MKW Chapter 227

Chapter 227 – [Netherworld Grass]


“Being able to maintain a continuous combined form means that he has the strength of a 4 star and possesses a 4-eyed ghost infant.”

Lin Tong is worried that Liu Yi will be careless and continues to extort: “Liu Yi, in the end, you only have the strength of a 3 star so do not clash head-on.”

“Do not worry Immortal Fox sister. I’ll be careful.”

Although Liu Yi says this but taking advantage of a gap while Zhen Yindang’s back is facing him, he shadow steps over immediately.

But that Zhen Yindang seems to have eyes on his back as a pair of black arms suddenly stretches out from his back and grabs ahold of Liu Yi’s arm locking him in place.

“Hahaha! Idiot! You really think that this lord is unable to find you?”

As Zhen Yindang turns around, the black arms revolved around his body until it comes to his chest which is completely weird.

“With your insignificant skills, you actually dare to fight against this Section Head from the Great God Sect?”

After saying this, Zhen Yindang starts to laugh crazily. “Your speed is too slow. So slow that it’s so boring hahaha!”


Liu Yi’s immortal powers exploded as he escapes from the grasp of the black arms and sends a punch at that Zhen Yindang’s face.

The more he looks at that fellow the more annoyed he felt and the more he wants to smash that bastards face open.

But Zhen Yindang slightly tilts his head and dodges Liu Yi’s fist.

When the punch hits the air, the air exploded.

“Too slow. Like I say it is too slow!”

Zhen Yindang cannot stop laughing, “You are unable to hit me at all, hahaha!”

Liu Yi sends out a few more punches but all of them hit the air.

Zhen Yindang’s body is very agile and it seems like his whole body has a sensory system. No matter where Liu Yi sends his punches to he is able to sense it immediately and dodges it.

“After combining with the 4-eye ghost infant the owner will be able to produce a magnetic field.”

Lin Tong warns Liu Yi. “It is like a small radar surround the body of the owner, thus your attacks can be easily sensed.”

Liu Yi mouth twitches: “So perverted…”

While all this is happening, Murong Hong and the rest of the hostages are looking nervously at Liu Yi.

If this person fails…then we will be very miserable.

That white mask man in a black suit… is our only hope!

“I have toyed around with you long enough already” laughs Zhen Yindang, “It is time to send this hero to death!”

Done speaking a red glow flashes across his eye.

Following which he opens his mouth and spits out a thick blood arrow at Liu Yi.

Indeed he does possess a ghost infant…

Liu Yi hurriedly stretched out both hands which are covered with ice claws in front of him to withstand the blood arrow.


The blood arrow is very corrosive, corroding away a very large piece of the ice claw, causing black smog to emit.

“Oh you are actually able to block it but it is only this time.”

Zhen Yindang laughs coldly and says: “But the next time, prepare to meet the king of hell, Yama.”

Done speaking he spits out another blood arrow.

Liu Yi hurriedly retreats, at the same time he slaps out with the ice claws and another blood arrow is smacked to the ground by Liu Yi’s ice claws.

A large portion of the reinforced concrete is corroded away and everyone is able to see the scenery downstairs.

This causes Murong Hong and the rest to gasp in shock.

That blood arrow that the man spits out is very powerful… it is almost the level of a biological weapon!

If it landed on a person’s body… wouldn’t they immediately turn into bloody water!

“Hahaha, who is the one being so overbearing earlier? Why did you turn into a little coward?”

Zhen Yindang laughs loudly: “But fighting this way is very boring ah. Why don’t I enjoy myself while playing with you?”

Done speaking a black arm emerges from his body and grabs at Wang Lele.

Wang Lele is so frightened that she cries out loudly.

By her side, Murong Die lifts up a baseball bat from the sports section and swings it at the black arm.

But the black arm easily smashes the baseball bat in Murong Die’s arm into pieces while still reaching for Wang Lele.


Liu Yi clenches his fist. “Originally I planned to play along with you but now…you are asking for death!”

Done speaking he throws out his rainbow butterfly blade at the black arm.

The revolving  rainbow butterfly blade easily cuts apart the black arm.

“Only playing around?”

Although Zhen Yindang is surprised that his demonic arm is cut off he still does not view Liu Yi hightly.

“Other than boasting what else can you do?”

Liu Yi exhales {Little Jade, remove the twenty times gravity.}

{Understood owner, commencing removal.}

A white mist suddenly emerges from Liu Yi’s body.

The next moment, Liu Yi suddenly felt super relaxed.

It is like all of the strength in his body is being released.

“Section Head of the Great God Sect, Zhen Yindang.”

A light blue glow flashes across Liu Yi’s eye which symbolized immortal power being used.

“I, Blood Emperor, proclaim your death penalty right here.”

“Hahaha, the only thing you are good at is being a joke! Proclaiming my death penalty with just you…..”

Before Zhen Yindang could  finish his sentence, Liu Yi suddenly appears in front of him.

