MKW Chapter 225

Chapter 225 – [BOOM]


Murong Die and Wang Lele are both wearing a beautiful grandeur evening dresses.

Murong Die is wearing a black long dress while Wang Lele is wearing a white one.

But the most eye-catching is still Wang Lele’s chest in that dress, it is definitely the most eye-catching thing.

Liu Yi also cannot help himself and glanced at it a few more times.

Wei Yi saw that Liu Yi’s gaze kept landing on the beautiful girls on the screen and instantly became jealous as she mumbles: “Cheh, this bunch of brainless girls from a rich family.”

“Huh? Why do you say that?” asked Liu Yi in shock as he seldom hears Wei Yi evaluating others in such way.

[TL: erm I do believe that this is their second time meeting each other???]

[Kg: first time to my knowledge.]

[TL: previous is called cat mother but i think lady sounds much better]

“They only have money that’s all.” sneers Wei Yi as she stares at Wang Lele’s chest with a faint hint of sourness in her tone.

“In the future when we become immortals, they will be nothing but a bag of bones. Heng, so what if you are well off. My family is also quite good! Money can be earned but life is hard to extend! What we chase is the Dao, to have a long life!”

“Alright, alright they are indeed unable to compare with you.”

Liu Yi can only first comfort Wei Yi.

Right, other than chest size.

On this point, Wang Lele completely wins hands down!

But Wei Yi is still angry as she continues to rant as she crosses her arms: “This bunch of rich fellows just love to act.”

“Really, I don’t know why did the Great God Sect want them for. If they want money can’t they just go and rob a bank?!”

Liu Yi massages his temple as his intelligence got damaged.

Where in China is there a bank that is worth robbing…

In every bank, their cash in reserve is only a several hundred thousand for the small branches or a few million for the larger branches.

If they are able to control this group of wealthy people and make them transfer a large sum of money into their bank account, they will definitely earn way more.

Liu Yi does not know what the Great God Sect is thinking of, why did they let go of such a good chance?

This is a very rare opportunity that so many big shots of the business world are gathered together.

Unless they canceled it because they realized that their plans were leaked?

Such a pity. If it is me no matter what, I will definitely give it a try.

Liu Yi shakes his head.

When he is shaking his head, his waist got hit suddenly.


A four/five years old little lolita falls down but Liu Yi instantly supported her.

“I am so sorry big brother…”

The little lolita has a pair of braided pigtails with two teary big eyes. She sticks out her tongue at Liu Yi before turning around and runs away.

Wei Yi frowns. “Why are kids nowadays so small and impatient?”

But Liu Yi feels that the little lolita is very cute. As he turns around and looks over, the little girl is running towards the other side of the plaza.

Over there is a 30+ year old mother who stretches out both hands in preparation for catching her daughter as she jumps into her embrace.

Is the pair of young mother and daughter competing in running?

How nice…

As Liu Yi watches the little lolita jump into her mother’s embrace, his heart starts to become warm.

Happiness is actually a very simple thing, it depends on what do you want.

“Look how happy they are…”

“Oh, lass you want to have a child?”

“You are so young but why are you like a grandpa.” mocks Wei Yi with sarcasm.

“I am just moved that’s all…how about this, you and I make a little lolita?”

“GO AND DIE!!! Can’t you just be decent for a while!”

“How is making a child not decent? Aren’t you given birth by your father and mother?”

“What the heck! Blood Emperor are you looking for a fight?!”

“Cat lady ah you are too fierce already. Be careful that in the future no man will want you!”


The two of them once again start to quarrel but they did not realise that Li Heqiang is looking at this scene at the side secretly as he clenches his fist.

While the two of them are arguing, Liu Yi suddenly has a bad feeling and the feeling is coming from the side of the little lolita.

Thus he once again turns over and takes a look.

At this time, a man standing over there suddenly spread open his arms and shouted: “Long live the Great God!”

Following that man’s shout, his body suddenly turns into a bright red ball.

Instantly an enormous force exploded from within his body.

His blood seems to be boiling just before his body exploded.


His blood is like magma as it exploded all over the place.

It is equivalent to the explosion of C4!

Instantly the plaza becomes hell on earth.

The bright fire swallows up the little lolita and her mom as well as a lot of the surrounding people.

The flames are slowly expanding in all direction when a large black mushroom cloud rushes up into the night sky.

The black mushroom cloud looks like a demon snarling high up in the sky.

After the flames disperse, on the ground lies countless black corpses.

The pair of mother and daughter are still hugging each other.

Liu Yi’s heart twitches when he sees the bodies.

While Wei Yi stands at her original spot stunned stupid.

The two of them are standing on the other side of the plaza, that is why they are not affected by the explosion.

But the bitter image is directly right in front of them.

Wei Yi mumbles unknowingly: “How is it possible… they were alive and standing in front of us earlier…”

At this moment Li Heqiang suddenly appears from out of nowhere and grabs Wei Yi’s arm and say: “It is dangerous here, let’s go! Let us look for a safe place first. We do not know if this place is will be in danger as it is too messy!” as he points at the surrounding crowd which is running all over the place in shock.


