MKW Chapter 22

Chapter 22   [There is no knowing what is in a man’s heart ah father]


“You, I have waited a long time for you and you are finally willing to come back!”

Lin Tong looks at Liu Yi and immediately starts pelting him with words.

“How is it, isn’t it fun being a hero saving the beauty?”

“Coughs coughs…that…it is not on purpose…”

When he recalls his black-bellied behavior Liu Yi starts to feel ashamed and uncomfortable.

“Oh? You really do not feel anything? Then this miss shall have to start suspecting if you are a guy!”

“That…no…feel quite good…”

Honestly speaking acting cool in front of Murong Die and receiving her handkerchief if he does not feel satisfied then that is impossible!

“Isn’t that great. That’s why I told you that you will not have any disadvantage learning cultivation from this miss!”

Lin Tong patiently guides, “When you officially enter upper human stage then you will be an expert, a hero. At that time there will be countless girls who like you!”

“Actually…the reason for cultivation is no longer because of chasing after girls anymore…”

Liu Yi suddenly sighs.

“What is the matter is it because you are still a concern for that Ma Yixuan girl?”

Lin Tong sneers and looks at Liu Yi mockingly, “You trash, can you not be unworthy. Wouldn’t it be best if you forget about that girl? Like what the ancient says, ‘there are plenty more fish in the sea’ there is no need to have a one-sided love with a single flower.”

Are this words meaning to be gay…

Liu Yi straightens his thoughts before saying.

“I wish to cultivate because I want to fight for my rights and no longer wish to be looked down upon by other people! I want to prove to them that I, Liu Yi a. not a Liu softegg. I, Liu Yi will definitely be able to do a lot of things!”

“Striving only for the sake of other people’s gaze, what is the point. It is too tiring.”

At this moment Lin Tong suddenly advises, “Cultivation is cultivating for oneself. It is to strengthen oneself and not to show or prove to others. If you continue to cultivate in this kind of mindset, then perhaps you will have a huge heart demon…”

Lin Tong is shocked.

What is the matter with me why did I kindly remind Liu Yi of this problem!

I, when did I wish for him to have results in cultivation?

Don’t I wish to make use of him and when he has a certain strength then I would absorb all of his demon qi and escape from his body?!

But what is matter with me now..why am I concerned about his future development problems…

This…this makes no sense!

Lin Tong what is the matter with you?!

Lin Tong becomes flustered.

“What you say is right but I am still very concern about how other people think of me.”

Liu Yi does not know that Lin Tong has become distracted as he continues speaking.

“I do not like being looked down upon by other people because I do not possess the strength to shock them. My grandpa had said before that if a guy has a lot of power, even if he is looked down upon by other people he does not care because he knows that these people are only wind blowing at a mountain and is unable to move the actual body of the mountain.”


Lin Tong is still staring blankly and did not reply Liu Yi.

“Immortal Fox sister?”

Liu Yi calls out a few times.

Why is she ignoring me?

“Ah? Ah! That, okay.”

Lin Tong coughs and feels that her heart is strange.

Luckily Liu Yi is unable to see my face clearly, otherwise, it would be damn awkward.

“No matter what you think, as long as you confirm your cultivation heart then it is fine. You must know that I am still quite satisfied with you. Reality proves that you are still a carvable wood and can still be reforged.”

“Eh? Why do you say so?”

This is the first time Lin Tong praised me ah!

Although this praising method is slightly unique…

“That’s right…I noticed that in your body, there is a trace of Immortal Qi!”

Lin Tong cannot help but think, this Immortal Qi should be left behind by that immortal girl back then…

When she had sealed me up in Liu Yi’s right hand, she definitely must have used some actual Immortal Qi.

This Immortal Qi is left behind in Liu Yi’s body and unknowingly Liu Yi seems to have activated them by revolving his qi in a certain manner…

Obtaining Immortal Qi so suddenly as well as such swift usage of it will create a bad side-effect.

As cultivators get stronger, they must also cultivate their mental states.

But Lin Tong did not pass to Liu Yi the corresponding chant for cultivating the mental state.

Because Lin Tong is a demon. When demon cultivates, they only need to follow the demon nature, thus there is no need to cultivate their mental state.

While humans need it. Every single cultivation methods have their own corresponding mental cultivation methods.

What Liu Yi cultivates is Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra from the demon race.

Originally based of her thoughts, as long as Liu Yi starts to cultivate Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra and opens his first-star jade, she can start to slowly absorb demon qi from his star jade and improve her cultivation.

But unexpectedly, Immortal Qi is the first to start revolving, furthermore, the amount that the immortal girl left behind is not small at all.

If Liu Yi does not cultivate, after a few tens of years this Immortal Qi will slowly dissipate. At most, it would help Liu Yi increase his lifespan slightly.

But now that Liu Yi starts cultivating, the situation is no longer the same.

