MKW Chapter 232

Chapter 232 – [Why don’t you join Dragon Group?]



“Is there anything to discuss between us?”

Liu Yi is surprised for a moment as he stares at Long San.

Although he is in contact with a beautiful woman, it is a pity that the clothes she is wearing are too thick, thus there is no feeling.

It would be better if she wears slightly less.

“Of course!”

Long San nods his head: “The reason why Dragon Group wants to capture you is not to expose your real identity or to imprison you and the like.”

“Then what is the reason? Don’t tell me you want to play LOL with me?”

“No, no, no… actually, I want to invite you to join Dragon Group.”

That sentence from Long San shocks Liu Yi and Yuan Zhenyue.

“Boss? You want to accept this fellow into Dragon Group?”

“I am still speaking do not interrupt me,” says Long San in a gloomy tone.

“Y, yes…”

Yuan Zhenyue has no choice after all subordinates obeying superiors is a must.

“This is indeed shocking news but it does not seem to be up to me to make this decision.”

Liu Yi lightly licks his lip and say: “Please wait a moment, I’ll go and ask the boss who can make this decision.”

Done speaking, he closes his eyes.

Ask the person who can make the decision?

What is this Blood Emperor up to?

Long San is unable to guess.

Unless he really has schizophrenia?

Very quickly, Liu Yi opens his eyes and says while smiling: “Apologies, the decision maker says… he is not interested in Dragon Group.”

Liu Yi is still a student and with just an additional Hunter identity, he is already very busy.

If there is another Dragon Group….then when will he find time to study?!

He still wishes to get good grades and enjoy his beautiful and fortunate university life!

Thus…  about joining Dragon Group, NO WAY!

“Actually, it is not up to you to choose.”

Long San expression turns cold as he says: “If you do not join Dragon Group, then you will be a wanted criminal by the Dragon Group. Upstairs, there are a bunch of people that you have killed.”

“Oh? I did not think that your organization would be so shameless.”

Liu Yi blinks, “ If I don’t join your Dragon Group you will falsely accuse me of crimes?”

“If this is the case, then the other me will be more unwilling to join”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “That little fellow is very tough, your actions will make him more unwilling.”

“There are some matters that will not be up to you!”

Long San feels that when he is talking to a schizophrenic, he needs to maintain his calm.

“Currently you only have a single choice. Either you join Dragon Group or you will become this country’s enemy.”

“Oh my…this is really a headache…”

Liu Yi covers his forehead, “Not only is the other me annoyed with me…now even I am starting to hate you… threats and such are so annoying.”

“This world is the strong eating the weak.”

Long San says: “I am stronger than you thus I can threaten you.”

“Strong eat weak eh?”

Liu Yi smiles, “I hope that the other me will learn more from you. But now my time is short. I do not wish to play with you any longer. I’ll be leaving now.”


Long San laughs, “I am afraid that you do not have this option.”

“The path I walk I walk alone.”

Liu Yi says: “It seems like combining together is always the other me being the main body… this time around let me try to be the main body…”

As he speaks, three rays of light emerge from Liu Yi at the same time.

Red color, sky blue color, and black color surround Liu Yi and revolve around him.

An enormous force erupts from his body.

Yuan Zhenyue who is hugging him tightly is finally unable to withstand it and is spend flying away.

While Long San feels that what he is trying to capture is not a human but an explosive that will explode any moment.

Behind Liu Yi is no longer a single fire fox tail, but rather there are two tails now and the other is slowly growing out.

The difference is that the other is not a fire tail but rather it is a sky blue ice tail!

{Two tail…. gods…}

Lin Tong is trembling.

Compressing demonic powers into a tail is crazy already…

Liu Yi actually manage to compress the immortal power into a tail form!

The originally red fox tail form also changes slightly, changing into a dark red fire fox tail.

{One of them is an immortal tail…the other is a demonic tail… which also contains devil qi…} Lin Tong head starts to hurt.

He actually managed to use the method of creating tails to form a demonic qi and immortal power tail behind him!

It also allows him to enter two tail mode!

Powerful ah….

The two tails behind Liu Yi start moving and sway behind him.

Especially the furry fire tail that contains two different attribute fire which makes it look like it is full of explosive power.

“To think that he still has this kind of power!”

Long San stretches out both hands at the same time and increases the telekinesis power used to capture Liu Yi.

“No matter how much power you have you will not be able to break free from my telekinesis prison!”

Long San shouts: “Hurry and give up! There is only benefits in joining Dragon Group and no disadvantages!”

“Didn’t the negotiation break down already?”

Liu Yi smiles and says: “The only thing left to do is to fight that’s all.”

Saying this, two golden rays shot out of Liu Yi’s eyes.

