MKW Chapter 234

Chapter 234 – [An awesome Old man]


“I will not let you go!”

Yuan Zhenyue is blocking Liu Yi and the Long Xin battle armor that she is wearing is looking way too cool.

Large metal dragon wings are flapping at her back giving a powerful feeling.

Her vigorous heroic spirit twinkles steadily in one’s eyes.

“You are also here to block me?” ask Liu Yi as he looks at Yuan Zhenyue with his eyebrows deeply creased.

“I am sorry… but I cannot watch you throwing away your life…”

Yuan Zhenyue raises her hands in preparation for battle, “Even if I risk my life, I will block you!”

“Then do not blame me for being heartless.”

As Liu Yi speaks, the black glow on his body twines around him.

Wait this is wrong…

Why is my demonic qi so strong…

Liu Yi starts to feel that something is wrong.

Why did I lose control of my body again…

What is happening… what is the situation now?!

Yuan Zhenyue suddenly shouts out crying: “Liu Yi can you hurry and wake up! This is not you!”

Yuan Zhenyue knows how to cry?

This unbending and strong police woman knows how to cry?!

And… how does she know my name? Aren’t I wearing my mask?

The more Liu Yi thinks the more he does not understand.

“This is me.” Liu Yi says coldly, “I do not wish to hurt you but those who block me shall die.”

What the… I know how to say such domineering words?

“Then kill me!”

Yuan Zhenyue suddenly opens her arms as she blocks Liu Yi.

“Do not think that I do not dare.”

One of Liu Yi’s hand is aiming at Yuan Zhenyue’s chest.

“I am weaker than you.”

Yuan Zhenyue expression is very resolute, “Thus I can only use my life to block you.”

“Yuan Zhenyue you are the one who is asking for it!”

A black glow suddenly emerges from Liu Yi’s palm and following which Yuan Zhenyue shudders.

A golden red metal sword is slowly pulled out from Yuan Zhenyue’s chest.

Wait a moment…this situation seems to be very familiar…

Liu Yi’s heart starts to trembles.

That metal sword seems to be a dragon head and as it is pulled out of Yuan Zhenyue’s body, it keeps letting out dragon keening.

Am I… going to kill Yuan Zhenyue?

I don’t want that…definitely do not want to!

Liu Yi suddenly roars out and sits up.

[TL: damn… looks like their future together is very bleak…]

Instantly an unimaginable ripping pain causes Liu Yi to clenches his teeth.

“Dammit… so painful…”

His body is like being ripped apart, a lot of parts are hurting and it almost makes him twitch.

Liu Yi does not dare to move and sits still as he operates his breathing techniques to try to relieve his pain.

Usually, these injuries will be rapidly cured by the demonic qi.

But this time around the demonic qi revolves very slowly, thus the injuries can only heal at a normal pace.

Furthermore, the three type of qi in his body seem to be exhausted and are seriously empty.

“Damn… indeed I am injured badly…”

Liu Yi recalls that the other conscious forcefully using two demonic tails. Seeing the harsh after effects, it causes him lots of headaches.

But… where is this place?

Liu Yi looks around. Am I actually lying in an empty desert?

Why would I run to a desert?

Something is wrong ah!

Wasn’t I at North Dragon district La Scala shopping center?


I have actually experienced the legendary summoning?!

Wow! So excited!

Did I, Liu Yi, finally experience it?

Liu Yi bears with his body’s cries of pain to climb up and looks around curiously.

Which world does this desert belong to?

Indeed, even the air smells different…

Really nice… love the transfer feeling to the max!

But I really need to think of a method to return back!

I still need to return to go to university!

As Liu Yi thinks, the surrounding scenery suddenly disappears and he instantly returns to a very familiar room.

What the hell?

This … seems to be the gravity room?!

Liu Yi blinks his eyes, completely lost.

“You are finally awake.”

At this time, an old man wearing a black cloak and holding a wine bottle walks in.

“Old man Ma? The heck… how come it is you?”

“Your sister! I have saved you and the first thing you say to me is this?!”

Old man Ma rubs his bald head, “Handsome and carefree I, have saved you, aren’t you moved?”

“You saved me?”

Liu Yi immediately recalls that during the battle that night, a black cloaked person suddenly appears…and seems to have saved him from the fire dragons claws.

It is actually…Ma Hua?!

What there…is this for real?!

“You were already unconscious for a month.”

“Ah?!” cries out Liu Yi in shock.

A month?! Are you for real!?

Why did I sleep for so long? Dreaming of beauties?

“Your injuries were simply too severe. To say the truth, being able to wake up is already very fortunate.”

Old Man Ma drinks a mouth of wine and says faintly: “You actually used up all of the qi in your body as well as eating such a huge attack! Tsk, tsk…”

Liu Yi immediately climbs up and wants to walk out.

“Where are you going? You still have not recovered from your injuries!”

Old Man Ma stops Liu Yi.

“I need to hurry home ah! My mom will definitely be worried to death since I have not returned home for a month! As well as my school… damn it, damn it…I will definitely be pinned with a huge demerit…”

“Ah, ah, this ah. You don’t need to worry. I have helped you settle them already.”


