MKW Chapter 223

Chapter 223 – [The ambition of the Great God Sect]


Chapter 223 The ambition of the Great God Sect

“Are you free today Liu Yi?”

Taking advantage of the rare Sunday holiday, Liu Yi lazily lies in bed at home, not wishing to leave the bed.

The end result is Murong Die calling him in the early morning and waking him up.

In a daze, Liu Yi reaches out and picks up the phone.

“My lady… what is the time now… can you please call me later if you need me to do things… I still wish to sleep ah…”

“Why are you still going to sleep!”

Murong Die sneers on the other side of the phone and says: “Don’t you know that your sexual capability will drop off if you sleep too much?”


Liu Yi becomes depressed…Where did this saying come from…

Murong Die continues with an overbearing tone: “Regardless, today set aside some time to take part in an activity with this lady!”

“My big lady… I wish to sleep…”

“Sleep your sister. Tonight come and look for this lady?”

“That… can we not be like this? After all, we have only known each other for such a short time, it would not be too good to look for you at night…”


Murong Die says angrily: “Tonight there is a charity event that is hosted by my father! He wishes to invite you to join.”

“Oi… I am but a poor student what kind of charity event can I join… okay, then it is settled. I am hanging up bye!”

“Oi Oi Stupid Liu Yi if you dare to hang up…”

Without waiting for Murong Die to finish speaking, Liu Yi hangs up and takes out the battery of his phone and prepares to sleep peacefully.

These few days he is completely tired out from all of his tasks.

Tests, cultivation and settling the Red Scarf Army matters.

Even when he is sleeping, there is 20 times gravity acting on his body.

[TL: alright I give up… I wonder how his building still has not collapsed…]

[KG: The only thing I can think of is that he feels the gravity but it doesn’t affect his surroundings]

He is constantly tempering himself…

Liu Yi feels that he is too hardworking already… forget it. Since today is a rare weekend I must definitely have a comfortable sleep…

He flips over to try and find a comfortable position.

But who knows that with this flip, his arm immediately presses down on a soft object.

It is indeed very soft… also very bouncy…

Liu Yi had his eyes closed and his head buried in his pillow as he guesses in his heart…What is this… don’t tell me that yesterday night when I was sleeping I have brought a pomelo up onto the bed?

[TL: well we all know where this is going]

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and pinches the object.

A tender and lovely voice rang out from beside Liu Yi’s ear: “Oi….idiotic mutt…do not anyhow touch… go to sleep…”

Ah… so it is Ma Yuanyuan.

Haha I actually thought that it is a pomelo. She nearly frightened me.

Wait a moment….

There seems to be something wrong somewhere…

[TL: your mind is in the gutters, Liu Yi]

Liu Yi’s eyes immediately open widely and stare at the lass in front of him.

“MA YUANYUAN! What the heck are you doing here!”

Liu Yi immediately jumps off the bed and stares at the beautiful lass that is lying on his bed.

“Oi… stupid mutt … what are you screaming for… I still want to sleep…”

“Sleep your sister! This is my house ah!!!”

Liu Yi stretches out his head and tugs Ma Yuanyuan off the bed by her arm.

Ma Yuanyuan is like a jelly as she dangles there with her eyes closed.

“What the… wake up… hey, wake up… my god my innocence ah!”

Liu Yi checks his sleepwear. Luckily there is nothing missing.

Other than the slightly firm lower body, everything else is alright.

Wrong… Ma Yuanyuan sleeping beside me is already not alright!

“I am …. very tired…”

Ma Yuanyuan hand suddenly slips out of her sleeve and the top half of her sleepwear was pulled off by Liu Yi!

The bared upper body Ma Yuanyuan collapses onto the bed causing Liu Yi to be stunned.

He hurriedly covers Ma Yuanyuan with the blanket in a fluster.

Amitabha… I cannot have any ideas about this lass ah.

This lass is still young… I must not do anything that breaks the law!

Even if I want to eat her… I must at least wait till she is of age…

What the heck… Liu Yi ah Liu Yi what are you thinking of!

“Idiotic mutt… hug me to sleep…”

Ma Yuanyuan suddenly coils around Liu Yi’s arm like a snake.

Liu Yi felt that his arm is slightly wet…is Ma Yuanyuan crying?

“Now…there is only you who is around to hug me…”

Liu Yi heart trembles slightly.

Ma Yuanyuan must be very upset and lonely as her sister had disappeared so suddenly.

Thinking back, he also played a part in it…

Back then he is so confident that he is able to bring Ma Yixuan back but… in the end, he failed.

Liu Yi lies down on the bed and leans against Ma Yuanyuan.

Ma Yuanyuan burrows herself into the embrace of Liu Yi. Her soft and protruding chest presses against Liu Yi’s body causing Liu Yi to be aroused.

Amitabha Amitabha… I cannot have random thoughts.

Liu Yi ah Liu Yi, it is because Ma Yuanyuan believes in you that’s why she dares to lean into you without scruples. You cannot betray her trust!

Think of something interesting to put out the fire…

errr… it doesn’t seem to work… is there anything that is more interesting than right now?…

Think, I should think of other people to divert my attention…

Who should I think of?

Hmm, what is Chen Cai doing currently?

As Liu Yi uses Chen Cai to divert his thoughts, he gently pats Ma Yuanyuan’s back to comfort her.

“Stupid mutt… do not leave me…I am only left with you…”

Ma Yuanyuan’s weak voice rang beside Liu Yi.

