MKW Chapter 230

Chapter 230 – [Yuan Zhnyue’s Armour Second Stage]

Important note: From now on immortal power&demonic power will all be term as immortal qi and demonic qi from this chapter onward. Chances will be made to the rest of the chapters after this week.


From the back of her armour a metal plate suddenly opens and following which rows after rows of pencil sized cruise missiles shoot out towards Liu Yi.

“I’ll be damned!”

Seeing those cruise missiles, Liu Yi almost vomited blood.

What the… are you guys for real?!

You even bring out cruise missiles?!

Are you really treating me as ****?!

Liu Yi gets into a horse stance and hits out with his left palm.

“Mountain Mist!”

An enormous ice crystal hand image blasts out and blocks all of the cruise missiles.

The cruise missiles explode instantly and fire flooded the whole hall.

Liu Yi borrows the force from the explosion and retreats to keep a distance away from that Yuan Zhenyue who is wearing war armour.

Yuan Zhenyue stands in the centre of the hall as she holds her hands together and within moments, the armour starts to transform and turns into a row of guns.

-Bang, bang, bang-

Like two Gatling guns, the bullets continuously fly towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi instantly uses ice blades and rapidly circles around the edge of the hall.

To dodge the bullets, he starts to move faster and faster and finally he starts leaving after-images in the surroundings of the hall.

Liu Yi speed is like lightning and incomparable.

No matter how Yuan Zhenyue tries, she is unable to catch Liu Yi’s steps.

The bullets continue to hit the barrier, creating small fireballs. Liu Yi takes advantage of the space given and summons out his five-coloured chain.

The chain’s speed is extremely quick and is instantly coiling around Yuan Zhenyue’s arms, binding them together.

This is still not the end as Liu Yi forms a seal and more chains sprout out,  they twine around Yuan Zhenyue’s body before shooting away and piercing the ground.

In a blink of an eye, 8 chains spread out in 8 directions and lock Yuan Zhenyue’s body in place.

“Kneel down for me!”

Liu Yi makes a pushing down motion and his strength focuses on the chains formed by Little Cai’s transformation.

Instantly, all of the chains pull down at the same time and forces Yuan Zhenyue to be dragged into a squatting position.

She is trying her best to withstand it, to not be completely overwhelmed.

Yuan Zhenyue is astonished as she did not imagine that despite she is wearing the Long Xin battle armor, she is still not able to deal with Blood Emperor!

I am not resigned ah… how am I supposed to take revenge for father in the future…

YUAN ZHENYUE! You must do your best!

“See? She is already settled by me,” says Liu Yi after gasping for breath.

But Long San faintly says: “Oh? It might not be the case. The battle is still not over.”

“It is already over….what the heck!”

Liu Yi turns around in to take a look only to see that Yuan Zhenyue who is being restrained by his rainbow-colored chains letting out loveable cries as she stands up slowly.

The chains that are twined around her are making creaking sounds.

Liu Yi could almost hear Little Cai’s cries of pain.

This cannot go on…if it goes on, Little Cai will definitely get injured!

Liu Yi is feeling pain in his heart for Little Cai as he forms a seal and recalls the rainbow-colored chains.

Little Cai who has been battling for the entire night returns back to the spiritual pet area in Liu Yi’s body to recover.

{Little Jade? Does your database have this kind of battle armor?} ask Liu Yi.

{No… owner, this should be a battle armor that is secretly developed by the Dragon Group.}

Little Jade answers honestly. {Although England and America are also developing super soldier battle armor, but it is too heavy and the operating is very bad. It is unable to imagine that China’s Dragon Group is already so advanced in technological strength!}

{This battle armor is not only made with science.}

At this time Lin Tong suddenly speaks up slowly, {I can feel that there is some formation on the suit… There must be a very powerful formation master in the Dragon Group!}

A battle armor made with the combination of formation and science?!

Dragon Group is too awesome…

Liu Yi cannot help but praise.

At this time, Yuan Zhenyue roars in anger: “BLOOD EMPEROR!”

She becomes even crazier after she has lost the restraints on her.

The battle armor that she is wearing is changing faintly and is starting to resemble a dragon.

“She actually awakens the second stage so quickly?!”

Long San is faintly shocked and curious. “Indeed you are a person that I have chosen… Blood Emperor looks like this time around you are going to suffer.”

At this moment, Liu Yi is indeed having a headache. Yuan Zhenyue’s strength and speed actually increased by so much!

As she runs over, she leaves behind a golden red afterimage.

Luckily Liu Yi’s speed is not slow, as he uses ice blade and prepares to continue fighting with Yuan Zhenyue.

Yuan Zhenyue is starting to get nervous as she roars out: “Run run run, stop being so annoying and keep running! Gravity zone! ACTIVATES!”

An enormous pressure instantly spread out and Liu Yi feels his body starting to sink down.

This is… ten times gravity?

This battle armor that Yuan Zhenyue is wearing actually has this kind of usage!

“Let’s see how you run under ten times gravity!”

Under the protection of the battle armor, Yuan Zhenyue does not seem to be affected by the gravity field as she runs normally towards Liu YI.

“Eat my fist!”

Yuan Zhenyue instantly appears in front of Liu Yi and throws out a fierce fist towards Liu Yi’s belly.

Originally Yuan Zhenyue thought that with the ten times gravity field activated, Liu Yi will not be able to dodge her fist, but with a few steps, Liu Yi easily dodges her punch like normal!

