MKW Chapter 229

Chapter 229 – [Good Position]


“Liu Yi be careful! Above you!” cries out Lin Tong in shock.

Liu Yi raises his head and the enormous stone slab is already in front of his eyes.


Liu Yi immediately encases his hands in ice claws as he places his hands against his forehead to withstand the impact of the falling enormous stone slab.

An enormous force presses down against his arms but luckily Liu Yi is already used to twenty times gravity and thus he is able to withstand the force despite it being very huge.

As his arms sink down slightly, Liu Yi tosses the huge stone slab to the side.


After the huge stone slab smashes onto the floor, Liu Yi loosened his breath.

Just after I got that whatever curse and that huge stone slab falls towards my head…

Don’t tell me that it is a curse of bad luck?

Is that Great God so bored?

Just as Liu Yi is feeling depressed, police sirens erupted from his surrounding.

Following which a group of police with guns loaded rushed into the unbearably tattered hall and points their guns at Liu Yi.

What the…. again?

Why can’t this group of police be earlier?

Are they doing it on purpose?

“It’s you again!”

When the squad leader of the Snow Wolf Commando Unit sees Liu Yi, his head becomes big.

“This time we shall see where you can run off too! Raise your hands!”

“Nice to meet you everyone we have met again.”

Liu Yi loosens his breath and straightens the tie in front of his chest before saying: “Let me reintroduce myself. My name is Blood Emperor. Blood from fresh blood and emperor from emperor. I am a righteous selfless model citizen, aren’t you looking for the wrong person?”

“Speak less nonsense. Who on earth are you, when we are at the police station we will investigate clearly!”

The SWCU leader raises his gun and roars out: “Be obedient and raise your hands up to be captured otherwise we will start shooting!”

“Oh for god’s sake…. can you not be so blind?!”

Liu Yi massages his forehead.

“Surrender now! We will not let go of a criminal but we will also not wrongly accuse of a good person!” says the SWCU squad leader.

Liu Yi retorts: “Less of this nonsense! I am not a primary school kid! I do not have time to play with you guys so I am leaving first. Oh! I shall leave the cleaning up of the battle zone to you guys, after all you guys are much more professional in it.”

After done speaking, he turns around to escape.

At this time, a cold voice suddenly stops him.

“Blood Emperor. I have already set up an inescapable net for you. Do you really think you can escape?”

This voice is very familiar!

Liu Yi scans his surrounding.

Only to see a single-eyed man folding his arms as he stands in the corner of the police group.

What the…

It’s him! Long San from Dragon Group!

Liu Yi’s leg trembles slightly when he sees that man.

There is no other reason other than their power difference is too large|!

Liu Yi’s current power can be considered as a C-grade hunter, but when comparing to that B-grade team leader….the difference is too big!

In that instant, Liu Yi really has the thought of running away.

But it seems like…trying to escape is not really possible!

“You guys can retreat first.”

Long San waves his hand at SWCU squad leader, “The only exit possible is behind me.”

“Yes, sir!”

As for Dragon Group’s command, SWCU squad leader does not dare to disobey.

Even if the police station bureau chief comes down, he is also unable to disobey the Dragon Group’s command…

Among the police and army groups, Dragon Group has a lot of power.

“Squad leader who is he?”

A newly inducted policeman mumbles: “What the heck! How dare he command policemen!”

“ Speak less nonsense! Hurry and retreat!”

SWCU squad leader slaps the back of that policeman’s head.

The group of policemen enter very quickly and leave just as quickly.

Within a moment, in the hall, there is only Liu Yi and Long San left.

“You want to personally deal with me?”

Liu Yi faintly narrows his eyes as he stares at Long San and says: “Even if you are a B-grade expert…I have confidence in escaping from you!”

“I will not directly deal with you.”

Long San shrugs his shoulder and points behind him. “I am only the door guardian. I have already let the Dragon Group best keikaishi seal up this hall. The rest of the paths are dead ends and the only exit is the door behind me. If you wish to escape I will block you.”

