MKW Chapter 231

Chapter 231 – [Did you used Head & Shoulders?]

[TL: weird ass name… Head & Shoulders is a American brand of anti dandruff shampoo…think the author is too lazy to think of a proper name…]


Who on earth are you?!

This time around I must definitely take a look!

Yuan Zhenyue grabs hold of Liu Yi’s mask.

At that moment, Liu Yi’s mask suddenly becomes very hot making Yuan Zhenyue feels like she is holding onto a fiery metal as her gauntlet turns red from the heat.

The eye-holes of the mask that Liu Yi is wearing suddenly burst out into flames.

The flame surrounds Liu Yi and revolves around him, hiding him from view.

Yuan Zhenyue feels a scorching heat wave as well as shock-waves rushing towards her and knocks her flying away into the glass wall.

Yuan Zhenyue got a shock. “How is this possible…”

I am obviously suppressing him, why is there still a counter-attacking force?

And isn’t his qi attribute supposed to be ice?

Why did it suddenly turn into fire?!

Ice and fire are completely two opposing natures! How can a person’s body hold both at the same time?!

[KG: Magic and a psycho other personality]

Yuan Zhenyue climbs out of the glass wall but is still unable to comprehend this question.

From within the blaze comes a ridiculing voice: “There is actually such an interesting battle armor…”

“Interesting… very interesting…”

The roaring blaze suddenly retreats and form a vortex as it compresses.

Very quickly the blaze soon formed a fist size red fireball and floats above Blood Emperor’s palm.

At this moment, there are some changes in Blood Emperor’s appearance.

The black western suit that he is wearing has changed into a black overcoat.

A bright red scarf hangs around his neck.

At the same time, his hair becomes longer and turns silvery grey. He keeps his hair from fluttering about with a red band to tie his hair behind his back.

A pair of golden eyes looks through the eyehole of the mask that is marked with a red pattern from the blaze and stares at Yuan Zhenyue.

Yuan Zhenyue freezes and only feels that Blood Emperor suddenly becomes a lot more decent to look at making her less willing to battle.


YUAN ZHENYUE what are you thinking of!

He is the ENEMY!

You must defeat him and then capture him!

Yuan Zhenyue continuously shakes her head to recover her normal mindset.

Lin Tong is hiding at the side as she sighs in sorrow…the power of the golden pupils is way too strong…

It is completely a killing weapon against woman!

“Hai, the other me is really too weak…”

Blood Emperor stands there and starts muttering to himself in front of Yuan Zhenyue.

“Let’s just talk about the strength contained in this body…he actually does not know how to use properly. It is completely throwing face ah.”

“You think you have a split-personality?” scolds Yuan Zhenyue loveably as she ignites her fighting spirit again and rushes at Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi stands there on the spot as he stares at Yuan Zhenyue with a golden glow shooting out of his eyes.

“Come, let’s have you take a look at my actual abilities!” done speaking, a dark red glow suddenly erupts from within Liu Yi.

At the same time, a red blaze forms a tail shape from behind him.

{Oh, gods…. demonic qi turning into tail…}

Lin Tong cries out in shock: {He actually is able to condense his demonic qi into a tail shape… that other Liu Yi… how strong is he now?!}

Among the fox clan, there are very few talented fighters.

All of them are able to condense their demonic qi into a tail to boost their combat power!

One tail is able to boost their power by two times…and with every additional tail, it is another level of multiplication….

If he is able to form nine tails….then Liu Yi will be able to fight against gods!

Although currently, it is only a single tail but Lin Tong feels that Liu Yi’s future is unimaginable!

“Demonic tail…”

When Long San sees the fiery tail behind Liu Yi, his single eye widens.

“This time round I have really found a treasure… Yuan Zhenyue! Take him down!”


Yuan Zhenyue has currently reached the front of Liu Yi and her fists are attacking towards him.

But Liu Yi did not hide or dodge as he stands on the spot and only stretches out a hand and easily blocks all of Yuan Zhenyue’s attack.

What shocks Yuan Zhenyue the most is that Liu Yi actually had his eyes closed and is relying on his perception to receive all of her attacks!

Yuan Zhenyue does not understand what is going on but Lin Tong understands.

This is the ability of the demonic tail.

The demonic tail behind Liu Yi is like a radar scanning the surroundings of Liu Yi constantly.

As long as anything happens within ten meters of Liu Yi, he will completely be able to see it happening in his mind.

Thus even if he closes his eyes, Liu Yi is able to see all of the actions that Yuan Zhenyue is making.


After attacking for a while without success, Yuan Zhenyue is starting to feel anxious. The tail behind her suddenly swings around and whips at Liu Yi’s waist.


But that tail only hits the afterimage of Liu Yi.

“Beautiful lady your actions are too violent as well as too slow,” says Liu Yi from behind Yuan Zhenyue.

Cold sweat starts to form on Yuan Zhenyue’s forehead.