Spirit fox steps!

Although Liu Yi has learned shadow steps, he did not forget about the movement techniques of spirit fox steps!

During close-combat, spirit fox steps are much more flexible.

Shadow step is only suitable for instant movement only.

Yuan Zhenyue got a shock when she did not feel like she has hit any flesh when her punch hits Liu Yi.

The Liu Yi in front of her is slowly turning blurry.


Yuan Zhenyue seems to have figured out something.

At this moment, Liu Yi is standing behind Yuan Zhenyue and is punching towards her from the back.


Liu Yi’s punching strength is very strong as Yuan Zhenyue is instantly sent flying as she turns into a golden red meteor and crashes into the hall’s reinforced glass.

Long San frowns faintly.

This Blood Emperor indeed has some abilities, he actually improves so much from the last time I had seen him.

Let’s not say about the rest, at the very least the increase in his strength is so huge!

But Yuan Zhenyue’s Long Xin battle armour is not so easy to deal with!

-creak, creak, creak-

Seeing Yuan Zhenyue slowly climbing onto her feet and exercising her muscles…Is this woman a damn undying roach?!

Or is that battle armour’s defensive power so powerful?

“Blood Emperor…you are really, really… pissing me off!” says Yuan Zhenyue as she smiles coldly.

Liu Yi trembles slightly as he faintly feels a killing intent.

This killing intent seems to be coming from Yuan Zhenyue!

A natural battle idiot ah…

Liu Yi recalls Lig Tong’s evaluation of Yuan Zhenyue.

Yuan Zhenyue suddenly raises both hands up and roars a few time.

The form of the battle armor starts changing.

“Is the second stage starting to awaken?”

Long San becomes very happy. “Blood Emperor. You are very good. You can actually pressure Yuan Zhenyue into awakening the  second stage of Long Xin battle armor! Come! Let us appreciate this beautiful transformation!”

“Appreciate your head!” scolds Liu Yi.

“The one who will be out of luck will be me alright?!”

A humongous pressure spreads out from Yuan Zhenyue and rushes at Liu Yi.

{It is a self-evolving mechanical battle armor! How is it possible!}

Little Jade’s CPU seems to be no longer enough. {This is definitely a technology that does not belong in era! It should not have appeared ah!}

This sentence does not seem to be right coming from you okay… says Liu Yi in his heart.

At this moment, Yuan Zhenyue’s battle armor form is still continuing to change.

The battle armor seems to be heavier and new metal plate appears in a lot of places.

A thick bulky tail also emerges and dangle on the ground.

“What the… this change is too… cool!!!”

Liu Yi swallows his saliva. “Why is there a need to grow a tail ah!”

While Liu Yi is in shock, Yuan Zhenyue suddenly raises her arm as her palm points above Liu Yi’s head.

A bright red fireball suddenly shoots out and bursts on the ceiling above Liu Yi.

Instantly an enormous stone slab collapses and falls towards Liu Yi.

“I’ll be damned…”

When Liu Yi sees the large stone slab, he immediately shadow steps to the side to dodge it.

At this moment, Yuan Zhenyue appears by Liu Yi’s side without him knowing.

The large metal tail coils around Liu Yi and when he is caught, the tail smashed him onto the floor harshly.


The floor trembles as Liu Yi lies in the hole.

Liu Yi wants to stand up but Yuan Zhenyue’s tail is coiled around his body and at the same time, one of her legs is on Liu Yi chest as she steps down harshly.

“Aren’t you very good at running?”

After Yuan Zhenyue has entered the second stage, her strength has increased by a lot and thus Liu Yi is unable to escape with her stepping on him.

“Let’s see how you run this time round!”

Liu Yi operates his immortal qi as the mysterious ice qi emerges out from his body.

Frost starts to form on Yuan Zhenyue’s tail and leg.

“Heng, paltry tricks!”

Yuan Zhenyue lifts her left hand and shot out a flame which explodes.


The fireball smashes heavily against Liu Yi’s chest and almost caused him to vomit blood.

This feeling…is like I am being smashed by a stone slab…

This Yuan Zhenyue is too violent already…

Liu Yi struggles to ask: “Why do you want to capture me…”

“Because you have broken the law, thus I want to capture you,” says Yuan Zhenyue bluntly.

“In the past, I am a police officer and now I am a member of the Dragon Group. I will catch all of you who thinks that just because you have some super powers you can break the laws as you please.”

“There are so many bad people around and you don’t catch them, why do you want to catch me!”

Yuan Zhenyue glares harshly before saying: “Let me see who on earth are you this mysterious acting person.”

As Yuan Zhenyue speaks, her hand reaches out for Liu Yi’s mask.

At that instantly Liu Yi’s heart almost stop.

Let Yuan Zhenyue sees his real face?

No way…it must definitely not happen!

At this moment, Yuan Zhenyue’s hand is already grabbing Liu Yi’s mask.



Chapter 230 – [Yuan Zhenyue’s Armour Second Stage]


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  1. breaking law? didn’t she break laws when trying to capture that purse snatcher in the beginning? it wasn’t the first time either. and it’s not like he’s illegal. He’s part of the hunter organization, and he’s mostly killing people from the cultivator’s world.

    the author does a really good job or portraying thickheaded inflexible female characters. Don’t even get me started on Guyu. most of the other girls are the same.


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