MKW Chapter 226

Chapter 226 – [Where did this Section Head pop up from]


Chapter 226 Where did this Section Head come from

La Scala shopping center’s explosion case and kidnapping case quickly causes unrest in Northern Dragon district.

Currently, all of the police forces are gathered at the La Scala plaza.

The police have surrounded the shopping center while the ambulance and fire department are busy saving people.

Murong Hong and the rest of the big shots of the business world are trapped on the sixth floor of Area D’s auction hall.

But the policemen do not dare to go up because the kidnappers have hostages and all of the hostages are big shots in Northern Dragon district!

Thus no one dares to take any action.

“Quickly start. My patience is running out.”

Snake Eye stares at the trembling billionaires and says: “Using a billion to buy your life is definitely worth it. See how much respect I, Snake Eye have for you.”

The Section head Zhen eyesight is rather good as he says: “There are a total of twenty people here, thus it will be 20 billion. A person is worth a billion not a single cent less!”

“You devils…” scolds a billionaire with heart-wrenching pain.

“Oh, you don’t have to give it me. Although I do not believe that your brain is worth a billion but I can help you out if you want a discount,” says Snake Eye as he kicks the headless corpse.

That billionaire does not dare to continue speaking as he is afraid of losing his head.

These bunch of kidnappers are completely unreasonable…

“We will give you the money but we hope that you will guarantee our safety,” says Murong Hong.

“It is still Sir Murong Hong who is the most sensible.”

Snake Eye smiles and says: “Do not worry. We are only seeing riches. To us, your life is not as delightful as money.”

“You are always so easy to talk to.” sneers Section head Zhen.

“To me, money is the second most important. The most important is women!”

As he speaks, he uses more force to knead the chest of the woman in his embrace.

“If there is no woman what is the use of money?”

“Sooner or later you will die on top of a woman’s body.”

“That is my fortune” laughs Section head Zhen after which his gaze falls on Wang Lele and Murong Die on the side.

He licks his lips when he sees them.

“I didn’t expect that there is such good stuff here…hehe, especially that white shirt one. Take a look at that rack…”

Snake Eye wrinkles his brows as he complains: “Your bad habit is here again!”

“How could you, this half machine person understands the pleasure of woman.”

Section head Zhen smiles faintly as his eyes are filled with hunger. “Since tonight I am also bored, why not have some impromptu entertainment.”

Done speaking he throws aside the woman in his embrace and walks towards Wang Lele.

“The big chest lass in white clothing over there. It is you that’s right, come, come and play with your Zhen gege.”

“I…I don’t want to…” Wang Lele is so scared that her whole body is trembling.

Murong Die hugs her tightly as she scolded: “Scumbag! If you dare to touch Lele I will fight it out with you!”

“This girl is so vigorous… perhaps tonight we can try a threesome,” says Section head Zhen as he smiles faintly.

Murong Hong immediately says: “You guys cannot do this! I will help them give you the money, not a single cent less! Please do not harm them!”

“Zhen Yindang! Can’t you restrain yourself slight?!” chides Snake Eye impatiently.

“What the heck, you dare to manage me?”

That Zhen Yindang who is the Section head from Great God Sect shakes his cloak slightly.

Instantly a chilling wind swirls around the hall.

Snake Eye’s eye twitches but he does not dare to utter a sound.

After all that Zhen Yindang who is the Section Head of the Great God Sect…the sinister magic that he knows is not something that I am able to resist….

“I will not kill that lass. After I have finished playing with her wouldn’t those people pay up to buy her life?” laughs Zhen Yindang coldly.

Everyone is deathly still as cold sweats starts to form on top of Murong Hong’s forehead.

“Little girl, be good and let this gramps have some entertainment!” as he speaks, Zhen Yindang reaches out towards Wang Lele.

At that moment, Wang An suddenly rushes towards Zhen Yindang like a ferocious tiger. As Murong’s family bodyguard, as a man, he cannot ignore it when he sees the current situation.


But what shocked Wang An is that Zhen Yindang’s speed is even faster.

He stretches out a hand and grabs the throat of Wang An before throwing him to the side.


Wang An’s body instantly flew a good seven to eight meters away before finally crashing on the cabinet at the side, smashing the cabinet into smithereens causing the goods to fall all over the place.

“There really is someone who wants to play hero.”

Zhen Yindang laughs and says: “Restrain him. Let him appreciate how open-hearted I am.”

Done speaking, two of the Viper’s mercenaries walk up to Wang An. One of them steps on Wang An back while the other rests his gun muzzle on Wang An’s head.

“Damn it…”

When Wang An was thrown away, he was unable to use Hard Qigong in time and currently all of his bones feels like they are shattered.

He clenches his teeth as he lets out a bestial roar.

At this moment, Zhen Yindang has grab hold of one of Wang Lele’s hand and pulls her out of Murong Die embrace.

“Save me Sis Die…!”

“Scumbag! Don’t touch her!”

Murong Die opens her mouth and bites Zhen Yindang’s arm.

“What a fiery lass!” laughs Zhen Yindang instead.

