MKW Chapter 233

Chapter 233 – [She cannot die]


Chapter 233 She cannot die

Yuan Zhenyue’s hands close together as she gathers a large amount of power.

The golden red fireball causes her hands to trembles continuously and it looks like it is going to explode any moment.

Seeing that his underling is risking her life, Long San is touched.

“What the… is there a need to be so crazy ah?!”

Liu Yi has already recovered his conscious and seeing the volatile fireball in Yuan Zhenyue’s hand, he says: “Big Sister ah, I do not want to play with you anymore. I am going first!”

At this critical juncture, why would he fight with Yuan Zhenyue when it is obvious that the technique will cause both sides to suffer!

Liu Yi’s only option is to escape.

This way Yuan Zhenyue’s technique will not have a target to hit.

He turns around and prepares to break apart this annoying barrier.

“I will not let you escape.”

Long San uses a hand to activates his communication device and says: “Requesting for transfer of alloy battle-ax.”

Done speaking, he stretches out his right hand and a beam suddenly lands on his right hand and instantly a one-meter tall white gold metal trunk is in his hand.

“Transfer complete”

Long San smiles as he throws the white-gold trunk in front of him and kicks it open.

When Liu Yi hears a ‘dang’ sound he turns around and takes a look only to see Long San standing behind a metal trunk as his hands keep making a pulling apart gesture at Liu Yi.

Instantly a razor-sharp hatchet flies out one after the another.

These hatchets are around 30 cm long and are completely forged from metal.

Other than the blade, even the handle is also curved like a blade making it so that there is no available place to hold it. It is almost like it is specially forged to be used by Long San’s telekinesis.

Under Long San’s telekinesis power, the hatchets fly towards Liu Yi trying to outdo each other.

What the hell! This fellow actually still has this hand!

Just now what is with that transfer…space transfer?

Liu Yi does not have any more time to take as he hurriedly prepares to deal with the hatchets flying towards him.

“Mysterious Ice Qi!”

Liu Yi condenses the power of Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra as well as hard qigong and forms a one-meter tall ice shield on his right hand.

-te, te, te, te, te!-

A few of the hatchets instantly flies into the shield sending ice fragments into the sky.

Lucky…I still have ice shield this move.

Just when Liu Yi is about to be relieved, he realises that the situation is not so simple.

Long San’s finger has swayed and a few of the hatchets immediately fly in an arc dodging Liu Yi’s shield.

When the hatchets are reaching his forehead, they chop down trying to behead him.

Liu Yi immediately raises his shield to try to block the dropping hatchets.

But two hatchets suddenly appear in front of him as they fly closer!

The hell!

They really are making me insane!

Liu Yi immediately rages as he roars and stomps on the ground.

Mysterious ice qi spreads out instantly and in a blink of the eye, everything within three meters of Liu Yi completely freezes into ice crystals.

The hatchets also turn into ice sculptures as they stagnate around Liu Yi.

Only Yuan Zhenyue who is being protected by the fiery hot fireball in front of her is safe and sound.

Seeing that serious Yuan Zhenyue, Liu Yi really wish to use amorous hand to forcefully break her technique.

But if he does it this way, she will definitely realize that he is Liu Yi.

He had accidentally used this skill on her when he still did not have any control over the amorous hand.

It is unknown how many hatchets does Long San have in his trunk. After a few of them have been dealt with, he controls another batch and sends them towards Liu Yi.

Dragon Group is really pushing it…

Oh well, let’s just ignore that guy.

Liu Yi clenches his teeth as he keeps his right hand back to his waist as he condenses power, at the same time, his left-hand drew a formation.

“Little Black come out!”


A 1.5meter tall petite small skeleton crackles its jaws as it climbs out from the ground.

In the skeleton’s hand is a bone club that it brandishes fiercely.

Seeing the strong skeleton, Liu Yi feels slightly relieved.

Luckily my natal pet is very strong…

As he is thinking thus, a hatchet just smashes into the small skeleton’s head and knocks its skull flying.

A headless skeleton stands there and its height is no longer taller than 1.5 meter.

[TL: hahaha jokes on you Liu Yi]

“ka, ka, ka!”

Little Black’s skull cracks on the ground like it is angry.

Red fireballs condense on its skeleton hands and are thrown at the hatchets.

-Boom, boom, boom!-

When the hatchets are hit by the fireball,they were exploded into pieces.

But there are too many hatchets thus Little Black is unable to throw enough fireballs to suppress them.

Little Black trembles slightly after which 3 more pairs of skeleton arms actually grow out!

Each of the hands are holding a fireball and throwing them at the hatchets.

Liu Yi is stunned as he watches.

My Little Black… seems to be stronger than me ah!

Gods…why is my heart such an exotic monster ah!

“Why is there such a strange natal pet!”

Long San is also stunned. He does have a lot of hatchets but it is not enough to deal with the opponents crazy explosions ah!

The eight arms throwing speed is too fast already!

Is that thing a spider?

“Blood Emperor! Eat my Exploding Dragon Flames!”

