MKW Chapter 220

Some minor changes, Glorious Sun Conglomerate changed to Glorious Sun Corporation

Chapter 220 – [Long Xin]


“Boss, you do not understand this !”

As Chen Cai puffs out the smoke, he laughs and says: “After an “affair” and taking a smoke is much better than becoming a god!”

“After the exam is also considered as after an “affair” ?” Liu Yi head starts to ache.

[ KG: I believe Chen Cai is referring to smoking after sex]

“Errr, whatever it means the same ah!”

“Furthermore don’t you feel that smoking in the toilet has a very weird taste?”

Till now Liu Yi still cannot comprehend this question. “When you suck in the smoke, as the same time don’t you suck in a lot of…. errr weird tastes?”

“…Peh. This is because there is no other choice!”

Chen Cai exclaims: “If we could smoke in class who would come to this place!”

Chen Cai starts complaining to Liu Yi.

After a while, there is still another exam paper. Liu Yi who is planning to rest for a while never thought that he would be pulled this such a place to listen to Chen Cai grumbling.

As for the last puff of smoke, Chen Cai harshly takes a drag before throwing the butt on the ground and stomps it out.

At this time, Director Wang suddenly walks in and sees Chen Cai standing at the window side with some faint smoke surrounding his body.

Instantly he frowns and chides: “Chen Cai, what are you doing!”

When Chen Cai sees Director Wang, he trembles slightly like a mouse seeing a cat.

At the same time, from his nose, a puff of smoke comes out.

“Director Wang… I am angry…”

[KG: Referencing some anime when characters get angry, smoke or steam blows out from their noses, for comedic purposes]

What the heck!? Liu Yi almost vomited blood, he is completely made speechless by Chen Cai.

This excuse is really number one ah! You really think that Director Wang is an idiot?!

But surprisingly Director Wang got so angered that he starts laughing. As he laughs he glares at Chen Cai.

“Still not getting lost and going back for the exam!?”

“Yes yes… thank you, Director Wang…”

Chen Cai lets go of his breath as he escapes calamity.

He immediately escapes from the toilet with Liu Yi.

As Liu Yi walks past Director Wang, Director Wang glances at him and says faintly: “Little fellow do not keep skipping classes.”

“Understood Director Wang.”

Liu Yi nods his head. Looks like Director Wang is paying attention to me, to think he knows that I did not attend school for the past few days.

[KG: He is the Director of the school you know]

But it is not because I want to skip classes ah… hai, there are matters that I must go and settle …

When he returns to the exam hall, Liu Yi receives an SMS from Chen Dahai.

<Boss, I have finished gathering all of the people. Tonight before we take action you can access them.>

This time, Liu Yi ask Chen Dahai to gather a few trustworthy retired-soldiers, around 20-30 of them.

As for the rest, Liu Yi lets them join the surrounding groups.

This kind of stealing firearms exchange is too important, there isn’t a lot of people they can trust. If within them there are one or two traitors and they manage to leak out this matter, there will be a lot of trouble.

Today is the second day of exams after the exam has ended it will be time to take action.

This time around, this operation will affect Red Scarf Army’s development in Xin Dong district, thus there can only be success and no failure!

“Yuan Zhenyue, how have you adapted?”

In one of the Dragon Group’s hidden locations, Long San is looking at Yuan Zhenyue who is undergoing training.

“This… can this  really take care of Ten steps to milk a man?”

Yuan Zhenyue stretches out her right hand which is currently covered with a golden-red steel bracer. Currently, she is trying to get used to its weight.

“Of course.” Long San nods his head.

“Our Dragon Group has spent a generation of hard work, combining countless of scientific talents before we managed to create this individual soldier combat system.”

“So difficult?”

“Of course.”

Long San’s single eye has a sense of melancholy. “Although there are many countries starting to research on this type of super soldier equipment, but this type of self-growing and self-evolving super soldier equipment, is only in our Dragon Group and there is only this one. I call it, Long Xin.”龙芯

As he speaks, his gaze lands on the belt that Yuan Zhenyue is wearing.

“Then… why did you look for me?”

Till now Yuan Zhenyue still cannot comprehend this point.

“Is it just because I have a bone to pick with Ten Steps to Milk a man?”

“Correctly speaking, his current name is Blood Emperor.”

After using the latest new to correct Yuan Zhenyue, Long San says: “Actually the main point is I can see the determination in your eyes. I feel that if it is you, you will definitely be able to catch Blood Emperor.”

“Just this?” Yuan Zhenyue does not believe it. Although she prefers to do brainless stuff, it does not mean that she is an idiot.

“And… I can feel a very strange hidden power emanating from your body.”

“Strange hidden power?

Yuan Zhenyue looks back at Long San in shock: “ME?!”

“That’s right. Try and recall, did you suddenly feel an enormous strength coming out from your body every time when you are nervous or when you go crazy.”

“Erm… that seems to have happened before.” Yuan Zhenyue narrows her eyes.

“And… this Long Xin is not any ordinary super soldier equipment.”

Long San says softly: “It has its own intelligence. It is not me who chose you but it.”

“AH?” Yuan Zhenyue got an even larger surprise.

“ You don’t believe, right? Xiao Dao come and try Long Xin.”

Long San claps his hands and a skinny fellow who is operating a computer immediately walks over and says: “Head… are you trying to pull me down… making me throw away my face in front of a beauty is very shameful you know!”

Long San smiles and says cheerfully: “You losing face is better than me losing face. Now hurry up.”