Can’t believe that the normally devil-like Ma Yuanyuan has such a weak side.

She is after all still a young girl.

A young girl that makes people wants to protect her.

Ma Yixuan is currently not around, thus I must take care of her like an older brother.

“Do not worry, I will always be beside you.”

Liu Yi touches Ma Yuanyuan bare back.

If only this lass’s older sister is not so opposed towards him then it will be the best…

Hai hai hai… why is it in this world there are so many things that do not follow one’s wishes ah!

It is so damn annoying!

If it is possible, I really wish to try and change this damn world.

“Wu wu… stupid mutt… if you really dare to go… I will bite you to death…”

As Ma Yuanyuan speaks, she wiggles around to look for a comfortable position before continuing to sleep.

This is hard on Liu Yi as he can only look at the beautiful lass in his arms and cannot eat her…

What kind of logic is this!

Gods, is this a test for me , Liu Yi?!

Liu Yi thinks for a long time but is unable to come up with a reason.

At this time, Little Jade speaks up. “Owner, there is a very important call that you need to pick up!”

Although Liu Yi turned off his handphone, but the AI is able to connect to his phone number and monitor it.

“Who is calling?”

“Hunter’s organization.”

Liu Yi phone number is a temporary number that is not under his name, thus he gave it to Leng Mo.

To think that she will really call.

“Little Jade are you able to convert my thoughts to voice?”

Little Jade replied with joy: “Of course I am able to, I only need to do some simple sound wave management that’s all.”

“Then help me pick up the call then.”

Liu Yi does not wish to speak and disturb Ma Yuanyuan. The lass seems to have fallen asleep as she lies in his embrace not moving and there is only a soft breathing sound.

With the help of Little Jade, Liu Yi picks up the hunter’s organization call.

“Blood Emperor stop sleeping. There is a new task.”

Indeed the person calling is Leng Mo.

“What the! How do you know that I am sleeping!”

“I guess. There is a task for you so prepare to accept it.”

“Elder sister… I want to sleep…”

“Stop sleeping. Do you think that the Hunter’s Organisation gives you wages for nothing? There are tasks for you to do alright?!”

“Why don’t you look for other people?”

“The task is related to the Great God Sect, thus I especially saved it for you.”

Leng Mo snorts and says: “If you do not wish to take it then I will give it to other people.”

“Don’t! I accept the task! I accept the task!”

The moment Liu Yi heard it is related to Great God Sect, he immediately becomes wide awake.

Liu Yi is very concern about things related to Great God Sect as currently, Ma Yixuan is inside the Great God Sect.

“Heng, just now when I gave it to you, you didn’t want it, but now you want to beg me for it! Males are all contemptible creatures!”

Leng Mo single sentence causes Liu Yi to become very awkward.

Fine… I’m the one in wrong for this matter…

“Lady Leng Mo… just give me the task!”

“Remember that you are the one who requested for it! First I must let you know that there is some danger in this task as it is a Grade C task!”

“No problem. If it is Grade C then C!”

Liu Yi immediately nods his head. If it is able to let him get close to the Great God Sect then it will be fine.

“But you do not need to worry too much, this Grade C task is not only accepted by you. Because this task is rather important, there might be a lot of hunters who accept it. Furthermore, it is not only hunters from our Northern Dragon district who are taking part, hunters from other places are taking part as well.”

An assembly of hunters?

“Then what about Big Sis?”

“Li Biyue has another task that she needs to do, so she is unable to come back in time.”

Listening to Leng Mo’s tone, it is almost like there are regrets.

“Fine, then in the end what kind of task is it?”

“Actually it is very simple, the task sender is by a hunter that is undercover in the Great God Sect.”

Leng Mo continues: “Tonight, a few Northern Dragon district’s famous businessmen are going to hold a charity auction at La Scala. They are going to auction a few of their precious collectibles and donate the proceeds from the auction for post-disaster reconstruction in some disaster areas.”

“That is a good thing right?”

Regardless if those businessmen want fame or whatnot, in the end, donations are good.

Recently a number of places in China are experiencing earthquakes, landslides, and the likes.

Those that have money give money while those that have strength provide strength.

“Originally it is a good thing but the Great God Sect believes that this is their chance.”

“What kind of chance?”

“The Great God Sect wishes to expand thus they need lots of funds, but their capital is not very strong thus… they wish to use this opportunity to take actions on all of the tycoons in Northern Dragon district!”

The information that Leng Mo give Liu Yi causes him to be shocked.

The Great God Sect is going to take actions against Murong Hong?!

What the heck… this is a very major news ah!

“The Great God Sect is so daring? At that time, there will definitely be a lot of people at there!”

“The people from Great God Sect are all a bunch of crazies.”

Leng Mo gives Great God Sect an evaluation. “Regardless, you must be careful during this task. I do not wish for Big Sis to reproach me when she comes back! Tonight at 4 pm go to La Scala. At that time, there will people who will group up with you.”

Done speaking, Leng Mo cuts the connection.

Liu Yi looks at Ma Yuanyuan who is in his embrace.

I will do my best to retrieve your elder sister.


Chapter 223 – [The ambition of the Great God Sect]


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    [TL: alright I give up… I wonder how his building still has not collapsed…]<- most likely the stregth of every building in China is gathered at Liu Yi's building; that's why they break so easily.


  2. not sure the translators figured it out but i believe the gravity is all pressing down inwards on his body! so think like his bones got their own gravitational pull


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