MKW Chapter 228

Chapter 228 – [Curse of the Great God]


“What the heck… it’s really like abusing drugs!” ridicules Liu Yi.

Is there really a need to turn so ugly?!

“You… must die!”

Zhen Yindang’s voice becomes slightly distorted, his eyes are bright red as he stares at Liu Yi with a horrifying gaze.

“Goo ad diiee!” [TL: attempting to make it distorted, the actual phrase is ‘go and die’]

Done speaking, the two demonic arms suddenly fly out like lighting towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi subconsciously stretches out with both hands and encases them with ice claws and grabs the two demonic arms.


When Liu Yi grabs hold of the two demonic arms, a small shockwave occurs.

Zhen Yindang borrows the fact the two of them are linked together and pulls his body over and arrives in front of Liu Yi in an instant.


He opens his mouth and a puffs smelly air into Liu Yi’s face.

“Oi… bro, you should brush your teeth!”

But in Liu Yi’s heart, he says The Netherworld Grass’s effect is almost as strong as a container of garlic…

“May the Great God bestow me with power!” shouts Zhen Yindang before his mouth suddenly starts to swell.

Indeed he is compressing a blood arrow!

But Liu Yi’s hands are being suppressed by the demonic arms!

After this Zhen Yindang has eaten that ‘coriander’, his power has exploded!

Currently, he is almost equivalent to Liu Yi and the demonic arms have become very strong, strong enough to suppress Liu Yi and making him unable to escape.

I’ll be damned…

If that bastard really spits out a blood arrow, it will definitely land on my face!

Right! Summon my natal pet!

But currently, my arms are being suppressed and are unable to draw the summoning formation ah….

Little Black ah…

If you are feeling bad for your owner you must come out and help ah!

A blue glow sudden burst out from Liu Yi’s eyes.

Following which from behind his body suddenly emerges an enormous pressure as blue mist surges out.


Half of an enormous skeleton ice bear emerges from behind Liu Yi’s back.

The bear raises a paw and harshly smacks Zhen Yindang’s face.


Zhen Yindang is instantly sent flying before crashing into a wall and smashing the wall into pieces.

I’ll be damned…

Liu Yi has forgotten about this ice skeleton bear in his forehead…

In less than a second, it appears quickly and disappears quickly.

Little Black is really giving face ah…

But he cannot last long enough ah!

Liu Yi sighs while Zhen Yindang brushes away the stones on his body with the demonic arms and stands up roaring in rage.

“You bastard! You shall die!”

Zhen Yindang roars in rage and suddenly a lot of demonic arms emerges from his body and move in all four directions.

“Everyone should die and become my food!”

I’ll be damned… is this piece of shit going to turn everyone here into his nourishment?

“ZHEN YINDANG! Have you gone mad?!” curses Snake Eye.

But a demonic arm has already penetrated his body and turned into a bloody mouth swallowing his body.

The Viper Mercenary’s leader who has roamed the battlefield for many years died at the hands of the Great God Sect.

But there are a lot more demonic arms that are still searching for “food” in four directions.

The merchants are frightened into escaping in four directions.

Wang An is also running out to escape while protecting Murong Hong and the girls.

“No one will be able to escape. Hahaha!”

Zhen Yindang is laughing continuously appearing to be almost crazy.

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he stands there. In his hands, the fantasy butterfly blade is continuously revolving.

{Targets have been confirmed! There is a total of 15 targets, lock on completed!}

Little Jade’s notice rings out.

{Little Jade! The rest will be up to you!}

Liu Yi roars out as his hands rub together and throws out his fantasy butterfly blade.

Instantly the revolving fantasy butterfly blade turns from one to two, from two to three.

In a short moment, 15 fantasy butterfly blades fly out in arcs.

-swish, swish, swish-

-chop, chop, chop-

The fantasy butterfly blade’s speed is very fast and in a short moment, all of the demonic arms are chopped off as they twitch on the floor.

Liu Yi’s hand points at Zhen Yindang at the same time and the 15 fantasy butterfly blades instantly changes direction and chop towards Zhen Yindang.


Zhen Yindang suddenly raise his head with his arms spread open as he shrieks out into the sky.

It is the shrieking sound of a ghost infant!

A round qi wave instantly spread out and sends the fantasy butterfly blades in the air flying away.

Both of Liu Yi’s hands changes hand sign and twist together.

All of the fantasy butterfly blades instantly combine into one. A 5 rainbow glow sparks as it continues to revolve crazily tearing apart the qi wave that is rushing towards it.

The fantasy butterfly blade is revolving very quickly and the sharp blade unrelentingly cuts apart the qi wave.

“Open for me!”

Liu Yi’s both hands brandish downwards harshly and the fantasy butterfly blade suddenly lets out a sharp hiss as it cuts apart the qi wave in front of it and instantly pierces Zhen Yindang’s heavenly spirit cover.

[TL: looking through wiki and baidu, the location of the Heavenly spirit cover is just above the forehead or in scientific terms, fontanelle. In Chinese myths, it is one of the 7 spiritual souls of a human.]

What surprised Liu Yi is that Zhen Yindang did not die.

His hands grab hold of fantasy butterfly blade as he roars in pain: “AHHHHHHH!”

The pain is turning him crazy.

Liu Yi stretches out his hands and a rainbow-colored chain emerges from fantasy butterfly blade and wraps around Liu Yi’s hands.

“Rise for me!”

Holding on to the chains, Liu Yi gets into a horse stance and starts to swing the chains crazily.