[TL: Keikaishi is also known as barrier master, or you can refer it to a manga]

So demonic?

Liu Yi turns around and looks at the large glass window behind him. He stomps down and uses shadow step to rush through it, planning to break the window and escape out.

But before he can reach the glass, Liu Yi suddenly feels that he has crashed into an invisible wall.


His whole body pastes onto the invisible wall as he becomes dazed and has blurred vision from the impact.

“What the… what the hell is this…”

Liu Yi lands back on the ground as he stretches out his hand to feel the invisible wall.

He gathers his qi onto his palm and sends out desolate flame palm.


Liu Yi feels like he is hitting a steel plate.

The force ripples along the invisible wall but in the end, it is still intact.

“There is no need to waste your strength.”

Long San smiles and says: “Only someone of my grade is able to break this barrier. Your strength is still too weak.”

“Bastard…you guys have already deployed a trap here!”

Liu Yi seems to understand something.

“Of course. Then why do you think that the person from the Great God Sect can stay up there for so long, safe and sound?”

Long San proudly says: “We have already guessed that you will come, thus when you are battling I let people set up this trap until the moment you had fallen into this trap. Oh. Even if you did not jump into this trap, I will let people lure you in.”


Liu Yi cannot stand it anymore and starts cursing: “Since you guys are here why did you not go up and settle the Great God Sect person! Why did you not go up and help out the dangerous situation!”

When Liu Yi thought of the close call that Wang Lele and Murong Die just faced he becomes very angry. “Do you have any idea just now how dangerous upstairs was? How many innocent people have died, for what!”

“There is only one person who died and he is called Zhang Anzhi.”

Long San crosses his arms as he says faintly: “He is the president of a Chinese bank who has secretly washed at least 200 million in dirty money but there is no evidence so the higher-ups were unable to deal with him. This time around Snake Eye, that notorious mercenary can be considered doing a good deed by killing him.”

[TL: somehow I think 200 million is too little since Snake Eye is asking him for 1 billion…]

Liu Yi starts to sweat.

This bunch of Dragon Group people….have investigated so deeply on everyone…

Luckily they do not know about my real identity…otherwise…I will definitely be in trouble!

“As for the reason why we did not go up… well, it is very simple. Aren’t you upstairs?”

“And in the end didn’t this guy die in your hands,” says Long San as he points at the dead body.

Liu Yi clenches his fist tightly, “How evil…”

“Come then. Since you want to fight then I will fight! Like I’m afraid of you!”

“This… the order does not seem to be right.”

Long San faintly feels that there is something wrong.

Liu Yi is afraid that Long San is able to recall and hurriedly shouts: “Just hurry up and fight! Less nonsense!”

“Like I said I will not fight with you directly. Oh, I have found a good opponent for you.” done speaking, Long San activates the communication device on his ear.

“It’s your turn now Yue Yue.”

What Yue Yue? There are so many people whose name carry Yue!

Curses Liu Yi in his heart.

Just as he is getting curious, he feels some pressure coming from his forehead.

This pressure makes his slightly uneasy.

Liu Yi immediately looks up and stares above him.

From above him a piece of the ceiling suddenly split apart and comes crashing down with a golden red figure.

Liu Yi instantly retreats far away with shadow steps.


The figure lands on the group and squats there in the depression.

What a large force…

Now, who is this expert from Dragon Group?

When the grey dust cloud slowly disperses away, Liu Yi is finally able to see clearly the golden red figure.

What the…

Liu Yi first impression is is this a robot?

As he looks at the figure standing there in golden red steel armor.

The steel arms and steel legs as well as the dragon helmet.

The whole body seems to be covered by real metal…thus Liu Yi cannot help but to agree that…it is slightly cool.

Will such a sluggish robot be my opponent?

Liu Yi faintly lets go of his breath.

At this moment, the robot suddenly moves and instantly appears in front of him as it throws a punch at Liu Yi’s underbelly.


