MKW Chapter 222

Chapter 222 – [Joke is on you there is nothing here]


Karlov looks at Liu Yi with expectation as he says: “My good friend, working together with my Axe Gang will definitely give you more benefits then demerits.”

He hopes very much that Liu Yi nods his head. As long as Liu Yi nods his head, to Karlov it is the best situation.

Although this time around the loss is rather large, but the future benefits are definitely larger.

Karlov being a leader in Axe Gang for so many years is best at spotting talents.

He can see that this young fellow is very uncommon.

Furthermore tonight he has also personally witnessed his powers.

“500 thousand.” Liu Yi beckons over a Red Scarf Army member and takes the briefcase before throwing it to Karlov.

“I can only give you 500 thousand.” After calculating the pros and cons, he feels that cooperating with Axe Gang is better.

Furthermore, even if Karlov is lying to him, it wouldn’t be a problem as it is only 500,000 only.

Liu Yi believes that he will have a chance to earn back this 500,000.

And if Karlov does as he promises, then he has truly profited.

Thus Liu Yi is gambling, using this 500,000 to gamble. After all, if he loses the gamble, it is not his money anyway, thus he does not feel the pain.

Karlov praises: “Good. You are bold. I will not let you down Red Scarf Army commander. What is your name?”

“You can call me Commanding officer.”

Liu Yi rolls his eyes, after all, he does not wish for his real name to be spread all over the place.

Thus he randomly came up with a name and told Karlov.

Thankfully he is the commander of the Red Scarf Army, thus if he calls himself Commanding officer there is no problem.

Furthermore, it sounds very formidable and domineering.

“Commanding officer… so cool ah!” Sun Haoyuan eyes brighten up. “Then what should I be called? Erm, how about… Chief-of-army?”

“Pei… Chief-of-army belongs to Big brother Hai okay!” Roasted Tang Guo.

“Err… that’s true… then military advisor should be Rat’s undoubtedly.”

Sun Haoyuan rubs his chin and says: “Then what should be my rank…”

“You’re the idiot Head Gunner!”

“What could I be so low rank…”

“It is already very high rank!” Tang Guo rolls her eyes and says: “Not letting you be Cannon folder is already very caring for you!”

“Very well then…”

“Commanding officer eh.. not a bad name. Friend, I will remember you.”

Karlov nods his head and asks: “Now can you let us go?”

The weapons on the boat were all carried off, thus Karlov asks for permission to leave.

“Go back then. I hope that you will do as you say, otherwise it will be your Axe Gangs loss.”

Liu Yi turns around and disappears from the top of containers.

As for the Red Scarf Army members, they have also silently disappeared instantly, the pier becomes silent.

“Damn it where did this gang pop out from…” one of the Russians scolded. “Evil eating Evil how daring…”

“Boss, are you really gonna let it go?” Another Russian asks Karlov.

“We should prepare our stuff and attack them to get back at them ah!”

“Did you become an idiot?”

Karlov slaps that guy and scolded: “You Idiot do you know why until now we are still unable to defeat 3K Society?”

“This… please tell us, boss.”

“Idiot, it is because that they are always doing business with Black Dragon Gang, furthermore several times they scratch each other’s back and mutually assist each other.”

Karlov explains further: “ Black Dragon Gang controls this North-east in their palm, thus we always lose to 3K Society’s people. But currently, I can see a chance in front of us.”

“That Commanding officer? Is he reliable?”

The Russian that got slap sneers and says: “From what I see, he is nothing but a little fellow with minor tricks.”

“Say you are stupid and you really are. This is the reason why it is me instead of you being the boss.”

Karlov looks at that Russian in disdain and asks: “If it is you will you dare to bring a gang of people and uses handguns to rob 3K society while they are doing a firearms exchange?”

“Isn’t it asking for death…”

“Of course! To execute this type of plan, what you need is not only courage but also intelligence. Regardless that Commanding officer himself has some abilities. Have you forgotten how Yosef died?”

“Pitiful fellow.”

“Bring his corpse back. This is the consequence of his big mouth.”

Karlov smiles faintly. “Perhaps you did not notice, those Red Scarf Army members are no ordinary gang members… they… are very well trained.”

“Boss’s meaning is?…”

“They are soldiers. Of course, they are not active soldiers but retired soldiers. To be able to recruit so many retired soldiers as underlings…this Commanding officer little fellow’s future will be unmeasurable. I believe that very soon the North-East district will no longer be under the sole rule of the Black Dragon Gang as this red scarf army will fight with them for power.”

“Boss is definitely the boss, your foresight is the best!”

“Pei… otherwise, how do I take care of you this group of idiots.”

Karlov brings his brothers and secretly leaves the East Dragon district pier.

While at this moment, Liu Yi brings his people back to Cape Bar to celebrate.


Zhou Jinle completely does not know what they are celebrating for, thus he sits at the side and drinks feeling melancholy.

“Brother Zhou, why are you drinking by yourself. Come and drink with us!”

