MKW Chapter 224

Chapter 224 – [Young discipline from Nimble Gate]


La Scala is the largest shopping center in Northern Dragon district.

Although the interior decorations are of superior quality and the minimum expenses are higher, every day there are a lot of people who come here to spend money.

Because here is not just a synthesis of shopping centers, it also possesses a  beautiful fountain plaza.

All of the old and young people in Northern Dragon district can come to this spacious plaza fountain to exercise.

The whole La Scala shopping center is surrounding the plaza’s fountain. Above the fountain is a circular passageway that looks like a bridge that has descended from the heavens that connects the whole shopping center together.

At this moment Liu Yi is mixing in among the crowd in the plaza.

In front of the plaza is a very large screen, on the screen will be tonight’s auctions, with an on the spot broadcast.

Thus, there are already a lot of people who have gathered to watch the show very early.

While Liu Yi is among the crowd, he is wearing black sunglasses that make him look no different from a normal person.

Currently, he is trying to get in touch with the Hunter’s Organisation again.

Leng Mo said that there will be people here waiting for him but why is it that until now the Hunter’s Organisation line is busy until now?

Liu Yi continues to try to contact and finally, he manages to connect without getting a busy signal.

“Blood Emperor, what is the matter? Hurry and talk, this lady is currently busy to death!”

From the phone comes Leng Mo’s unable to wait tone.

“Er… didn’t you say that at La Scala there will be people waiting for me? Where are they?”

“Damn it…  I forgot to tell you!”

Leng Mo mouth twitches as she says: “Earlier that mole in Great God Sect sent out new information that the Great God Sect has canceled their plans! Currently I am calling the other departments individually to apologize! Grrr it is so infuriating!”

Liu Yi is flabbergasted as he says: “Ah? Then didn’t I come for nothing?…”

“Not really. You can help to watch over at that side just in case.”

Leng Mo says: “At my side, I still have to get in touch with those people…there is a demon eliminator who accepted the task but I am unable to get in contact which him. Oh, it is so worrying.”

“Oh well… then I’ll treat it as a stroll.”

Liu Yi can only sigh.

I really have a tormented life.

Thinking carefully, I only have this weekend to relax, tomorrow the test results might be announced during class.

Amitabha, may the Heavens bless me. Little Jade’s answers must be accurate… I do not wish to invite my parents to school…

“Ten steps to milk a man? Is that you?”

At this moment, Liu Yi heard a surprised voice from behind him.

He immediately turns around in shock to take a look and realized that the person who called him is not a stranger but Wei Yi.

“Cat Lady? Why are you here?”

At this moment, Liu Yi is wearing very exaggeratedly large sunglass which cover half of his face.

[KG: How does that make him look like a normal person?]

[TL: well if old man cosplaying sailor moon is okay I think he looks like a normal person…]

He does not know how that lass recognised him.

Wei Yi pets the civet on her shoulder.

What the… it is definitely that damn cat that has found his scent…

Please… you are a cat, not a dog!

Liu Yi gave the civet with all kinds of disdaining looks.

“Oops wrong… I remember that you have changed your call sign to … what is it…ah, Blood Emperor!”

Wei Yi sneers: “I feel that it is not as amiable as your early name.”

“It is passable okay….”

Liu Yi massages his temples.

“Why did you come here for?”

“Of course it is for the Great God Sect!”

Wei Yi uses a looking at an idiot gaze to look at Liu Yi and ask: “Then why else are you here for?”

Sweats… don’t tell me that the person that Leng Mo says she is unable to contact is you?

Liu Yi immediately says: “The task have been changed, the Great God Sect has already canceled their plan…”


Wei Yi got a huge shock and she turns around and glares at the fat man behind her.

“Second senior brother how did this happen?”

“This…the cell phone ran out of battery…”

Zhang Chenyu smiles awkwardly as he takes out the flat handphone and says: “Just now as I was waiting I got very bored, so I used junior sister’s handphone to play Angry Bird…”


Wei Yi becomes gloomy and says: “ Now what are we going to do!”

“I… I’ll go and ask Eldest senior brother…”

Zhang Chenyu can only entrust his hopes on his oldest senior brother.

“If everything needs to depend on eldest senior brother then why is there a need for you?”

Wei Yi harshly glares at Zhang Chenyu.

“There is no need to ask eldest senior brother. Since we are here, why don’t we stroll around a bit.”

At this time, a proud and aloof voice comes from the crowd of people.

Liu Yi turns around to sees a dashing man wearing a trendy black overcoat and carrying 2 cups of milk tea as he slowly walks over.

“Yi Yi, let’s stroll around here alright. I found a high-end restaurant over there, let’s go there and take a look.”

As he speaks, he passes one of the milk tea to Wei Yi.

Who is this?

Liu Yi actually wishes to ask who the heck is this fellow.

Why did Wei Yi bring along these two strangers who he does not recognize?

The fatty is still tolerable but that dashing fellow…no matter how he looks is not tolerable.

“ I forgot to introduce.”

Wei Yi immediately says: “This fatso is my second senior brother called Zhang Chenyu. This is my seventh senior brother called Li Heqiang. In my sect in this generation, excluding me, he is the youngest.”

As she speaks she is slightly not convinced. “Heng, why did I join the latest, so annoying! Ten steps to milk a man… ah right, Blood Emperor join my sect and be my junior brother. Senior sister will definitely take care of you!”