The curves portion of fantasy butterfly blade seems to be hooked by Zhen Yindang’s skull and under Liu Yi’s strength, his whole body is flying in the air.

-boom, boom, boom- [TL: well there is only three intact wall left I guess]

Liu Yi is like playing a yo-yo and swings Zhen Yindang’s body into the walls surrounding them, smashing the walls into pieces.


Finally Zhen Yindang lands in front of Liu Yi, his body like sludge.

Liu Yi recalls his chains and uses a leg to step on Zhen Yindang’s chest as he bends over and looks at him.

“You dare to kill me?!”

Even till now Zhen Yindang’s eyes are still filled with killing intent.

After consuming the netherworld grass, it seems that he had lost his intelligence.

Perhaps we should say that…this person did not have any intelligence to begin with.

Is there no one else in the Great God Sect?…they actually sent only this one person to kidnap Murong Hong and the merchants?

Liu Yi counter asks: “Why would I not dare to kill you?”

“I am the section head of the Great God Sect!”

Zhen Yindang roars out: “ The Great God has granted me strength. If you kill me the Great God will send down endless punishment to you, little worm!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders. “In my heart, there is no such things as Great God. I do not believe in your god thus naturally his punishment will not fall on me.”

He suddenly remembers a question and says: “By the way, just to mention it casually, I am not a little worm.”

“You have no idea of the powers of the Great God!”

Zhen Yindang roars in rage: “The powers of the Great God is everywhere and boundless! Blood Emperor,  the Great God is on top of your head! He just needs a finger and he will be able to kill you, you pitiful worm!”

“Alright, alright, even if he really exists.” Liu Yi’s fist smashes into Zhen Yindang’s chest, “He is unable to save you now.”

“The great ,Great God ah!” cries out Zhen Yindang, “Take away your devoted believers soul! And let your curse fall on this person!”

Done speaking, a beam of red light instantly rushes up to the sky.

Liu Yi’s fist starts to condense an enormous amount of immortal power.

It is time to end this person.

At this moment, an enormous pressure descends on Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi instantly becomes unable to move due to this pressure as cold sweat starts to form on his forehead.

“How scary…where did this enormous demonic qi come from…”

Lin Tong is kneeling on Liu Yi’s shoulder as she trembles. “Unless… it is really from that god that Zhen Yindang is speaking of?”

“Hahaha! Kill me! Come and kill me!”

Seeing the strange phenomenon that Liu Yi is facing, Zhen Yindang starts to laugh crazily.

“If you kill me the god curse will fall on you! Come! Come and kill me ah!”

“Liu Yi forget it. Just let him live…”

Lin Tong is worried that Liu Yi might be in trouble and hurriedly says: “We can just destroy his cultivation and let the police handle him! Why is there a need to kill him?!”

“If we let this person live it will be a source of danger.”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath to let himself calm down before saying faintly: “If I let him go, there is a high chance that he will live and get rescued away by the Great God Sect. If that happens, he might regain his power again and continue to harm the human realm. Perhaps he might also seek out Murong Die,Wang Lele and the rest for revenge.”

At this moment Liu Yi’s eyes expose determination, “Thus I must kill him.”

Seeing the killing intent coming from Liu Yi, the smile on Zhen Yindang’s face gradually becomes disappear.

“You…you really dare to kill me?”

His voice slightly becomes distorted. “Aren’t, aren’t you afraid of the god’s curse?”

“If your god is as evil as you….then I will kill him as well!” says Liu Yi as the immortal power in his palm explodes out completely.

“Go down to hell for me! Desolate Flame Palm!”

Liu Yi completely releases his strength and along with desolate flames palm power, it becomes three times stronger!

The floor of the sixth floor suddenly splits apart!

Liu Yi’s palm presses down on Zhen Yindang’s body as they continue to fall down.

-Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!-

In total, they crash through 5 floors and finally ends in the hall of the first floor.

Zhen Yindang smashes into the floor harshly and on the floor appears a palm shape concave hole.

The crystal-like floor shatters layer by layer as the cracks spread out like viruses.

The air pressure spreads out in all direction and an Audi car on display by the side is sent flying.

Zhen Yindang vomits out a mouthful of blood, his five viscera and six bowels are completely smashed into mincemeat by Liu Yi.

Blood leaks out of Zhen Yindang’s mouth edges and the veins in his eyes are completely red.

He grabs hold of Liu Yi’s collar with a hand and says: “Go..od…will not…let go…of you…”

Done speaking, his hand falls down strengthless.

An enormous power suddenly lands on Liu Yi’s body.

At that instant, Liu Yi feels something sweet in his throat and almost vomited out blood.

The powers in his body went out of control for a while before calming down quickly.

The heck… what is this situation?

Lin Tong is also able to sense that there is some difference in Liu Yi’s body and hurriedly ask: “Liu Yi? Are you fine?”

“No idea… I should be fine…”

Liu Yi feels some headache and shakes his head before standing up.

“Perhaps.. it is that Great God curse. I have no idea what kind of curse it might be though…”

While he is speaking, the ceiling suddenly split open and a large stone slab falls above Liu Yi’s head.


Chapter 228 – [Curse of the Great God]


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    • Well lets just ignore the details like that. Its true that most novels are told in past tense as stated by a translator and editor I know. But if people dont give a damn then would it matter?


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  1. It seems that the typical is God winning speakers to win his divine power. But you can not go down to the mortal world by always rules or if you do, you will lose part of their powers.


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