MKW Chapter 221

Chapter 221 – [Confiscating everything]


During those years where Russia and Japan used China as their battlefield.

At that time, China was very weak, thus China can only allow both superpowers to fight in its land.

But now China is no longer the same! Now, who dares to show off on China’s territory?

Pinch him to death!

“Who are you?”

Both of them are dazed as they look at the young man sitting on the container.

The Russians immediately take out their guns and point them towards Liu Yi.

While the ninjas on Dakojiu’s side takes out ninja stars as well as ninja swords.

The young man on the container is not surprised, his face looks very delicate. On his right arm is an eye-catching red scarf, which is a beacon in the dark.

“I am the personification of justice, a kind-hearted young man who is here to stop you!”

That young man smiles faintly as he sits there not moving, his expression is very calm.

Dakojiu immediately understands and bellows: “Bastard you are messing around with us!”

“You have rather big courage eh, kid.”

The Russian frowns as he looks at Liu Yi and smiles saying: “Apparently you do not understand what you are seeing. Currently, we have more people than you and we are surrounding you. Since you are still able to speak such words, it is no longer courage but rather idiocy.”

Liu Yi smiles back and says: “Are you sure?” as he claps his hands.

Instantly, from the pier’s surroundings appears a lot of men who are wearing very dark clothing.

All of the men carry with them a dense killing intent as their eyes are filled with ferocity.

All of them are holding a handgun as well as wearing a red scarf.

In total there are around 23 of them and they surround both the Japanese and Russians.

On the Russian’s side is 5 people while Dakojiu brings along 4 other people as well to this exchange.

Just base on the number of people, the number of red scarf people vastly outnumber them.

And the most shocking matter to the Russians is that all of them have a handgun.

If it is only killing intent, it will not shock them!

The Russian man thought that he angered a platoon of Chinese army soldiers!

The Russian man asks angrily: “Dakojiu what is going on!”

Dakojiu stammers as he did not expect to be trapped: “I..I also have no idea…”

Don’t tell me there is a spy who managed to leak out the news of their secret exchange?

Bastard… goddamnit!

“The two of you are too daring. To think that you actually dare to do such exchange opening in our China. Do you really think that no one will notice you? Today let my Red Scarf Army represent the Chinese government to confiscate the goods in this illegal exchange.”

The person who is sitting on the container is none other than Liu Yi.

He smiles faintly as he sitting on top of the container.

Dakojiu and the Russians nearly vomited blood.

What the heck… represent the Chinese government?! Who does he think he is to represent the Chinese government?!

Looking at their appearance it is obvious that they are part of the underground forces alright!

Looks like we have fallen on our face this time!

Dakojiu suddenly roars out: “Bastard! Don’t think that just because you have more men it means that you will be able to snatch our stuff! Attack!”

The ninjas by his side understand instantly and in their hands appears lots of ninja stars which they throw out en masse, like rain, the ninja stars fly towards the surrounding Red Scarf Army people.

But it seems like the Red Scarf Army has already made their preparation. The moment Dakojiu roars out to take action, each of them takes out a large wooden plank and places it in front of their body to block the ninja stars.

Dang, dang, dang!

The ninja stars all landed on the wooden planks leaving the Red Scarf Army members behind them safe.

“What…” Dakojiu got a shock as he did not expect that the ninjas he has brought along did not successfully assassinate them.

Don’t tell me that the opponent knows that I have ninjas among my people?

Who is the traitor?

Before Dakojiu could comprehend, Liu Yi who is sitting on the container takes out a few daggers.

Swish, swish, swish.

A total of 5 daggers, one for each ninja, not one less not one more for any of them.

On each of the ninjas that Dakojiu brought, appears a dagger on their forehead.


Only Dakojiu is left alive as Liu Yi still wishes to extract some information from him.

“You! Who on earth are you!”

Dakojiu’s bodyguards are all dead, causing his self-confidence to collapse as he kneels on the floor shivering.

“I am the commander of the Red Scarf Army, the North Dragon district will become my territory in the future.”

Liu Yi smiles. “Then I shall help myself to the natural resources of your Glorious Sun Corporation. Men, tie up this fatty.”

Two of the Red Scarf Army members instantly walk over with ropes, like tying pigs they tie up Dakojiu within moments. After which they use socks to stuff his mouth before carrying him to the side.

After they have finished getting all of the useful information from him, they will release him.

This time around the Glorious Sun Corporation is forced to suffer in silence, after all, what they lost is firearms thus they are unable to report to the police even if they want to.

The Russians look at each other.. looks like ….tonight they have also had to eat a loss.

Liu Yi asked them: “Do you guys wish to die or live?”

Facing so many guns as well as the daggers that constantly revolve around Liu Yi’s hands, who dares to come forward to be a hero as they quickly exclaim: “Live, of course, we wish to live.”

“If you wish then stand to the side and do not block us moving the stuff.” As Liu Yi speak, he waves his hand.

“We are from the Axe Gang in Russia!” A Russian man shouted: “If you dare to snatch our goods there will not be any good…”

Before he can finish speaking, a dagger pierces into his forehead and cuts off his sentence.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder and says: “Now you are more honest, what I hate the most is those who keep rambling on and on.”