At this time, Yuan Zhenyue finally condenses her attack.

Her arms tremble slightly and the fireball instantly shoots out.

At the same time, her body is sent flying in the other direction for over ten meters before collapsing on the ground.

I’ll be damned…how strong is this fireball…even the recoil is so overbearing?!

As the fireball flies through the air, its form starts changing.

A malevolent fire dragon roars towards Liu Yi.

The ground that the fire dragon passes through is burnt into a black pit, it can be seen how powerful the fire dragon is!

But Liu Yi is already prepared as fiercely pushes out with his right palm when he faced the roaring fire dragon.

“Icicle blastwave!”

A sky blue crystal awl flies shoots out instantly at the fire dragon.

The fire dragon is blocked for a moment but is still able to slowly push forward.

Liu Yi’s icicle blast wave compression time is not enough, as it seems like it is slightly weaker!

{This is not the way… if it continues, you will definitely suffer!}

Lin Tong has already returned back onto Liu Yi’s shoulder as she reminds him.

“Sister Yuan Zhenyue… this time around you really are making me suffer ah!”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath and suddenly raises his left hand.

Blood Red Sutra Code’s power is added.

The violent flame surrounds and revolves around the ice awn as the two powers blend together under Liu Yi’s control. Instead of conflicting with one another, they boosted each other and allows the power of Liu Yi’s icicle blastwave to become stronger.

The fire dragon is instantly blocked and is forced back slowly.


Yuan Zhenyue suddenly vomits a mouthful of blood.

She half kneels on the ground as her hands are pressing against the ground as she vomits blood continuously.

Not only so, her seven orifices are leaking blood and looks very scary.

Liu Yi is shocked.

What is happening to Yuan Zhenyue?!

{It seems like the power is reversely devouring her…}

Lin Tong says: {Originally her power is not enough to use this technique, but now it is being suppressed by you, her body might not be able to withstand it…}

{What will happen?} ask Liu Yi in a hurry.

{Perhaps…dying from her body exploding…}

Lin Tong sighs, {There is no other way… who asked her to rashly use such a scary technique! This is her own making!}

Liu Yi trembles. Yuan Zhenyue will die from her body exploding?!

Seeing her seven orifices leaking blood and kneeling there, Liu Yi’s spirit also trembles.

I will not let you die…

He suddenly recalls the power of the icicle blastwave and uses his hands to protect his chest. Operating his powers, he forms his ice armor to protect himself.

{What are you doing? Are you crazy?} cries out Lin Tong in shock as she questions Liu Yi.

{I will only be injured … but if I continue to fight on… she will die.}

Without anything block it, the fire dragon instantly rushes forwards and quickly reaches Liu Yi.

{Using my injuries to prevent a person from dying is worth it.} laughs Liu Yi bitterly.

At that moment the fire dragon has already thrown itself on him.

Even though Liu Yi has Blood Red Sutra Code, he is still able to feel the heat from the fire dragon.

The surging heatwaves directly strikes against Liu Yi.

Like being rammed by a train, Liu Yi is immediately sent flying and hits the barrier.


Being pressed from both sides, Liu Yi vomits blood.

The injuries to his five viscera and six bowels are not light.

The ice armor on his body is shattered.

The barrier behind him is also unable to withstand it and with a final ‘pa’ it scatters.

Liu Yi crashes onto the glass window and is instantly sent flying out to the night sky.

The fire dragon presses down on Liu Yi and is going to slam him into the ground.

At that moment, a black shadow appears in the sky.

The shadow stretches out a hand and swipes at the fire dragon.

Instantly dense demonic qi surges out and swallows the fire dragon, instantly smothering it.

“Who!” cries out Long San in shock but the shadow arrives quickly and leaves just as quickly.

Within a blink of an eye, the shadow has lifted up the unconscious Liu Yi and disappears without a trace like he did not appear at all!

Little Black also scatters and disappears.

“Damn it!”

Even the usually calm Long San is unable to bear it and stomps on the ground and splits it open.

“Team leader…”

Yuan Zhenyue brushed away the blood around her mouth and climbs up in a sorry figure.

“Sorry…it was my mistake…”

“It is not your fault. You have done very well.”

Long San clenches his fist, “But who is the person who suddenly appeared…unless… this Blood Emperor still has stronger expert behind him?”

“Team leader…”

“Right, Yuan Zhenyue, how are your injuries?”

“Nothing serious…”

“In future do not use this move anymore! This time around luckily you won the gamble. If you had lost, your body will definitely explode! Go back and take a good rest. I will send people to investigate Blood Emperor’s case!”

“Yes, team leader….”

Yuan Zhenyue nods her head but she is suspecting and pondering in her heart.

Just now it is obvious that Blood Emperor was winning against me…

But why did he suddenly pull back his power and take my Exploding Dragon Flames?

Is he a masochist? But it does not seem likely…

Unless? Is it to save me? But why does he want to save me…we are obviously enemies…

Yuan Zhenyue is starting to be lost.


Chapter 233 – [She cannot die!]


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