At the same time, his punch has smashed on Zhen Yindang’s chest.


Instantly Zhen Yindang’s body is sent flying, after flying for over ten meters, he finally crashes headfirst into a display counter.

The glasses on the display counter are instantly smashed into pieces and Zhen Yindang finally smashes into the wall in the display counter creating a concave depression.

After removing the twenty times gravity, Liu Yi’s strength completely exploded.

Although his powers are still at 3 stars….but Liu Yi’s strength has improved by nearly twenty times.

Even if he faces a 5-star enemy, Liu Yi completely has the abilitie to go toe to toe with him. Not to mention a 4-star Zhen Yindang.


Zhen Yindang vomited a mouthful of blood while he is still unable to comprehend how was he suddenly sent flying.

How did the person who I was toying in my palm suddenly become so powerful?

He completely has the strength of a Hall master of the Great God Sect!


Zhen Yindang pulls himself out of the hole and lands on the ground.

From his body emerges a pair of black arms as his strength increases while he rages: “Great God above! Blood Emperor I want you to die!”

Done speaking, a circular red glow emerges from his body.

A dust cloud appears when Liu Yi moved instantly in front of Zhen Yindang. At the same time, he raises his hand.

“You will not be able to …..” {hit my mouth}

Before Zhen Yindang is able to complete his sentence, Liu Yi’s slap greets his mouth.

Liu Yi continues to send out slap after slap graces Zhen Yindang’s mouth.

-Pa! Pa! Pa!-

The crisp slapping sound unceasingly rings out.

“This slap is for those innocent people’s death! This slap is for that large chest sister over there! This slap….. is because you are an eyesore!”

Very quickly Zhen Yindang is beaten into a pig head.

This scene is seen by the people in the plaza on the large screen through the live video camera causing their blood to race.


Liu Yi’s last slap sent Zhen Yindang flying.

When Zhen Yindang hit the wall behind him,a piece of the wall crumbled revealing the outside.

Instantly the night wind blows in.


That is so satisfying.

Liu Yi massages his wrist.

“Dammit…” curses Zhen Yindang with a swollen face as he climbs up after pushing away the stones on his body.

“Bastard…who on earth are you!”

“I am Blood Emperor,” replies Liu Yi with his hands in his suit pocket as his red necktie flutters in the air as the wind caresses it.

“I am here to judge all sins.”

A lot of the women’s eyes brighten up as they look at Liu Yi on the screen.

“Judge your ass!”

Zhen Yindang completely blows up.

But his internal injury is not light as he is very badly beaten up by Liu Yi.

He suddenly aims at Wang Lele and spits out a blood arrow.

The blood arrow is very sudden and very fast, before Wang Lele is able to react, the blood arrow is already in front of her.

At this moment, Wang Lele’s vision blurs and Liu Yi appears in front of her. At the same time, he stretches out with his right ice claw and grabs something.

Black smoke emits out from his palm.

Damn it!

This Zhen Yindang is too despicable. He actually involves innocent people in the fight!

If this blood arrow had landed on Wang Lele, she will turn into bloody water!

Luckily I have already released the gravity field, otherwise, I will not able to reach in time!

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Zhen Yindang returns to the side of his earlier woman companion.

The woman is shivering at a corner.

Zhen Yindang reaches into the ravine on her chest and pulls out a lush green herb that looks like coriander and eats it.

“What the…this fellow must be a foodie…”

Liu Yi is shocked, “At this time he still wish to eat coriander?”

“That is not a coriander!” cries out Lin Tong suddenly in shock, “That is netherworld grass!”

“What’s that?”

As for these kind of weird thing, Liu Yi has little to no knowledge.

But luckily he has an immortal fox sister.

“That is a plant that grows in the underworld!”

Lin Tong voice is filled with worry as she says: “After absorbing countless qi from grevious ghosts, this netherworld grass can be considered as a yin object! If it is consumed by a person practicing a demonic technique, it can increase his strength by ten times!”

“Isn’t that. A vigorous pill?”

Liu Yi looks at Zhen Yindang in surprise as he turns slightly weird.

Currently, Zhen Yindang’s blood vessel rises out violently as he cries out half-kneeling.

His whole body is entwined with a red glow like battle qi and looks very ferocious.

The glass in the building instantly exploded along with the video camera.

The large screen outside has lost the signal.

Thus later on the one responsible to explain what is going on will be the government.

At this moment the demon woman is slightly afraid and struggles to crawl away.

A demonic arm suddenly emerges from Zhen Yindang’s back and grabs the woman.

At the same time, the palm of the demonic arm split open and a mouth filled with fangs appears and bites the woman’s neck.

Very quickly the woman’s neck is torn apart and the mouth crazily drank all of the blood that flowed out.

Zhen Yindang’s body seems to swell up slightly and currently he stands nearly 2 meters tall. His eyes have turned red and the veins on his face are protruding out.


Chapter 227 – [Netherworld Grass]


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  1. So, weird guy needed to waste his Viagra just to fight a masked penguin.

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