The current Russian leader forehead is full of cold sweat. “What exactly do you want…”

“Nothing much, after all, we are friendly neighbours who are concerned. After all, you come from afar to China and give my Red Scarf Army such a large amount of firearms as a gift, my Red Scarf Army gives you my thanks! If you pretend that nothing has happened and leave peacefully, then we will send you off happily.”

A Russian guy clenches his teeth until it broke.

There is actually such a shameless guy!

Who gave them a gift of firearms!

Who do they think he is!

“Come and move the goods!” Liu Yi orders and immediately the Red Scarf Army members rush up the boat excitedly to move the goods.

“Boss, RPGs, there is really RPGs ah!”

Chen Dahai carries out a RPG happily and excitedly.

“There are so many of them! There is enough of them to flatten the hospital that Ling Yan is staying in!”

“Stop talking nonsense… we are law-abiding citizens.”

Liu Yi waves his hand: “Only terrorists will do the thing you just mentioned.”

The Russians nearly vomited blood…law-abiding citizens?

Black eating black is law-abiding citizens?

The hell, where the hell is the logic?!

“That’s true.” Chen Dahai nods his head and shouted: “Brothers, now that all of us have a proper wife, we can throw away the rubbish we are holding earlier!”

Done speaking, all of them immediately throw away the handguns that they are holding.

All of the Russians look in shock as when they see the Red Scarf Army members throw the handguns on the ground.

Goddamn it… TOY HANDGUNS!!!!

In the darkness, the group of people filled with killing intent was holding toy handguns…who would suspect that the handgun is fake!

Really fierce!

A group of people using toy handguns and successfully robbing two actual fierce gangs!

Liu Yi did not come up with these ideas, instead, it is Hu Rui.

As for the reason why Liu Yi is here, it is to eliminate the ninjas.

After all, if the ninjas take action, the toy handguns will not be able to stop them.

To be honest Liu Yi is able to settle this matter on his own, but what he wants is to train this group of Red Scarf Army members!

After all, there isn’t only him in the Red Scarf Army, but a group of people!

In the future, he will not appear for many matters. If there is a need for him to settle each and every matter, why on earth did he become the head of the Red Scarf Army!

“You all are damn fierce.” The leader of the Russians raises his thumb.

He looks at Liu Yi and asks: “This friend, you should be this… Red Scarf Army’s boss?”

Liu Yi looks down and looks at the Russian. “Oh? You have things to say?”

“Although we have been robbed, I must say I really admire you!”

The Russian keeps his thumb up and says: “If it is possible, I wish to come to a consensus with you and cooperate with each other.”

“Cooperate?” Liu Yi’s eyes instantly brighten up.

“That’s right co-operating!” The leader nods his head and says: “I respect and appreciate your bravery and way of handling things. If you wish to, our Axe Gang can cooperate with you. In the future, if your Red Scarf Army wishes to procure firearms, you can buy from us. We have lots of this kind of firearms.”

“There is no need to cooperate with them!”

Sun Haoyuan strokes the heavy Colt in his hands and says sneering: “If we want to get more then just rob more from them.”

“What you just said is wrong.” The Russian smiles coldly and says: “We are in Russia where do you plan to go to rob? While these firearms are rather good but if Red Scarf Army really wishes to make it big, it is not enough. Based on what I know, my Axe Gang’s opponent 3K Society’s people are selling firearms to the Black Dragon Gang.”

Liu Yi starts to ponder in his heart.

He turns around and asks Hu Rui by the side: “Rat, what do you think?”

Hu Rui did not speak, instead, he stretches out his hand and gives Liu Yi an okay sign.

“Very well, I can agree with you.” As it is the same as Liu Yi thoughts, he agrees straightforwardly.

“Our Red Scarf Army is willing to cooperate and work together with Axe Gang.”

Axe Gang is rather famous in Russia, thus Liu Yi is willing to get to know such kind of ally.

To be honest, from the beginning, Liu Yi had thoughts of allying with them, thus he did not directly kill off all of them.

“As I had known, you are indeed a clever person.”

The Russian man immediately laughs: “I, Karlov, appreciate you. But if I go back like this… I am afraid that I will be held accountable, for the loss is too big. At that time, I will not be able to help you pass the agreement to form an alliance.”

“Oh? What do you want? Don’t dream of me vomiting back out this money.”

The large sum of money that the Glorious Sun Corporation has brought was taken by Liu Yi as well.

Just now Chen Ye have counted the money, in total there is 15 million.

It is not too much nor too little, but just enough to fill up the stomach of Red Scarf Army.

“I do not need much.”

Karlos stares at the briefcases that the Red Scarf Army members are holding before saying: “As long as you give me ⅓ of the money, I can protect my position. In the future we can cooperate with each other, I help Red Scarf Army and Red Scarf Army help me. Perhaps in the future, I might be able to control the Axe Gang. At that time then we will be real… er, using your China language, close gay friends.”

What the… this fellow actually knows close gay friends!…

So should I give him the money?

Liu Yi starts to ponders.

[TL: sad… I was hoping that the police/Dragon group will show up as well. Hope they appear in the next chapter for a three-way fight ^^]


Chapter 221 – [Confiscating everything]


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