MKW Chapter 235

Chapter 235 – [Killing everyone]


“Back then I was too young when I went to look for the Cross-realm lord to challenge them. The end result was my complete defeat and my cultivation was almost demolished. But I risked everything and in the end, I managed to escape back into the Human realm…” says Old Man Ma with sorrow as he licks the wine bottle’s opening.

“Why did you want to return back to the Human realm?” asked Liu Yi in shock.

“I wished to look for my senior brother to show him how powerful I had become.”

Old Man Ma sighs: “Back when I turned demonic, he is the one who opposed me the strongest. I was very talented and originally one of the candidates for the next sect leader. But because I had turned demonic, I left the sect. Oh, I also do not know how the sect is currently.”

Old Man Ma’s reason for turning demonic…should be because of his wife and daughter’s death…

Liu Yi recalls the things that Old Man Ma told him when he was drunk that day.

Liu Yi suddenly asks: “Actually…the reason why you returned back to the Human realm was to get revenge right?”

“What the…this…alright, you are right.” Old Man Ma nods his head, “At that time when I was ascending I thought that the Demonic realm is rather good and entered without thinking. But who would have known that wishing to return is so hard!”

“Then why did you save me?”

Liu Yi feels that things are not so simple.

“ I figured that you were smart. I, Old Man Ma will not save any random person.”

Old Man Ma laughs, “Furthermore I need to use up some of the meager amount of demonic qi I am left with.”

“Just say it. Why did you go through so much trouble to save me?”

Liu Yi feels that he is becoming more and more intelligent.

As my strength increases, my brain also starts to open up.

“Help me take revenge.”

A ruthless gleam flashes pass Old Man Ma’s eyes.

“No matter until when…this matter of killing my family, I will definitely get revenge!”

“Am I powerful enough…to help you get revenge?”

Don’t think that the person who killed off Old Man Ma’s family is any good person…

“Little fellow. You are really looking down on yourself.”

Old Man Ma laughs, “You are a genius that appears once in a thousand years!”

“Genius? Me? I am but a common person…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, NBA ah!

[TL: NBA should be 泥巴啊 which mean mud ah!]

Immortal fox sister is always mad at me for being stupid so how is it possible that I am a genius…

“What common man…don’t believe them!”

Old Man Ma smiles cruelly and says: “In your body exists devil qi, immortal qi, and demon qi at the same time! In this cultivation realm, it is already not possible! But you actually manage to do it. You are really a present that the gods have given me ah!”

“Wait a moment! I don’t swing that way!” Liu Yi immediately declares.

My orientation is normal okay…

“What the hell are you thinking about! I am talking about my cultivation laws. It is like it is specially created for you ah!”

As Old Man Ma speaks, he seems to be thinking of something as he licks his lips.

When Liu Yi sees his actions, he feels that it is very sinister.

“What kind of cultivation laws? You want to pass it to me?”

“Yes, it can also be said that you are the only person who is able to learn it.”

Old Man Ma nods his head and says: “In your body, there are already 3 types of cultivation laws and all of them are exceptional cultivation laws. Thus even if I pass you my demonic cultivation laws, there will not be any problem nor will it help you much. But this cultivation law that I had created afterwards is the most unique one and there will not be another similar one!”

“Oh? Then why don’t you learn it yourself and get your revenge?”

Liu Yi is feeling very suspicious.

“Stinky fellow do you really think that I don’t want to?!”

Old Man Ma snorts, “Back then when I created this cultivation law, it is too imaginative already and there are a lot of things that were not properly thought out! Only after I had created it then did I realize that…this cultivation law needs a person who possesses three of the major cultivation qi’s at the same time then he will be able to cultivate it. That means, buddha qi, demonic qi, immortal qi, devil qi and ghost qi these five major qi’s. You need to possess at least three of them then you will be able to cultivate it! If you are short of one then you will not be able to cultivate it!”

“Why is it so harsh?”

Liu Yi is unable to comprehend it.

“Because one gives birth to two, two gives birth to three and three gives birth to infinity.”

Old Man Ma mysteriously raises three fingers and say: “Do not look down on three this number. When you have reached three then you will possess all of the possibilities. Only when your three qi’s complements each other then you will be able to smoothly use my cultivation law.”

“It sounds very unreliable!”

Liu Yi is feeling uncertain, “ Is it reliable or not?”

“How is it possible that this cultivation law that I, Old Man Ma, created is not reliable! Back then I nearly killed off that Cross-realm lord okay!”


“Who cares about that. We should continue to research about this cultivation law matter.”

Liu Yi is worried that he would be sabotaged and immediately says: “What the hell! I am not learning!”

“Are you really not learning?”

Old Man Ma strokes his eyebrow, “Little Emperor ah, don’t you feel that although you possess three strong cultivation law, you are still lacking something?”

There is indeed that feeling that I am missing something…

“If you learn my cultivation law then you can make up for this feeling. When you have learned it, I can guarantee that you will become unequal under the heavens!”

As Liu Yi listens he thought, why does it seem like he is trying to trick a child…

“Can I believe you?”

“Didn’t I save you?”

Old Man Ma says unhappily: “Even if it is to repay me, shouldn’t you help me out?”