Liu Yi looks at Wei Yi expecting gaze and spits out two words:

“……not going”

“What the heck. Blood Emperor you actually do not dare to give face!”

“You are the guy that Wei Yi always mention?”

At this time, Li Heqiang gazes at Liu Yi coldly and says: “I still thought what kind of person, in the end, it is a fellow that does not dare to show his actual face.”

Zhang Chenyu smiles awkwardly and says: “Junior brother… what you say does not seem to be right…”

This fatty seems to have a good personality.

“Senior brother what are you saying!”

Wei Yi seems to be slightly unhappy as she glares at Li Heqiang and says: “Regardless, Blood Emperor is my friend. How can you say such things about my friend.”

Li Heqiang loftily says: “Yi Yi you are a disciple of Nimble Gate. The friends you have need to have some pedigree. You should associate less with such people.”

Wei Yi is completely unhappy as she exclaims: “When is it your matter on who I, Wei Yi, associate with! Who do you think you are? Eldest senior brother? You seem to care too much! Blood Emperor lets go!”

Wei Yi grabs Liu Yi’s hand and turns around and runs off into the crowd of people.

“Yi Yi!” Cried out Li Heqiang twice but Wei Yi ignores him and within moments, she is gone.

“Damn it!”

In the moment of anger, Li Heqiang crushes the cup of milk tea in his hand.

The end result is the milk tea splashes onto his face causing him to be even angrier.

“Second senior brother! I want that bastard’s life.”

Looking at the almost exploding Li Heqiang, Zhang Chenyu hurriedly says: “Oh yeah, perhaps he and junior sister are only just friends.

Junior brother, perhaps you are thinking too much.”

“Heng, junior sister can only have I as her only male friend! Furthermore, I am her future boyfriend!”

Li Heqiang temper is very fiery and arrogant as he says: “The rest of the men who dares to get close to junior sister, I, Li Heqiang will destroy them!”

[TL: weee more training dummy!!!]

Looking at Li Heqiang’s face filled with killing intent, Zhang Chenyu shakes his head secretly.

No wonder master is always not so willing to allow junior brother to go down the mountain. Because junior brother’s vicious tendencies are too heavy!

Let’s hope that this time going down the mountain for experience will go smoothly without a hitch…

Where are you ah, oldest senior brother…

If this continues on, I might not be able to handle this scene anymore…


Wei Yi pulls Liu Yi’s hand and very quickly they are on the other side of the plaza.

She exclaims: “Li Heqiang that irritating fellow! I’m so annoyed by him! In the sect, he is always bothering me and saying things like letting me be his girlfriend! Keep dreaming on! Where is there a man that is worthy of me!”

Liu Yi rubs his forehead… there is no saving this girl…

Liu Yi advice: “Search for him slowly then… there will be a man who matches with you.”

Wei Yi sneers and says: “I’m too lazy to search. I am too busy with cultivating! In future, after I have ascended into an immortal, I can have as many men as I want!”

Sweat…don’t tell me that this is your goal for cultivating?!?!

Liu Yi is slightly horrified.

“Eh this plaza is rather pretty, the music and fountain are rather good.”

Wei Yi seems to have forgotten that she is holding Liu Yi’s hand as the two of them stands beside the fountain and watches the fountain as it changes height following the tempo of the music.

Those who do not know the truth will think that the two of them are a couple when they see their back view.

“So annoying if it is not for that Li Heqiang coming down the mountain and continually bothering me, I would have met up with you earlier and complete the task.”

Wei Yi head starts to hurt as she thinks back.

“With you around, how many grade D tasks can I complete ah!

Thinking about it, how did you improve so fast? I am already very talented, how can there be a person who is more talented than me!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, I am not talented…I am just luckier that’s all okay…

While the two of them are chatting, the large crystal screen in the plaza suddenly brightens up.

On the screen appears Murong Hong’s image.

“Welcome everyone to Murong family’s property, La Scala shopping center.”

I’ll be damned…

So this is also Murong family’s property…

How much money does that foggy wants to have?

Liu Yi has to admit that he is indeed envious.

Murong Hong starts with a speech: “Tonight everyone is here for a single goal, which is that we are worried for the refugees in Xin Dong disaster area, thus we are all here.”

That foggy can really speak.

Liu Yi starts to pay attention as he listens.

“Everyone here are China’s people, we are all fellow citizens. When one side is in trouble, help comes from all directions. When our brothers and sisters are in trouble, we should also help them out.”

As Murong Hong speaks, he points towards the auction stage behind him.

“I, Murong Hong am untalented, I wish to represent our Northern Dragon district to present our intention to the refugees who are suffering. All of the earnings from tonight’s auction will be donated to China’s Red Cross Foundation,we hope that they are able to quickly provide the necessary good to the refugees in the disaster area.”

Hearing Murong Hong saying this, everyone immediately applauded.

Liu Yi also applauded unconsciously.

Wait… I think I saw Murong Die on the screen…

Not only her but also Wang LeLe that lass!

Have they indeed come?

But why is it that I have a bad feeling…


Chapter 224 – [Young master from Nimble Gate]


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  1. “But why is it that I have a bad feeling…”
    Because your not as stupid as those sun glasses make you look.
    Little Big Miss is here! She invited you. You said no. Your holding Cat Mother’s hand. -> you are stupid -> & a dead man the moment Murong Die sees you!
    Thanks for the chapter


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