Liu Yi spits out a bitter breath as his body is instantly blasted away and collapse on the ground.

What the hell…

Liu Yi’s underbelly is aching as he grimaces in pain.

What the heck is with this speed…

Can a robot have such mobility?

Liu Yi crawls onto his feet in a sorry figure as the demon energy his in body revolves around and heals his injuries.

The robot stands in front of Liu Yi as the metal face mask lifts up.

Liu Yi is stunned silly.

I…what the hell…. how come it is her?!

“Ten steps to milk a man… ah sorry, it should be Blood Emperor.”

Yuan Zhenyue lifts up a hand and points at Liu Yi as she says slowly: “Tonight you shall be mine.”

[TL: wow so aggressive]

Done speaking her thumb point downwards as she boos him.

What the…

This sentence seems to be quite wicked don’t you think so…

“Although…the feeling of being conquered by a beautiful woman is good… but I still prefer… er, to be on top.”

“Shameless! Die you this hooligan!”

When Yuan Zhenyue hears Liu Yi taking liberties with her, she becomes angry and stamps her foot.

Her helmet closes back properly and with a stomp, she rushes towards Liu Yi.

This lass’s flexibility is way too strong…

Dragon Group actually accepted her and even gave her such a heaven-defying armor to wear!

I’ll be damned…is she going to be like Iron Man?

Is there a need to be so savage?!

Yuan Zhenyue is already so scary… isn’t it giving this tigress wings?


Yuan Zhenyue raises her fist and punches towards Liu Yi.

This time around Liu Yi is prepared and uses shadow step to instantly dodges.


This punch from Yuan Zhenyue lands on a pillar behind Liu Yi and instantly half of the human thick pillar is blown away by the force!

What the… is there a need to be so fierce?!

Liu Yi touches his face and thinks, luckily it did not hit my face…

“Today I must defeat you!”

Although Yuan Zhenyue did not turn her head, she still notices Liu Yi who landed behind her and starts to take action.


Chapter 229 – [Good position]


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    • Well that is actually the chapter that makes me unable to translate for almost a week. (I was reading in advance so that it be easier to translate when I have the story in mind)
      p.s well it is too interesting not to read since it’s a long time since a fiery battle scence

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    • im pretty sure more than one person died. there were the mercenaries, then the demon girl. What about the mom hugging the little loli both of whom died along with countless others from the explosion?

      One thing I have noticed……most of the people become enemies with Liu Yi so quickly and so easily.
      Like he sneezes onto someone by mistake and the other person is like “That’s it, we’re mortal enemies. Either you die or I die”


  1. hmmmmm i dont remember so clearly why she is so angry at him tho…
    mehh F it.. since we got uploads of awsome chapters going on so why not read it all for the third time from the start;)


      • Nope, she met him running across the bridge and created a traffic accident, met him at school (principal ‘s office I think) forced to apologize, met him as 10 steps when Murong was kidnapped, not sure if there was another follow up at school about the kidnapping… and now here so 4 or 5. Also in a previous chapter didn’t they say she is the fire element girl…. and he has already absorbed the water, has the wind as a stalker/Assassin, the neighbor who joined the great god sect was metal if I remember correctly, so that leaves wood right?


  2. Ah, her being the Fire Elemental girl makes some sense of Dragon Group recruiting her.
    Otherwise she was just a psycho cop constantly on punishment duty for destroying personal property (previously cars, now moved up to shopping centers)
    Thanks for the chapter


  3. She mistook him for the murderer of his father because they use the same power of ice and penso(obviamente solo uno puede usar ese poder) and it tries to kill but LY escapes easily and still found and continues to gain so already hates it because he hates to lose (like everyone in this nov ELA) and came to this once I invite you to the Group dragon.

    Each enemy or rival of the mc must be a wimp that nothing goes into a super organization and has a mysterious spiritual body and they should go to fight him to give you more problems. That the author create an interesting villain, already gets annoying.


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