Instantly appearing behind me… and I am unable to sense him…

What kind of speed is this…

Before Yuan Zhenyue is able to think of a way to defeat Liu Yi, her body suddenly went flying without receiving any attack.

A number of fire chains are twined around her dragging her away and trapping her on the glass wall.

After Liu Yi settles Yuan Zhenyue in a single move, he turns around and looks at Long San and says slowly: “Now should be the time for the two of us to chat.”

But Long San raises his right hand at Liu Yi and says: “Today you will not be able to escape from this room.”

“If I want to leave, no one will be able to block me,” says Liu Yi while smiling as he does not seem to put Long San this B-grade expert in his eye.

“I admit that I look down on you…but I hope that you do not look down on me.” as Long San speaks, his right-hand swings.

Instantly an overturned limousine at the side floats up and rushes at Liu Yi.

But Liu Yi did not dodge it, he stands there and raises his left palm to receive the limousine.


When the limousine hits Liu Yi’s palm, it instantly split into two.

“Your superpower is telekinesis?”

Liu Yi mutters: “It is a rather good ability but, it doesn’t seem to be enough to deal with me.”

“Let’s see then.”

Long San’s hand suddenly makes a grabbing action in Liu Yi’s direction.

While Liu Yi instantly uses spirit fox steps and instantly dodges Long San’s mental grab.

“If you are unable to lock-on to me how are you able to use your telekinesis to grab me?”

As Liu Yi speaks calmly, he keeps using spirit fox steps. “Your skills can only deal with that other silly idiot only. As for dealing with me…this level is still not enough.”

“Is it?”

Long San suddenly stretches out both hands and pushes it at Liu Yi’s rough direction.

At that moment, all of the moveable objects in the hall flies towards Liu Yi.

It includes the ceiling above which breaks apart into large stone slabs and falls towards Liu Yi.

“Desolate flame!”

Liu Yi’s palm claps together.

Instantly, a berserk blazing force sweeps out like a storm.

The objects that are flying over were all pushed away by the blaze as well as being ignited.


Looking at the huge power erupting from Liu Yi, Long San is shocked.

This…seems to be exceeding his expectation!

At this time unknown by Liu Yi and Long San,  Yuan Zhenyue has escaped from Liu Yi’s chain and is tightly hugging Liu Yi from behind him as she shouts: “BOSS!”

“Boss…I have captured him…”

Yuan Zhenyue exerts all of her strength and tightens her arms afraid that Liu Yi is able to escape.

“Beautiful lady, your hug is too tight. I’m slightly worried you know?” says Liu Yi beside Yuan Zhenyue’s ear.

“Less nonsense! This lady will not let go even if I die!”

Yuan Zhenyue shouts towards Long San: “Boss, the rest will be up to you!”

“Nicely done!”

Long San did not let go of the chance that Yuan Zhenyue created for him.

His right-hand faces Liu Yi and lifts up.

Instantly, Liu Yi, as well as Yuan Zhenyue, floats up in the air.

It is like an invisible cage binding Liu Yi in the sky.

“Let’s see how you escape now!”

Yuan Zhenyue says in pride: “In the end didn’t you still land in this lady’s hands?”

“Beautiful lady don’t speak so violently. You should be gentler so that people will like you.”

“What the…who needs you to care! You are now our prisoner!”

Yuan Zhenyue roars: “You should just surrender!”

“On the contrary, I feel that I’m still fine.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders. “After all the two of us are so close together and I can smell the fragrance from your body. Oh, is it head & shoulders shampoo?”

[TL: ahh so this is where the title comes from]


Yuan Zhenyue’s wishes to immediately let go of Liu Yi but it is a pity that her body is also locked into mid-air.

“I really respect you. Even when you are caught, you will can talk nonsense and tease my teammate,” says Long San at the side.

“I am caught?”

Liu Yi laughs, “I admit that you telekinesis force is indeed very strong but it is not impossible to escape from.”

“You have methods?” says Long San in disbelief.

He is very confident in his ability.

The fellow in front of him, the base of his cultivation is only three stars.

And if it is based on Hunter’s Organisation grading, at best is is only at the standard of C-grade.

As for why he is able to resist so long, it is because he has all kind of mysterious techniques!

This is the reason why cultivators are so strong!

No matter how valiant a superpower is when facing a strong cultivators techniques… it is too weak.

If it is not the case, why should Long San spend so much effort to try to recruit Liu Yi as his teammate?

“You guess?”

Liu Yi whose personality been switch speaks in a more devilish manner.

He smiles faintly as he looks at Long San causing Long San to be slightly disturbed.

What the hell! I am the team leader of Dragon Group!

After experiencing so many years of trials and tribulations why am I afraid of this little fellow in front of me!

Long San takes a deep breath before saying: “I guess we should have a good chat.”


Chapter 231 – [Did you used Head & Shoulders?]


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