A Red Scarf Army member noticed Zhou Jinle and invited him over,

“Big North. Tell Brother Zhou what are you guys celebrating about eh…”

Big North smiles embarrassed and says: “This Brother Zhou, Commanding officer has given word that we are not allowed to tell outsiders.”

Zhou Jinle frowns and asks: “Am I an outsider?”

“Of course Brother Zhou isn’t an outsider. What I meant is we are not allowed to tell those who did not take part in the operation.”

“Come on Big North, with our friendship for so many years what can you not tell me!”

“Brother Zhou… don’t make things difficult for me already… you also know that us soldiers duty is to follow orders.”

What the hell!

Zhou Jinle nearly curses out.

We are an underground gang, where did soldiers come out from what Commanding officer!?

This Liu Yi, what stupid nonsense is he sprouting.

But you guys can only jump about for a few more days!

Boss Yan has already given word that the moment he is discharged from hospital it will be the death date of you guys, this gang of people!


Knowing that he will not be able to find out anything, Zhou Jinle continues to drink on his own.

“Well, you have seen it.”

Liu Yi and Chen Dahai are sitting behind Zhou Jinle. Chen Dahai is drinking while Liu Yi is eating peanuts.

After Liu Yi spat out the peanut skin, he points at Zhou Jinle and says to Chen Dahai: “See, he is trying to dig about for news about the recent operation.”

“I really cannot believe this…” Chen Dahai is somewhat depressed. “Back then we are brothers who have fought together… why does he betray us and join the Black Dragon Gang…”

“Naturally it is because of money.”

Liu Yi feels that this question is not that difficult to explain. As long as it involves benefits, a lot of difficult questions will suddenly become very easy to solve.

“Hai…  I could never imagine… that it will be a brother from back then…”

Chen Dahai frowns and drinks more.

“How to handle him will be up to you.” Liu Yi pats Chen Dahai’s arms.

“I understand boss, I will give you a satisfying answer.”

Chen Dahai nods his head before standing up and disappearing into the crowd of people.

Zhou Jinle is not very happy, thus the wine he is drinking becomes very bitter. Thus he stands up and staggers away, as he walks towards the bus station to return home.

He walks out of the bar stumbling as he walks down the streets.

At this time, a burlap bag suddenly covers his head.

Before Zhou Jinle is able to struggle, he is completely tied up by the burlap bag.

“Who are you guys! Let me out!”

Zhou Jinle was shocked awake from his drunkenness and shouted out in fright.

“Old Zhou, stop struggling! Did you complete the task that Boss Yan ask you to do?”

From outside of the burlap bag comes a cold voice.

Zhou Jinle trembles slightly.

So it is people from the Black Dragon Gang…Looks like they are starting to be dissatisfied with my progress…

After all, I did not properly complete the task that Boss Yan has asked me to do.

Please don’t tell me they will give me a round of beating…

“I…I am trying my best to complete it ah…”

Zhou Jinle can only tremble and say: “But the Red Scarf Army people are keeping their mouths closed. But please help me tell Boss Yan not to worry. I will definitely be able to find out their secrets! When Boss Yan is discharged, I will help him from inside and we will definitely take down Red Scarf Army!”

“Keep on dreaming. Boss Yan is already disappointed in you since a long time ago.”

The voice becomes even colder. “You have taken our benefits but the things we ask you to do are still not complete. Boss Yan has given word that you need to vomit out all the benefits we have given you, no more no less!”

“Please don’t!” Zhou Jinle is almost about to cry as he says: “The.. the 100,000 from back then, I…I have already lost all of it in…in gambling…”

Zhou Jinle has a bad habit which is he loves to gamble.

When he was a soldier, he loves to secretly find a few people to play poker, but it is only in small amounts.

Because of this, he got caught once and got heavily punished.

After he has retired from the army, he did not curb his bad habit. Instead, he becomes more addicted to it and became his life!

The more he gambles, the more he realizes that the amount of money he has is not enough, thus the larger his debt becomes!

Originally he thought that following Chen Dahai would allow him to earn some money…but who could have known that the more he follows, the worse it becomes!

Zhou Jinle is starting to give up all hopes when Lin Yan found him.

“Please I’m begging you, please tell Boss Yan that I will definitely help him with the trap that he wants to set when he gets discharged! Please ask him to give me a few more days!”

“Looks like you are whole-hearted in following Boss Yan eh.”

“Of course! Of course! Boss Yan is the real dragon among people!”

“Then what about that Chen Dahai. Do you no long treat him as your brother?”

“Pei! That idiot! His unrealistic ideas?! He even gives his foundation to a youngling that stinks of milk! He has been an eyesore since a long time ago. What does he count as!”

“Very good.”

“Then… sir, can you please remove the burlap bag…after all, we are all on the same side. There is no need to treat me like this… right?”

When Zhou Jinle finished talking, the burlap bag is suddenly removed.

The faint moonlight shines on him and allows him to see the face of those in front of him.

Zhou Jinle who was laughing along instantly froze.

An emotionless Chen Dahai stands in front of him as he says faintly: “*Brother* tell me more about the trap.”


Chapter 222 – [Discussing cooperation]


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