MKW Chapter 23

Chapter 23  [No compassion]


After Lin Tong finished, she really wishes to give herself two tight slaps.

Gods, Lin Tong why would you say such things!

If Liu Yi starts thinking about it then all of my efforts wouldn’t it all be gone?!

Self-pick! I must self-pick!

Lin Tong hurries and straightens her thoughts.

“My grandpa said that there are still a lot of good people in this world! The love between humans is established upon trust. If you believe in others then everyone is a good person in your eyes. If you do not believe in others then everyone is a bad person in your eyes.”

Liu Yi’s words cause Lin Tong to be shocked.

Lin Tong starts to think, Am I…too evil…

Wrong. I am not a human!

Master had told me before that in this world if you do not lie to other people, other people will also come and lie to you!

Thus, why don’t I lie to other people first!

As for Liu Yi…

Lin Tong feels slightly sorry for him.

Hmph! Who cares about him! In this world, if you do not look out for yourself then heaven or earth will come and destroy you!

If you are kind-hearted, then you will be sealed in his right hand forever!

That’s right, that’s right…

I must think for myself…

As for Liu Yi…what does his life and death matter to me!

Lin Tong keeps telling herself.

“That, anyway, you just need to keep strengthening your red qi cultivation then it’ll be fine!”

After Lin Tong comes back to conscious, she says, “As for that white qi, if you are able to not touch it, then do not touch it do you hear me?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “En, I’ll listen to Immortal Fox sister…”

He does not wish to become so scary again…

That Liu Yi is not Liu Yi, Liu Yi who is not unchangeable!

Liu Yi, you can do it! You must suppress the white qi!

“If you do not want to listen do class, then just cultivate here.”

Lin Tong’s expression is ugly as she says, “Although the qi will revolve naturally on its own. If you control it and cultivates, the speed will be faster. Your first star jade has already opened but inside there isn’t any qi store within it. You cultivate here first and replenish the qi within.”

“Okay, I understand! Wait for my good news Immortal Fox sister, I, Liu Yi will definitely save you!”

Liu Yi closes his eyes and starts concentrating on gathering qi.

He controls the red qi flow and starts to make it flow through his Zhou Tian.

Actually, when he accidentally touches Murong Die with his Amorous Hand, Murong Die attitude has turned very weird. While the red qi flow in his body also grew bigger by a lot.

How did this happen?

Liu Yi suddenly opened his eyes and ask, “Immortal Fox sister!”


Lin Tong is shocked, her state of mind is in a mess due to Liu Yi, thus she got a shock.

“I used my Amorous Hand and touched Murong Die. This should not be a good thing but why did the red qi flow grow?!”

“This, this is very simple…”

As a little fox, Lin Tong is very crafty.

Her mind spins quickly and immediately comes up with an answer.

“You used your Amourous Hand and touched Murong Die, thus Murong Die starts to have good-will towards you. As the good-will increases, your red qi flow will also grow…because the red qi flow represents the power of love!”

“Ah, ah, so that is the case!”

Liu Yi nods his head as his heart calms down and continues cultivating.

Pondering in his heart, if just using my Amorous Hand and touching Murong Die and my qi flow increased by so much…if I push down Murong Die…or touch all of the girls in my class with my Amorous Hand…wouldn’t my cultivation increase crazily?!

Cannot, cannot…it is best to forget about it…

Grandpa said before that if you want to chase after a girl you must do it openly and conquer their heart!

Using Amorous Hand…what does this count as….this method is too despicable!

Liu Yi reminds himself before continuing to cultivate.

Until the school stops in the afternoon and everyone left for lunch, Liu Yi lies on the table not moving.

“Oi, brother it is time to eat! Oi!”

Chen Cai pushes Liu Yi but Liu Yi did not react.

“Damn he definitely must be scratching his itch yesterday. Why is he in such a deep sleep.”

Chen Cai pushes for a long time but seeing that he is unable to wake Liu Yi up, he can only go to buy lunch himself.

Wang Lele and Murong Die are just about to go for lunch when Wang Lele sees that Liu Yi is lying there she exclaims, “Oh? Sister Xiao Die, your Liu Yi is not going to eat lunch?”

“What does him not eating lunch have to do with me!”

Murong Die rolls her eyes at Wang Lele, “If you keep saying then I would not bring you out for lunch!”

“Wuwu, don’t ah…I am hungry already…”

Wang Lele cradles her chest and says, “If I do not eat then my chest will shrink from hunger….I am not as pretty as Sister Xiao Die…if my chest shrinks from hunger then no guy would want me…”

Murong Die mocks, “Scram…if it gets any bigger then you need to use a cart to push it around to walk!”

[TL: sound so similar to a certain girl school…]

“Hehe, how would it be so exaggerated…are you really not going to care about Liu Yi?”

“Ca…care it is not like we are close…let’s forget it…”

Murong Die recalls earlier when Liu Yi touched her hand, how her body softened and her bad thoughts, she becomes both shy and angry.