“Very well, let us all play together then!”

As he speaks, he stretches out both hand to grab Wang Lele and Murong Die respectively.

“Let go of my daughter you bastard!”

When Murong Hong sees that his daughter is about to be harmed, he instantly exploded and rushes towards Zhen Yindang.

But although Murong Hong is very rich, his physical abilities are very bad and was directly kick away by Zhen Yindang.

Zhen Yindang laughs continuously as he says: “A group of weak rubbish! Take a good look at how I and your daughter enjoy the pleasure of life! hahaha!”

At this moment, from above them comes a very cold voice: “Indeed, Great God Sect is filled with all kinds of weirdo.”

Everyone got a huge shock as they look up, only to see a man wearing black suit with a white mask sitting on railing above them.

On his chest is a very eye-catching red necktie.

“And who the hell are you?” asked Zhen Yindang as he raises his neck.

“If you wish to live, loosen your hand.”

Immediately after Liu Yi reached here, he quickly changes his costume.

When he noticed that Zhen Yindang wishes to lay his hands on Murong Die and Wang Lele, he was instantly filled with rage.

Damn this. How can there be any good things in the Great God Sect!?

And they actually dare to proclaim that they are benevolent and the like!

They deserve to die. All of them deserve to be killed!

“Hahaha, where did this idiot come from wanting to act as a hero! And to put on such an idiotic costume!” laughs Zhen Yindang uncontrollably.

“Snake Eye, I leave it to you. Kill him!”

Done speaking Zhen Yindang lowers his head to prepare to continue enjoying his prey.

And at this moment, a black shadow suddenly lands on in front of him.

The very next moment, Zhen Yindang felt pain coming from both his hands.


Zhen Yindang finally lets go of the two girls and retreats a few steps as he looks at his hands which are pierced by ice daggers.

“Since you don’t want your claws then I shall help you,” says Liu Yi as he stands in front of the two girls.

Looking at his back view, Murong Die’s gaze blurs slightly.

His back view… looks like someone.

What a familiar feeling…

At this time… where is Liu Yi?

If he is here, seeing that I am in danger… will he come and save me?

Murong Die cannot help but think.

“Thank you very much!”

Wang Lele is still considerably calm and thanks, Liu Yi.

“Kill him!” roars Snake Eye when he sees that Zhen Yindang is in a disadvantage and orders his underling to take action.

The fierce mercenaries point their guns at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder and says: “There are girls around. Being so violent doesn’t seem to be very nice right? Shouldn’t we be more gentlemanly?”

Before he could finish speaking one of the mercenary fires at Liu Yi.

-Du du du du du-

A number of bullets fly towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is unable to dodge as behind him is Murong Die and Wang Lele.

If he dodges, the two girls will be harmed.

Looks like I have to depend on you… my self-created Hard Qigong…

Liu Yi enters the black and white world. At the same time, his right hand is covered by his ice armor, making his hand looks like a crampon.

[Kg: A crampon is equipment used for climbing ice]

He grabs out with his hand in the directions that the bullets are flying.

-Dang Dang-

Finally, the mercenary finished firing all of his bullets but Liu Yi is still standing in front of him.

At the same time, Liu Yi unclenches his right hand and allows the bullets to drop on the ground.

Murong Hong and the group of merchants are stunned as they look on.

Is this still a human?

Using your bare hands to catch bullets?

More like a monster!

“How is this possible.” The mercenary is also shocked.

An ice dagger appears in Liu Yi’s hand which he nails it into the head of that mercenary.

“I have already said not to be so violent. Playing with guns is very dangerous.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he juggles a few more ice daggers in his hand.

The rest of the mercenaries glance at each other not knowing what to do.

Snake Eye roars is anger: “KILL HIM! I don’t believe that he is able to block so many people!”

At that moment Liu Yi who is standing a distance away suddenly disappeared.


But daggers continues to fly out and claims the lives of the mercenaries one by one.

Snake Eye’s eyes turn red as he tightens his grip on his handgun.

“Where is he! Where the hell is he!”

With his many years of close quarters combat in wars, this is the first time Snake Eye have met such a strange situation.

Don’t tell me that the opponent is like Zhen Yindang and is not a normal person?

“Zhen Yindang! What the f*** are you waiting for! This opponent is not someone we can handle!” curses Snake Eye.

“F*** you! I am in pain don’t you know!”

Zhen Yindang already removed the daggers in his hand but the strange thing is that not a single drop of blood flowed out from his hands.

“Looks like it is a little fellow with some abilities. But since you crossed me, Section head Zhen Yindang. It is your misfortune!”

As he speaks, Zhen Yindang removes his cloak.

Zhen Yindang’s complexion is rather gloomy and at the same time, yin qi is continuously flowing out of his body.

Liu Yi is hiding in the corner looking at the Section Head of the Great God Sect.

Why did I not see him take out his ghost infant?

“Liu Yi be careful,” warns Lin Tong as she appears.

“This Section Head’s strength is not weak… you must be careful!”

“I know… he will not live long!”


Chapter 226 – [Where did this Section Head pop up from]


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