Li Heqiang sneers and says: “Those that died are nothing but a few useless mortals. So what if they died. But you must not be in danger.”

Wei Yi is somewhat hesitating as she utters: “But…”

Li Heqiang says disdainfully: “Their lives are equal to dogs and pigs. Do not forget that we are cultivators who stand way above them! Yi Yi, how can those people lives be compared to us..”


A fist suddenly landed on Li Heqiang’s face and cuts off his sentence.

The arrogant Nimble Gate prime disciple was instantly sent flying and crashed into a statue at the side.

The stone statue shakes slightly as Li Heqiang angrily climbs up.

He points towards Liu Yi and swears: “You bastard dare to hit me?!”

“It’s you who is the real animal!”

Liu Yi almost breaks his teeth from how hard he is clenching them.

This Li Heqiang is such a goddamn eye-sore!

“What a good Blood Emperor! I think you are tired of living already!” roars Li Heqiang with red eyes as his immortal powers started to flow out.


The fatty Zheng Chenyu who was standing at the side immediately runs over to and stop Li Heqiang and says: “Are you crazy? Master instructed that we are not allowed to use immortal powers in front of people!”

“Count yourself lucky that you picked up another life!”

Li Heqiang can only recall his immortal power and glares at Liu Yi.

“I’ll be waiting for you, you f***ing animal.”

Liu Yi looks at Li Heqiang coldly before turning around and runs towards the department stall that Murong Hong and the rest are.

Just now that person shouted out ‘Long live the great god’…

He should be one of the fanatics of the Great God Sect…

That means that the Great God Sect did not cancel their plans, but rather why are here now!

No matter what, I must first make sure of Murong Die and Wang Lele safety.

Nothing must happen to those two!


At this time, at the large hall where the auction is held, Murong Hong and a few of the big shots of the business world are crouching on the ground helplessly.

Murong Die and Wang Lele are also crouching behind Murong Hong not daring to move.

Murong Hong ask the cloaked gunmen who are surrounding them loudly: “Who are you guys?”

A while ago an explosion occurred outside, thus most of the security guards in the shopping center have gone over.

Immediately after, these few cloaked gunmen came in and occupy the large hall.

There are over 20 people who are holding a firearm each as they gather Murong Hong and the rest into the center of the hall.

While there is a man wearing a half-face metal mask standing in the center of the hall like their leader.

What caught Murong Hong’s attention is that his left arm seems to be a mechanical arm.

“Sir Murong Hong, you better be more honest.” says the man wearing the metal mask, “Aren’t you familiar with my face?”

Wang An who is crouching beside him utters in a low voice: “Old master… he is an infamous international mercenary, Snake Eye… damn it who is the person who hired him?!”

“Die’er and Lele don’t be afraid… we will be fine…”

Although Murong Hong is getting angry, he still comforts his own daughter and her close friend in a soft tone.

Murong Die and Wang Lele are hugging each other and appear to be really frightened.

Although they have experienced some waves, it is their first time in such a large situation.

“My beloved Snake Eye, your actions are quite fast. I am very satisfied.”

At this time, a person wearing a black cloak jumps down from upstairs.

From a height of three meters, he steps on the floor with a bang when he landed.

In his arms, he is hugging a pretty and flirtatious woman.

Although the woman is wearing covered clothing, her seductive appearance is ample.

After the man has placed her down, he immediately embraces her as his hand reaches into her clothes and unrestrainedly kneads her chest.

“Section head Zhen, didn’t we say that we will be able to complete the task on our own, why is there a need for you to personally come? Are you not assured of our Viper Mercenaries?” asks Snake Eye unhappily as he looks at the black cloaked man.

“How can that be. I am your Viper’s old customer right?”

The guy who was called Section head Zhen embraces the girl as he says laughingly: “I am only anxious to get our money that’s all!”

“After the task is done, we will spit it into half. Your Great God Sect will not be getting a cent less,” says Snake Eye coldly before taking out a handgun with his mechanical arm.

He points the gun at the forehead of a banker and says: “Within twenty minutes everyone deposit one billion into the online account that I say otherwise I do not mind sending you to hell.”

“Save, save my life…”

That fat banker is scared silly as the gun is resting on his forehead as he feels that his lower half is slightly wet.

“After twenty minutes, if the money is not deposited in, I will start killing people.”done speaking, he fires the handgun.

The bullet exits the muzzle and exploded open that banker’s head.

As the blood splatters all over the ground, it is followed by countless shrieks.

“Good. I see that we can start now.”

Done speaking, Snake Eye lets one of his underling push a notebook in front of the crowd.


Chapter 225 – [Explosion]


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
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  2. [TL: erm I do believe that this is their second time meeting each other???]
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    [TL: previous is called cat mother but i think lady sounds much better]

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  3. oh wait…..first time she paid him, second time they split the money and merit points (15k for Liu Yi and 100 merit points for Wei Yi) and the third time was the spider.

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  4. honestly the mother and her daughter didnt need to die im fairly certain liu yi could have saved them at least and then still had the li guy mention when wei and liu lament over the people who didnt get saved


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