The powers within his body erupt unceasingly.

Immortal powers, demonic qi and devil powers completely mobilizes.

The three stars within Liu Yi’s body revolves faster, allowing his powers to operate faster.

-boom, boom-

The surrounding air around Liu Yi continuously crack.

Long San starts to feel that something bad is going to happen.

This force is very strong…

He immediately releases his hands and glares fiercely at Liu Yi.

Long San single eye can also use telekinesis and with more power.

At the same time, his hands did not stop waving as he controls the objects in the surround.

The limousine that was split apart, the exhibition table and chairs, merchandise as well as broken stones under his control join together.

Within moments, a nearly ten-meter tall giant breaks the ceiling as it stands up.

Under Long San’s control, the giant roars.

At that moment, Liu Yi finally escapes from the telekinesis control of Long San and is free.

But the giant is already in front of him.

“Be good and surrender!”

Long San controls the giant to punch Liu Yi.


Liu Yi is instantly smashed into the ground.

Waves of pressure surges in all direction.

But Liu Yi only stands there with a hand raised up, blocking the large fist coming down towards him.

The fist is like a truck and is completely incomparable from Liu Yi’s figure.

But Liu Yi only raises his right hand to block the giant’s fist.

“It seems like I am being looked down on…”

Liu Yi sigh and say: “That why you send such an interesting large toy to me.”

“Damn it…”

Cold sweat starts to form on Long San’s forehead.

I am a grade-B expert!

After battling for so many years what kind of opponents have I not seen!

Why did I trip when facing this little kid?!

[TL: well cause Liu Yi is the MC]

Is cultivating really so strong….a three-star fellow actually exploded out with such power that is comparable to me a grade-B expert!

Actually, Long San does not know that the expenditure of Liu Yi’s qi is equally large.

To deal with Long San, Liu Yi is almost overdrafting his qi.

Forcefully condensing two demon tails to explosively increase his strength, but the aftereffects will be very large.

“Do not look down on our Dragon Group’s strength!”

The usually calm Long San suddenly rages.

Following which his hands press down at the same time the giant’s other hand also smashes down towards Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi did not give the giant a chance to attack him,

He eyes the giant’s hand and suddenly grabs hold of it and swings it to the side.

Instantly the giant humongous frame is lifted like a toy and thrown against a glass wall at the side.


The glass wall lets out a large trembling sound and it seems like the barrier is almost unable to withstand the force.

“Come out my flame beauties,” says Liu Yi as he claps his hands.

Instantly ten plus fires in the form of beautiful ladies flies out from his body and float around him.

“Go, blow away that slow man,” says Liu Yi as he points at the giant.

Instantly all of the flame beauties beside him fly up and screams as they rush at the downed giant.

Long San hurries to control the giant to make it stand up, but the flame beauties have already reached the giant.

-boom, boom, boom-

Following continuous explosions, in a blink of an eye, the giant becomes very tattered and does not have any value in assembling anymore and breaks into a pile of rubbish.

Long San clenches his fist.

I… am actually not able to deal with this fellow?

“I already told you that I do not have time to play with you guy. I am going now.” says Liu Yi as his figure appears beside the glass window and places his palm against the barrier.


At this moment, the silent Yuan Zhenyue rushes up again.

“This time around, I will definitely not allow you to escape!”

As Yuan Zhenyue speaks, her right palm aims at Liu Yi as a red fireball shot out.


Liu Yi only lifts his left hand which is encased in an ice claw and slaps the fireball away.

The fireball lands on the ground at the side and blasts out a large hole.

“This power is indeed scary, but the current you is not my opponent.”

Liu Yi looks at Yuan Zhenyue and says: “The other me… does not wish to injure you so you should just escape.”

“In my Yuan Zhenyue’s dictionary, in a battle, there is no escape!”

Yuan Zhenyue roars as she stomps on the ground as her dragon shaped mask lowers.

A huge force explodes out.

The floor that Yuan Zhenyue is standing on starts to crack.

But her hands join together and assembles into a dragon head form and aims at Liu Yi.

A red fireball starts to condense in front of her hands.

“I will use my strongest move to defeat you!”

Saying this, because it seems like the force is too huge, her hands which are holding the fireball start to tremble.

“Yuan Zhenyue! Quickly stop!”

Long San shouts in shock: “Your strength is not enough to use that technique!”

“I do not care! Boss, I must capture him even if it costs my life!”

Seeing Yuan Zhenyue’s serious appearance, Liu Yi instantly regains clarity.

The original conscious returns and the evil conscious returns back to sleep.

What the actual hell…why do I feel like I have completely become a bad person ah?…


Chapter 232 – [Why don’t you join Dragon Group]


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