“If you do not come then I do not care about you anymore!”

She instantly leaves the room and Wang Lele hurries behind her.

At this moment outside the main gate of the school, a red hair student is hanging around the school gate for a long time before saying to Kai Wen by his side, “Brother Kai, Liu Yi that soft egg did not come out to eat!”

“Damn it!”

Kai Wen kicks the school gate before spitting onto the ground and scolds, “That soft egg definitely is too scared to come out! Good life! Let me see how long can he hide for! If he got guts then he does not leave the school at night!”

“Right, tonight let us beat up that fellow! How dare he kick Brother Kai! He must be sick of living!”

“Clucks, tonight beat him to death for me!”

Kai Wen sneers before saying, “Break his legs! Make him unable to go to school!”

“This…is it okay?”

Hearing what he say, one of the students by the side becomes afraid. These actions are very ruthless!

They are all students, small-scale bullying is fine…but beating a person till he becomes a cripple…this…they are unable to do it.

“Heh, brothers relax.”

Kai Wen takes out his handphone and presses it a few times before saying, “This trash Liu Yi, to please Murong Die he has provoked Young Master Lan. Young Master Lan called me to catch him and break one of his legs. As for the hospital bills Young Master Lan will deal with it. If something bad happens his Lan Family will protect us. Some more, he will give each of us 200 dollars. At that time let us break one of his legs then we can go and drink wine. After that, we’ll bash him up for ten days. Every day beating him how great would that be!”

“That, is that okay…”

Although the money is rather tempting, breaking a person’s leg….if something really happens they might get expelled!

“Damn it you are afraid for what!”

Kai Wen immediately kicks that student and scolds, “If you are not willing to do it then scram! Who is Young Master Lan! It is not like you do not know. The manager of the Education department! If he is unable to settle this kind of minor matter how can he be called Young Master Lan!”

“On. We are all on!”

The group of students gathers together.

“Isn’t it just a leg! It would not take his life! Let’s beat him up!”

“That’s right…after all, if something happens Young Master Lan will cover for us!”

“Right, right. Beat him up! Beat his entire family!”

Only then did Kai Wen nods his head in satisfaction, “En, brothers today let us not do anything else. Watch for me, in case that fellow secretly sneaks out by taking off in the afternoon! Today if we do not break one of his legs then I, Kai Wen will change my surname to his!”

The lot of them are still planning but they did not know that this matter is heard clearly by two girls who just walked by them.

Wang Lele’s face turns pale as her hand that is holding a bottle of Cola trembles as she says to Murong Die by the side softly, “Finished, finished…Liu Yi will definitely be dead…”

“Really did not expect that Lan He would be so perverted…he actually found Kai Wen this hooligan to beat Liu Yi up! He also wants to break Liu Yi’s leg…gods…this world is so messy. I want to go back to Mars…”

“You hurry and go back then…”

Murong Die’s heart is also in a mess.

How did this matter become such so big!

If Liu Yi’s leg really got broken what am I going to do…

Then tomorrow’s competition, wouldn’t he be unable to compete?

Oi, already at this point in time why the hell am I caring about the competition…

Murong Die is Wang Lele’s pillar thus she immediately asks her, “Sister Xiao Die, should we go and tell Liu Yi?!”

“This…it is not like it is related to us…”

Murong Die’s expression flickers, “This is a matter between them guys…why should we butt in…”

“Really not going to care?”

“Really not going to care!”

“What happens if someone dies!”

“What does it have to do with us!”

“Oh, fine then…Sister Xiao Die is so heartless…”

Murong Die looks away and suddenly asks, “I am originally heartless…you, do you have Liu Yi’s phone number?”

“Hehe, Sister Xiao Die is still concerned about Liu Yi ah!”

“What drivel are you saying…it is just that I do not wish to see blood on the ground when I am leaving the school gate!”

Murong Die continues to look elsewhere, not willing to match gaze with Wang Lele, “It is not like you do not know, I am homophobic.”

“Right, right, right. homophobic, hemophobic…but I do not have Liu Yi’s phone number….”


Murong Die is slightly stunned.

Wang Lele blinks her big watery eyes and says to Murong Die, “How about…Sister Xiao Die, go and tell Liu Yi yourself…”

“Are you joking! I would not go!”

Murong Die glares at Wang Lele, “What does his life and death have to do with me! What is the point of me going! I will not go! If you want to go then go yourself!”

“Aiyah…then is Sister Xiao Die really not going to care about Liu Yi’s life and death?”

“Why should I care about him! I, Murong Die never had any impression of him!”


“Still harping about it! Stop annoying me damn Lele, scram to the side!”

“Aiyah…fine then let that Liu Yi die then.”

Wang Lele nods her head and smiles merrily and says, “You are too heartless!”

Murong Die rolls her eyes again, whereas Wang Lele feels like she is really going to be wronged.


Chapter 23    [No compassion]

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