The bespectacled guy can only walk over to Yuan Zhenyue.

“Beauty Yuan Zhenyue, lend me Long Xin to use.”

Yuan Zhenyue takes off the belt and passes it to the bespectacled guy.

The bespectacled guy puts on the belt and presses the dragon image on the bottom.

“There is actually no reaction!”

Yuan Zhenyue is shocked as she remembers the first time when she put on Long Xin, the belt gave her a type of harmony with the earth feeling.

And when she touches the dragon image, there is a feeling of someone replying back at her.

“I am also one of the researchers who took part in creating this Long Xin but bloody hell it does not care about me!” The bespectacled guy face is full of sorrow.

“Enough already Xiao Dao, return it to Yuan Zhenyue.”

Long San waves his hands and Xiao Dao immediately removes the belt and returns it to Yuan Zhenyue.

When Yuan Zhenyue takes back the belt, she suddenly has a feeling that she has lost what she has obtained.

It is like what she gave Xiao Dao is not the belt but her soul.

When she has taken back the belt, Yuan Zhenyue feels very comfortable like she is reborn.

She even caresses the belt and pretentiously says: “Long Xin… relax, I will never leave you again…”

Long Xin rings out almost like it is replying Yuan Zhenyue.

Long San and Xiao Dao who are at the side looks at each other.

“So this is how it chooses ah….”

Long San says sorrowfully: “In the end Long Xin still chooses you…thus it proves that my choice is correct.”

“Relax Leader, since I have joined Dragon Group I will definitely capture Blood Emperor and bring him to justice!” replies Yuan Zhenyue full of confidence.

“Oh, then I will leave it to you.”

Long San nods his head and says with a bit of sorrow: “It is a pity that the other time we were not able to find anything useful at the Glorious Sun Corporation. Otherwise, we can directly chase that evil island right-wing company back home.”

“That right! I have heard that all of it was burnt away and there are even a few workers who died!”

“Pei! What workers. Those are obviously artificial human!”

[TL: well at least I think so… please let me know in Discord if they are not artificial human]

Long San snorts and says: “That idiotic Blood Emperor did not know that he saved Glorious Sun Corporation. But there will only be that one time. The next time, Dragon Group will definitely expose the Glorious Sun Corporation’s true face!”

Recently the pressure on Dakojiu is very big.

Although the matter about Glorious Sun Corporation hidden base is finally suppressed, there is still quite a large loss.

Luckily at that time, the most important 5-star laboratory was completely destroyed, as well as all the evidence was obliterated.

The rest of the laboratories are about some unimportant things. If they are also about the artificial weapons….then Glorious Sun Corporation will definitely be a goner in China.

But there is still a chance. Before this, Glorious Sun Corporation has ordered a number of weapons from the Axe Gang in Russia.

[TL: reminds me of a martial arts movie]

[KG: Kung Fu Hustle FTW]   [TL: BINGOOO]

These weapons have a very important use for the Glorious Sun Corporation.

The top has given orders to cause some destruction in the Northern Dragon district!

They are to draw out the attention of the powers in North Dragon district to do a very important matter!

Thus Dakojiu who was just been assigned to North Dragon district decided to sell this batch of weapons to a gang there and allow them to cause havoc.

As long as he finished this task, the top might pay attention to him again and allow him to return back!

“Director, their people are here.”

Currently, Dakojiu is standing by the pier and by his side is a few ninjas.

But this time around, the ninjas are not wearing their ninja gear, instead, they are wearing black suits.

After all, they are here at the pier to make a transaction, not to fight.

“I can see them.” Dakojiu lowers his binoculars.

A canvas covered motorized boat approaches the pier. On the boat stands a few Russian strongmen who are carrying a baleful aura.

A man with a scar on his face ridicules. “What I hate the most is to do transactions with this group of shorties.”

Another man replies back laughing: “But I must admit, they are very rich.”

[TL: right…public debt of 234.7% GDP, but then again the rich will always be rich regardless of how much debt their country is in]

[KG: America also like that considering the trillions in debt we are]


The group of Russians ridicules the Japanese as they walk up to the pier.

Dakojiu immediately walks up and introduces himself: “I am Dakojiu.”

A Russian immediately replies: “We do not care who you are. The only thing we care about is whether you brought the money!”

“It’s there, all of it is there.”

Dakojiu immediately beckons with his hand and three of the ninjas-in-suit walks up.

[TL: bananas in pajamas!!]

They open the suitcase in their hands and the inside is filled with money.

“Inspect the goods.”

A Russian guy walks up wanting to count the money but instantly a ninja behind Dakojiu walks forward and block the Russian guy.

“There is no need to hurry to check only our goods right?”

Dakojiu laughs and says: “I still have not seen my items yet.”

“Shorties are always doubting.”

The man sneers and says: “Torove, let them see their goods.”

A Russian guy who is standing on the boat immediately removes the canvas.

Instantly the boatful of weapons blinded Dakojiu eyes.

“Colt, AKM and a few RPGs, all of your goods are here.”

The Russian man boasted: “Our Russian weapons are the best weapons, all of the money you spend will be worth it.”

“Pleasant cooperation!”

Dakojiu is very happy and is about to do the transaction when suddenly a youthful voice came from the containers at the side.

“Hey! The two of you! Don’t you think that is too much that you are making a deal on my China?!”

When they heard the sound, both sides immediately raised their head.


Chapter 219 – [Long Xin]


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