Liu Yi turns around and looks at Old Man Ma in shock.

“I have changed the memories of your parents and make it so that in their memories, you their son temporarily do not exist.”

“Eh?” Liu Yi is so shocked that he almost punched Old Man Ma.

Seeing Liu Yi getting mad, Old Man Ma immediately explains: “Relax… this is not a permanent magic. Later when you return, I will naturally remove it and their memories will be restored and become normal.”

“Then my school?”

Liu Yi thinks, Is there such a mysterious magic?

“I pretended to be your father and help you take a sick leave. Saying that you need to take leave for a long time to return to your village and recover.”

“What the! You have taken advantage of me!”

“Enough! I am also so old that I can minus a decade and still be your grandpa.”

Old man Ma sneers, “But your teacher is quite understanding. He even says that your grades are quite good and are the top few in the class. He also requests for you to remember to revise when you are in your village.”

Top few in class?

Liu Yi instantly got a shock.

It can’t be, right? I obviously made mistakes for my math test paper ah!

How is it possible to be first?

This completely does not tally with the general impression of me always being the last in class ah!

“Thus you can calmly heal up here…I can say that this is the safest place where no one will find you.”

“But… who on earth are you?”

Liu Yi raise up the biggest question in his heart, “Aren’t you just a clerk? Why…”

“Why am I able to save you as well as use magic to change the memories of your parents right?”

Old Man Ma chuckles and say: “Little fellow. Do you really think that the things that I told you in the past are drunk words? This old man is very powerful okay? The only troublesome thing is to investigate your actual identity. I am already no longer the past me… I no longer have the intelligence organization of the past.”

“In the past… you were really that powerful?”

Liu Yi still has some disbelief.

Old Man Ma whole body temperament changes as he says solemnly: “Little fellow, let me tell you. My real name is Ma Long, the first gate leader of the Celestial Demon Sect!”

“Celestial Demon Sect? Where is that place?”

Liu Yi feels that it sound very powerful.

“Ah, it is a sect that I personally created.”

“Ah?” Liu Yi’s jaw almost drops. And I was thinking how powerful the sect is.

“Little fellow looks like you are looking down on this old man’s sect ah.”

Ma Hua sneers, “Ask that little fox that is on your shoulder what kind of place the Celestial Demon Sect is.”

Ma Hua is able to see my Immortal Fox Sister?!

Liu Yi immediately turns his head and indeed, Lin Tong is sitting on his shoulder trembling.

{Immortal Fox Sister what is the matter?}

{Celestial…Celestial Demon Sect….}

Lin Tong shivers very badly, {That is in the sixth realm… Demon realm’s strongest sect…it is rumored that…their past Sect Leader Ma Long is very violent and is matchless in Demon Realm! But later on no one knows what happened, Ma Long suddenly passed away but Celestial Demon Sect is still the strongest in Demon realm…}

Liu Yi does know about the six realms, they are Immortal realm, Demon realm, Devil realm, Human realm, Buddha realm and Ghost realm. (These six realm is fabricated by Aries)

Normally cultivators and the like are cultivators from the human realm.

After they have cultivated to a certain level, they will enter the realm. Immortal cultivators will enter the Immortal realm while the demonic cultivators will enter the Demon realm, and so forth.

{Back then, Ma Long was an Immortal cultivator in the human realm. But later on for some reasons he turned demonic and ascended to the demon realm…}

Lin Tong recalls that when her teacher told her these stories, how afraid she was.

If the person in front is really that Ma Long who does not blink when killing…

Then wouldn’t Liu Yi be in danger?

“Back then… you were really so powerful?”

“Of course! Back then I had no opponent in the Demon realm!”

Ma Hua laughs as he drinks to finish the wine in his hand before clasping his bald head in shock.

“Damn it no more wine… damn it, damn it, I still have not received this month wages…no money to buy wine…little fellow can you lend me some money first…”

What the hell…

How does this damn drunkard look like the strongest in the Demon realm?

“Hai… all of it are things of the past…”

Ma Hua sits there and says: “Now I am already not a demon. I am only an ordinary person ah…the little bit of demonic qi in my body was almost used up when saving you…”

Done speaking he licks his lips as he stares at his empty wine bottle,

“Ordinary person?”

Liu Yi does not understand what Ma Hua is saying.

“Little fellow you do not understand…”

Ma Hua seems to have some feeling to recall his past as he says: “Back then I was very overbearing and drunk with power. I really thought that I was unequal under the heavens thus I suddenly wished to return to the Human realm and went to challenge the Cross-realm lord.”

“Who is the Cross-realm lord?”

“That is the guardian of every realms portal.”

Ma Hua rubs his palms together and says: “They are all very powerful existences … they are in charge of each realm’s portal other than people from Human realm being able to go to another realm, they will definitely not allow people from another realm to return.”

“Ah? There is also such things?”

“Of course, otherwise don’t you think that if the people from other realms were allowed to come into Human realm how chaotic the Human realm would be?”

Ah…this is indeed true…

Liu Yi is suddenly very interested in the matter of Ma Hua’s past and the six realms.


Chapter 234 – [An awesome old man]


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