“Ai… looks like I am doomed to be a impoverished old man…”

Old Man Ma’s expression suddenly wanes as he sighs continuously and his eyes haze over.

“My pitiful wife and daughter ah…you all died so miserably…I have no hope of getting revenge for you, why don’t I come and join you…”

As he speaks, he breaks the wine bottle in his hand and picks a sharp edge and slices towards his throat slowly.

This slow action…

Liu Yi feels that it is way more slower than a movie put to slow!

“Enough, enough… I promise you alright?!”

If he really wants to die why did he act so badly…Liu Yi had enough of it.

“Ah. I just knew that Little Emperor, you are the most handsome one!”

“What the… don’t call me Little Emperor I don’t dare to be Big Emperor leh… it sounds so much like calling a dog!”

[TL: Big Emperor(大皇) dà huáng, sounds the same as Big Yellow(大黄) dà huáng]

“Ah, yes my good disciple, Master will rely on you for the future.”

…the hell…we are master and disciple now?

Isn’t this progressing too fast?

“Come, come, come, my good disciple ah let master use the memory transfer technique and pass you this mysterious cultivation law.”

Done speaking, Old Man Ma places his hands on Liu Yi’s head.

“Remember, master’s cultivation law is called Emotion Sword Technique!”

Done speaking, Liu Yi mind suddenly has a dizzy feeling.

His head is in so much pain that he kneels on the ground and grasps his head.

He is unable to hold back his groans.

I did not think that this whatever Emotion Sword Technique is actually so complex…so much stuff!

Indeed there is a feeling that I am being sabotaged…

Being very dizzy, Liu Yi is unable to control himself and once again loss conscious.

In a daze, He seems to hear Old Man Ma’s voice.

“This little fellow is too fragile, to think he fainted just like this…haiz, oh well just what he needs is rest.”


When Liu Yi open his eyes against, Yuan Zhenyue is once again standing in front of him.

While he is holding a metal dragon sword and the sword blade is stabbed into Yuan Zhenyue’s belly.

Dark red blood slowly flows down the blade.

Why…why is it this dream again…

Liu Yi feels that he has gone insane!

“Just how many…do you want to kill, when will it be enough…?”

Yuan Zhenyue does not seem to be in pain and the only pain she is feeling is pain for Liu Yi.

“I do not care! If God blocks me I shall kill God. If Buddha blocks me I shall kill Buddha!”

Liu Yi roars: “Everyone that dares to block me shall die! Even you!”

“It will not only be me who will block you…”

Yuan Zhenyue suddenly smiles with her blood smeared lips, “They…will also come and block you…”

“Then you shall die first!”

Liu Yi eyes completely turn blood red.

He roars out as the surrounding air seems to shudder.

A stream of red lava erupts from Liu Yi side and rushes up the sky, while a brown scorpion crawls out from his leg following his trousers and climbs all the way up to his shoulder.


An explosive sound occurs and the scorpion turns into a dark brown armour and encases Liu Yi.

[TL: ah spoiler for his natal pet ability… why now….]

“Extreme happiness!”

At the same time, Liu Yi raises his right hand towards the sky.

Black clouds start to form in the originally boundless clear sky.

The black clouds revolve in the sky and suddenly the black clouds spread out in all directions.

After the clouds disperse, a large flame palm descended.

The flame palm is hundreds of meters wide and dark pressure appears on top of Liu Yi and Yuan Zhenyue.

Although the flame palm is a distance away, Yuan Zhenyue is able to feel the heat.

“Liu Yi…stop your hands…”

Yuan Zhenyue begs bitterly, “Why do you need to do this…we were originally fine…”

“My objective is not achieved, then it will forever not be fine!”

The demonic qi blazes around Liu Yi, “Those who block me shall die!”

“Then kill me!”

Yuan Zhenyue gathers all her strength and shouts: “If you are not the Liu Yi in my heart…then take action!”

“You are the one asking for it!”

Liu Yi roars with his palm high up going to press down any moment.


Liu Yi is roaring in his heart, I do not want to kill Yuan Zhenyue!

I also do not want to kill sister…

Why, why did I become a killing devil?

Liu Yi feels heart pain as he tries every method to control his own actions.

“Even you are here to block me?”

Liu Yi who is preparing to use Ruin Palm seems to sense the peculiar thoughts within his body.

“Get out of my body!”

Saying thus he uses his other hand and suddenly grabs his own chest and pulls out with everything he has.

A large force exerts on his own body and Liu Yi within the dream is pulled out from the body.

“Are you crazy? You actually captured your own soul?” cries out Yuan Zhenyue in shock.

“No one is allowed to block me! Not even me!”

Liu Yi expression is very sinister and his body suddenly starts to change

His right hand is burning and turns into a red colored arm, while his left arm turns into ice and emits cold air.

An ice and fire wing emerges from his back and starts flapping.

At this moment, Liu Yi completely looks like a monster.


A woman suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi.

This figure…seems to be Immortal Fox sister?!

“LIU YI! Please wake up!”

“Go and die!”

Liu Yi’s palm suddenly aims at Lin Tong.


Chapter 235 – [Killing everyone


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