This Immortal Qi is immediately utilized and revolving based on the circuit that Liu Yi has created, allowing Liu Yi to instantly step into the door of cultivation.

The sudden increase in strength causes Liu Yi’s mental state to be unstable!

When the mental state is unstable, a heart devil is born!

When a heart devil is born, it stimulated Liu Yi’s Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra cultivation speed!

The demon qi swiftly increases under the stimulation.

The two qi mutually stimulate each other and in the end flows swiftly to the first-star jade was just open in Liu Yi’s body.

Originally to Lin Tong, it is a good thing!

But she miserably realizes that because of the obstruction of the Immortal Qi, when she wished to extract Demon Qi, it is extremely difficult!

It is only when the Demon Qi in Liu Yi’s body is stronger than the Immortal Qi could she be able to successfully extract the Demon Qi that she needs…

Looks like I must continuously assist Liu Yi to cultivate stronger!

I need to make Liu Yi continuously increase his Demon Qi!

The current Liu Yi is still not strong enough!

Originally improving Demon Qi is something that needs time to cultivate.

But Lin Tong realize that after Liu Yi cultivated Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra, it seems like, under certain conditions, he becomes a special existence that is only possessed by their fox race!

Fox race girls can pluck Yang to supplement Yin. Wherelse fox race guys can pluck Yin to supplement Yang.

Although Liu Yi is not an actual fox race but it seems like he also possesses this ability.

Furthermore, his ability seems to be even more outstanding than the guys in the fox race!

He is actually able to increase a girl’s Yin force through the girl’s goodwill towards him and then absorb it to increase his own cultivation!

This…is basically a top grade technique ah!

There are so many girls here. If he just casually picks up a few of them then wouldn’t the cultivation of Heavenly Fox Heart Sutra increase rapidly?!

If he is fortunate enough to pluck girls….

Then I, Lin Tong would be able to successfully come out and obtain my freedom!

Hahaha, that’s right that is the way!

Lin Tong starts to be happy.

Originally she thought that it would take a long, long time to escape.

But unexpectedly she has actually unknowingly picked up a treasure!

This miss’s luck is not bad ah!

If it is successful, then not only would I be able to escape, I can also absorb Liu Yi’s strength and sharply increase my cultivation.

Seeing that Lin Tong has become distracted and is laughing none stop, Liu Yi immediately asked, “Immortal Fox sister what is the matter with you?”

“Ah, no, nothing.”

Lin Tong immediately gets back to normal as she calms herself down and says, “Currently there two qi in your body. The red colored one is the heart sutra that we are cultivating. While the white colored one is the evil qi that my junior sister has left behind. It is this qi that is turning you evil.”


When Liu Yi hears that he instantly got a shock.

No wonder I am weird and strange once in a while, losing my normal nature and do things that I can never imagine doing!

So it is because of that white qi!

Liu Yi starts to be anxious.

“Then what should I do….am…am I able to get the white qi out!”

“How is that easy!”

Seeing that Liu Yi so anxious, Lin Tong smiles faintly.

Little sheep I just do not believe that you are able to escape from this miss’ palm!

Liu Yi does not know that Lin Tong is delighted as he is truly in a panic.

Who would know that just cultivating would also cultivate out a devil which is able to dominate my thoughts and direct my actions…

This is really very uncomfortable and very scary.

“What should I do…”

“You can only keep strengthening the red qi by cultivation to resist the white qi and finally eliminating the red qi!”

To resist that unhealthy devil Liu Yi says firmly, “That…then I must cultivate properly!”

“Good. Very good!”

Lin Tong is very happy, “Then you must listen to my instructions!”

“Listen, definitely listen!”

How would Liu Yi know that Lin Tong have set up a trap for him and thought that Lin Tong is truly willing to help him and is very grateful towards her.

“Immortal Fox sister relax. I will do my best cultivating and help you escape!”

Just as Lin Tong is becoming proud of herself, Liu Yi’s sudden sentence stuns her.

The smile fades away from Lin Tong’s face.

Seeing that Lin Tong is not speaking again, Liu Yi asks curiously, “What is the matter Immortal Fox sister?”

“You…really wish to help me escape?”

“Of course!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Is this really so strange?”

“But…we are strangers coming together by chance why would you want to help me?”

“How can you say that! Immortal Fox sister you had saved me twice!”

Liu Yi continues saying, “Furthermore although you know that I am a trash and keep scolding me, but you are willing to keep helping me and did not ignore me. My grandpa had said before that the grace of dripping water repays with a gushing spring. Immortal Fox sister has helped me so much. Even if I risk my life I am also willing to help you.”


Seeing Liu Yi’s sincere expression, Lin Tong trembles.

Lin Tong does not know why perhaps it is because of coincidence, she says, “You don’t think this way first…this world is very complex…has your grandpa never told you before that there is no knowledge of a man’s heart…”


Chapter 22    [There is no knowing what is in a man’s heart ah father]

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