out a fingernail big black pill and swallows it.

From young, Liu Yi believes that medicines are all bitter.

Especially traditional Chinese medicine which is on another standard of bitter!

But this time when he eats it there is something different when the pill enters his mouth, it is very delicious and fragrant and it tastes better than chocolate!

“Wah the taste is quite good…master give me some more please…”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand.

Old Man Ma slaps his hand away and scolds: “The hell?! You really think that this toy is a sweet?!”

Old Man Ma rolls his eyes and says: “Eating one of this is enough. Eating two will be a complete waste.”

“But…it is very delicious ah, almost like chocolate!”

“Scram! Go and buy your own chocolate and eat! This is a Big Return pill!”

Done speaking, Old Man Ma reminds, “Why aren’t you hurrying to recover? We are about to start practicing!”

“Yes, master…”

At this moment, Liu Yi is able to sense that his navel is very comfortable and a warm current is flowing out towards his star jades.

Liu Yi immediate sits down in a lotus position and starts to operate the three cultivation laws at the same time.

Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra, Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, and Blood Red Sutra Code.

The warm current turns into a stream of power and flows into the star jades under Liu Yi’s control.

The injuries on his body start to close up and he starts to regain strength which means he is regaining devil qi.

Regaining devil qi means that his youthfulness is starting to recover.

Very quickly, Liu Yi feels that his star jades are becoming heavy again.

Although he has only regained half of his energy reserve, it is enough.

A long as the three types of cultivation laws have strength to start revolving, the rest of his reserve will be replenished soon.

“How is it?”

Old Man Ma ask Liu Yi while he is treating the two hundred yuan like a baby.

“Almost done already.”

Liu Yi nods his head.

“That’s good. Let us start then.”

Old Man Ma eyes Liu Yi shoulder, “As for the subject, let’s use your little fox.”

“NO WAY!” rejected Liu Yi instantly.

Emotion sword technique is a magic that is meant to target women. But as he has never tried this skill before, Liu Yi does not wish to use his own Immortal fox sister as the experimental subject!

What happens if something went wrong!?

Thus it is completely impossible.

Liu Yi insists on disagreeing.

“Fine… since our experiment’s target is a girl and you do not wish to use your Immortal fox sister then there is only one person left.”

[TL: well… I don’t think that Liu Yi did tell Old Man Ma what he calls Lin Tong… and given that Old Man Ma used to be a demon he should be calling Lin Tong the little fox or demon fox…]

“Who is it?”

Liu Yi does not know who Old Man Ma will choose as the experimental subject.

“Just wait here.”

Old Man Ma turns around and walks out of the gravity room.

Just as Liu Yi is thinking who Old Man Ma is looking for, the gravity room door is opened again.

Old Man Ma walks over and beside him is a fragile girl.

When Liu Yi sees the girl he is stunned.

The girl is wearing a black lace mini skirt and stockings with red lipstick.

If it is not Leng Mo then who else can it be!

“You, you, you…why did you bring her here?”

Liu Yi still has some grudge against Leng Mo.

After all, when the lass is fighting against him, she tried to frame him in front of Li Biyue.

“Relax. She is already hypnotized by me and currently doesn’t have any conscious. You can do anything you want to her.” says Old Man Ma with a faint smile.

Liu Yi instantly has some wicked thoughts as he looks at Old Man Ma with disdain.

“Oi oi. Do not think of wrong things okay!”

Old Man Ma immediately says righteously: “In my heart there is only my late wife!”

“Fine…I believe you.”

Liu Yi nods his head before looking at Leng Mo.

Little lass ah who asked you to frame me once. This time around I’ll just treat it as I am taking revenge!

“She will not be in an accident right?”

“No. There is still me around. Worst come to worst we just feed her a Big Return pill.”

[TL: damn…human experiment tsk, tsk]

Old Man Ma raises the porcelain bottle in his hand and says: “But you shall be the one who pays for them.”

“What the hell! Then the second one must be at half price!”

“You think this is Mcdonald’s ice cream?”

Old Man Ma rolls his eyes.

“Just hurry up. I still need to go and buy wine after this!”

This old drunkard…

Right…I still need to get some food for myself as well…

Being unconscious for over a month that means that I am on a drip for over a month.

No wonder my stomach is crying out for food…

Liu Yi stretches out his hand aiming at Leng Mo.

Emotion Sword activate.

The three qi in Liu Yi’s body starts to revolve at the same time. They push each other forward mutually and converge in the center of Liu Yi’s palm.

From the center of Liu Yi’s right hand, a strange and strong suction force spreads out!

This mysterious suction force is not pulling anything from the surroundings but rather something from within Leng Mo’s body.


Leng Mo starts making moaning sounds, almost making Liu Yi commit a crime.

Lady ah…

Do you really need to cry out in such a way that makes people trembles!

We are trying to do proper stuff here!

Liu Yi takes two deep breaths to calm himself.

Liu Yi ah…you must not have any rotten thoughts!

Following Old Man Ma’s cultivation technique, Liu Yi starts to operate the three qi within his body to push against each other to create the pulling force.

But Liu Yi’s hand suddenly trembles and is pushed away by some force forcing him to retreats two steps.

“It actually failed!?”

Old Man Ma is slightly shocked, “How is this possible! My theory should be perfect ah!”

“What the hell…it feels like my hand almost exploded!”

Liu Yi starts to sweat, “Master are you reliable or not ah…”

“Wait a moment…”

Old Man Ma suddenly understand something, “Ah little fellow I forgot a matter! The reason why this technique is to call the Emotion Sword technique is that it needs emotions!”

He points at Leng Mo and says: “This lass does not have any good feeling for you, thus you need to minimally make her fall for you then you will be able to pull out the emotion sword!”

“What the hell is with these conditions!?!?”

“Yeah…that’s why I said use your little fox to try as I feel that your relationship with her should be enough.”


No way in hell am I putting Immortal fox sister at risk!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth and stares at Leng Mo before saying: “Leng Mo ah Leng Mo…I am very sorry. For my Immortal fox sister, I can only wrong you for now!”

Done speaking, he stretches out his right hand and touches the delirious Leng Mo.


Leng Mo’s face instantly turns red and collapse onto the ground.

Old Man Ma who is standing at the side cries out in shock: “Damn it! What did you do! You almost broke my bewitchment technique!”

“ Persevere for a while more, it is almost okay already!”

Liu Yi’s right hand activates his amorous hand while his left-hand aims at Leng Mo’s chest and cries out: “Come out my Emotion blade!”

The suction force suddenly erupts from his left hand and Leng Mo shudders like she is at the peak while making ** sounds.

[TL: damn… I wonder how many swords can he pull out at the same time… this is almost like a human cauldron technique except it is for swords…]


Chapter 236- [I can only wrong you]


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  1. seriously how stupid do you have to be?!? he literally has two nightmares involving him pulling out two swords of his two big sisters and then gets a ability to do so and doesnt see anything wrong with it?!?!? i mean seriously dumb


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